i will take care of you

november 2017
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Benjamin Andersen (30 years), Grace (27 years), Ainsley (1 year), Isla (5 months)

narrated by: Benjamin

Mandy wanted to do a large family portrait with all of the kids, and it only happened to work now for everyone’s schedules. It was chaos. They have ten grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren, I don’t think it could have been anything but chaos.

Julius was put in charge of the toddlers, and for some reason was only interested in getting a tan. He ended up getting burnt pretty badly.

I’m glad that I insisted on taking care of my own daughters, Roman found himself upstairs all alone. No one is sure how he even got up the stairs, I am guessing that Zilla brought him up to play in the boys’ room. But he wound up in the toilet, and needing a bath.

Chaz and Ainsley were easy enough to care for, they spent most of their time eating and drinking bottles.

I was surprised that Elias was interested in feeding Isla her bottle, but I have to remind myself that they are used to my kids since Finn is their daycare provider.

In the end, the photo turned out rather well. Ainsley was anxious to break free, and there was just no way to get all the toddlers to look at the same time. We decided on the one that looked the best, and didn’t have Roman picking his nose. Thankfully, Isla was in a pleasant mood, it seems to go in phases.

Ainsley was always a happy baby, and it continues now that she is one, but Isla needs attention at all times. She’s perfectly happy in your arms, but not so much if you put her down. It makes it difficult to get anything done if ether of us is working late.

Ainsley is still happy to play by herself while we get housework done, which is a relief. I didn’t know two siblings could have such different personalities. I should have known just looking at Grace and her sister Emma, but I never thought of it in regards to my own children.

Grace gets frustrated when I am working out on my days off. She prefers I do it all at the station, but it’s important to keep in shape even when I’m home. It’s just difficult for Grace to do anything of her own. She doesn’t always understand that I am doing this to stay at my peak, because it’s dangerous for my own life if I don’t, but also for promotion purposes.

Other than that, we have a nice routine going in the morning. I’m working day shift now which means I can help get Isla ready in the morning. Grace still takes them to her parents, but I pick them up if I get off earlier. It really depends on Grace’s appointments at the Salon.

The most difficult adjustment for Grace was moving Ainsley to the downstairs bedroom. We only have two bedrooms upstairs with us, and she had wanted to move my weight machine from our bedroom to the one downstairs. In all likelihood, she would have liked to keep Isla in our bedroom for years to come, but I wasn’t really interested in that. I thought that Ainsley would like to move out of the nursery into her own big girl room.

On a Saturday that Grace was at the Salon, me and Quint got to work with painting and wallpapering it. It’s not something I’d even know how to do, but he does construction now, and I guess he’s learned this trick of the trade too.

I left the pictures and photograph part to Grace, I thought she might be hurt if I didn’t let her decorate some of it. She absolutely loved it when she came home. And so did Ainsley.

She had nightmares the first few nights, and I was concerned that she wouldn’t adapt to the room, but eventually she started sleeping through the night again.

What really breaks our family down though is colds, and Grace came down with one. It wasn’t the flu, no throwing up, just a sore throat and coughing. We don’t have time to sit out and just be sick, so she kept working, and I did my best to help out more at night with the girls.

When she woke me up in the middle of the night, I thought she needed me to get her more cold meds or that Ainsley was crying.

She was panicked though, and it brought me to alert immediately. She was groaning that her stomach was killing her and she needed to go to the hospital immediately. That’s not something Grace would ever say lightly, so I knew it was serious.

I got the girls ready, and called Nicole to tell her I was dropping the girls off. Ainsley was wide awake, and ready to play. She was all smiles for us and her Grandma Nicole, while Isla was just happy to be out of her car seat, and back in someone’s arms.

The drive into the city, neither of us talked. I can’t say what was on her mind, but I was worried about my wife, and her health. I knew she should have stopped to take care of her cold, but a piece of me was worried it was something else.

I tried to comfort her by holding her hand, but she stayed absolutely still the entire drive in. It was the scariest, longest drive of my life, worrying about my wife and her health, and the unknown.

