jet fueled ride

august 2017
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Lorelei Goss (24 years), Erin Louie (24 years)

narrated by: Lorelei

I’m still dating Marshal, I’d say it’s exclusive at this point.

We spend most of our free time together, even when I go to the laundromat he comes and sits on the plastic covered seats. I like his company, and as I face losing Erin as my roommate, I’m glad to have him around.

She still hasn’t found an apartment to rent. I told her she could stay here if she wanted, she could squeeze a bassinet in her room if it came to that. But she’s against that idea. She thinks it’d be a huge burden, and I know she’s wanting things to work out with Colin.

They’ve been at each others throats a lot lately, I think it’s just the stress of the pregnancy. Erin’s been rather irritable over the smallest things, and Colin can be rather volatile so I think it’s just those hormones. Plus they are both stressed about finding a place to live, and it’s not making things any easier. Not to mention that he wants to name the baby outrageous names like Axle, and Erin is much more traditional. I think she’ll win on this one, even Chris thinks Axle is a little too much.

At least she has a good job at Slayground Games, cause Colin is still working at the gas station. He keeps talking about how he’s going to be a car repairman, but I don’t see him doing anything about that. Erin has a good thing going though, especially sine I’m dating her boss. I work mostly nights at The Red Mill during the week, so I usually stop by to see them both.

I love Marshal’s reaction to seeing me when I do a surprise visit. I’m glad that Erin set us up on a blind date, cause I wouldn’t normally go for a gamer type, but he’s pretty sweet.

He thinks its funny that I live with Erin, but we still always have lots to talk about and catch up on when I visit. Even though we see each other in the morning before she comes in. Erin has been going to weekly appointments, so there’s always the news with that, and apartments she’s called on.

She’s hoping that Colin will be more excited about the Dad role once the baby is here, because she can’t be excited for both of them. She’s asked that I go in the delivery room with her, she’s pretty sure that Colin will not be a helpful birthing partner, but I’m not sure what good I’ll do. I said yes though, there was no way I could say no to her.

Marshal always walks me out when I go to leave, and we make our plans for the evening, because most nights are spent together.

He still takes me out on nice dates which I enjoy. I get tired just sitting at home, especially since Colin is usually sprawled on the couch with Erin watching some lame movie.

He seems to know how to do this relationship business more then me though. I enjoy the attention, but I’ve never been in a serious relationship, and I’m not sure how to do this right.

I’m glad he’s alright with taking things slow with me though in the regards to commitment. I have ambitions like saving the money to buy The Red Mill, and start my business adventure. I want to get started on this part of my life before I bind myself to someone else.

But it’s nice having him around, and waking up with him in my bed, I hope he stays being okay with this arrangement. It’s hard for me to get ready for my Saturday morning shift having him sprawled out.

Since I work weekend afternoons until closing time, we usually meet up at Shortstack since it’s open twenty-four hours. Apparently Erin felt really guilty leaving me with the entirety of rent, and since Luca is in the same situation, they brainstormed together to see if I’d be willing to let Luca move in with me.

I think Marshal was a little surprised by this, more than I was and I hadn’t expected it at all. If a guy is moving in with me, I’m sure he wants it to be him. Not that he can be concerned about my cousin living with me, cause clearly there’s no threat there.

Erin had this whole list of the pros to having Luca move in, they weren’t anything amazing, like he could carry heavy things up the stairs or be protection from a burglar. If I was concerned about the latter, then I don’t think I’d rent my apartment.

I thought he might want to move in with his girlfriend, Charity, but he said they weren’t anywhere near that serious. I noticed that he once again looked at the waitress, he’s had a thing for her for years now. I told him I’d consider letting him move in with me if he asked the waitress out once and for all, and only if she said yes.

I hadn’t expected him to have the guts to do, and I even more didn’t expect her to say yes. He tried getting her a few years ago, but she said no.

So now I guess they are going to go out sometime, and now I have to seriously consider if I want my cousin living with me, with his paint fumes and melodramatic relationships.

I went home Sunday night for dinner, and decided to get my parents opinion on this roommate ordeal. Mom was not interested in Luca moving in with me, kept questioning me about Marshal and when she could finally meet him. I’m no where near ready for Marshal to meet my family. As great as they are with me, there’s no knowing what changes will come over them when they meet the man I’m sleeping with.

Thankfully Dad isn’t that interested. I think he’s hoping we break up, and he doesn’t have to do this awkward meeting. He’s a writer, he doesn’t always like to meet new people or step out of his comfort zone. I’m sure though he will get a great parenting book out of this ordeal once he meets Marshal.

Afterward I cornered Dad to see how he really thought about Luca moving in, and he could only joke that it was better than a real boy moving in.

He really wasn’t much help, but did say what would it hurt? And suggested we do it temporarily until the end of my current lease agreement, maybe by then I’ll want Marshal to move in or Luca will want to move out. Thing is, I just resigned my lease in July, so it’s a pretty big commitment, but I guess it’s a better way to look at it, then having it be binding until the end of time.

Other than working, and Marshal, I try to offer my babysitting services to my big brother Zeke now and again. I don’t let Marshal come here ether, I can just imagine how Mom would flip if Zeke met him first. It’s okay though, it’s nice hanging out with my nephew and nieces.

Cicely is always excited when I come over, and comes rushing over to me.

