fall births 2017

September 2017
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Annie and Cesar are nearing their third trimester, the fact that there are two babies is something that can’t be hidden. Annie’s more uncomfortable now then she was full-term with Ella, and she still has four months to go. At this point, January seems in the very distant future, but the more uncomfortable Annie gets, maybe she’ll be less inclined on preferring the babies in utero.

* * *

Turning four is Jake Grimsley, he’s excited that his birthday just met the cut-off so he gets to start school this month.

Cara was feeling a little nostalgic that her youngest is now off to school, so she pampered him with a strawberry pancake breakfast. Which was a miracle to Jake, who has never had pancakes before now.

Though, it is a little bittersweet, she’s not terribly sad to be getting rid of Jake’s old baby items. She’s giving Jake’s old diaper changing station, toys, and a few other items to her little brother Colin so he’ll have less things to purchase for his own baby.

Also celebrating a birthday is Reed and Caroline Welsh’s youngest, Molly. She turns one, unfortunately it’s on a day that Caroline had to work at the hospital. Reed takes Molly with him to work, and Caroline swings by after work to pick her and Alex up and go home to whip up a box cake.

Caroline doesn’t feel an inclination to have another, she already doesn’t have enough time in her day for the two she has. As it is, picking up the kids seems to be the only time she sees her husband, if only for a short period of time.

Molly looks the most like her father, more than her brother Alex does, and he was nearly spitting image. Except both Welsh children inherited their Mother’s chin.

* * *

Erin’s due date has arrived, she was concerned that she’d go into labor back at the apartment while Lorelei and Colin were at work. Unfortunately she did, but Lorelei was able to leave The Red Mill and even beat Colin on arriving at the hospital.

Lorelei had gotten some tips from her sister-in-law, Morgan on how to help coach her friend during the delivery. In the end, she mostly just winged it, and talked like a coach before a big game.

Colin wasn’t really up to par ether when he finally arrived, he was greasy from working at the gas station, and they hadn’t bothered to attend any sort of birthing class.

For all the rushing, it ended up being a long waiting game. Erin checked in during late morning, and was still waiting into the evening hours. During that time Colin had fallen asleep in the recliner.

Lorelei scrounged in the fridge for some snacks, and after eating til she was full, she fell asleep on the little bench.

At two am, Lorelei woke up to the hustling and bustling of the staff as they prepped Erin for delivery.

As long as her and Colin averted their eyes to the top of the bed, they felt they might not pass out. They weren’t much comfort to Erin, who felt more panicked whenever she looked into their traumatized expressions. She kept her focus on Nurse Caroline and Dr. Morgan as they counted with her, and encouraged her.

And at 3:08 am, Erin gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

While she wasn’t keen on any form of Axel, she did compromise and they decided on Logan Axel Traver. Colin was pretty pleased with the compromise, originally he was going for a form of Axle cause of his car repair dream, and the rocker Axl. But in the end, it all sounds the same, and that’s all he cares about.

Though the delivery was not anything Lorelei could appreciate, she was pretty smitten with her best friends son. He didn’t seem so bad, all soft, and cooing in the little bassinet.

Erin and Lorelei coo’d at the little guy through the nursery window, while they waited for his newborn tests to be finished. Lorelei was enjoying his newness, and Erin felt this new crushing weight of responsibility. She was concerned about providing the best for him, worrying about how Colin would be as a father, and how all three of them living together was going to turn out.

Notes: I’m happy they had a boy! He has Erin/Meredith’s eyes, and black hair. I’m hoping he inherits some of his looks from Erin or Meredith to go with that eye color. I need to load the game and move them into an apartment, I think I’ve decided.. we will see. And I gave all of Jake’s stuff to them, and they had a boy so it works out really nice. I will allow them to change bedding but not the wood color (which was white, so really no biggie).

I have the hardest time telling who Jake and Lulu even look like. Cara’s face is rather small and both children have rather large heads/jaws/faces, but I wouldn’t say that Charlie’s is very large ether, and Jake’s nose already looks wider than Charlies… Maybe it’s Cara’s real dad’s nose that they inherited, which I wouldn’t even remember what he looked like! All in all, Jake looks very boyish to me, and he was a real sweet kid. Everytime Lulu raked, he jumped in them and made them all a mess again. Seems like something a 4 year old brother would do.

I can’t wait til Annie has the twins, to know what they are, and then for them to turn one to see who they look like.

