whole lotta ride

april 2017
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Norma Millett (64 years), Merrill (63 years), Grant (40 years), Leah (38 years), Hadley (16 years), Julia (14 years), Simon (7 years),
(Isaac Gavigan – 17 years)

narrated by: Hadley

Mom has always been jealous of my relationship with Grandma, and when my sixteenth birthday rolled around, Mom really made a big deal out of it. I thought I’d humor her, and be on my best behavior, after all it works in my favor too if we get along. She made a day out of it, just me and her, she took us to Salon Sisters to get our hair done. When we arrived a girl was bawling in the chair, and Mom suggested we avoid that stylist.

I disagreed, that particular stylist wasn’t pregnant like the other one, and she had rad hair. I did find out that Emma had a kid, but she still seemed pretty bad ass anyway. It turned out that she was good at hair too, I don’t know why the previous person had been crying her eyes out, who does that anyway?

Mom said she was too old to get her hair done by someone with “rad hair” so she went with the safe person, the other “Mom.” It worked out well for her though, she likes her hair and I admit that it looks nice, for a Mom-do anyway.

Mom gave her a giant tip, because working on your feet all day while pregnant can’t be any fun. I think Mom is corny sometimes how she thinks of this crap, but Grace really appreciated it.

Afterward we went to Hazel’s Diner to eat, I had really wanted to go to Planet Java but we drove there and they were under repair. I humored Mom and got my pictures taken with her, it definitely meant way more to her than me. I hope to Pete that she doesn’t hang that crap on the wall at home.

We talked a little about university, and I got the feeling that she isn’t looking forward to me moving out in a few years. She got all quiet and just nodded her head after a long bout of silence.

I know she’s proud though that I want to be a doctor, she keeps asking if I know what area I want to study in, and I don’t have a clue. I figure I’ll cover that once I get in there and learn something.

The next morning I came down for breakfast, and overheard Mom talking with Grandma about my tuition, I guess they got it all covered. Which is nice, but I still want to earn some scholarships, I feel bad to have Grandma and Grandad cover it all.

For my birthday the big gift I got was a car, all mine for the next two years anyway. But who cares if I have to share with Julia when she’s sixteen, by that time, I’ll be eighteen and on my way to Eastborough. We got a kick out of driving to school while Simon had to take the bus. It would have been more enjoyable if the kid even cared. I swear he skips through life oblivious to everything. I would’ve been spitting mad if I were him and had to take the lame bus.

My birthday excitement waned at school though, new car glow can only last so long when you find your little sister practically making out with your ex-boyfriend that you dumped.

Julia didn’t see me, and after she walked off to Gym, I ambushed Isaac. What is a junior doing kissing my little eighth grade sister? He’s such a puke, if Mrs. Grimsley wasn’t such a hawk in the halls, I would’ve beat the crap out of him.

Instead I threatened to beat him up if he went near my sister ever again. She’s off limits to him. I was beyond mad at Isaac, and even my sister to think it was okay to date my ex-boyfriend. Isn’t there a sister code against this? I couldn’t concentrate in library, and Meg kept telling me to calm down before I got detention.

By the time we got home I was in a complete rage, sure Isaac is a jerk, but Julia is my sister, I expect more from her. In our room, I started yelling at her, and usually she cries and apologizes but she didn’t at all.

Apparently loverboy ratted me out, and she was absolutely irate with me, and wigging out. I’ve never seen her flip out like that before, she’s always such a good girl. I tried proving he was a puke since he’d been dating her friend, Alice but apparently they were only a summer fling, nothing “official” or so she said.

Of course Dad came upstairs mad that we were fighting, and sent us separate ways until we could cool our jets.

I can’t believe they’d even get mad at me, my sister is kissing an upperclassman, that is my exboyfriend. I may not always be sweet, but I feel like the victim in this entire fiasco.

Grandad invited me out to fish with him in the pond, he said he needed help with some line or some other such nonsense. Really he just wanted to help separate me and Julia, and I figured give me some talk. And I was right, I usually am about these things.

He agrees that it is wrong what Julia has done, but that it’s up to my parents to discipline and deal with it. Then he had to push it farther that I just made myself become the issue and that if I’d talked calmly to begin with, everyone including Julia might have listened to my side of things.

