if you’re not happy

september 2017
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Oliver McCarthy (20 years), Meg Schehl (18 years), Peter Schehl (18 years),

narrated by: Oliver

It’s just the beginning of my junior year, and things are not starting out on the same foot as previous years have. The exciting part of this year, is that in January, I get to spend a semester being a Student Teacher at Jefferson High School. I think it will be a little odd, seeing that I was friends with some of the students still there. I can hardly be nervous about it though, because I have my buddy Isaiah and his drama filling up my life.

Him and Elise, the ones who were talking marriage just last year, apparently had a big falling out this summer. I’ll admit that I didn’t keep in touch with many, a little traumatized after witnessing Abby drown. I still don’t even know the full story of why Elise broke it off, I just know that I don’t want to ask.

They fight constantly, and are always trying to get the other one jealous. She tries flirting with Peter, he’s just this freshman kid, and doesn’t even know what he’s walking into. He just seems happy to have some attention.

Isaiah is no better, he’s set his eyes on Meg, and making her his rebound. I really don’t like this at all. I feel bad for her, I rejected her proposition that we date years ago, and it sort of went badly for her after that. Paloma kept picking fights with her, and sort of ostracized her.

Meg seems smart though, and didn’t fall for Isaiah’s advances, but it sort of put a target on her back.

He’s livid now. She embarrassed him in front of Elise, when he was trying to make Elise jealous. It seems he’s putting all his anger into Meg now, and won’t drop it.

I’m just kind of sick of it all. My classes are getting harder, and there’s a pressure to have an idea of at least what grade level I’d like to teach. I just haven’t been able to decide. I feel too young to teach high school, but at the same time, a piece of me is interested in teaching Science.

One thing is certain though, this summer changed me, and I don’t necessarily like the direction it’s leading me. After Abby drowned, instead of staying at my parent’s house for the summer, I quickly enrolled in a summer class and moved back to the dorms. I felt ill-prepared and more than a little jolted to have someone just die, right before my eyes. It was unsettling, and I haven’t been a good boyfriend since.

Everything in my life is moving in one direction, with college, and student teaching, and it seems like Paloma’s life is going in a completely different direction. She’s occupied with working at the cafe, and caring for her sister, and filling in very mature rolls that I fully respect. I just can’t relate to what’s happening in her life, and our schedules make it impossible to see each other much.

All of this scared me. So I didn’t deal with it all summer. But now that classes are in session, it just didn’t seem right delaying, and hoping my feelings would change. So I called her up to meet me at the Student Union to talk everything over.

You sort of hope that the other person knows where things are going, so when you get to this point, you don’t have to actually say anything. Paloma didn’t suspect anything though. I had to explain to her, that I did still care for her, but that we needed to take time apart.

Which I guess gave too much hope that we’d get back together, though I can’t say we never would, I just don’t see it at the moment. I had to tell her by space, I meant breaking up, and seeing other people.

I feel like the lousiest person in the world at this point. She thought there might be someone else that I had feelings for, and there isn’t. Not one specific person as much as it’s the desire to have new experiences, and get to know other people as a whole.

She cried, but when I tried to say anything to make the moment a little less horrible, she got upset and left.

Now that we are broken up, all I can do is wonder if it’s the biggest mistake of my life. She’s been my best friend since we were kids, we both grew up with difficult families, and I always felt we just got each other.

I dreaded when the news would reach my family, Mom was the first to call about it, but she wasn’t the only one. Everyone, even Grandma Mandy loved Paloma, and thought once I graduated we’d get married. I know that Paloma had hopes for that, it was one reason she didn’t want to move out on her own, save money for a wedding and our own house.

The only thing to keep me from wallowing is Isaiah. I was walking across campus to class, and saw him really chewing Meg out, and it just really pissed me off. I hated when Paloma did it in high school, but I didn’t do anything about it. I didn’t want to be that guy again.

Isaiah was really mad that I’d even think of interrupting him, and that I should be on his side, afterall, girls are evil, among other choice words.

I don’t know what’s gotten into him lately, but I can’t even stand to call him a friend. I felt bad for Meg, so I ran to catch up with her and see if I could make the whole thing right.

She agreed to coffee but was hesitant. It’s not like we are friends at all, so I felt awkward once I caught up to her.

Of course there was a giant line, but she was okay with the wait.

Overall, it was a nice little coffee break. She told me that she’s hoping to be a screenwriter, maybe some horror films. And that her roommate, Paige is really uptight, and not really happy with having her as a roomie.

I guess that Peter is working it both sides with Elise and Paige though, she said that he’s been making out with both of them without ether knowing. I’m surprised to say the least, I always took him as this sweet, naive kid, but apparently he is learning how to make it with the ladies.

I don’t see her around campus too much, and she said that she’s mostly in her room. She’s working on a script now that she’d like to get finished and see about making into a film with the college theater group.