They admitted her pretty quickly, and they called for Dr. Morgan to come in, which made me uneasy. She worked primarily with pediatrics and OB-GYN. She performed an ultrasound herself, and confirmed her suspicion. Grace was miscarrying.

We hadn’t even known she was pregnant, and here we were in the same room she delivered our two daughters, and we were losing a baby. We hadn’t been given the opportunity to even hope for this baby, and it felt wrong to mourn someone we never met, and to be sad over someone we never even knew about. Mostly I felt guilty, for not feeling excited for it, and for not forcing Grace to care for her cold. Dr. Morgan said that the cold would not cause a miscarriage, but I don’t believe ether of us believed her.

I spent the early morning hours holding Grace, and for as long as we live, I will always tell her that it wasn’t her fault that we lost the baby. I’ll tell her that sometimes these things happen, but I know we’ll both blame that cold, because there isn’t anything else to blame.

Grace only had to wait until lunch time to be released, Dr. Morgan just had a some blood work she wanted in her hands before letting us leave. We had to call Quint and Rebecca to let them know we wouldn’t be coming by to help them move to their new house. Immediately, Rebecca was concerned for Grace, having gone through her own miscarriage. She insisted we come by the next day, and Grace agreed.

We went to say good-bye with them to their old house, and Rebecca was very kind to Grace. I’d always thought that she was sort of crazy to have one miscarriage and call it quits on having more children, but after this, I’ll never judge her for her decision to adopt instead.

They’ve been waiting for over a year for a placement though, and they bought this house with hopes that they will be adopting sometime soon. The house is gorgeous, three nice sized bedrooms, fenced in backyard. It’s perfect if they adopt a baby, but if they don’t, it’s way too big for three people.

It’s hard seeing these two without that child they desperately want. Quint wasn’t always on board, he admitted when they decided to try for Scarlett. He said it was more out of giving his new wife what she wanted. But he is anxious for another child, I know he’d go about it the old fashioned way if only Rebecca would relent.

I don’t see it happening though. She’s been plain that she can’t handle the idea of another loss, and that she’d rather wait for a child that needs a home, then risk a miscarriage. She has all these statistics about how one miscarriage puts you at risk for more, things I didn’t really listen to before, but now really hit home.

I let the information that Rebecca gave to us sink in, and I thought about my two beautiful daughters, and the loss of a third baby. It was under heavy thought that I decided to approach Grace at dinner a little while later.

I just wanted to let her know that while I know she always wanted two, that I wouldn’t be opposed to having three.

She thought I was joking at first, but I know that having a loss of any kind, can make people want to replace it. I see it at work, and hear about it just as much. So I was giving her the okay to change her mind about two children, if she wanted to. She gave me one of her smiles, and while she said she was happy with our two daughters, I could tell that she’d been thinking about trying for a third.

When I was getting Isla ready for bed, she stood in the doorway, and admitted that she’d been thinking it might be nice. She thought we were complete with two, but now it feels like we were supposed to have another. But she wants to wait, she isn’t ready quite yet. I thought that was perfectly reasonable, and it gives me more time to save some money up.

Notes: I didn’t know that Grace was pregnant until she was losing the baby. She never threw up, or did any of the other telling signs that she was expecting. She definitely has Nicole’s fertility! Benjamin wants 3 kids, I don’t know why but I always thought he wanted 2. I was thinking of rolling a dice to see if the miscarriage changed Grace’s mind to have another, but in the end, I didn’t have to. She told me so herself:

I’m making them wait though, Benjamin would want to wait, get some money in savings. Benjamin rolled the ROS for an aspiration change, the duration is one year at minimum. He went from Popularity to Fortune. I went with that one because he was rolling nothing but career-related skill points. So he made it easy. He lost about 15 points of attraction with Grace with this change, so nothing detrimental really. I actually thought it fitting with the miscarriage, and then Grace wanting to try for the third, that he would be anxious to provide for his family.

In all liklihood, they will get pregnant on their own. This time they probably got pregnant at Nicole and Finn’s house during family photos, because Emma, Hazel, and Grace were all sneaking off with their partners! I don’t think they even had time once I was back at their house, Isla is rather fussy. Some babies like the swings, Isla does not. I even maxed out her motives one time, and she still cried in it.

