winter 2017 birthdays

december 2017

Only one birthday this December, and it’s Hazel and Jude’s middle child, Monroe. He is turning four, and anxious to start preschool in the fall. He’s also happy to be big enough to keep the bigger kids from babying him.

Annie is now eight months pregnant, and nearly ready to deliver the twins as well.

Notes: Monroe looks like such a McCarthy! I definitely see Hazel and Grandpa George in him, and that’s not even counting the nose, which is George’s without doubt. I always thought that Hazel favored her father, so it makes sense that Monroe would look like the two of them. I’m so happy that their three children are all rather unique of each other! And I still adore his little chin!

No picture of Annie, I did her third trimester photo last time, and she’s already delivered in my game. I have two more updates to get up before I get to Annie’s delivery though.

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8 thoughts on “winter 2017 birthdays

  1. Oh, I love him! He’s too, too cute and yeah, very much like his mum! Genetic diversity is awesome. Hazel and Jude’s kids remind me of Luc and Asha’s in that way – very diverse in looks and with one daughter and two younger sons. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see Annie’s twins and what you have in store for us before then. 😀

    1. Thanks Carla! I think he is super darn cute too! And yes they do have a family like Asha and Luc, and both the Dads in these family are musicians too! That’s funny. I am spending today writing some more updates, and figuring out a schedule. Christmas Holiday starts Thursday, and I can not wait to play and schedule, and all of that fun stuff! Can’t wait to see how Roman looks, he reminds me of a blonde version of Bea! Love the Woodfolk kids!

    1. Thanks Monique! Yes, I do like the way their genetics have paired, they have a decent variety. Some families, like Nicole and Finn don’t have much variety at all, so I am happy to see that Hazel can deliver interesting genetics.

  2. Wow, Monroe is really cute! I love him! As you already said, he looks a lot like his mother and gradnfather.

    Just like you I like it that Hazel and Jude’s 3 children all look different, that’s one of the great things about sims genetics, and I totally love genetics!

    I can’t wait to meet Annie’s twins!

    1. Thanks Tanja! So happy to see you here! 😀 I can’t wait for Annie’s twins to go live, and for them to age to toddler, I wanna know what they look like! I’m really interested since Cesar has actual parents, so the kids can pull genetics from a wider range then if it was just Annie and Cesar.

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