I did tell her that I was sorry about the awful things that happened in high school, and she brushed it off. But I do think she appreciated the apology, she suggested we get together to study sometime, and when we went to leave she gave me a hug.

I feel a little better about everything, knowing I’ve made amends with Meg. Not to mention, that she seems to know how to handle Isaiah pretty well on her own. I think she’s gotten fed up with people walking on her.

Now I’m just forcing myself to focus on my classes, and being prepared for my student teacher job in just a few months.

Notes: When I rolled my ROS “biggest want fulfilled” I thought, this is going to be a boring one. Oliver rolled it, and see, he’s all about studying, and looking at stars, and making friends. But after the death of Abby, his wants took a complete change. Suddenly he was rolling wants for other women, and his highest want was to “Public Woohoo with 3 different Girls” So he had to end things with Paloma, sadly. I honestly never thought they’d make it as long as they did, and now I’m sad to have done it. I’m hoping they’ll go back to being friends down the line.

As for Isaiah and Elise. They both wanted to get married, but I decided they had to wait. Well this play session they did not like each other at all. I really have no clue what happened. She was all flirty with Peter (who was kissing both Elise and Paige!) which of course sent Isaiah off the deep end into rage, and now Isaiah pretty much hates Meg after she rejected his ACR flirting time and time again. So there’s lots of drama, and I didn’t see any of it coming.

And honestly, it was a ton of fun to play! I can’t wait to get back into the college. I have Jefferson update scheduled for the winter, and Oliver will be in it for his student teaching. I’m excited to do this for the first time too. Thanks to Carla for the awesome idea eons ago, so happy to finally have someone to do it!

Nano starts soon, and I am afraid this blog will be on hiatus during November… I don’t see myself getting all these updates up that I’ve photographed, I have lots going on with the real holiday before Nov. 1.

Oliver’s previous update/next update // Meg & Peter’s previous update/next update

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19 thoughts on “if you’re not happy

  1. Oh, poor Paloma! She was sort of blindsided by this, the poor thing. I’m feeling bad for Oliver too though, as it wasn’t easy for him either. I’m only a little bit surprised that they split though – it’s hard when you’re living such different lives.

    I’m seeing some possible things happening with Meg and Oliver now. If they do decide to be more than friends, I imagine that Paloma won’t take too kindly to that!

    Question: what are you planning for Meg with her screenwriting? Do you have a career for that or are you using the novel writing feature or something else entirely? It sounds interesting!

    I can’t wait to see Oliver doing his student teaching. I’ll miss Millwood during your hiatus.

    1. Thanks Carla! I have so much planned! I hate a break. I’m trying to not focus on it, and I’m nervous about reading your blog. It’s like the gateway drug to sims. lol.

      I feel bad for both of them too. And I didn’t want to write Oliver like he wanted to just get wild, cause he’s rather shy and serious. It’s more like a nervous breakdown. As for Meg, I’m not sure what will happen there. I’d really like them to avoid just jumping into the sack though. She deserves to be more than #2 on a list to conquer.

      For the screenwriting, I had no career for her at all. I put her through the career gig, it has writing and other on there, and writing was a perfect fit. Her Dad is a journalist, and her hobbies is film. So I decided of just another author (already have Tyler), that she can combine the film with writing. I have an author career but nothing specific for screenwriting. I’m going to edit one for her, but I have time since she’s only a freshman. I figure now Alice will have a show to be in once she graduates in several years.

      Was Joanna your first student teacher? Curious how long ive waited for Oliver to grow up.

      1. LOL, the gateway drug! Maybe you can reward yourself with blog reading if you reach your goal for a particular day or something.

        Thanks for answering about Meg. I have a writing career in the game but it sort of jumps around so much between types of writing that I’m a bit reluctant to use it these days, now that I pay more attention to jobs. Editing it would not be a bad idea – look forward to seeing what you come up with.

        And no, Finn was my first student teacher. I don’t even think I knew what I was doing with Joanna when she was in college. I can’t remember when I decided she’d be a teacher but it was post-graduation, I’m pretty sure.

    1. Thanks Starr, I felt bad doing it and didn’t want it to come across like he was a jerk. He seemed to feel pretty awful over it. Immediately after he rolled to talk to her, and joke with her. Maybe in time they can ge back to being friends. Paloma has a lot to focus on at the moment so I hope that will be a good distraction for her.

  2. Hi! Finally caught up, after three weeks. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading it so far and look forward to more after NaNoWriMo.

    I am so sad about Oliver and Paloma breaking up! I just thought they were one of those who could take anything and just keep going, but apparently I was wrong. Seeing someone die right before your eyes can change you somewhat. I don’t see Oliver becoming that type of guy though. I hope they can work it out, and that Meg can catch a break too. She has always seemed to be on the short end of the stick in relationships, and I hope she can find love.

