violent skydive

january 2017
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Ethan Traver (56 years), Colin (22 years), Luca (22 years)

(Charlie Grimsley (32), Chris Holmes (29), Marshal Krouse (28), Cara (27), Lorelei Goss (24), Erin Louie (24), Aidan (11), Caitlyn (11), Rachael Darling (10), Jake Grimsley (3))

narrated by: Colin

Mom and Dad got divorced in the spring, and he’s been loafing off of us since then. It’s a two bedroom apartment, and he crashes on the sofa like the loser that he is. The only good thing that came from this, is that he could fix our television when it broke down.

And considering I could pay a repairman fifty bucks to do that job, and he wouldn’t eat me out of food and home; I’d rather just pay the repairman.

My little sister, Caitlyn is constantly hanging around here now too. It’s hard enough to throw a party when your old man is hanging in his undies, but add to it a mopey eleven year old, and there’s just no chance.

Luca’s worried about her, but I think she’ll be fine, just like the rest of us.

Aidan seems to be doing fine with the whole divorce, he tried hitting on Luca’s new girl, Cassidy. She didn’t really take it well at all, I think he needs someone who is more lighthearted and can take a joke, but he’s not interested in my opinion. She’s better than him moping for Meme as well, he beat that horse to death.

The better things in life have been Erin, and her new gig at Slayground, a gaming company. She was freaking out about starting the job, feeling she didn’t know anything even though she got a degree just for this line of work.

I head down there on her lunch break pretty regular, marking my territory though Erin hates it when I say that. I don’t trust her boss as far as I could throw him though.

She laughs it off that I’m being paranoid, and he is nothing but her boss, but we’ve all seen these situations spiral out of control. Hot, geeky girlfriend, works for a studly geeky guy, and current boyfriend becomes history.

Overall she’s loving her job, and I wish I’d had the idea to do this for a career.

I wouldn’t mind a job, where we get to play billiards and get paid for it.

Some of Erin’s responsibilities is testing the game, and who better to do that than her boyfriend and our buddy, Chris. We got paid to play an unreleased game, and give our feedback, this is pretty much the life.

I liked her cleaning job, and the little uniform she wore for it was pretty hot, but this is definitely better.

Chris kicked my ass in the multiplayer matchmaking though, which always makes me irrationally angry.

I think Erin got a little sick of my hounding about her boss, Marshal, so she set up a double date with us and my cousin, Lorelei. Double dates are beyond cheesy, I couldn’t even stand the idea of going, but I humored Erin since she’s dealt with my jealousy over all this gaming crap.

The whole first half of the evening they spent just talking to each other, and doing these weird inside jokes.

Erin kept complaining off and on that her side hurt, which gave me a hope that we could duck out of this event early.

Instead, Erin decided we should all dance, cause that’s never any fun. I could tell that Lorelei wasn’t really impressed with the idea ether, neither of us have mad dance skills, and some of the people on the floor are seriously way too into themselves. It’s a night club, not Hollywood people.

I can handle slow dances though, I’m always relieved when one comes on though I wouldn’t admit it out loud. It’s not that I’m a sap inside, it’s just that I can handle shuffling my feet, and grabbing some butt more than I can wiggle properly.

A few hours into the evening, and Erin gets emotional, and choked up. She starts spouting that she loves me, and doesn’t have any feelings for anyone else, which a piece of me liked hearing, but also thought unnecessary. I don’t really think she’d leave me for Marshal, at least when I’m being rational myself. I try to tell her that, when she tells me that she’s about six weeks pregnant.

Asking your girlfriend of a few years if the baby is yours might be a bad question to ask, or it could have been when I asked why she wasn’t using birth control.

But judging by her reaction, the absolute worst thing to do is the accuse her of trying to trap you into a relationship, and adding that she knew my feelings on children and parenthood. Which is basically, I don’t want anything to do with kids at all, ever.

