seeking virtue

february 2018
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Tim Grimsley (42 years), Bekah Grimsley (41 years), Lainey Grimsley (17 years), Willa Grimsley (9 years), Holden Grimsley (3 months)

narrated by: Lainey

I am the only Junior that rides the bus home, since Hadley was gifted a car for her sweet sixteen. I did feel jealous at first, a Police Officer for a Dad and High School Principal for a Mom doesn’t exactly bring in the big dollars. But now with Julia pregnant I don’t really feel jealous of Hadley anymore.

The whole teen pregnancy thing has really been the topic of discussion, pretty much everywhere. Mom came home from work and said that her and Dad needed to talk to me before he went to the station. I wasn’t too concerned, figured it had to do with watching my brother and sister or something, but then Dad sat down awkwardly, and I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty.

It was a short conversation though. They asked if I knew about birth control, and that it was best for me to wait, until I was more mature and capable of handling all the consequences of such a decision. Seeing as I’ve never had a boyfriend, nor even kissed a boy, they really didn’t have anything to worry about. Generally my whole lack of a romantic life might embarrass me, but today, I’m grateful as it seems to have saved me from an awful conversation. Plus Willa came home from school, and Dad changed the subject real quick to something about a walrus found in a forest. Pretty sure he made that up on the fly.

There really isn’t escaping it though. We are all friends with the London’s, and Lucy is the Grammar School Principal, so she knows Julia, and I guess she was sort of a pet student of hers. So when they come over, that’s pretty much all they talk about now too. They shake their heads, and say how sad it is, and if anyone has heard anything new, and what is she going to do.

I get tired of the talk, the entire situation makes me feel weird inside. I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel, I feel like girls should know better. Aren’t we taught that at a young age? But then I think how young Julia is, and I think maybe no one did tell her. I always try to change the subject if me and Alice are upstairs getting snacks, I’d rather not think about it at all.

The guys don’t talk about it. Or at least I’ve never heard it. Dad’s always talking to Cole about Mayor duties, and things that Cole to do to help the guys at the police station. Sometimes I wish he’d just stop already, that Cole probably doesn’t want to hear anymore about budget cuts to the police force. Cole doesn’t seem to mind though.

Their other topic is always me and Alice, and our college plans. I think they do this sort of one-up skit, but we are both great kids so it’s always a draw. Itzel and Willa seem well matched too, they both have a bit of spunk to them, and aren’t as easy-going as me and Alice were as kids. They are always coming up with schemes, of trying to get what they want whether it’s a sleep over or a new toy that Mom said no about.

I see them whispering all the time, and it’s always no good.

Milo and Holden are well enough together too, so I suppose are families are well-matched for gathering. Holden turns four next month, and I imagine that the two will find even more things to play together once that occurs.

I just might miss having a toddler brother in the house. I tend to think boys are more wild than girls too, but Milo is rather sedated, so maybe Holden will be too.

Me and Alice usually claim the basement, and spend most of our time down there. I finally admitted that I sort of have a crush on Chad. Who doesn’t though? But Alice agrees that I definitely make the better match with him, as we are both studious and have black hair. The last part doesn’t make the most sense, but it makes me happy nonetheless.

She says that I should definitely bump into him in the halls, literally bump into him. I’m not sure I have that type of courage. Plus with the whole pregnancy thing, my parents might not appreciate it if I started acting boy crazy.

But I can’t deny that when I was climbing into bed, that the thought of bumping into Chad did sound rather pleasant.

Mom’s been down about being in her forties, and packing on a few extra pounds. Dad keeps telling her he doesn’t mind, and that he enjoys having a bit more to grab on her bum. It pretty much puts me off my breakfast.

Dad did volunteer to help Mom work out if she were interested in losing some weight, but so far it’s always him and Willa working out together.

As luck would have it, I did happen to bump into Chad, but it was entirely his fault, came down the stairs too fast and flew right into me.

He apologized, and I noticed his cheeks flushed a little, and he steadied the books in my hand, so they didn’t drop, all the while touching my hand with his. I told Alice, and she insisted we meet at the bookstore to discuss each thing that happened. I couldn’t refuse the offer.

Though the meet-up wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I had barely gotten to recount the events for the third time, when Alice interrupted me with a worried glance out the door behind me. Apparently, she had invited Julia to our get together.

Alice is closer friends with Julia than me, though we have all hung out before, and with Lauren too, but she’s now banned from our group, and apparently we are on Team Julia.

I just want to avoid this adult situation, but it appears to follow me everywhere I go. Of course I had to be polite, because Julia was walking in the door, and there was just no way to avoid her now.

I thought Julia might start bad-mouthing Isaac, and how horrible he is, and I didn’t really want to listen about Baby-Daddy drama, or whatever it is they call it on Talk Shows. But she didn’t. She asked how I was, and about my sister and brother, and it all was going rather normal, the table hiding her stomach helped too.

And then the real motive of the trip was laid out. Julia wanted help researching her options on whether she should keep the baby or put the baby up for adoption.

I was glad that I opted out of a scone, as words like placenta, vernix, and hemorrhoids were laid out before my unprepared eyes.

Two kids, a boy, and a girl; that is it for me, and I’m leaning towards adoption. After all I was adopted, and Itzel was, so it’d be good to do that for some kid out there. Because vernix makes me ill. They should just force teens to read this stuff to deter them from intercourse. It’s working for me.

I felt better seeing that Julia was just as disturbed by all the stuff that was going to happen to her, and that I wasn’t alone in the queasiness. Alice didn’t bat an eye, I think it’s the lawyer side of her that she gets from her Dad, she can look at a situation completely clinical without letting it get to her. She doesn’t even care that her parents have sex.