    1. Thanks Fini!! Yes, Meg is always catching the shortend. I feel bad for her to have drama in college, and she didn’t even do anything bad.

      I’m curious who is next two girls will be, he got number one out of the way with Paloma a long while ago. Paloma told her mom all about the photo booth experience back in high school.

  3. Poor Paloma. I really thought that they would last, but I will admit, there was a tiny voice that said they might not. But they are both still young, you never know what will happen in the future. So Oliver wants to get out and test the waters. Death sometime does that to a person. I’m glad that he and Meg seem to be on their way to being friends. But I wonder, could she be one of his woohoos? lol I guess time will only tell.

    1. Thanks Asha, I really don’t want Meg to just be a notch on Olivers belt. I don’t see him using her for number 2, but I couldn’t say if they might date at some point and be his number 3. Not sure. He has some choices, and Meg does too, like Isaiah. lol I’m going to take away his anger the next time I play, he was just awful! I don’t think in a year he’d still be flipping out about some rejection.

      I was sad to break these two up, Paloma just has these big sweet doe eyes. She looked horribly sad when he was breaking up with her. And now I want to play her household to see how she’s coping

  4. That pic of her driving away with him in her rear view broke my heart! So sad! Uni in the game can eerily be like uni in real life sometimes! During my undergrad years, I never knew what was going to happen from semester to semester. Sometimes nothing at all, others I was surrounded my drama, my own and my friends lol. Meg and Oliver would be cute together, but yea, after he “sows his oats” or whatever you want to call it lol.

    1. Thank you!! Oh man, I loved the picture of her driving away too, so sad. And yes I agree that UNI can really be like real life, it’s funny how these wants come around, just like they might irl, and you don’t necessarily expect it. I’m sure Oliver didn’t see himself suddenly wanting to fool around with different girls.

  5. Awe, poor Paloma, she really didn’t see this one coming. I love that picture of her driving away, with him in the background, although it was kind of heartbreaking at the same time as well.

    I agree with Carla here, I’m seeing things happening for Oliver and Meg in the future. They do seem to get along pretty good.
    With sims you never know what wil happen 🙂

    I’m always so jealous of you and Carla, your sims seem to always roll some interesting wants, epsecially at uni. Or at least wants you can work a story around.
    Mine are pretty boring, and I never liked playing my uni, though that’s better now. I always have to come up with things myself, because my sims are boring 🙂

    1. You know Tanja, I thought for sure that Oliver was going to be the most boring sim ever to receive “Fulfill biggest want” for, because he is usually rather studious and boring. But he didn’t hesitate to roll a big one for this ROS.

      Paloma definitely didn’t see it coming, I didn’t! I mean, I thought it could happen at some point, both living separately and doing their own thing, but I didn’t expect it to come from his wants panel in that regard.

      Oliver and Meg could be cute together if it goes that way. We will have to wait and see what they decide!

      And for the record your sims aren’t boring at all!

  6. I feel terrible for Paloma. She just looks so hurt by the whole thing. I hope she can get over it any try again.

    Good for Meg! She needs to stand up to Isaiah and not take his antics.

    1. I was surprised by Isaiah, he just really went off the deepend. I was sad for Meg because she went through Paloma’s crap in HS, and now Isaiah throwing crap her way in college, she needs a break!

      As for Paloma, made me sad too. I don’t know what her wants panel looks like nor how she is coping with it. I should pop in and check on her. I wonder what she will do next.


  7. Paloma could probably use some support and not having your boyfriend around must really suck. It hurts to have to deal with but I hope that she’ll feel better relatively soon.

    Oliver and Meg are pretty cute together but I’d settle for them being just friends. If anything romantic happens, I’m sure it will strain things between Oliver and Isiah even more.

    1. Thanks Choco, I think for Paloma that it all sucks as well with the timing of her Grandma dying. But that’s how it happens sometimes in life, and now for the first time in years, she’s single. I wonder what she will be up to now!

      You know, I think that Oliver would make a wiser choice to just be friends with Meg, at least while he wants to fool around. It’s not that I see ether of them wanting to get married or having anything that serious at the moment, but Oliver clearly doesn’t even want anything but a one night stand, two more times anyhow.

  8. Aw, Paloma. But I really thought the break-up was handled great and made a lot of sense. (I don’t think I know any couples who have been together since their teens, but that could be a context/cultural thing as well, a lot of young people where I live tend to play around in their 20’s and settle down with someone later.)

    Aaand I’m all caught up with this blog and eagerly awaiting updates. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’m glad that you liked the way the break up went down. I was really nervous, I didn’t want to paint Oliver as some jerk, cause he really does care for Paloma. As soon as they broke up, he had the want to be friends with her again, she didn’t. But maybe in time she will.

      That’s great that you are caught up! Thank you for reading, it means a lot to me!

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