learning to teach

january 2018
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narrated by: Oliver

Now that I’m a junior at Eastborough, I am doing my student teaching, one term here at Jefferson High and next fall I will be at the Grammar School. When I found out that the High School was going to be my first teaching experience, I had gotten concerned. I actually went to school with Hadley, sort of anyway, she was friends with Paloma, maybe still are, I wouldn’t really know.

I just thought it might be weird, especially with my siblings, Elias, Julius, and Zilla being students here. The Counselors that do scheduling don’t really care about any of that though.

Bekah introduced me to the class, she had insisted first thing this morning in her office that I call her Bekah. She’s very adamant on me being a equal with the other teachers, and me starting out on the right foot. We are supposed to have an inkling of what our preference will be once we graduate, and I had already confessed to Bekah that I am leaning towards High School education. I’m hoping that I do well here, and she’ll offer me a position when I graduate next year.

She had me administer an exam to the students, they all seemed rusty from Christmas Break. Aidan was struggling right from the go, but no one else seemed to be managing much better.

His twin, Caitlyn seemed pretty discouraged over the entire thing. I went to school with their older brothers Luca and Colin, and while we weren’t in the same grade, and not friends, everyone pretty much knew they weren’t good at school. It didn’t seem that these two were any better at it from the looks of this test.

Rachael was caught trying to cheat, and then Bekah moved to the back of the classroom to keep an eye on her for the remainder of the test.

She also had to keep reprimanding Elias, when he wouldn’t listen to me. I figured that Julius and Elias would be an issue, I hate to tell Mom and Dad about it, but if they don’t shape up, I will. I can’t let them make me look bad and ruin my chance at being a permanent teacher here.

Bekah let me take over Gym class, and excused herself to the office to take care of some Principal duties.

Now it’s been a while since I was twelve, but it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. I had this vision that I would be this cool student teacher, and Lewis squashed that dream in the gymnasium. I was talking about a new album that came out, it’s popular, on all the radios, and he acted like I couldn’t be any more of a poser if I tried.

Julius was no help, he was bored waiting for his turn at the hoops and hardly listening.

I was wounded over this, but then Lewis was up for his turn at the hoop, and did a granny-shot. I never did that, even when I was a little kid. That pretty much discounted any “cool” factor I thought Lewis might be able to hand out.

Aidan was pretty good at the shots though, and I found out that he wants to be a professional basketball player. I don’t know how he’ll manage that, he’s not very tall, but maybe he’ll get a growth spurt in the next few years.

The girls were pretty good too. Watching them all play, reminded me of when I used to have gym and Lainey and Alice would watch me from the windows. I always acted like I didn’t see them, but it’s pretty hard to not notice when people stop to gawk.

Lunchtime in the cafeteria brought back the most memories. It’s loud and the food always has that greasy smell to it, and everywhere you look is cliques. You know where you fit in the pecking order of high school, but who is at your table. It’s easy for me to see what is going on just taking lunch duty.

I had been warned by Bekah that Julia is pregnant, which I had no idea about. I noticed immediately that Hadley was sitting right by her, and they got their food together too. I was also informed that allegedly the father is Isaac, and so she wanted me to keep an eye on all those involved, in case of fights or bickering.

There seemed to be a lot of ignoring going on. Julia and Hadley didn’t even glance in the direction of Isaac, and while Hadley seemed alright in the conversation, Julia’s responses seemed forced and unlike her. I can’t even imagine having a baby now and I’m twenty-one, the idea of being a Freshman just seems tragic.

It seems that Lauren has taken Julia’s place on Isaac’s arm, and they are almost passing the boundaries of PDA. I don’t know much about Isaac personally, other than when I hung out with his big brother, Isaiah at their house, that Isaac was all over Hadley. I decide that I should pass on this information to Meg, maybe their parents don’t know about Isaac’s reputation.

After lunch, I’m in charge of the upper class student’s science class, Chemistry. I was always pretty good with science, so I’m not nervous over teaching it.

We have a good discussion going over chemical compounds and how to add and remove them with Lainey and Alice being the all-stars with answers.

Julia comes into class late, and throws everything off-balance. I never really talked to her that much when we hung out at her place, and it wouldn’t be a big deal to teach her now, except she’s pregnant, and it makes me feel nervous. I just feel terrible for her to be in this situation; she always seemed like such a good, sweet kid.

She comes shy and uneasy, and I fail at keeping the class going, so we all pause and stare at her.

Mr. Joyner is the one who begins the discussion again while Julia finds her seat, and I feel stupid to be so effected by her predicament.

Not only that she is pregnant, but that Isaac is flirting with Lauren at the back of the room. It’s one thing to be pregnant in high school, it’s another to have the guy move on so quickly, and obnoxiously.

After Chemistry, the upper class students have Bekah for English Composition, out in the hall, I see that Hadley is sticking by Julia like a bodyguard. I did see Julia glance back at Isaac and Lauren in the hall, and she looked really upset by it. I had expected her to be fuming mad, but she looked depressed and embarrassed.

Chad seems to have an interest in her, at least that’s what I’d guess. I don’t really know. But he went over to talk with her a little bit. He’s a new student, didn’t attend when I did so I don’t really know anything about him.

Bekah has me take the students up to the Library to do research for their papers. Lainey has lots of questions about what Eastborough is like, and any suggestions on applying. I told her that she should be just fine with her application, she’s got great grades.

