Eastborough University WIP Tour

Aiming to squeeze in time to write Violet=Adele’s up to have that up for Sunday sometime. We just got back from our trip, so I’m going to catch up on blogs over the weekend as well. And no more trips planned, (thank goodness!) until holiday time. I need the break to lounge in my new house for pete sake.

I wanted to share a few pictures of my university, I started back up with it before this vacation and fiddled some more last night. I still need to add the gold album to 99.9% of the lots, and if I add that album to a house, will it become a rental? I haven’t had to try and mess with that yet, and still technically don’t, but might as well get them set up.

This is Eastborough University, a newer college, as such has more modern buildings.

Dorms are on the left, main campus in the center, sport stadium with parking in the back next to the Observatory, and the right side is the shops, campus coffee, and the drive-in theatre. (I’ve had that drive-in theater in my downloads for more than a year, and can finally place it!)

This is the lake, and behind is the shopping district, with Duffy’s bar (That Lorelei visited):

The entire school is inspired by my own alma mater, but more modern as mine was a very old college. Lots of trees, lakes, the quad (cause ours had one), I redid the tower, cause ours had one too.

The view from Oliver’s dorm.

Another view from his dorm, this shows the Observatory, the stadium, library and gym.

I love all the trees and walkways that I put in, they remind me very much of my college days. Feeling nostalgic lately, college was fun. Let’s hope I can make it a fun time for Oliver and the future college students.

I have lots to finish, including makeovers for some of the lots, I did a handful. Gold albums, and lot names, right now they are just a mess of symbols, and odd notes.

I’m excited to have it more fleshed out, though there is a gaping hole of emptiness on one side, but I’ll be putting trees and walkways in it for now, until the School Board (ahem me) decide on new additions for the school.

That’s it so far, I’ve built like… two lots I believe? I am really uninspired to “build” my university, which is why it’s taken so long to get it look anywhere near complete.

Thank you for reading!

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22 thoughts on “Eastborough University WIP Tour”

  1. This looks amazing! Everything looks so lush an d there’s just the perfect amount of buildings and flora. The size of this makes me assume that you made a new hood for this, yes?

    By the way, what’s a gold album?

    Good job! This makes me wish I could have the building skills that you and others make look so effortless.

    1. Thanks Choco, I didn’t build hardly any of these, these are the skills of EA for some and other creators. I was really uninspired for actual buildings, I started many, and finished about two, besides the rental houses. I whipped those up in an afternoon ages ago, I can’t even remember what they all look like inside.

      The gold album allows you to have a regular hood college, this is in my shopping district. And yep, it’s on it’s own terrain, yet again. It’s been on it’s own, then I made my new terrain for South Port, and added the college there… then thought, that it was too big to have all of it on one, and now it’s back to it’s own! Really causing more work for myself than was necessary!

      1. That’s a great idea, having a separate hood for college but in the shopping district. I just might do that with Meade College, which means… I’ll have to start all over again. I think I’ll build everyone from scratch and see how it’ll turn out. Thanks Maisie for the inspiration!

        1. I hope you share the pictures when you make some headway! I love seeing universities, especially since I always come to such a standstill with my own. Though I’m not allowing myself to start over again, haha. It’s all I’ve been doing for years now!

  2. Awesome uni! I wish mine was as awesome as your is. My sims want to come to school in your hood. LOL When you place the gold record on the lots it will not turn them into an apt. You will have to zone that yourself. What I’ve done was just make them dorms as well with the dorm rooms and I have my students pay a dorm fee at the beginning of the year to live there. This is done for both, student housing (apartments) and dorms. Also, not sure if you know, but if/when you place the gold record on community (university lots) and your sims visit there, when it’s time for them to head off to class, they will leave and go to class. And will return back at their dorms when class is over. That happened to me, and the lot that the sim was on went in to super fast speed. So I left and went back to the dorm. When her classes were over she came back home.

    1. As far as the dorm fee, I use the College Isn’t Free series, which will charge $1,200 per student every semester. I figure it to be room & board in my game. It helps cut down on extra cash my sims get when they earn those stipends at the end of every semester.

      1. I haven’t seen that hack, I’ve just been using Monique’s computer, the money goes into the Mayor’s fund, and if they don’t have it, they take out student loans. Some of my sims get scholarships from Mandy and Myra, so they get money from their bank accounts into their own. So it’s just been easy for me to just use Monque’s computer for the rest of it. I’ll have to check out that series though and see what there all is. Thanks for sharing that!