I’m a dick most of the time, Erin knows this about me, and she puts up with it. My brother has this sensitive filter that he can be emotional and kind to people; I’m not like that at all. It’s not like I wanted to make her cry, I wasn’t expecting the baby bomb at FMRock.

Of course I didn’t let her leave, I can’t be a worse father than my own Dad. But heck if I can do the parenting gig right at all. Erin confessed she was scared to tell me, I’ve always been clear that parenting just isn’t for me, but obviously she had to tell me.

I don’t know what to do with all of this. The next day I had Chris drop me off at my sister Cara’s house. He’s a good buddy of mine, and I wanted his outlook on the parenting job. He didn’t make me feel any better.

He said we’d make it work for us, and likely as not we wouldn’t fail, and if it were any consolation, I’d really love the kid once I met it.

It wasn’t any consolation at all. I thought Cara might be able to give me some type of advice, or a way to erase all of this bad news, being that she had Rachael at sixteen. Maybe she knew of a “Get out of Jail Free” card. But she was livid with me instead, started pms’ing all over me about how we should have used protection.

I’m seriously not even going to tell Meredith after listening to Cara.

At least she calmed down once Charlie came home, though I felt like a child. They sat me at the table and started reassuring me it’d be alright. Charlie said he flipped a little when they found out they were expecting Lulu, but you get the hang of parenting as time goes on.

Before I left Cara apologized for freaking out on me, and promised she’d be more calm in the future if I needed to talk. Not about to become some type of sentimental bloke, but I accepted her apology nonetheless.

I had to tell my brother, cause I can’t raise a kid in the slums, which meant he needed a new roommate. I just barged into his room and just blurted that he better wrap it unless he wants to be a Dad like me.

That got his attention pretty good, he flew out of the room to see what the deal was, and thought it was pretty freaking funny that I was the one to knock up a girl first.

After I punched his arm, he got the humor out of his system and started in on how Erin was doing, and how I reacted, and all the emotional gooeyness that I couldn’t give a crap for. He scolded me for treating Erin so crappy, which I expected from him.

I swear I just wanna kick him sometimes, but he was right about Erin, I’d been a jerk to her, even after I had apologized at FMRock, it didn’t change the fact that I acted like a dunce.

I went over to visit with her, and found that she’d told Lorelei. Really, who wasn’t going to find out, I thought people waited to spread the news. The whole room felt like a funeral, nothing like those bouncy commercials of, “Honey I’m pregnant,” followed by tears and laughter, though inside I felt like crying a little.

Couldn’t even have a conversation with Erin before she ran to throw up. Lorelei commented that girls usually make the Mom’s sicker more, and I felt like throwing up in the sink next to Erin.

I can’t even begin to think of the baby being a boy or a girl, or anything that makes it an actual human, just the concept of a pregnancy breaks my emotional capacity. I’m just glad that Erin isn’t coping well with the pregnancy too.

At this point, all we are doing is laying low at her apartment, we need to find a place to live before the baby arrives, and we don’t even know where to start. Everything seems surreal though, just last month we were partying and having a good time. Now I just stay here, watching reruns with my knocked up girlfriend in her pajamas, while my cousin is going out on dates and enjoying the good life. At least Erin isn’t mad at me anymore.

Notes: This was most definitely an oopsy baby. Actually conceived at Erin’s work, next to her boss… see, after all I play, these guys just wanna remind me, “Hey I’m a sim, we do this without batting an eye!”

Baby Traver is due in September. Only took the picture cause I thought it was funny, then the little pop-up that she was knocked up from risky woohoo came in the corner. I am going to try doing birth months for delivery, and lo, due in September. So that’s not any fun.

I had Chris and Colin test the video game, and Colin lost, he seriously was angry at Chris! They were still friends, but he was mad at him. I didn’t know that could happen.

In good news, Ethan rolled the want to get a job in the slacker field (how fitting, really), and it was on the computer, so he’s currently employed. And he has the want to get a puppy, which has been Caitlyn’s undying wish for years now. So I take it that Ethan wants to get a place, and have Caitlyn move in and get a puppy, aka be a better Dad.

