i’ll take the trick please

october 2017
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Zeke Traver (34 years), Morgan (33 years), Lewis (11 years), Vivienne (3 years), Cicely (3 years)

narrated by: Lewis

I started the sixth grade this fall, and everyone was worried that I wouldn’t be able to adjust. Grandma is always talking about how my Dad was such a handful as a teenager. What she really means is that he was a horrible kid. I’m not like that, I know I’m not, but sometimes it seems that people expect me to be hotheaded like he was.

Morgan’s the worst. She comes home from work, and it’s like she expects me to be rude at her. She blows up over the smallest thing, and instead of letting me talk, she just sends me up to my room until my Dad gets home. It’s lucky for me that Dad just got another promotion, and is now working days as well. He hasn’t worked days in my entire life, so it’s weird having him around in the evening.

I guess sitting in my room is better than changing the twins’ dirty diapers. I think they should be potty trained by now, they are three and a half years old. I know I was potty trained by then. I’m doing great in my classes though, and I think all my room time is blame.

I dread hearing the keys in the front door though, I can always hear Morgan murmuring to him, and I can imagine it’s all lies. Just because I’m doing something at the moment, doesn’t mean I refuse to take out the trash, it just means give me a minute. She runs the house like her Dad ran his, I’m sure of that.

Dad always tells me he is disappointed, and gives me a bit of bark, but he hardly ever means it. He said that Morgan is just under pressure at work, and is looking to take over Metro Hospital when her Mom retires. I guess she needs to impress other people in the community, not just her own Mom. Dad said that it can even go against her with her Mom having that position already. I guess it’s Morgan’s dream to do this, so she’s just on edge, and Dad has pressed that I need to just be understanding.

It’s hard to be understanding though. I feel like I’m eleven, and she’s really old, shouldn’t she be the one that is more mature? I do promise Dad that I will try even harder to be helpful, and he told me I could go to Mixed Tape over the weekend if I didn’t get sent to my room for the remainder of the week.

I was all over that garbage for the rest of the week, it still had two inches from the top, and I’d take it out. And I took the twins to play in the backyard, just so I was out of Morgan’s way. When the weekend came, it was time for Dad to drop us off at Mixed Tape. I’ve been dreaming of coming here since I was a kid, it’s like a dream come true.

I can’t decide who is my best friend. Julius is fun, he’s actually rather rowdy. But he lives out in Millwood, and it’s not easy to get to his house to hang out.

Julius thinks he’s top dog too, flirting with upper class girls like Rosabella. She was mortified, and begging for Hadley to come to her aid, and Julius just shouted a greeting to Hadley like they were friends. She gave him the death glare, and it’s these moments that I do not want to be seen with Julius.

His twin brother, Elias is definitely not my best friend. This summer I thought that I liked him alright, but now that he’s in high school he’s kind of a spaz. He got in Rachael‘s face for no reason, I guess he just doesn’t like her.

I didn’t even realize what was going on until it was already done. But she called her step-dad Charlie to come get her, and Caitlyn kept her company outside while she waited for him.

I used to be best friends with Rachael, but since she moved to Millwood, I don’t see her much anymore. I sort of wanted to hang out with guys more too, talk about guy things. I feel bad because I don’t know if I hurt her feelings. We still hang out, but not as much as we used to, and that doesn’t bother me.

When we asked Elias about why he was flipping out on Rachael, he just started whining like Vivienne does. He’s such a baby.

Mixed Tape was fun, but it wasn’t what I expected. The older teens just hung out together exclusively, and with Elias acting like a baby, and Julius talking to the older girls, it was just a little mortifying.

Morgan used Dad’s promotion money to start redecorating the house. It’s had this awful wallpaper in the living room, and she finally paid to have it taken down. Then her and Hazel went overboard purchasing photographs to put up all over the house.

I guess it paid off having the Woodfolks over to help with the updates. The photos on the wall turned out rather nice. It’s kind of cool to see me as a lame kid at Dad’s wedding. I sometimes wish I had a photo of my Mom, I know Morgan wouldn’t want that on her wall, or Dad ether of course. But it’d be nice to have one in my room.

