spring birthday 2017

Grace and Benjamin are in the homestretch now, and feeling surprisingly zen over the prospect of a newborn and a one year old. They are making plans to throw a birthday party for big sister Ainsley as soon as Grace is home from the hospital. They aren’t planning to have anymore children, so they are trying to relish these final months of pregnancy.

Not quite feeling the inner peace yet is Colin and Erin. The silver lining for Erin is the fact that Colin is getting squeamish over the uterus posters plastered on the walls.

Otherwise though, she pretty much hates being pregnant. Her back is hurting, and she’s only just gotten into the second trimester. Colin isn’t any help, most of the time he stands there looking perplexed.

Everything is looking healthy, so she only needs to visit with Nurse Caroline this visit. Erin is overwhelmed with questions, abd concerns. Caroline takes the time and goes through all the materials of what medications she can have, and tries to encourage Erin that it will all be worth it in six more months.

Lastly, celebrating birthdays is Cara Grimsley’s eldest daughter, Rachael Darling.

So far she hasn’t changed significantly in her sweet demeanor, so Cara’s hopeful that the teen years will go smoothly. With her parents approval, Rachael is going to be increasing her figure skating training. It’s her dream to be a National Figure Skater.

Also joining the teen ranks, is Zilla McCarthy, she’s taking on her Dad’s crushed dream of being an Ecological Consultant. Unlike her Dad who was fired, she intends to make it to the top of the career.



cute.as.a.button, no?

Then there is my Zilla-Monster.

Sure she’s heard the saying that you catch more flies with sugar, but she doesn’t believe it, not for one instant.

I don’t know, this just makes me think of this picture from The Ring.

Notes: I see a lot of Cara and even her Dad Stephan in her (from what I can recall of his appearance), she turned out cuter than I expected. And her favorite color is hot pink, and I’m pretty excited about that! She’s a family sim, I’m thinking I’ll do family/popularity actually, and her LTW is 20BFF. Her career ambition will be figure skating.

Zilla looks much more pronounced in the face than I had anticipated. My son happened to see a photo of her in passing, stopped, stepped back, and said, “That girl looks…creepy.”

And Gameplay notes, I’ve been dragging my feet with wanting to do this. I want to do birth months for delivery. Right now I do seasonal birthdays, and I didn’t want to change that to birth months, so I’ve decided to do deliveries in birth months, but keep birthdays to the start of each season. I think this appeases my inner self. Thanks to Carla for talking me through this (ages ago, sheesh! moving really killed my sim time).

Oh and Caroline (Reed’s wife) got a makeover. She’s actually several years older than him, and I wanted her to have a hairstyle that was very low maintenance. It needed to say, “I work until 2 am cleaning vomit and wiping bums of elderly, I don’t wear pumps, I wear white sneakers and eat a candy bar if I want, cause darn it, I go home and have two little kids to take care of.” I think I got that out of this…

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “spring birthday 2017

  1. Grace and Benjamin are so sweet. Of course they’d be zen – they were waiting a while for their family!

    LOL, love those pics of Colin at the hospital! Is your hospital lot residential? I’m just wondering, because I noticed Erin has the second trimester bump, which you annoyingly can’t get on a community lot. :\

    I’m looking forward to seeing Rachael continue her ice skating – I have Charlotte Lane earmarked to be a little figure skater. πŸ˜‰ Rachael is too cute – cuter than a button even.

    Zilla is quite cute, in a unique kind of way. I think her jaw and chin make her look very unusual (and yes, the eyes are fairly unusual as well, lol!)

    Caroline looks great and definitely older – so the makeover was a success, seeing that was your aim!

    1. Thanks Carla! I am super excited over Ainsley aging up and Grace giving birth. Erin was constantly grabbing her back and complaining, and she threw up constantly, I think Grace just threw up once with each pregnancy.

      My hospital is residential, I’ve always had it that way so that I can have them give birth there, and just stay for prolonged periods when necessary. And have second trimester bellies.

      I was surprised at how cute Rachael turned out! I never thought she was uncute, but as a teen she’s really turned adorable. LOL about Zilla, yes her eyes are the most unusual of all her parts. I think her cheek bones and chin are actually rather unterrible. It’s really just the eyes and strange brow/forehead piece that is rather disturbing.

  2. Rachael is adorable! And I giggled at Colin’s expressions. If he thinks that’s something, wait until he sees the birth lol. Zilla reminds me of my Carr kids, they look better as they age and their faces fill out……but I’m with your son, she does look a bit creepy lol

    1. LOL I can’t imagine Colin being all gung-ho to be in the delivery room, I think Erin will have to drag his butt in there. And when he is there, I don’t think he’ll be sneaking any peeks! haha. Oh you are right about your Carr kids, as they age they gain more cuteness, maybe Zilla will be even more filled out as an adult, as they tend to get wider faces so to speak when they hit adult.

      Thanks Jennifer!

  3. Colin at the hospital is just hilarious, I loved the picture of him covering his eyes in the waitingroom!

    Rachael is really adorable, I think her parents are going to have their hands full when she starts bringing boys home!
    Zilla is pretty special. Her eyes are standing out the most, and are definatly alien ones. But maybe she can have it fixed when she’s older. I have to say she’s not terrible, I’ve seen much worse alien-offspring!

    Caroline is looking great, much older and that was what you were going for πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Tanja! Colin is definitely out of his comfort zone at an OB clinic for sure.

      I was really happy with how cute Rachael turned out to be, I’m excited to see what her chemistry is with boys now that she’s a teen, and who will be her first crush. It’s always exciting for me to see chemistry come into play. Zilla definitely has those alien eyes. I don’t know what I’ll do for her and any possible surgeries, her brow is just so odd, and there isn’t a setting just to bring the eye brow bridge in, there is for forehead, but her forehead is fine. I fiddled a little with her, but didn’t save any changes. I couldn’t succeed in making her look more normal in the eye shape, without losing the integrity of herself.

  4. Racheal really is a cutie! Hopefully she turns out to be as sweet and innoncent as she looks. πŸ˜‰

    Zilla…maybe her eyes will even out? I have to a agree with you son, sorry, but she IS a little creepy looking. Especially with that expression in her second picture.

    I’m looking forward to seeing all the new babies! Lol at Colin at the hospital; what’s he going to be like when Erin goes into labor!!?? πŸ˜‰

    Caroline looks great, I agree with all the other comments- you definitely succeeded in your makeover!

    1. Thanks CoolKat, I don’t know how innocent she’ll always be, but she’s a pretty high in the nice/sweet factor, so she shouldn’t turn all evil and insane as a few of my teens have done in the past. Plus she’s a family sim, and I find them to be more tame from the start. I can’t wait for all the new babies to be born! Pretty sure Colin would like to enlist the age old practice of men waiting the delivery out in the waiting room. πŸ˜‰

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