I’ve decided with this change of events (I really didn’t think he had this in him), that Meredith is going to go back to being a pnpc. She has five kids, and she likes to show up on their doorsteps, all angry and loud, so I know she’ll be around, but I don’t want to do an entire update on her. So Ethan will get custody of the twins, and his own place, and soon, Luca will be living alone as will Lorelei. Not what I had planned for Colin at all, but we’ll make it work.

As for Marshal and Lorelei, I didn’t think it was going well at first…. but he pulled his head up a little, and they seemed to have a good time, good enough to take it home for the evening anyhow. Thank goodness Lorelei is allowed birth control!

And to add to the book, THANK YOU for the secret! It was beyond sweet, totally made my night. Thank you!

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18 thoughts on “violent skydive

  1. Congrats on your simsecret!

    In a way I’m glad that the pregnancy happened especially since he’ll be able to get away from his dad, get a job, get a place of his own and grow up 🙂

    1. Thanks Starr, I think the pregnancy really has been a good surprise. I’m excited to see where everything goes now, because it was so not planned! And with Ethan wanting to get a job, he’s going to be making some good new changes too. Lots of new things in store for this group, I like it.

      Thank you for reading!

  2. Love the conception shot! Marshall doesn’t seem terribly fussed by it, does he? He’s probably just glad they kept some clothes on!

    I think Starr might be right about the pregnancy. It could end up being just what Colin needs, as reluctant as he is right now. I guess we’ll see soon enough.

    I’m kind of impressed by Ethan getting a job! Wow. Maybe he really does want to turn over a new leaf! Fingers crossed.

    And oooh, Lorelei and Marshall, eh? I hope they go the distance, because Marshall is too pretty to go to waste. 😉

    1. lol Carla, Marshal was very unfussed over the ordeal, I thought it odd and funny. If they were naked maybe he’d have been more upset, I wonder what decides a sims reaction to this sort of thing. Hazel gets really angry when people are doing PDA.

      I am excited for the pregnancy, and what will happen for Erin and Colin with all of this. As for Ethan, I’m so shocked over it! I moved him into his new apartment with the Caitlyn and Aidan, and they are all set up, albeit quite poor.

      I agree about Marshal, he is quite pretty. He has better chemistry with another pnpc (the redhead waitress that Luca liked, but got turned down), but I’d like him to try with a playable first. He isn’t as smitten as Lorelei is though.

  3. Wow. I can’t believe that Erin is pregnant! Hopefully Colin will surprise us all and become a good father.

    I’m glad to hear that Ethan has finally got a job. I hope he will soon be stable enough to support his kids.

    Congrats on the secret! 🙂

    1. Thanks CoolKat, I got Ethan with the kids in a new apartment, I’ll have to take some pictures. I’m super geeked that he’s rolling these good daddy wants, I had pretty much given up on him being anything but a drain on his children. I hope that Colin will step into the roll well enough. I can’t wait to see what they have, hope I can start playing quickly enough again, so I can get this baby born, and the other ones out there too.

  4. I liked hearing this from Colin’s POV. I’m sure it’s hard all around. I think I would have slapped him if I were Erin when he reacted that way. Like he wasn’t present when it happened or something lol. I think it’ll be good for him in the long run, his want to be a better father than his own will probably make him a pretty awesome dad. And Ethan working? Absolutely wonderful! And congrats on your secret, it was definitely deserved 🙂

    1. If I were Erin, I wouldn’t be with Colin, too much baggage going on, too rough of an exterior. No thanks! But Erin is good for him, she’s such a good girl really, did well enough in college, and is super nice. I hope some of her kindness rubs off on him, and that she can help him be a better parent than his Dad, cause that is a motivation for Colin definitely. Thanks Jen!

  5. Wow! Totally did not see that coming, but it might turn out to be a good thing for Colin in the end. Help him grow up and figure out what he wants in life.