Julia took a few books home to read, and I guess she has a few more months to decide what she’s going to do. All I know, is that after an afternoon of looking up that stuff I really needed a night away from all of it. I asked my Mom if I could stay with my cousin Rachael, and she agreed as long as Willa came too.

Rachael is twelve, she doesn’t talk about Julia, she talks about cute boys in magazines, and eats candy, and doesn’t mind having pillow fights. And we deal with Willa and Lulu who are just silly kids, that we pretend are annoying us, but aren’t really.

Really at the end of it all, I miss being a kid. I didn’t think I would, but I really do.

Uncle Charlie asks me at the breakfast table if I’m thinking of joining the Police Force, insists that they could use me as a sister with a badge.

I honestly hadn’t considered it, and in the past I might have been nervous to have him asking me this. But this is what is supposed to happen when you are a Junior in High School, you are supposed to be pestered about your life plans, and this is normal. A pregnant teenager isn’t normal, and I’d much rather talk about the uncertainty of my future, as anxious as it makes me, because that’s what I’m supposed to be doing right now.

As for the answer to my Uncle’s question, I told him maybe after I graduate I’ll join the Force, who really knows what I’ll do five years from now. At this moment, I’m more concerned with what Chad thought about our run in, and if there’s a chance I might be able to snag a first kiss before college.

Notes: Next update is the spring birthdays, in which Holden turns four. I never realized until writing this update, how perfectly matched the Grimsley’s and London’s are with 2 girls, and 1 boy, and each have adopted. And Lainey is right, her parents don’t bring in the big bucks, and they are saving for her college, she has 3 scholarships so far, so she’s well on her way. I’m not entirely certain what she will do for a career, I’ve played with Starr’s career stuff, and have a few ideas, but will wait a while before deciding completely, unless Lainey shouts out something.

Julia is adorable, I am really excited to see what her baby looks like, and am hoping that it’s blond or red haired, and a girl, because then I hope it will look more like Julia than Isaac.

Tim has been on the force longer than his brother Charlie, but Charlie is now higher ranks then him as Tim has no desire to earn his last logic skill point! Maybe he is just enjoying spending the days with his son, and will roll the logic want once Holden starts school in the fall.

*Super* excited to be back! Can’t wait to for Julia to have her baby, and for Eva to get married! Ahh!

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8 thoughts on “seeking virtue

    1. Thanks Starr for commenting! 🙂 Lainey definitely is over the spotlight of teen pregnancy, I imagine it will be the talk for a long while though, so she’ll be glad to graduate soonish and be done with it.

  1. Yay, Millwood is back!

    It was good to read the reactions of the other teens and some of the other parents to Julia’s pregnancy. Something like that would be big news, for sure! Julia’s got a big decision ahead of her. How are you going to have her decide? Are you interpreting wants in some way, or are you just doing what you think she’d do? Or something else entirely.

    LOL, both studious with black hair! It’s a match made in heaven! It’s the kind of thing a girl Alice’s age might say when validating her friend though! Lainey and Chad do look cute together though, so maybe Alice is onto something.

    I love picking out careers for teens, now that I use Starr’s system. It’ll be interesting to see if Lainey follows the family tradition and enters the police force or forges her own path.

    That last picture of Holden is just so precious! What a cutie he is!

  2. Thanks for commenting Carla! I feel like there will be *a lot* of Julia talk in the next few months/updates. She’s connected to a lot of people with her big family. Lucy and Bekah did have talk bubbles of Julia too, so she really is being discussed. I love when sims talk about other sims, and not just in the gossip mode, because that one is to be expected.

    Lainey and Chad are cute together! I will say right now that Lainey has nearly 3 star chemistry with just about every.single.male sim there is. Seriously. Whenever I use the crystal ball to get an idea of who might be good with someone, especially with pnpc’s, her face *always* shows up, always. So I have no clue who she will end up with! But I figure we can start with Chad if he’s interested.

    Holden’s birthday goes up on Wednesday, he was such a cute toddler, but I like him as a kid as well too. I love birthdays! Feels like *months* since I’ve had one! 😉

  3. I remember a girl getting pregnant when I was in high school and all the whispering that went on. I feel bad for Julia, it’s a tough situation in and of itself without all judging from her peers. But I also feel sorry for Lainey though. While she should be conscious of birth control and unplanned pregnancies, she should be able to enjoy her first crush without this dark cloud hanging over it! But the teen years are full of drama for everyone I think :). Julia is adorable and I can’t wait to see her baby and find out what she decides to do.

    1. Thanks Jen! I agree that teen years are all full of drama, even when it’s not necessary, so when you have a real big issue like teen pregnancy, well it can become mountainous. I can not wait to figure out what Julia is going to do too! I really don’t know! I really, really want her baby to be born, I can not wait to see what color hair it has (please don’t be black haired for pete sake!). It can be blond, or red too, and I hope it’s one of those.

  4. I can really relate to Lainey in this update. I was the same way in high school. Whenever one of the other girls ended up pregnant I would try to ignore it. I couldn’t relate and did not want to deal with it. Just leave me in my little bubble please.

    I connected Julia’s situations with other stories. Very nice.

    1. I’m so glad that you shared that! I can completely understand that way of thinking, and Lainey definitely has her reasons for her way of thinking. I’m glad you were able to connect, I did wonder if people would think poorly of Lainey for not being interested or even want to hear about Julia anymore, so it’s nice to know that it wasn’t the case!

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