I hate when adults use calm and wisdom to win arguments. At least I caught a fish though.

We were put back on yard duty together until we could work out our differences, and they sent Simon to “help” us, all he does is look for bugs and sniff the freaking flowers. He is completely useless in any type of work situation. Usually me and Julia can make the time go by fast, but she’s determined to freeze me out until I give in and talk to her first, which I won’t do on principle.

She makes me crazy, doing our obligatory weekend shift at Northern Moose, she kept getting all the sales. She never beats me at weekend sales, and she was determined to do just that. She doesn’t even like outdoors things, what a fraud!

Mom and Dad decided to spend practically all of Saturday outside giving in to all of Simon’s whims which were stupid things like cartwheels. Congratulations little dude you can flip around like an idiot. Who freaking cares?

I did feel bad for the little guy though when I went outside to escape my sister and found him crying. Apparently life’s rough for a first grader.

He went into a sob fest of how he got attacked by bees that week, and didn’t get picked at all in a game of Duck, Duck, Goose.

What the… I couldn’t even think of anything to say to that stupid crap, except bee stings do suck. Instead of trying to give advice, I decided to swing the little dude around to get him to laugh at least.

It seemed to work, and when I went back inside to do the register it was a special treat for me. I happened to be back at the register when I saw Julia walk around the corner and see Oliver with his longtime girlfriend, Paloma. Her face was epic, it’s no secret that she’s crushed on him since she was eleven. It was always embarrassing when he’d come over with our mutual friends to play video games, and have my little sister blushing like a freak.

She practically ran behind the counter to hide at the desk until they left. She looked like she was going to pass out, I couldn’t help but make a jab at her. Why would she be so blushy and nervous around Oliver if she was seeing Isaac? She just gave me death glares.

It turns out that Paloma’s family is going to the mountains this summer for vacation and bringing her hunky boyfriend with her. It was my obligation to find the details, as I used to hang out with these two when were all in highschool, plus it’s good information to hang over Julia’s head. Maybe Isaac would like to know that his newest girl still has a crush on Oliver?

I think I’ll keep that gem over her head for the time being, just in case I need it. In the meantime, I guess I broke the silence, and me and Julia are at least being mean to eachother verbally again.

Notes: Hadley has two scholarships so far, and may earn a third. But her family is pretty well-off, so she’s covered irregardless. Meg and Peter both graduate next month, so my upperclassmen are really beginning to wane. Hadley will be alone, with Isaac, who she isn’t impressed with at all.

Alice is fine with Isaac and Julia kissing, no jealousy there, which surprised me. She brought him home off the bus, and they started their little first kiss exchange (for Julia anyway) right there. So Isaac has been the first kiss of Hadley, Julia, and Alice now.

Emma has a bronze badge in hairstyling, while Grace has that maxed, so it was a risk for Hadley to jump in the chair, but she’s a risk taker to begin with. I actually think her and Julia should have the darker red hair, but I only have a few of them in my game, and none were hip enough for her. So she got the medium red.

I finally added on and gave Simon a nice sized bedroom too, he’s been living in his parents room for way too long! I considered selling their property and buying something new, or fulfilling Leah’s desire of separating the families. But Grant is a Momma’s boy, and their finances are so intertwined that I’m keeping them there.

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12 thoughts on “whole lotta ride

  1. Wait, so Hadley and Julia both got their first kisses from Isaac? Well, he really does get a round, huh? Ha! And I love Simon’s new room. Very sweet. I can’t say cute since he’s a boy. LOL

    1. Isaac also made moves on Lauren and Lainey at a hotel party as well, which Julia was at, but she’s young, so of course whatever Isaac says to her now is truth. It’s in Isaac’s favor that he’s about the only guy left, but at the same time, he rolls a lot of wants for many girls. I’m actually thinking of giving him romance secondary, since he’s rolling the wants that fit it despite being a popularity sim.

      Thanks for reading Asha!

  2. Wow, I laughed so much during this post. Hadley is something else. I LOVED her voice and how she saw things in her life. It was perfect, so much like the typical teenage angst!

