nearer than not

december 2017
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Delaney Schehl (54 years), Jared (53 years), Lauren (15 years), Lizzie (2 years)

narrated by Lauren

Basically my parents pretty much went broke to give us this fancy Audubon Shore address, they thought it would go well for us with our college applications. The house needed updates galore, and there was never any money to put into them, and then this year, the city wanted the property. They want to fix the house up for the historical society, and just like that my parents sold it to them. I guess that Meg and Peter were the only two they really cared about for getting into college.

Kidding. We are out in Millwood now, and they are pressuring me to get into college. My grades haven’t always been the best, just enough to allow me to still play sports. Besides, I’m only a sophomore, lots of time left to decide about college. I do like this house much more, it’s newer, and doesn’t have any plumbing problems. And with Meg out of the house, the bathroom is pretty much all mine in the morning.

With them gone to college though, it means that it’s me who is helping out with Lizzie. For one hour after school, it’s me and her. She’s not too bad. She always acts like I’m going to drop her off the changing table or something.

Otherwise, she really likes me, and always comes running up to me, which is pretty cool. I figure if I spend enough time with her, she won’t even remember Peter and Meg, and she’ll just love me.

Lizzie’s biggest problem in life is Seoul, he’s getting older and is really getting nippy. He growls at her even when she’s in her bouncy seat. We put her in that so she doesn’t run outside. Since she turned two she’s gotten into the habit of just running out the back door.

Mom tries to act like she has this parenting a toddler under control, but I’ve heard her complain to Aunt Kenzie before how much trouble Lizzie gets into. I guess she thinks she’s going to be trouble like me, and for some reason that makes me like the little tyke even more. She wouldn’t be a Schehl if she didn’t grow up to throw tantrums, so I feel it’s my job to teach her right.

Dad is once again back to raising little kids, since Mom works at the restaurant in the evenings. And he hated this part of the job when we were little. I remember him fighting with Mom over it. I guess it’s easier with me helping him, and there being only one little one.

I got a phone call after eleven on a school night, and Dad answered. I didn’t think it would even be for me, all my friends know to not call after eight, because that’s when Lizzie goes to bed.

When Dad called me into the phone, I thought for sure he’d get mad, but he actually let me talk. It turned out to be Isaac from school. Mom was glaring that Dad even gave me the phone, I don’t know why he even let me talk so late.

I hung up and then called him back on my cell phone up in my room, where there weren’t parents listening in. He told me that him and Julia were broken up, I guess he was sick of Hadley always glaring at him in school. I can understand that, she’s been rude about the whole relationship.

What took me by surprise was the was asking me out on a date. He wanted to go the ice rink, but Julia and Hadley live kitty corner to me now. That’s an awful close proximity to the Millett sisters, and their wrath.

I did accept though. Dad said I could go as long as he was allowed to chaperone, so embarrassing. He introduced himself, and kept saying that he would be just inside the coffee shack.

Before we could even start skating, Julia’s Grandma came over to talk with Isaac about coming by for dinner. I guess Julia forgot to tell her Grandma that he broke up with her. I guess that sort of thing might be sort of hard to admit, but it just makes it awkward for Isaac and me.

Turns out that Isaac is not good on the ice. I don’t generally ice skate, but my athletic ability seems to transfer well in this instance.

I offered to help teach him, and hold his hands so he didn’t really bruise his butt.

Once he got the hang of it, I showed off some, and was really relieved that I didn’t fall.

After a few times around though, Isaac got bored, and wanted to get off the ice. He even pinched my butt and I was a little concerned that my Dad would see.

But after a bit of time, and he didn’t pop his head out the door, I figured we were fine. Besides when he works on a story for the Chronicle, he usually gets absorbed into it, and forgets everything else.

Isaac suggest we try our luck and sneak behind the building for some necking. I’ve never done this sort of thing before, but Isaac was not shy or uncertain at all. I can see why Julia liked him so much; he is rather smooth.

After the date, I begged Dad to pick up Alice for a sleepover. I can’t talk to Julia about my date, and all I have left is Alice. She was a little surprised about the date, and hearing the news of the break up. She didn’t really seem to believe it, since I guess she had talked to Hadley on the phone earlier today, and she hadn’t mentioned it.

I don’t see why he would lie though. We decided that it was cool that an upperclassman liked us, but other than that, Alice was very hum-bug over the whole thing. She wanted me to wait, just out of courtesy to Julia, who is her friend, but only sort of a friend of mine.

I decided to drop the entire conversation, and just have some fun. I was not interested in any nagging. I get that enough from my parents.

The next morning, I woke to find that Meg and Peter had gotten home early for Winter Break. As much as Alice is a friend, Meg is even more. I’ve felt lost this year without her at home, and without her at the lunch table at school.

Mom made a big breakfast, and it felt great to have all of us at the table. It seems wrong that Meg got to grow up and move away before me. I’d give anything to be her twin, and have Peter switch places with me.

Dad was happy to hear that Meg didn’t have a boyfriend, but like most Dads, was pretty pleased that Peter had a choice of two. It sounds like he is sticking with Paige though. I can’t believe he’s gone back to her after she dumped him when she went to college.

