spring 2018 birthdays

march 2018

Holden is the only birthday for this spring, turning four years old.

Doesn’t he just look like the kind of boy who wants to rough house and play some tackle football?

Sports is his favorite hobby on top of it, which fits his look all the more.

Notes: Funny, I didn’t notice that Murphy’s bum was in this photo (Grace’s dog). I still find Holden quite adorable, him and his sister, Willa are two of my favorite blond haired cuties. I have lots of favorites though, I’d be hard pressed to pick just one, or two, or even three.

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8 thoughts on “spring 2018 birthdays

  1. Ha, at least Murphy isn’t taking a dump on the lawn, like Victoria’s dog was doing in a pic I have of her and Finn as teens! Murphy obviously has a little more decorum. 😉

    Anyway, how cute is Holden? He looks like a real all-American type kid, with the blonde hair and freckles and even that little button nose.

    1. LOL Carla, that was seriously the funniest photos! I haven’t even seen a dog do that in my game in a long time, it’d be difficult to catch a photo of it. Doesn’t Holden look like an all-american kid or what!? I seriously adore him! He reminds me of those kids in movies like the Sandlot when we were younger (you watch that over in your neck of the woods?).

    1. Thanks Monique! I can’t wait to play his household, and see how Willa and Lainey do with a little brother that I imagine is going to be a rough houser!

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