I love these kids, and being an aunt, and I’m so glad that I’m not Erin having a baby right now.

I’ll be a little sad when the girls turn four next summer, three seems to be the most fun age. They can communicate well enough, use the potty, and don’t try to choke themselves to death by eating tiny crap off the floor.

The biggest shock to my system is that Lewis is eleven now. I remember when I was that age, and it seems wild that my nephew is now. It’s taking adjustment from me, and learning how to talk to him on a different level then I talk to the girls.

He thinks I’m just his goofy out of touch aunt though at the end of the day, I am not good at video games, which is laughable to him since my boyfriend is a vidoe game creator. I bounce in my seat and sway to the sides just watching him play, and it’s even worse when I actually have a controller in my hands.

Notes: I still need to find an apartment for Erin and Colin… but I’ve decided that Luca will be moving in with Lorelei. He can’t afford the apartment on his own, and his Dad already moved out into his own place. And while Lorelei makes good money, she is saving to buy the Red Mill. She had a few wants for the bartender she fooled around with ages ago, but they rolled away quickly, so I’m thinking he just came into her mind for a second.

Erin’s stomach was glitchy this time around, and I’m not sure why. At one point it looked like the second trimester but Insim said she was third trimester. She is the breadwinner for this soon to be family, and she doesn’t make a lot ether being that she’s just started in the game design career.

Next up is birthdays and the birth of Erin and Colin’s baby… I’ve been thinking it’s going to be a boy all along so we will see.

Just a heads up that we are coming into November, and nano, and I will be MIA during that time. I’m really pumped to get another win at it. So I’m putting my focus on that. I doubt I’ll be able to get much for updates in advance, I’ve had nothing but internet issues that are timesucking my free time, and ruining my life. Dramatic a little, I know, but it’s beyond frustrating.

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8 thoughts on “jet fueled ride

  1. I hope those two find an apartment. Are you just at a loss deciding which place to move them into in your hood, or actually finding an apartment to download? I can’t wait to see the baby and I am so excited that Marshal is still around.

    1. Thanks Starr! For the apartment, I just haven’t taken the time necessary to decide. The one I was leaning towards I decided against, and then I downloaded a few as well that I liked. I really need to just get in there, load them up and make a decision. I just got side tracked with Halloween gameplay. I was happy to see that Lorelei hadn’t outgrown Marshal.

  2. LOL, maybe Erin and Colin could compromise with Axel, instead of Axle. Then they could say it’s a Scandinavian name (which it is), rather than part of a car!

    Lorelei’s not going to know what to do with herself once Erin moves out. They’re like two peas in a pod. I love how well they get along. I wonder how things will go with Luca.

    I can’t get over how big Lewis is now! Wow! He’s a cutie though, I have to say.

    BTW, this pic is adorable:

    Good luck with Nano! I didn’t realise you’d won it last year.

    1. Thanks Carla, I loved that picture of them too! It’s one of my favorites, I just love their height difference. As for Axel, well, Colin was going for that car part. He wants to be a mechanic you see, and he likes rock in roll, so his twist is to change Axl (Rose) to Axel. Making it his own. Erin wouldn’t agree to that for a first name be it boy or girl.

      Lewis has turned out pretty cute, he’s got a strong jaw like his Dad, but isn’t as odd looking as Zeke is. He had a pretty mom, so I think it helps. I’m looking forward to Dean aging to teen, he’s only 7 right now, to see how he compares to his brother.

      Thanks for Nano, I’m having a hard time finding my actual … something… I need to focus but am trying to get my sims wrapped up a little before I dive back in to planning. Need more time!

  3. I like Axle, except that it has to be spelled Axel. Pregnant mamas usually get their way though. I’m thinking the baby will be a boy too.

    It’ll be a sad day when Erin leaves. I love their friendship. I hope that Colin is able to step up and bring in some more money & is hopefully more emotionally available for Erin.

    Good luck with NaNo. I hope you win again this year!

    1. Thanks Fabi, pregnant Moms do usually get their way! I do think that Erin would compromise if it came to a son, but probably spell it in name form instead of car part form. She wouldn’t want to crush Colin for trying to participate in the baby’s life you know?

      She’s already moved out in the game, I have the new family in the bin waiting for me to find apartment… and I was sad to separate the girls. I would have preferred that Erin didn’t get knocked up, or at least not yet! Thanks for Nano, I hope it goes well, I’m a little iffy on the success I’ll have this year, but I’m gonna power through it.

  4. Lorelai and Marshal are too cute together. I hope they continue to work. I also love that black dress and the heels.

    Colin needs to grow up. Here’s to hoping that things work out for them and the baby in the long run.

    1. Thanks Nicole, I am also rooting for Marshal and Lorelei to work out. I’d feel more confident if she was a little older, and not rolling things for the bartender she had a one night stand with! That didn’t make me feel too good, but it rolled away quickly, and Marshal popped in there a time or two.

      As for Colin, I just don’t know what I’d expect of him. Having an opinion about the baby name is good sign I felt, but he’s kind of immature just all around. He’s had his baby in the game now, and other than wanting a car (which I think of as responsible when you have a family), he also wants to play billiards, basketball, buy a stereo, and influence someone to cook him a meal… haha. He’s only 22 though, so hopefully he matures some as he gets older.

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