Round 6 Summary and Round 7 ROS

Round 6 Summary

Round 6 Index Here.

Millwood & South Port Census Here.

Births: 5 (Isla Andersen, Logan Traver, Marisol Carver, Manuel Carver, Nolan Millett)

Deaths: 1 (Abby Creelman – drowned at 73)

Engagements: 1 (Eva Barthelet and Gideon Prince)

Marriages: 0

Break-ups: 3 (Violet-Adele McCarthy and Reed Welsh (affair), Oliver McCarthy and Paloma Creelman, Julia Millett and Isaac Gavigan)

High School Graduations: 2 (Meg and Peter Schehl)

College Graduations: 0

New residents: 0

Total population: 80 (35 boys, 45 girls) (+4 growth)

Babies: 4
Toddlers: 5
Children: 16
Teens: 12
College: 3
Adults: 33
Elders: 7

Round 7 ROS

  • When you’re in the mood… – have to do it 20 times (with same person or multiple partners, your choice), hope you’re allowed birth control.(Yep! Thank goodness!)
  • New Dream! Quit your job, go through career counseling, and go with the career you best match with, hope you qualify!(This could be interesting!)
  • Double Dare ya- – Sing karaoke or do stand up comedy, you pick!(I don’t think they’ll mind too much)
  • DUI – should have known better! Pay $2000 fine, and no driving for one year! (Disappointed that they’d do this! I’ll roll damages and injuries, if any, when I get to it in the round)
  • Distant relative left you in their will – you receive $7,200 from a relative you can’t remember. (This will be appreciated)
  • You catch pneumonia. (They best not die!)

Notes: Happy to have some more baby boys, helping to even out that giant girl lead. It will help once Gideon, and Marshal join the census too, which I envision happening in round 7.

Thank you everyone for reading, and especially for commenting, those little notes make my heart happy. I love sharing my sims and their stories with all of you, and really enjoy this little corner of the community that I get to be apart of.

Here’s to beginning round 7, where there will be weddings, babies, adoption for the Siew family, DUI’s, shacking up, and we get to see if Colin and Erin make it work with raising Logan together! Can’t wait to dive in!

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6 thoughts on “Round 6 Summary and Round 7 ROS

  1. Oh, these summaries are nifty. (I’m on the look-out for better organisation of my hood at the moment) Also, I envy your girl lead, all my sims give birth to boys. 🙂 Looking forward to the ROS and the new round, of course!

    1. Thanks River, the whole organization of this came from Carla, I adopted her style asap! I’d love to have it a little closer, but I would prefer a girl lead if I had to have one or the other. So I can understand!

  2. Oh, I’ve got the DUI one this round too. Can’t wait to find out which of your Sims has rolled that. Looking forward to everything you’ve got planned for Round 7 as well! 😀

    1. Ohh! I need to look back at yours! I wonder who has yours! I’m pretty happy with this round, I just hope that the pneumonia one doesn’t die, because I would not be happy about that.

  3. Thank YOU for sharing with us and entertaining us! I can’t wait to see the results of the ROS rolls this round.

    Also, 33 adults?! WOW!

    1. You are so sweet Mao! Aww! I’m really looking forward to getting some more in my college, soon, I’ll have a spur of more than 3. Before this round though it was always like 1, yuck!

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