Dad and Jude are friends, and obviously Morgan and Hazel are, but there’s no one for me to hang out with. Bea is the biggest sore sport I ever met. She gloats over paper, rock, scissors, who does that?

Dad says that I share that quality with Bea, because he caught me yelling at Julius over a video game. But it wasn’t because I was losing, it was from him cheating. He kept killing himself so I couldn’t kill him in the game. It’s such a lame way to play, and he thought he was brilliant about it. Makes me mad just remembering it.

Vivienne and Cicely are lucky, they’ll have Monroe and Roman to play with, I didn’t luck out with kids my own age.

When Morgan has to go to the hospital on the weekends, I get a lot more freedom. I usually go hang out with Aidan who is probably my best friend. He lives a lot different than I do. Him and Caitlyn left their nice townhouse to live in this dirty apartment with their Dad. I don’t pretend to understand.

Caitlyn got this puppy, and it just pees all over the place. She cleans it up, but not as fast as people should. She named it Bazooka, and it yaps all the time. The neighbor bangs on the wall all night long, and the walls are super thin. One night when I slept over, me and Aidan could hear the neighbors fighting.

We get bored at his place, he doesn’t really have furniture, let alone fun electronics. We usually just sit outside and watch people pass. His Dad just watches television, I guess he used to be big into this online game, but he can’t afford a computer of his own. Aidan is glad about that.

His Dad is really relaxed, he let’s us leave late at night and walk around. We usually go to the Pizza Palace to play some of the quarter games. They don’t close until midnight, and so that’s when we come home, but he doesn’t technically have a curfew. It’s always awkward, because Caitlyn always asks to tag along. I don’t mind much, but Aidan hates it. He doesn’t like to be mean to her though, so he relents.

They only have two video games, so as long as she doesn’t ever want to play, I don’t care if she comes. She usually just watches us though, and gets into cheering us on. I guess she’s probably bored since she’s become good friends with Rachael, and no one ever sees her since the move.

Halloween was at the end of the month, and Morgan arranged to pick up Rachael to take her to the PTO sponsored Halloween Party at the High School. It was nice having her there to go for the dinner with Morgan’s parents. Unfortunately, Halloween landed on a Saturday so Morgan’s Mom insisted we have dinner over there.

They really love the twins though.

Not so much me, but that’s not new.

I don’t feel too bad, because I don’t think they like my Dad much ether. So me and Rachael just went outside to sit while we waited to eat dinner. She’s always asking how I’m doing, and looking at me real serious like. She declared we were to be best friends since we were little and neighbors, and she found out that Mom had died. She said that since her Dad died that we were the perfect pair. For a little bit of time she really wanted her Mom to marry my Dad. I’m glad that didn’t happen.

By the time we ate, Vivienne was over tired and throwing a fit.

I get the feeling that Grandparents like when toddlers throw tantrums. They seem to gloat that it’s what their own kids deserve. I don’t get it.

I also don’t think banging the table and throwing plates of food on the floor is cute. Not at all.

When Dad came to get us to go to the school, I couldn’t have been happier.

And it turned out to be a real dud. There was this hokey miniature golf that I played with Rachael for a little while.

Hadley was freaking out about Julia still dating Isaac, and was one girl I decided to avoid at all costs.

I had to agree with her though. Julia and Isaac needed to just get a room, they were grossing me out. That’s not even mentioning that the grade school students were invited to the fundraiser too.

It was not fun. Rachael abandoned me for some Llama game with grade schoolers, and then I just sat at a table eating some pumpkin shaped cookies.

The twins, however had a great time trick or treating. Dad decided to take them around Millwood since it’s a safer neighborhood.

Cicely was terrified, Dad said, of all the big decorations and the scary pumpkins.

I guess the big kids were all really anxious to get to the door too, that they sort of bombarded the girls too.

I almost wish I’d just gone trick or treating with them, almost.


Grade Schoolers

Setting up family photos, Zeke was happy to have Cicely on his lap

And Morgan put photos up on her desk too. These are the frames that Carla uses as well, I’ve had fun making them before I load a specific household.

