making adjustments

december 2017
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Erin Louie – 24 years, Colin Traver – 22 years, Logan – 3 months

narrated by Erin

Right after Logan was born, I found a two bedroom apartment that I could afford, and wasn’t in horrible shape. Colin doesn’t bring much money to the table, he’s just working at the gas station as he has done since I’ve met him. The only positive is that it’s at night, so we don’t have to leave Logan with any strangers.

I’ve just gone back to work this month from maternity leave, and the only thing that made me feel better about it was that Logan would be with his Dad during the day. I’ve read more horror stories than I can handle of infants injured or killed from daycare providers, that I was really wary of it.

But it isn’t going how I’d hoped. This was the third time this week that I got a ride home from work, and could hear Logan crying as soon as I entered the building. We live on the second floor, I shouldn’t hear his cries on the main floor lobby.

When I got inside, Colin was on the phone, and Logan wasn’t even in the living area.

Poor little guy was in a dirty diaper, and hysterical. He’d been crying for way too long. As soon as he saw me, he calmed down, but it made me want to cry.

I got him cleaned up, and he has a rash on his bum now, which he never had when I was home on maternity leave. Even after he stopped crying, he was still shaky in his breathing, clearly still shaken by the trauma of being home with his father.

I got him calmed down enough to have a bottle, and Colin got off the phone to get ready for his shift. He acted like everything was fine, when it should be obvious that it’s not.

When he sat down to play a quick game before work, I brought it up, and he just laughed it off, like I was overreacting. He said that all babies cry, but we can’t spoil him.

Logan does cry a lot, even if he is clean and has been fed, but it’s no excuse to leave him in his crib. After Colin was at work, I laid Logan down on his mat so I could fix myself dinner, and he cried, so I picked him up to make my dinner. I feel like that’s how it’s supposed to be.

I make decent money, but the apartment isn’t cheap, and hiring someone might not even be possible. I need to look into my budget again, and maybe ask Marshal for a raise. None of it is going how I’d hoped, and I didn’t even have high hopes.

Notes: Just a mini update that was inspired by what happened in the game. I got them set up in their apartment, and she went off to work, and Colin proceeded to ignore Logan for the entire time. He was on his phone with Chris, he was playing video games, took a shower, made a sandwich. I just left him to do his own thing, and he really, really sucks as a father. No wants, no attention to him. Most of my sims do some autonomous actions towards them, and some do too many, like Grace and Benjamin are constantly fighting over who can bathe their kids. But Colin was not interested in anything with Logan. And for the record, listening to a baby sim cry is really sad. 😦

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17 thoughts on “making adjustments

    1. Thanks River! Colin is definitely not a family sim, he’s actually knowledge/pleasure, but he rolls no knowledge wants at all, I think he’d be happier being a pleasure/pleasure kind of sim, he’s that lazy. He rolled pretty much all pleasure wants before he even had that as his secondary aspiration.

    1. Thanks Starr, I was surprised that he was so bad too. Some really do too much, I have Grace and Ben constantly fighting over their daughters, I’ll look at Ainsley and she’ll have it queued all up with them wanting to each pick her up. I checked later to see if there was a glitch stopping him from picking it up, but nope, he could do it all just fine. Guess he just didn’t want to.

  1. Poor little Logan. Yeesh, Colin really isn’t going to win Father of the Year, is he? I don’t see this boding well for his relationship with Erin or with his son. :\

    Most of my Sims pay a lot of attention to the baby (too much attention, often), but I notice that only the very neat ones will autonomously change nappies. πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Carla, yes most of them just bathe them. Which is why Ainsley and Isla are very bathed children, lol. Even Emma would pick up Chaz constantly. I would direct her to put him on that floor mat, and she would immediately rush to pick him right back up again, drove me batty. I don’t know what I will do if they don’t work out, Erin is just a pnpc… and Colin wouldn’t win full custody, he wouldn’t even dream of asking for it. I guess we will see what happens.

  2. Aww Logan is such a cutie! Sigh Colin, Colin…honey there are more important things to be concerned about then talking on the phone and playing video games dear, lol. It’s too bad he wasn’t rolling any wants for Logan. And I know how u feel about hearing Logan cry it can be quite sad.
    I wonder what will Erin do?

