summer birthdays 2017

september 2017
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Benjamin rubbed Grace’s back while they waited for Dr. Russo-Traver’s permission to begin delivery. Grace is a little concerned how Ainsley will do becoming a big sister at the age of one.

By the time the baby is ready to arrive though, it’s the least of Grace’s worries.

It’s another girl! Isla Andersen is born late in the afternoon, and is released to go home the next day for Ainsley’s first birthday party.

They aren’t intending to have anymore children at this point, and though Grace wouldn’t have minded a son, she’s pretty happy to have two little girls.

* * *
Erin is trying to enjoy her last trimester before the new baby arrives, and it’s not going well. Her and Colin haven’t had any success in finding an affordable new apartment, and she isn’t happy with leaving her roommate, Lorelei behind to fend for herself. Overall, everything has been much more stressful then she’d like, and she’s just hoping it all comes together in these last three months before the baby is here.

* * *
Also expecting is Annie, due in January with twins. She’s even less excited for this new development, but Cesar promises it won’t be as bad as she thinks. So far though, things have been going just the way she thought, Cesar’s mother has already started prodding about a wedding date, and how she could help plan the wedding. It’s all just a little too much. Not to mention Ella having her own concerns on new babies joining the house, and how it will change things for her.

* * *

Other birthday’s include Meg and her twin brother, Peter, both are heading to Eastborough in the fall. Meg wants to be an author, and is studying for a Literature Degree.

While Peter has decided he wants to do Graphic Design, and will be getting an Art Degree.

The McCarthy twins also had a birthday and are on their way to high school in the fall. Julius can’t wait to get his own vehicle, and have the freedom to leave the house more. He’s also looking forward to kissing some girls, and going on a real date, little to his parents knowledge.

Elias is a little more quiet, and while he’s not opposed to kissing a girl, he wants it to be with someone special.

Lastly, Miriam and Marcus Dwyers twins, Asher and Shira celebrate their first birthdays (pnpc). They seem to be much more willing to sleep now then they were just a few months ago, but even that isn’t enough to convince Marcus to have another one.

Notes: I’m super excited for Ainsley and Isla to grow up and hopefully be super close. They are the same age apart as Grace and Emma are, which makes it sweeter. Ainsley looks so much like her Mom! Ainsley and her cousin, Chaz look very much related with Grandma Nicole’s prominent nose.

Ainsley has Great Grandpa George’s brown eyes, and Isla has Grace’s blue eyes. And both girls have different skintones, and it’s different then Benjamins as well. I am anticipating Isla to still look very much like Ainsley and Grace though, as they have strong genes.

Julius is popularity/romance, and Elias is family. They both rolled the want for a kiss, but Elias is much shyer and it will likely be a bit of time before that occurs. They look more unique the older they get, Elias looks a lot like Oliver who favors his big sisters. And Julius reminds me of George, just with the bigger features, but I’m totally confused on his big lips! No one has those, I’m guessing they are Nicole’s cause hers aren’t pencil thin like all the rest.

Annie and Miriam both had twins, and I hated the idea of playing out two twins at the same time. They are both natural, no adjustments or perks for any of my sims. Of all the people to get twins, Annie is the least to be excited for it.

Meg and Peter both did decently well in the scholarship area. Meg raked in with: Tsang Footwork, Scholar Grant, Quigley Visual, Genius Grant, Dannon Local Business Award (first year paid in full). Peter’s: Scholarships – Scholar Grant, Tsang Footwork, Dannon Local Business Award. Plus with the 10k that Delaney and Jared put in their accounts, they are sitting rather well.

Asher and Shira are definitely not what I imagined. They have some big foreheads, but I like them just the same. I figured Marcus and Miriam would have unique children, probably not as unique as Erin and Colin’s child will be… Asher has his uncle Warren’s skintone, (Miriam’s brother), and Shira has Miriam’s. Marcus though… I’m not sure about him!

Those are some pretty psycho wants there… Ghost of Reed (cause he has a crush on Nurse Caroline!), and why does he want Miriam dead? But hey, at least he wants to better himself as a Dad, and after all that, he really might need a vacation!

Thanks for reading!

Grace’sprevious update/next update

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11 thoughts on “summer birthdays 2017

    1. Thanks Starr, yah Cesar’s Mom has the want for grandchildren and a wedding, and Cesar isn’t far off from having those same desires. Annie so far has no wants of that type at all, she has some wants to kiss 5 different sims…

  1. Aw, welcome little Isla! I love that family portrait – Grace looks tired but happy. And gosh, Ainsley looks so much like her daddy to me – does she really have The Nose? Maybe it’s Isla’s colouring that’s throwing me off!

    And oh Lord, Annie is having TWINS?!? Wow. Good luck to her and Cesar and to Erin and Colin, of course.