Notes: I’m back!! I missed my sims something fierce, to the point that I spent every ounce of free time playing them once it hit December. I finished nano with some odd 74,000 words. I am pretty darn proud of myself. Novel actually not complete though, but am aiming to finish it this month. With all my playing, I actually have played through 6 updates worth, so I’ll write and update the side status for upcoming updates. I can’t decide if it’s better to do two a week (Wednesday/Sunday) or one a week (Sunday)… opinions?

Now for the Traver family! There is hardly anything on the twins here, the reason is that it flashed that it was taking the photos, but it wasn’t. And I guess the second time around, I just didnt’ focus on them as much. Vivienne is rather sour though, she’s got a grumpy face quite often. Cicely is generally happy. They both turn 4 in June, and I can’t wait!

Regina is going to retire soon, and Morgan LTW is head of hospital, so she needs to work to get promoted there if she wants to take over. Otherwise by default it will just be Marcus, since he’s not a main character.

At Mixed Tape, Elias started poking Rachael, and he was throwing tantrum after tantrum! Lewis wasn’t really impressed with that, and he likes Julius but only in small amounts. Him and Aidan though have more in common. Aidan is actually Zeke’s first cousin, since Kenzie and Ethan are siblings. But you can imagine that Zeke doesn’t generally buddy up with any of those youngsters. And! There was a peak at Ethan’s new apartment. It’s very sparse and they are nearly flat broke. He has a constant want to buy a computer, which I’ll have him do once he has enough, because that’s what Ethan would do.

OH and Lewis might think he’s not hotheaded, but I hope in the photos you could see that he actually does take after his Dad!

THANK YOU for reading!!!

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18 thoughts on “i’ll take the trick please

  1. LOL, it was interesting hearing Lewis defend himself, but also kind of sad, especially at Morgan’s parent’s house. Kids know when they are wanted and loved and when they are not, so sad 😦

    1. Thanks Starr! Yes Morgans parents are really Zeke and Lewis fans but they are about the twins. Their wants are constantly filled with them. Morgan however does care for Lewis, it just wasn’t her narrating this time and Lewis is 11 and a little hotheaded. I’d say Morgan is pretty stubborn too. I’m sure they will be back to a good relationship standing in sometime.

  2. It was a bit sad to read that Lewis feels like Zeke and Morgan are unfair to him but then again, I think all kids Lewis’s age think their parentals are always unfair! There’s probably room to improve on both sides there. 😉 I think Lewis is going to butt heads with his dad and stepmum more than once during his teen years!

    With Morgan’s parents though, Lewis is probably right in thinking they don’t care for him! Poor kid though.

    Am I sensing some possible romance with Rachel and Lewis? I also thought it also seems like Caitlyn might have a crush on Lewis too. This is such a fun age to read and write about.

    And I just have to say again how freaking cute Vivienne and Cicely are! I guess they’ll be aging up soon too, huh?

    As for updates, I certainly wouldn’t complain about two a week but if it’s not a pace that you can/want to keep up with, then there’s no reason you should. Once a week is great too. 😀

    1. Youre right about Lewis. He has his own viewpoints of the world and they aren’t exactly the moat fair. He has a sour expression a lot, taking out garbage, changing a diaper. I don’t say I blame I him but it doesn’t mean Morgan doesn’t care about him. She just can’t ask the same of the girls so it seems unfair to Lewis.

      I can not wait to age up the twins! I just did plaed January’s update in game so it won’t be too long til I get to their birthdays in June. I’m excited to see how their personalities really are then too.

      I think I decided to try to keep at a two a week schedule. I have two written up, with one going love in a few hours. There is so much going on that I’m anxious to share it! Thanks for reading!

  3. Great update!!

    I know exactly how Lewis feels about his step mother at his age, I’ve been there. Hopefully they will develop a better relationship when he gets older.
    Love the twins, such cutie pies. Poor Cicely being scared of the decorations, that pout just tears me to pieces.
    Vivienne lol, was just not having it.
    Rachael looks to have a special place with Lewis, possible future?? Maybe lol or maybe not, but he’s only 11 he has lots more time to worry about that.

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog, much appreciated!! And welcome back.

    1. Thanks Nicky! I will admit that at a young age I hoped that rachael and Lewis would hit it off but it really doesn’t seem likely. But they are only 11, but I was disappointed when they aged up. As for step moms, heh yah I have one of my own too. I’d be bold enough to say that Morgan is not like my step mom. I think Lewis is a little hard on her and ego centric by what kid isn’t it?