Erin’s previous update/next update // Colin’s previous update/next update

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14 thoughts on “fall births 2017

  1. Ooh, I’m excited about Annie’s twins too! Cesar looks pretty happy with the state of affairs in that pic, doesn’t he?

    Jake and Molly are cute, cute, cute! Jake definitely looks like Charlie to me, although that nose is really a mystery. It might end up looking more like one of his parents’ noses as he gets older.

    LOL, with all that talk about the name Axle/Axel in the last update, I never even entertained the thought that they might have a girl! I always love your birth updates – they’re the best! I’m glad Erin had Colin and Lorelei there for her during labour. I’m super-curious to see how Colin goes as a dad now.

    1. “I always love your birth updates – they’re the best! ” Aww that is serious high praise. You may have just made my day, baring nothing unfortunate happening. πŸ˜€

      Cesar has the marriage want, engagement want, and have a baby want, so while he’s not 100% where he wants to be, he knows in a few short months he’s gonna be near platinum in happiness, haha.

      I’m really not gonna force Colin and Erin and their relationship. It’s one that I’d like to see happen, but at the same time, see these conflicts they have… so I’m very curious too if they are going to make it, and how the heck Colin will do as a Dad. When I move them into the apartment, I’m going to just watch and see if autonomously cares for the little tyke. Erin was already at the hospital, but I didn’t give him much chance, forgot to move him off his stand, haha.

      Thanks Carla!

  2. I’m so behind on your blog 😦 and I don’t like it one bit!!!

    I love that first picture of Cesar and Annie, they look so peacefull. I’m so looking forward to their twins, and just like you I can’t wait to see them grow up and see who they look like πŸ™‚

    Both Molly and Jake are really cute! I’m sure they’ll break some hearts when they are older.

    I would have loved to see Colin raise a little girl, I’m pretty sure she’ll be his little princes and that she will be spoiled by her dad. A boy seems to fit them more though, don’t ask me why πŸ™‚ Logan Axel is a good compromise for the name. I’ve been wanting to use Logan in SimsVille, but somehow never gotten around to it πŸ™‚

    I have another question about your aging. I hope you don’t mind. If you have a child become a teen in March, and you have an high school update planned for June, do you include that new teen in the high school update, or do you wait untill the next school year? I hope this makes sense …

    1. Thanks Tanja, I do think Colin might be a good dad to a girl too. But was really feeling the boy vibe for these two. I do my school years September – May, and get it all filled out for the student enrollment page. So if you age up later than September then you miss the deadline. Monroe is a good example, he’s turning 4 in December, but that’s past the deadline, so he’ll be a grade behind Jake in school, and I won’t add him to the school roster until the next school year. Just doing it like they do here in real life, and keeps things simpler to me. Wouldn’t make sense to start first grade when the year’s half over.

      Logan is the first kid to get the middle name, I thought that Erin would want to compromise so that they both got what they wanted. I figure as the kid turns to teen, if he’s a little wild, he might prefer Axel, but at least his Mom gave him a reputable name if he decides on being a lawyer.

      1. Thanks for the reply on the birthdays and school enrollment.

        Let’s say, that Monroe is becoming a teen in december, does he show up in you high school update or in your elementary school update, if they are planned after his birthday?

        1. I avoid that when I plan out my round. Say Monroe ages to teen in winter, I will generally schedule my grade school in the fall, and my high school the next fall. I do prefer to do my school updates in the fall because I don’t have birthday issues so much at this point, cause they ether did/didn’t make the cut. Sometimes I will switch it and do an update in the spring, but only if it works aging wise. Which it easily can, as I don’t have so many sims aging up at any given moment (not in grade schools anyhow), first birthdays come a lot faster of course. Does that help?

          1. You’ve helped me a lot! Thank you so much for all the info!
            I’m still not sure what I will do, but I’m still reconsidering my birthdays πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Starr, I agree that Cesar is pretty in love with Annie, I do like him quite a bit. And this isn’t who I thought he might end up with ether, at first it was just a date to get Annie back on the field, who knew!

  3. I love that picture of Annie and Cesar, so adorable! And the name debate was hilarious, that was a pretty decent compromise although I don’t know if I would have given in at all, I have a terrible stubborn streak lol. Can’t wait to see the twins and see what little Logan looks like in a year πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, I loved that picture of Annie and Cesar too. Funny on the stubborn streak, I think Lorelei is way more stubborn then Erin would ever dream to be. I’m excited for the twins birth too, can’t wait to see what they are!

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