    2. Aww I’d love to have some Asha students at my college, it’s really dead (other than college townies) at the moment. I need my younger kids to age up quicker so I can really utilize this whole subhood!

      Thank you for the help with the rentals, and the heads up on the community lots. I never let my students go to school while on a community lot, (I get bored), but this is great to know in case one slips away, then I don’t have a panic attack!

  3. It looks great Maisie, and I can’t wait to see more of it!
    I’m working on my university a lot at the moment as well, but I have far less space for in in Simmeria, but that’s of course what I’ve made it πŸ™‚
    You’ve given me some ideas of things I still miss at my university, so the little space I still have will be filled very easily πŸ™‚
    I absolutly love hood views, it kind of gives you an idea of how other sims live πŸ™‚

    To answer your question of the gold record; unfortunatly it doesn’t make a house rental. The house stays as expensive as it was before placing the record.

    1. Thanks Tanja! I hope you share your university too! I had to move to a subhood cause I just couldn’t narrow it down! I wanted ALL these lots. Though I still love the idea of just a university campus like in Chicago, where it has a lot of space, but not TONS like my university had. But there is no going back for me now!

      I’ll have to go in and do the dorm door (I’ll have to see if I can find recolors of it), and just hijack it that way.

        1. Thanks! I’ll check it out, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it, I have tons of her recolors. It’s how I keep my download folder low… psh sure, at least it’s what I tell myself! haha.

  4. “I still need to add the gold album to 99.9% of the lots, and if I add that album to a house, will it become a rental?”

    GB already talked a bit about this but in short, no. There’s no way to have Uni-style rentals in a base-hood uni. I zone them as dorms, so that Sims can move in for free. Then I look at the total value of the house and charge the Sims moving in a one-off fee of 10-20% of the cost (whichever seems more realistic).

    Anyway, I’m so jealous of your uni! Mine is looking very bare at the moment and I really want it to look more filled in and fleshed out. The park with the bridge is particularly lovely.

    1. Thank you Carla for how you charge them for it. I will do a percentage too, makes sense. I’ll just put the cost into the notes of the actual property, so I remember what they are to be charged before I rezone them. Do you use the plain dorm doors, or recolors? I’d sorta prefer to not have a face on the outside of my rental house, I’d actually like that removed all together for all the dorms. I’ll have to search for that to see I imagine.

      I’m not sure where I got the park, I know it has the name “Orchard” in it, I did a google and didn’t find it. But I had originally made a lake similar to my old college, but found that lot in my bin, and deleted mine! I can’t wait to send sims down there. I can’t imagine your university doesn’t look lovely, I’m always admiring it when you do uni updates! And if mine looks fleshed out on the exterior, it’s just how much more empty the interior is. I’m going to do those as I need them/feel the whim.

      1. Hmmm, I don’t think I used dorm doors at all in my rentals. Because otherwise, I guess I’d be getting dormies moving in and I’m not. Rebecca’s old one (currently occupied by Oliver and Sebastian Gentry) has three bedrooms and I’ve never had more Sims in there than I wanted to.

        Well, I did a HoodReplace on my uni (again!), so it’s not so great right now. I might do it again because I don’t know if I’m quite satisfied with the terrain yet!

        1. I can’t believe you hood terrained again, with that tool, I think it gives us too much power to give in to our indecisiveness. In the past, I’d be like.. meh, I’m too lazy to redo all of South Port, all of Millwood, and my college, twice. But with that tool, it’s a piece of cake.

      2. I know exactly which lot that is, because I use it often in my game. In fact, I have it in Laurel Crossing right now. There are two lots that line up together.

        Orchard Street Park:–maxis-only/id/820387/
        Orchard Street Cafe and Rink:–maxis-only/id/820388/

        1. YES! Thank you! I have the Cafe/Rink in Millwood, and that’s where Paloma works. Love these lots, they are beautifully done, I did nothing to adjust the bridge one, and only changed a few things with the cafe.

  5. This looks absolutely amazing Maisie. I haven’t even started building my university, I thought I didn’t have any kids attending; but now that Gavin Newson’s a playable! Aaaaaaacccckkkkkk!! I better by started! I’m inspired:)

    1. Thanks coolkat, better get that university started! I hope it goes together quickly for you, and isn’t such a labor intensive project as I made it for myself. Do share pictures!

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