And with no other teachers around, I had to be the one to bust Isaac and Lauren behind the library shelves. It was not my realm of comfort, and I decided to separate them. I was sick of watching them make love eyes at each other.

Julia and Hadley take over the computers for their work, and keep whispering. I can tell it isn’t about their papers, but I don’t have the heart to tell them to be quiet. From the looks of it, Julia is having a difficult time, and Hadley is trying to cheer her up, me saying anything would just put more attention on her, and make her more miserable.

Later on she gets up to ask me a few questions on how to cite her resources properly, and I ask a generic, “How are you?” She just responds with a a grim smile.

I finish my first day as student teacher feeling mostly down. Everything went well, but to see Hadley’s kid sister pregnant, makes me think of my own sisters, Grace and Emma with their kids. If they’d had them earlier, it wouldn’t be the same as it is for them. Julia just seemed crushed, and it made me miss the naive kid sister that used to have a crush on me.

On the way back to the dorms, I wanted to give Paloma a call to talk about Julia and Hadley, and how the high school was, but I didn’t. We still aren’t really talking, she asked for space. It’s already been four months, and I thought we’d be at least friendly at this point, but she’s not ready, and I don’t know if she ever will be.

Notes: Poor Oliver, Lewis really rejected conversations with him, he seemed especially crushed when Lewis didn’t appreciate Oliver’s air guitar. He isn’t friends with Julia, but he rolled the want to talk with her once he started teaching. I think he’d feel bad about seeing such a young girl in this situation. I always figured he had a fondness toward her in that “she has a crush on me, how flattering” sort of way, if that makes sense. Julia is 3 months now, (why can’t they have normal pregnant bellies on community lots? it boggles my mind why it was coded the way it is), and a pregnant teen is *big* news (haven’t had one since Rachael was born 12 years ago!), so we’ll see her popping up in person and conversation over the next few months.

I do think that Oliver would like to teach science class, and while I have Mr. Joyner right now doing that, I still need someone to teach Shop class, so Oliver might start out there. Depends how good he does impressing Bekah, and how well he keeps his grades up.

And I really adore Rachael. I realize though that Jake gets his larger head from Cara, has to, because Rachael has a rather large head/forehead herself (see it here. And, Julius’ sunburn will not go away! grr!

Lastly, a sneak peak of how Paloma is doing, poor girl:

I’m on vacation for a week, so I’ll be hit or miss until I’m back!

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “learning to teach

    1. Thanks Starr, I almost switched my round around to do grammar now with him student teaching, but decided that the college wouldn’t really care if he knew some students, and that he’d just have to be professional about it. But there was no way to not do his pov, he wouldn’t know about Julia’s predicament or any of that drama, and I imagine that would be a shock. I actually thought the students would be more friends with him, but they really just treated him like any other adult.

  1. I agree with Starr, it was interesting to see it all from Oliver’s eyes. I don’t think I would have been able to do it. Teach students that I am familiar with but that is the mark of a true professional. He did well.

    As for the Julia, Isaac, and Lauren triangle. Wow. I didn’t think that it could get that much complicated after the last update. But it seems that Isaac likes to make things difficult. I’m so happy he isn’t one of my sims.

    1. Thanks Monique, I thought Oliver did well too, I was happy that it went well, the only real issue was his twin brothers, which I imagine is pretty reasonable of an issue. A phone call to the parents could solve that right up!

      As for Lauren, I figure she believes Isaac and that it’s not his baby, it doesn’t work well for her semi-acquaintance relationship though, the girls were all part of foursome, and Lauren has taken herself out of that friendship.

  2. Student teaching is nerve-wracking but Oliver seems like he’s doing a great job! I’m glad I didn’t have to teach my sister though.

    That’s a great picture of Caitlyn during the test. Poor kid. She’s got other things on her mind besides school, I guess, which makes it harder when you’re not naturally inclined towards academics in the first place.

    LOL, I laughed at the whole “cool” thing with Lewis and Oliver! Those granny shots are hilarious. And they don’t seem to be based on body skill or anything. Weird!

    Damn, when did Alice get so old, lol? I always think of her as 11 or 12! But anyway, ugh, I never had a high school update while Abigail or Camilla were pregnant, so I never got to play this out. Poor Julia. I’m so glad she has Hadley, because Isaac certainly isn’t making things any easier for her. And flirting and carrying on with Lauren right in front of her. 😦 Isaac is working hard to keep his status as a total jerk, that’s for sure!

    1. Thanks Carla! So this has taken me so long! Geez. The granny shots are totally weird! I don’t get what decides it! I’m with you with the aging of Alice, she’s really getting up there, it’ll be fun to have Lainey, Alice, and Julia, and the gang in college though! Finally getting more than one student at a time!

  3. I can’t imagine going back to my high school to teach lol. Well, I’ve been out for almost ten years now so I guess I wouldn’t know anyone anyway :). I think Oliver did very well considering. Poor Julia, I just want to kick Isaac in the teeth for her :/. He’s such a jerk, but karma has a way of coming back around when we least expect it 🙂

    1. Thanks!! I can’t imagine going to teach high schoolers ether. Big kids scare me! All hormonal and rowdy. LOL on the time, yeah it’s been more than 10 for me, not sure who is left of the teachers. I’d let you kick Isaac, he’s not a very good guy. I used to like him too.

    1. Thanks for commenting! I feel sad for Paloma too, I hope when I get back around to her household that she’ll be doing a bit better, and maybe ready to date a little.

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