He’s such a suck up now too, he even helped clear the dishes without being asked. He’s going to make me look bad, and I know after they leave, all I will hear is, “Why can’t you help out like your brother Peter?”

Mom invited Aunt Kenzie, and Uncle Ethan over for Christmas Dinner. Meg helped make the dessert without being asked, and Peter kept Lizzie entertained.

I had forgotten that Alice used to like Peter, she wanted to date him but her parents said no. It’s a good thing, since he’s back with Paige just like that. But she seemed uncomfortable finding that out. She didn’t stay long, having her Dad come pick her up.

We hardly ever see Ethan, or any of us kids. He brought Caitlyn and Aidan, and he took up the whole couch. We just bought this one, and he had his dirty shoes on it.

Caitlyn started fighting with him that he was being rude. They’re only eleven, but she acts like his Mom. I heard that they don’t have much to do with Meredith these days. I can’t imagine my Mom doing anything like she did, with just divorcing and giving up custody of the kids. My mom would fight my Dad for custody, it would hurt my feelings if ether of my parents just didn’t care.

Dad doesn’t like Ethan much at all, and he doesn’t hide it. He thinks that Meredith and Ethan are both lousy, selfish parents, and they got into it.

Mom had warned all of us to not fight with anyone at all. We were on strict warnings, and when Dad was rude to Ethan, Mom was livid. She took him outside to really yell at him. But Dad kept smiling, we all know that Mom doesn’t disagree with anything Dad actually said. She didn’t have anything to really be mad about.

We tried to recover from that, and just have fun. It mostly worked out alright.

Poor Ethan though, he didn’t have a very good holiday. Seoul started growling and trying to bite him. He gave up on being social, and left with Caitlyn and Aidan after that.

I can’t help but wonder what it will be like when we are all grown up, and have kids, and seeing how we get along with each other. For as long as I can remember, Ethan has been the outcast of the family, I hope it doesn’t happen with us.

Notes: Jared rolled the ROS to move house immediately (but bring your furnishings), so that’s why they moved. They tried to make it in that big expensive house, but they were really always strapped for cash. This house is in Millwood, it is kitty-corner to the Millett house. When Delaney was at work, she got the chance card to go on a cooking show, and she won that, $25,000. It was at the very end of the session, and I didn’t get it in. But geez, they hurt financially, move, and win that much money! They are rather well off now.

As for Isaac, he called on his own, and then Lauren’s want panel went wild with wants for a date, flirting, and ice skating, so I got all of those fulfilled for her. Alice is her best friend, and she’s only around a 45 score with Julia. Add that she’s an act first, think later kind of girl, and yah, she’d take the date. Alice however is best friends with nearly everyone, Lainey, Julia, Hadley, and Lauren. Alice is a very popular girl.

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “nearer than not

  1. Great update!

    If Lauren continues to date Issac, I can see a little teen drama spewing for her and Julia especially if she is not over Issac yet.
    Lizzie is such a cutie, but wow the dog has a grumpy streak going on there lol just growling at everyone.
    Nice family get to together, even though things didn’t go very smoothly but still seemed nice overall.

    1. Thanks Nicky! The high school update is coming up soon and there will be Julia’s feelings shared. I was surprised by Seoul! He was really growling at people, much more than usual. He’s elder now, and I don’t know if that matters in game, I know it can in real life. Geez, in real life people might have put him down, but sim dogs can’t really bite, so that’s good. It was fun getting the three siblings (Delaney, Kenzie, and Ethan) together, I rarely do. The girls don’t care that much for Ethan.

  2. LOL, I love Lauren’s voice! She’s a riot.

    Hmmm, so was Isaac lying about breaking up with Julia? Not good! Lauren and Julia are both going to be pretty furious if they find out about each other and rightfully so. That’s such a teenage thing to do though – it’s such an easy lie to discover but teens don’t always think rationally, do they?

    “Dad was happy to hear that Meg didn’t have a boyfriend” LOL! I bet he is. He’s got enough on his plate watching out for Lauren.

    Oooh, how awesome how that ROS and then the chance card worked out for this family! With two of their kids out of the house, it makes sense that they’d downsize anyway, even without the historical society. And then to get that $25,000! Nice!

    1. Thanks Carla, my lips are sealed on Isaac and Julia. The high school update is “next” but I’m doing a mini story first. And yes, it’s easy to find out if the girl across the street is still dating a guy, before just jumping with him, but the whole, “But they said you were…” is a readily available excuse. I love Isaac’s response to Norma. That was all gameplay, and I thought it was perfect.

      Yes, Lauren is much more of a handful then Meg, that’s the truth. Meg has calmed down since heading to college. She does have several guys she finds attractive in college though, so if she has a say about it, she might be fixing that in the near future. (Which will be a while since I just did the college update!).

      The money was perfect for them. They had been able to put $10k into Meg and peter’s accounts back when they were juniors I believe, but there wasn’t looking to be that prospect for Lauren, but now they can for her too. meg and Peter had full rides, and tons of scholarships/grants, I don’t see Lauren going for the gold like they did ether, so she’ll need the cash if she goes to college at all.

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