Quint and Rebecca finally moved into the house I built for them. Originally I was going to have them adopt Annie’s twins, but I couldn’t see how Cesar would ever give up his paternity rights. So they are back to waiting, at least they have a nice house that’s paid for though.

Thanks for reading!!

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18 thoughts on “i will take care of you

  1. I hope Quint and Rebecca can adopt soon, or that they have an oppsie. Are they “fixed” where oppsies can’t occur? Huggles to Grace, wow a miscarriage and not knowing that you were pregnant 😦

    1. Thanks Starr, Rebecca is not fixed, so an oopsy could happen. It just hasn’t. I could totally see her adopting and then getting pregnant. But I hope it doesn’t happen. I don’t want to move them again. I feel bad that grace miscarried, stupid cold getting her motives low on top of pregnancy doing the same. She couldn’t have been far along at all ether.

  2. Wow so much to say about this update!

    First, loved loved loved the family photos! Beautiful family and sims, goregous.
    Julius got some tan, should have stuck to his responsibilities lol. Oh my goodness, Ainsley’s room is awesome!! That color, the decorations, just wow.

    Poor Grace on miscarrying the baby they never knew they even had. I was scared at first when she got sick and needed to go to the hospital, thinking “Oh no, please live!” But someone did lose a life. 😦

    I can only imagine the pain that brought Grace, and I’d probably blame the sickness too if i was in her shoes.

    Rebecca and Quint’s new house is amazing, you built a great looking house. I hope the adoption comes through for them.

    I’m really glad that Grace and Benjamin will eventually try for another baby, and this didn’t tear them apart. I know some families go through a breakdown with a miscarriage and they were strong. Love them β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

    Great update!!

    1. Thanks Nicky! I love Ainsleys room too. I have photos up in there now as well, but hadn’t gotten a picture of it. It’s a nice room for a kid who has been kicked out of the nursery at a young age.

      I really like the family photo too! So happy with how it turned out.

      I’m excited to move forward with quint and Rebecca, and have them finally adopt. Really anxious for it! I’m also excited that Grace rolled a want for a third baby. I really liked the idea of them stopping at two, but three will be fun too. You are right about some falling apart, these two are pretty strong as a couple. I like them quite a bit.

  3. Oh, poor Grace! Miscarriage is awful for everyone, of course, but I am particularly heartbroken for Grace and Benjamin. They’re so happy with their little family and they would have adored this baby as well. 😦

    I like the fact that Benjamin and Grace are looking at their loss different from Quint and Rebecca. Being afraid to try again and being keen to try again both make complete sense. Hopefully, Benjamin will save up plenty of money for a possible #3. Will they need to move house?

    I hope Quint and Rebecca get to adopt soon. Gotta fill up that beautiful house! Do you have any kind of system in place for figuring out when they’ll get a child, like I did with Aaron and Calvin?

    I also have to say how stunning Ainsley’s “big girl room” is! Do you remember where you found the crib and the stuffed frog on the floor?

    1. Thanks Carla! I was especially saddened for Grace too, I would be for Hazel as well. There are just some that really love their parenting and families to a different level, or something of that sort! Yes, Rebecca immediately rolled a fear of having a baby after the miscarriage, and the next morning, Grace was like, let’s try this again! I love that they are both so opposite with their reactions too. I finish this round at the end of summer, and I’d like Grace to try for a third sometime around then, if she doesn’t get pregnant on her own before that point. It’d be nice to ring in the new round with a new pregnancy/baby.

      As for adopting, this is the first I’ve had a couple want a child, before I’ve had to place 3 (Vi, Dean, and Itzel) because they had no family. But I knew Annie was having twins, and I didn’t see her wanting to keep them. So I was trying to figure out if Cesar would give up his rights, or if Annie would even tell him… and in the end, I just couldn’t not have him know they were his (because Annie was moving forward with a relationship), and he would want to raise them. So I’ve been waiting, and trying to decide, and finally I have it all figured out. It will all be coming to light very shortly. Just a handful more updates. Unless something else happens! And then, darn it I might pull a Susannah!