    1. Thanks Starr! I love writing Hadley so much, so I’m glad you enjoyed it. She’s such a fun character for me to play and write for, and I can’t wait for to start college to see how she mingles.

  3. Hadley has a great “voice”. I love her annoyance at her little brother. Personally though, I think Simon is too adorable for words! I love him!

    LOL, ha, someone like Hadley would love Emma! Leah and Hadley both got great cuts though – perfect for each of them.

    And whoa, a car for her birthday and tuition all paid for! Hadley is a lucky girl – it’s good that she actually seems appreciative of it though, like how she wants to earn some scholarships to ease the burden.

    But oh man…Julia – not cool! That is definitely against the sister code! I don’t support noogies 😉 but I can hardly blame Hadley either. Especially seeing it sounds like Isaac has been rather busy. The silent treatment is such a teenage thing as well. I remember doing that with my sister.

    1. Thanks Carla! I agree that Simon is just too cute! But yah, he’s not so cute to Hadley, more of a spoiled little pest who gets whatever he wants. Which she does too mostly, as you can see with her car and tuition. She wouldn’t work so hard for scholarships if it was just her parents forking the bill, but she is absolutely devoted to her grandparents, and wouldn’t want to give them hardship.

      Julia has gained the trait naive from me over the past few rounds, she just always seems to be such a naive, trusting girl. Isaac is just not really a good choice for her, plus it’s her sister’s ex. Bad choices there. Sucks I don’t have more boys their age, it’s a serious shortage. Going to be lots of townie marriages probably for this older teen group which stinks, but whaddayado?

  4. Isaac is a douche, a fact that I’m afraid Julia is going to learn the hard way! I love Hadley’s voice, she’s very entertaining to read :). I think she’s going to miss her family once she leaves. For some reason, those of us who can’t wait to get away, seem to miss home the most lol.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I agree Isaac is fast earning that title. I didn’t expect it since his big brother isn’t so horrible. He’s not my favorite all around guy, kind of a snob I think, but he didn’t kiss all the girls in his school! I do think Hadley will miss her family once she’s on her way, and miss Northern Moose too. She seems to enjoy herself when she’s working.

  5. Ha, I love Hadley, she’s fun to read about! Isaac does get around. It was slimy of him though to make a move on his ex’s sister (and slimy of her to kiss her sister’s ex as well). Simon is adorable, but I can understand how he might be nothing except annoying to Hadley right now. I know all about little brothers! 😉

    1. Thanks Shana, I love Hadley too. She’s always so exasperated with the people around her. Isaac is way more slimy then I thought he was! I can’t believe how he’s made his rounds with all these girls. Poor Simon, he’s so much younger than the girls, that he’s not really interesting to them. But I love him too, he’s such a quirky little cutie. I never had any brother at all, just five sisters! I’d have loved a little Simon brother to have tag along.

  6. Hadley’s hilarious! I can’t believe she’s sixteen already though!

    I totally agree with Hadley: Your sister should definitely NOT be kissing your ex boyfriend. I think that’s a girl rule…?

    Awwww, Oliver and Paloma! They are so cute! Poor Julia though, I used to crush on older guys all the time too, and when they don’t even know you exist; it’s quite heart breaking.

    I love Simon’s new room! Adorable! 🙂

    1. Thanks Coolkat! I can’t believe she’s 16 ether! Next round she very well could be off to college. I’m surprised in Julia, she’s a very nice girl, not as nice as Simon (who is maxed) but nearly that nice. I can’t see why she’d do this, other than she is naive, and wants a boy to like her. And yes, girl rule totally. Ooh which reminds me my real life sister did this to our other sister! And she might marry him! I didn’t even think of it in the terms of Hadley and Julia, but it happens.

      I feel bad for Julia, she looks positively faint whenever Oliver is around, and he doesn’t do any hearts back to her at all. Whenever he has eyes away from Paloma in the past, it’s been a few hearts for Hadley. Which has to hurt Julia more. I had my own crush that knew I existed and crushed on him, and he found humor in it. He looks like a hobo hiker on facebook now, so I don’t mind as much. hahaha

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