i’ll be home for christmas (downloads)

Merry Christmas!

How about some nifty gifties for Christmas?
I miss Steve Carell on The Office.

Tim and Bekah Grimsley got a new house, and it was requested at N99, and I also have some kids clothing that’s been hanging out in my game that I thought others might like. I’m not awesome-professional clothing creator. I also had to upload clothing pictures to photbucket, and they made them ugly and pixely. Grumble.

First up, 3 pairs of jammies for the boys, modeled by Jake, Monroe, and Simon:

3 pairs of girl jammies, modeled by Willa, Bea, and Ella:

Boys Striped Sweaters:

None of the above require any meshes, the pjs are base game. And the sweaters coming from a Stuff Pack, again Maxis textures just recolored/edited.

The following require this mesh from FakePeeps7.

A little Cropped Cardi fun with CG Textures:

Download:: All Children’s Clothing
Mesh for Cropped Cardis: here from FakePeeps7.
(The files are all named like the photos, so take out what you don’t want.)

And now, the Grimsley Homestead. I think it’s rather purty. It’s semi-based on houses we looked at in the historical side of town, but none were in good enough shape on the inside. Very disappointing, but the Grimsleys, and your sims don’t have to have this problem.

It’s across the street from Lincoln Park in my hood, which is historical homes that are in excellent condition.

Now there is some reading to do, I know, I hate when I go to download something and there is a book. I’ll try to be brief.

There are two different files to download. There is the original 2 bedroom version, with no basement. And then there is the one I edited for the Grimsley family, which has a basement that can be a bedroom if you want. I have included the walls/floors, and window/doors, I do believe. Just use CI if you don’t want those, of course.

The one with the basement has this blemish on the left hand side, it’s because I was not intending to make a basement, I went back to edit it, because this house just screamed Bekah to me. I can live with it, if you can’t, then download the one without the basement.

It’s a lot adjusted house that is 1×2, and costs less than $35,000.

Download:: Two Bedroom with NO Basement
Download:: Two Bedroom WITH Basement (third bedroom?)

Now this is the tour of Tim and Bekah’s new house. The downloaded houses do not come with all the deco.

This is Lainey and Willa’s bedroom.

Willa’s side of the room.

The rest of the bedroom.

They have that make-shift wall that Bekah picked up for the girls to help separate the room from Tim’s workout area.

Tim is on the police force, so he needs to work out down here.

The basement stairs lead you to the living room, which I realize I didn’t get any good photos of.

The dining area of the kitchen.

And the kitchen, where I had to send Willa up to clean up her lunch mess.

Upstairs hallway.

And the other side of the hall.

And Bekah and Tim’s bedroom.

Now Holden has a bedroom, but it only had his crib/changing table in it, because he literally changed to child after I played their household, and I didn’t want to decorate for ether. Trust that there is a second room, that actually has a rosey pink colored walls.

Top down views to follow:

And the links one more time:
Download:: Two Bedroom with NO Basement
Download:: Two Bedroom WITH Basement (third bedroom?)

Hope it’s a Merry Christmas for all!!

P.S. If there are any issues, just lmk! I’ll fix it when I am able.

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3 thoughts on “i’ll be home for christmas (downloads)

  1. Oooh, I’m totally in love with the Grimsleys’ new house and the way you’ve decorated! I love how colourful the girls’ room is.

    And thank you so much for all the downloads! The kids’ clothes are adorable.

  2. Thanks Starr and Carla! I really like how the decorating came together for their new house too, I didn’t have a ton of ideas, but Bekah has always reminded me of my Great Aunt (also a teacher like Bekah), and the decorating sort of took that style.

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