    2. Now! For the downloads, I do know! What are the odds! But that crib is my over used and abused one from simaddict99 – zen-sational nursery. That’s just the first part of the set. Now, I absolutely love the crib and the toddler day bed (I used it in Jake’s room here. You have to download her chair from the living room set. I deleted the rest of the living room set, and just kept the chair, because I didn’t care for it’s style, but that is of course just my personal preference.

      You’ll see that the frog is actually pulled from the Ikea stuff pack, and you can find the ones I use right here.

      1. Fantastic – thank you so much! I was actually looking for a toddler bed too, so awesome that one is included. The more I pay attention to ages in my game, the weirder it seems to have a three-year-old sleeping in a crib with bars all around!

  4. I thought she might be pregnant at first but then the cold threw me for a loop. Definitely didn’t see the miscarriage though. Thankfully they’re able to get talk about things out. Here’s hoping that when they knowingly try, everything works out.

    I agree with Carla. The “big girl” room looks amazing. I also love Quint and Rebecca’s new home. Very pretty and bright.

    1. Thanks Choco! I was happy Ainsleys room turned out, going into it I had no ideas, and then it startedto pull together. I do hope that grace has no more misfortune with pregnancies. I’ll take better care of her as long as she gives me a sign!

  5. They have such a gorgeous homes in your town! I love them all but the “big girl” room was my favourite one.

    Aw, the miscarriage was really sad, but they seem like a stable couple who can handle it at any rate.

    1. Thanks River, I definitely love making and decorating homes, so thank you. πŸ™‚ I definitely don’t think it will hurt their relationship, their biggest hit was just the ROS Aspiration change, and that didn’t change actual boltage.

  6. I really thought that this was going to be such a happy update. With the family pictures, the remaking of the room, and Quint and Rebecca moving into a new house. Then Grace had the miscarriage. I feel horrible for them. It must have been hard to think your going to the hospital for a cold and then find out you are losing a baby you didn’t even know you were having. My heart goes out to them.

    On a more positive note. That family photo is awesome, love it. And that nursery is pretty.

    1. Thanks Monique. You know, my intention was a happy one too, I love this family, and always have lots of fun ideas that I never get to half of them. I really wanted to touch base with Benjamin at work at the station since I haven’t in a while, but it just did not work out. The miscarriage was very much a surprise. If she had thrown up with the cold, then I would have at least checked, but her coughing all the time, and motives falling go hand in hand with a cold. Pregnancy didn’t even cross my mind. I feel like a bad Simmer. :-/

      Thanks on the family photo, it took hours and hours, cause I have no memory on poses with each box, and only have half of them with photos on my desktop folder.

  7. And here I thought it was going to be a “boring” update: not really boring, but now much happening, and this happens. I just reinstalled InTeen into my game again, even though I end up crying with my sims when they miscarry. I feel so bad for Grace, although I was thinking the same thing, that they should have another one. I hope they won’t have the same bad luck again.

    1. Thanks Fini! I know what you mean by boring update, just an every-day life sort of one. Yah, thats what I thought it would be too. I will definitely be watching her more closely, and be sure she isn’t sick with anything too before she gets pregnant again if I have a say in it, I definitely don’t want them going through another loss, one was enough for me!

  8. Poor Grace and Benjamin! It’s always so sad to loose a baby 😦 Thankfully I haven’t had that happen in SimsVille just yet. I’m glad wants another one, but it’s natural for to want to wait, untill she’s more ready.

    I love Ainsley’s new room! It’s so pretty, and I’m glad Ainsley is feeling at home in her new room!
    And I absolutely love that familypicture! I still can’t bring myself in doing one myself πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Tanja, I was really sad that they lost the baby. But like you I am glad they want another one. I did originally think it was sweet for them to have just the two girls, but another baby would be sweet too.

      You should try a family photo! Carla’s constant spam *g* of hers made me just buck up and do it myself. It’s worth the effort, you’ll love the photo.

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