    Great update!

    1. Thanks Nicky! Yes there are more important things! I would love for him to roll wants, but I’d be just as happy if he’d pick him up out of his crib or put him in it. I don’t know what Erin will do, I don’t know if I will check back in with them before this round is out, starts a new one in the fall, right at Logan’s first birthday actually. I might schedule their update around then, to see if Colin fairs better with a toddler, he really might.

  3. I think I’m depressed now. I didn’t expect Colin to be Father of the Year, but I also didn’t expect him to ignore a crying baby all day. You were good to not make him do anything with Logan; I would have.

    1. Ah, didn’t mean to depress you Fini! I too didn’t expect him to be so horrible. I thought he’d at least do the crib thing, in and out. It was so sad to hear Logan cry through the monitor, they really nailed a newborn cry! It was hard to not force him to do anything too, I kept watching the clock, how long til Erin gets home, is Logan going to starve and cause the lady to come and take him away… I would have intervened then, cause it’s a hassle to get kids back. But I probably would have given them consequences like classes with Kenzie (my DHS) lady, also Colin’s Aunt. Thanks for reading Fini!

  4. Oh, the poor thing. I think Colin is still trying to adjust to this whole thing. Maybe he will, and maybe he won’t. I think the only dad I had in game so far who did nothing with his son was Viggo. But that was when Jayden was a baby, now that he’s a toddler Viggo loves him. So maybe it will get better for Colin once Logan get’s older. I know hubby (in RL) said he had no idea what to do with out little ones when they were little. He was over the moon once they got older. But he did help me out. LOL And I must be horrible because when my sim babies start to cry I turn down the volume. ROFL

    1. Thanks Asha, you know I hope that Colin does better when he’s a toddler too. Some guys aren’t big into babies and are uncertain in their abilities to handle them/hold them. That’s great that Viggo really stepped it up for Jayden, I do hope that Colin does. Colin has enough issues in his life, that I’d really like him to be at least average as a dad. So funny you turn the volume down!

      Here’s a side RL note. Back when I was still adding to my family, I could always tell when I was interested in having another, because my sims were beyond fertile, and I would listen to those coos and cries… and when I was fed up with having more kids, I silenced the game so quick! And I didn’t play houses with toddler/babies, cause I had had enough, and was ready for a break! lol.

      1. LOL Funny you should say that. I think for me, I just can’t stand crying kids both sims or real. That sounds awful but I tell my kids to go cry in another room, come back to me when they are done! Ha! But it’s like as I watch them grow and get bigger I want another one. I think that’s why right now I’m really enjoying my sim toddlers. I’m living through my sims. πŸ˜‰

  5. Colin was definately not ready for a child. Like GoldenBuffy said maybe once Logan gets older Colin will find him more interesting. Until than Erin needs to find a sitter/nanny.

    I don’t think I have ever had a sim that didn’t interact with babies autonomously. In fact, it annoys me when I play houses with babies in them because I can never get sims to do what I want them to do. The spend their time running back and froth from the crib to the fridge.

    1. Thanks Monique, yeah Colin wasn’t ready for a kid, he would be the first to admit that too. Fears of engagements, babies, or anything of that nature are rather prominent on his wants panel. I actually kind of pegged him for those guys that don’t really even like babies at all. He’s just never shown an interest in any his been around.

  6. Wow, I know Colin wasn’t a kids-person, but I never thought he would ignore his child crying! I have to stop almost all of my sims to interact with babies or toddlers!

    Maybe Colin should meet my Niels Bleek! Seeing this update, I wonder how he will do once his kid arrives …

    1. Thanks Tanja, you know when I read about your Niels, I often think of him similarly to Colin, except Colin doesn’t cheat or fool around on Erin at all. He’s a one-girl kind of guy, which I guess is one plus? I am looking forward to seeing how Niels adjusts to fatherhood. And yes, I was surprised too, I had to check at one point to be sure he *could* interact with Logan, because I couldnt’ believe he was just ignoring him!

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