      I love the twins! I’m very anxious to see what they look like as kids!!

  4. That’s sad, about Lewis and Morgan……..maybe they all need to talk about that before it gets out of hand. If Lewis feels alienated all the time, he may run off to uni and never come back! I don’t know about him and Rachel……I think I could see it being one-sided on her part, but I don’t know if I see him liking her later on…..but this is such a confusing age so who knows? lol. I’ll read no matter when you update so whatever works for you is fine 🙂

    1. Thanks Jen, you know it would be good to have a family talk out. Zeke isn’t one for talking about things and I can see that being something that builds up for Lewis. He has his own issues with having his real mom being dead. And Zeke doesn’t talk about brynn at all, looks at it in a personally way. Of how she cheated on him etc.

      I can say that Lewis is not interested in rachael. He actually thought Lainey (a junior) was cute. He had acr flirt pop up for her but it was cancelled since she was already talking to someone.

    1. Thanks River! I am so glad to be back to simming, blogging, and reading blogs. I missed the stories so much. I hope things go well for Lewis too, he is a fun guy yo play, just like Zeke was at this age.

  5. Lewis, Lewis. Definitely a hothead. At least the tension between him and Morgan isn’t too bad. But him and the Russos? Ugh. I alternate between loving and hating Regina and John. They could at least make an effort. But you do seem to be hinting at possible relationships for Lewis in the future. I’m interested. I love that boy to pieces.

    1. Thanks Fini! It’s okay to have mixed feelivs on John and Regina. I do too! I do wish they’d make more effort with Lewis, but in the beginning he was so awkward with woohoo and make out talking. I’m guessing from ??? Zeke and Morgan getting it on. But it was memorable. I’m glad to have a Lewis fan, I adore him too!

  6. Awww… I feel sad for Lewis. I’m with Carla, I think his teen years are going to be difficult for everyone. Hope things will improve for them, growing up is hard enough without him feeling out of place in his own family. And awww at Cicely, too – that scared picture was so cute!

    1. Thanks Jane! I hope things go well for Lewis in the family too. He will be glad when the girls age up, then no more dirty diapers. He really hates those. I think he would benefit with more time with his grandma Kenzie and half brother Dean. Just to get some space. Aidan isn’t exactly cheerful, having his own family issues, that I think he’d do better with someone to talk to.

      I love Cicely. I didn’t make her make that face, I froze it as soon as she did it though, way too cute to pass up.

  7. I was thinking that Lewis must feel like such a redheaded stepchild and it certainly doesn’t help that he actually is. Poor thing. It could just be that he’s at that age but he seems like a nice enough kid. I’m getting the distinct feeling that it might be just that.

    The twins are so adorable. Granted, I agree with Lewis. I don’t think I would find thrown food and banging quite so cute. Can’t wait to see their personalities blossom as they get older.

    1. Thanks Choco! Yes he is a red head and he has that temper too. He is a good kid, just a little short tempered. I have another boy in the hood who is nothing but trouble so Lewis is a saint to that other boy!

      I haven’t checked his ideal family size yet, I should

  8. Wow you’re updating fast these days, and I so love it!! Unfortunatly I’ve had had some busy weeks, and had some trouble keeping up, so beware of some comment-spam 🙂

    I felt a little bit sad for Lewis at the beginning of the update, since the update is from his point of view it kind of feels like he’s treated a little bit unfair, but I gues every teen in his sitation would feel the same way. I do think it’s sad that he and Morgan don’t get along better though.

    I absolutely loved the Halloween-pictures, especially the ones where Morgan and Zeke are taking the twins trick or treating.

    1. Thanks Tanja, school break right now through Monday, which helps with playing and getting updates done! I do think for Lewis it’s that he has more responsibility being a tween now, and the twins don’t have any, because they are 3, and they are rather messy/noisy. He’s been an only child for a long enough period of time, that he isn’t necessarily used to being a big brother. I loved the trick or treating too, I was really in the mood, since I played that out right before the actual Halloween, so it was even more fun. I definitely enjoy holidays more if I have excitement about the real one.

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