    Ha, looks like Marshal could have assured Colin that he was in fact the father of Erin’s baby. Since he saw it with his own eyes and all, lol. 😉

    I’m glad Ethan finally got a job and I hope this is the beginning of good changes for him! How funny that he wanted to be a slacker though, lol!

    1. Thanks Shana, I only wish that it hadn’t happened quite so soon with the pregnancy, he’s only 22, which is an adult, but still young. I feel like I have lots of young parents. I do hope it helps Colin get some focus in his life too, that would be nice. He just floats in his slacker career, I know he’d like Erin’s job, but no college for the “cool guy.”

      Ethan rolling the slacker field want totally made me love the game a bit more, it’s just so darn fitting! Big bum, haha. But he’s getting back on his feet, for the first time in years, and it’ll be good for him I do believe. I can’t wait to play his household in his new apartment.

  6. First of all, congrats on the love secret! Iis very much deserved and I’m hoping just the same as the poster of it, that you keep blogging 🙂

    Now back to the update 🙂 Wow this surely wasn’t what I had seen for Colin, especially seeing he’s not into the all parenting thing at all!! I hope they can make it work!!

    I’m glad Ethan finally rolled the want to get a job, it seems like he really wants to make the best of it!

    1. Thanks Tanja! I do plan to keep on blogging, hopefully much more regular again! I miss it!

      I hope Colin and Erin make it work too, I don’t know if they’ll do marriage, or what, will play that by wants and see where it goes. I need to find/build them a place to live, and am having a hard time deciding what I want for them. They both make ok money so they don’t need to be slummy, just need something that fits. Having a hard time with that, and deciding possible baby names, I’m spending so much time driving lately that I’m thinking this stuff over to death!

  7. Congrats on the secret! That’s exciting and totally deserved.

    Yay for a baby, even if it wasn’t planned. I just love surprise babies! I haven’t had any surprise babies yet, but I know I’ll be all giddy when I get one. Love the woohoo picture…too funny that you snapped it before realizing what it was really going to mean!

    1. Thanks Mandie! I agree, surprise babies are fun! They really change a story around, when Hazel got pregnant with Bea, then married suddenly, it just became such a pivotal moment of her life. Love that. I believe that woohoo picture will be a favorite of mine, just because it ended up being the day this new one was made! Such a big moment! can’t wait to see the baby, find out what it is, and check it’s personality.

  8. Wow, didn’t see that one coming. I’m just glad I’m not the only one who’s game likes to toss in a random pregnancy here and there. ROFL Now as for Colin. I want to kick him in the balls. Really? To act like that to his woman after she tells him that she’s knocked. And how dare he get on her for not using birth control. Hey, not sure if he got the memo, but it takes two ya know!

    Now that’s out of the way. I also can’t believe he’s going to go through with it, the whole being a parent thing. I’m super surprised but in a good way. I wonder how things will work out for them.

    1. LOL I knew you wouldn’t like Colin’s reaction, he’s such a react first/think later kind of guy. (They are both screwed on the birth control, just not neat enough, poor kids, hopefully no more babies for a long time though). One of Colin’s main motivations in life is to “Not be his father” so when it comes to being a Dad, he’ll definitely put effort into it. Can’t promise he’ll become an all-star soccer Dad by any means with polos and slacks… but he’ll do the best that he is able, I believe.

  9. It sucks having to deal with the craziness of pregnancy alone with a jerk of a boyfriend. I hope he at least softens up a little bit. I hope this doesn’t become a problem for them later on. Even more so, his hint of possessiveness. If he feel Erin belongs to him now, imagine when that kid comes. Yikes!

    1. Thanks Choco, now that the reaction is out of the way, Colin should be smoother, unless it turned out twins, he’d probably freak out then too! In the way of his feelings toward Erin and her boss, I think he’s just finally realizing that he really does like this girl a heck of a lot. In the past they split up, because she was *very* serious for marriage, and he was very against it. His Dad moving in his apartment, sort of threw them back together, and finally Colin is starting to realize that Erin is a special girl, maybe the one for him?

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