summer birthdays 2018

june 2018

Morgan and Zeke’s twin daughters are turning four this June. First up is Vivienne. She bears a striking resemblance to her mother.

And Cicely who wishes she looked more like her Mother, and less like her Father. She hears it all the time from Grandma Kenzie that she looks just like a little Zeke. She doesn’t think girls should look like their fathers.

Both girls are excited to start school in the fall.

Turning one, is Benjamin and Grace’s youngest, Isla. Both their daughters are born in June, so it’s a big birthday month for them.

Ainsley‘s opinion of her little sister has increased ten fold, now they can play in the yard together, and she’s found Isla to be a lot more fun than she was before.

Notes: I didn’t forget Julia, she has a mini update that will be going up on Saturday, her last pregnancy update as she’s due in July.

Now for the kids, Vivienne and Cicely look loads a like, nose, mouth, recessed chin like Morgan. They have different eye shapes, and I think that Cicely has Zeke’s overall head shape more or cheek bones… something, because she looked like a drag version of Zeke in that short hair, I had to specifically download something wavy and suitable for her.

And Isla, I think favors Grace more, she has her eye color, and other than that I can’t say why I think it, I just do. Can’t wait til I have toddler pictures of my sims that are having babies, so I can compare directly instead of trying to remember! I gave Isla long hair, because two of my girls were tiny munchkins with lots of hair, and I think it’s so cute.

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “summer birthdays 2018

  1. Awww, I know you were talking about Cicely looking too much like her dad on Twitter but I actually think she and Vivienne are both very cute! I can’t remember but did you age her up to check what she’ll look like when she’s older?

    The matching outfits on the twins and on Ainsley and Isla are killing me! How adorable!

    1. Ok, you see Cicely in the short hair photo? She looks loads like Zeke in that, I think it’s the cheek bones. But I agree that Cicely is really rather cute now, with the long hair.

      Ok! Still have old pic up on hosting :

      Does she not scream Zeke in this one? I did age them to teen, both cute, and perfectly fine. I can’t remember what they looked like, just that they were prettier than I expected Zeke’s kids to look. But Lewis isn’t bad ether.

      Thanks Carla!

  2. Looking at this, all I keep thinking about is that tweet you did about Cecily! I’m sure she’ll grow into her features… LOL!

    I definitely miss being able to see genetics starting at toddler age. In TS3, everyone looks like pudding until teen/YA… sigh.

    1. Thanks Mao! And yes I totally know what you mean with TS3 kids, I don’t play TS3, not really (once a year is about it), but when I read birthday posts of TS3 blogs, I always wish that it showed the features more, because that’s half the fun of having babies in the game!

      I do believe that Cicely will grow into her features, but I only checked briefly (after she was born) and at the teen stage, so it’s hard to say, she may get really masculine as an adult, wouldn’t be the first time!

      And I just have to say that I totally miss Boreal Springs! Ah, it was one of the first blogs I’d started reading (total fan girl here), and so it holds a soft spot in my heart.

      1. OMG! I was looking over BS today while I ate lunch /cry I miss it, too! Stupid hard drive crash. I really miss Gordon the most, though… so tempted to try and recreate him in TS3… I just have never had the heart to do it. 😦 But I’m so glad you enjoyed it–I had a lot of fun doing it.

  3. Ha, poor Cicely, I know how she feels. Everyone always tells me I look like my dad and I’m like, “Gee, thanks, that’s just what I want to hear–that I look like a man!” lol 😉 She looks cute with the long hair, and I’m sure she’ll grow into her looks as she gets older.

    (Sorry if this posts more than once, my computer is acting up!)

    1. Ahh! Me too Shana, me too! “Oh you look like your father!” Even worse, that it’s always my Mom’s side that says it, and my parents divorced… so it really felt like a jab, but hey, my Dad’s side has better health, so I suppose if I get that too, then I’m all good!

      Cicely and Bea are two that definitely take after their Dad’s here, just like your Vanessa! Luckily for Bea, her Daddy is rather good looking, Zeke not so much! I don’t think he’s awful, it’s just one of those faces I’ve gotten used to all these years. And yes Cicely looks worlds better with the long hair! Night and Day! I’m glad I downloaded it for her, and that it worked.

      Thanks Shana!

    1. Thanks Fabi! I totally agree that the twins have a similarity to them for sure, they are interesting to me because as much as they look a like, they still are different. And I agree with Isla, I think she’s going to take after Grace more than Ainsley, but they definitely look like sisters!

    1. Oh definitely worse looking sims. I think Cicely is adorable in her new hair, the one just didn’t’ suit her well, but all sims have hair styles that don’t fit them well. My worst sim is Zilla, hands down, cause she’s part alien, she can’t help it. I still don’t know what I’m going to do with her…

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