    I love Meg’s college look – she’s awesome. Julius has got a nice, interesting look as well. I’m surprised about Asher and Shira too – not how I expected them to look but I like them!

    Maybe he wants Miriam dead because he has a crush on Nurse Caroline, lol? He wants to get Miriam and Reed out of the way! I have never seen that inherit want either! Has he got secondary Fortune or is he just mean?

    1. Thanks Carla, it seriously took too long for how simple that photo is of Grace and Benjamin! I about had it, cause my allmenus cheat has stopped working and they kept trying to do crap, and you can’t freezer tots or infants. I do think Ainsley had Grace’s nose, now I’m not sure! It’s been about 10 days since I played my game. I’m 99% sure though. I suppose she does look some like her Dad, but I swear Chaz and Ainsley remind me a ton of Grace and Emma, and Lily even as toddlers.

      I was happy with Meg too, and Peter isn’t as awful. He has the strangest mouth! If you look at his smile, you can see teeth, that’s the bottom gum of his teeth showing… I don’t think that is something you can even create in CAS, and it’s not something you can fix. So weird.

      You know Marcus might want Miriam dead so he can feel less guilty to chase down Caroline. It’s not anything I have planned to fulfill though, if any of the two were gonna kick it, it’d be Marcus, cause I need Miriam to teach (for now), but I don’t need Marcus to doctor anymore, not with Morgan and in a decade, Hadley. He has 3 nice points and is knowledge sim.

      1. Oh, yeah, Claudia gets that gummy thing like Peter has as well! I don’t know why it happens sometimes when she smiles but not others. It’s weird.

        I love how you’ve planned out which one you’d off if you had to! That’s hilarious!

  2. Awww! Welcome little Isla! I really hope that her and Ainsley can become close; it would be adorable! 🙂

    Everyone grew up pretty well, I’d say. They are all so different looking, as opposed to the same boring sims I always used to get (thank god for CC!).

    I can’t wait to see Colin as a father! Should be interesting! 😉

    1. Thanks Kat, I hope that Ainsley and Isla are close too! I’m excited to see them as two toddlers together. I’m happy with how they’ve aged up too, it’s nice having some variety. As for Colin, I hope it goes good! I really need to find them a place to live, I wouldn’t push for it, if I didn’t think Erin would want to live with Colin to do all this. I just don’t know where to put them.

  3. Welcome little Isla!! I hope she and Ainsley will become close when they grow up!
    And Aisnley is just soo cute! As are the other 2 toddlers, Asher and Shira.

    Congratulations to everybody who’s celebrating their birthday this month.
    I can’t wait to see all the new babies! But Annie is expecting twins!! Wow, I can’t believe it! I wish her and Cesar all the best!

    I have question for you … I was wondering how you do your bithdays, since I was thinking about switching to monthly birthdays, and I think you do them like that…

    1. Thanks Tanja! Asher and Shira are definitely not what I was expecting, they look kinda cartoony to me, lol. I didn’t age them both up to teen, just Shira, and I can say she will keep her big forehead. She reminds me of this nobody actress actually. I was pretty… unimpressed when I saw Annie was having twins. I did not see her having 3 kids! I actually was thinking she might adopt them out… but Cesar wouldn’t be for that, and I didn’t want him raising them alone.

      As for birthdays, I am doing seasonal birthdays. So every March, June, September, and December, I will age up who ever was born during that season. I am just now doing birth months for deliveries only. So.. Annie’s twins will be born in January, and will have their first birthday in my Winter Update (December). I’m just trying it out actually, they’ll be the first to do this cause everyone else is due on the season change. I didn’t want to do one post, then a birthday, then one post, then a birthday… though I know technically it wouldn’t be that way just not having that many birthdays, but sometimes it would, and I’d rather not. We’ll see how I feel after Annie’s twins, and their birthdays, I may just do first birthdays on the actual birth month too. It’s all a work-in-progress at the moment.

      In the past, it was seasonal birthdays and seasonal deliveries, and I wanted birth months.

  4. OMG! Cesar really knocked Anne. Twins! Wow. I know she’s super pleased. *roll eyes* Poor, woman. And Marcus! ROFL LMBO I almost spit out my pop while looking at his wants. Seriously!? Ha. I look at it like this. He wants to woohoo with his wife, then off her to get that money. Put his kids up with a good nanny, then head off for a tropical vacation. Sims crack me up!

    1. Haha thanks Asha, yah Cesar knocked her up good! lol. Love your interpretation of Marcus. I was flabbergasted when I saw it, here I thought he was happily married. Guess I was wrong! Too bad hes just a pnpc, I don’t know if I’d go to the trouble to divorce them, unless it would play out with one of my sims.

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