download: 2 lots and a tour

this is picture intense, 2 shared lots, and 1 tour; you’ve been warned.

Spring break is here, and it has been nothing but running and chaos, and of course loads of fun. My eldest had her flip-flop on the news (running behind the person being interviewed), that is the type of excitement going on here. It was deemed “the second best day ever!” So to add to the fun, and the fact that I haven’t played in over a week (how did I think I’d play, and write this week?!), I have a couple of downloads available and a tour of Myra’s Farmer Market, requested a while ago by Tanja.

::Flintlock Place::
I created this apartment complex for Jessica Picasso since she divorced Matt and could no long afford their townhouse. It has 4 units, 2-2 bedrooms, and 2-1 bedrooms, there are two parking places, and a playground for any kids.

Front View

Back View

All of the entrances are at the back of the building.

Upstairs unit has a small dining room.

One bedroom units have these kitchens.

Main Floor Plan. (Jessica’s place)

Second Floor Plan. (Henry Popper lives in this lit unit-daughter’s sim)

Jessica’s patio, perfect place to sit and watch the twins play on the equipment.

::D O W N L O A D – H E R E::
use clean installer, mostly just build cc in this, not the windows though, only linked slaves.

::Division Warehouse::
I made this for Carla for the N99 House Project. This is a 2 bedroom warehouse converted to loft.

Font view:

Back view:

Living Room:


Downstairs bedroom:

Elevator to upstairs loft:

Loft overlooking living room:

Open balcony over living room from second bedroom:

Upstairs bedroom:

Roof BBQ:

Main Floor Plan:

Second Floor Plan:

Roof Top:

::D O W N L O A D – H E R E::

::Farmer’s Market::
Lastly, Myra’s Farmer’s Market. I did not build this lot, I believe it’s from TSR. It’s not very large, but has plenty of space for what Myra requires, plus it’s just around the corner from her house, making commute a cinch.

Front View:

Front Entrance:

Myra sells Rebecca’s pottery, and that is done indoors in the little shop area. She also has a little coffee kiosk for those coming in on Saturday mornings.

Outdoor Market Area, this is where Myra sells her produce.

The view looking toward the building, a little dining set for coffee drinkers, and usually for Myra and Norma to touch base.

And that’s pretty much all there is, plus a parking lot at the far side of the building. I thought I took more interior photos, but I guess not. There’s the coffee kiosk and the check out (you can see it in the last photo with Brooklyn behind the counter), and a restroom, and a wine rack. It is a very popular lot, the Millett family visits every time I load, you can see pregnant Julia in these photos.

Thank you everyone for looking, and if you download, I hope you enjoy the lots!

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7 thoughts on “download: 2 lots and a tour

  1. Oooh, so nice to see a tour of your Farmer’s Market! I’ve only ever seen glimpses before, in your updates, so it was good to see it all together. It’s an adorable lot, I have to say!

    The converted warehouse is already placed in Exeter and fits in perfectly (even if Oliver and Sebastian couldn’t afford it!) but I’m definitely going to grab Flintlock Place as well. I remember you posting a night shot of it at N99 and it really caught my eye. I’ll have to find a place for it in my hood. Have you got it in South Port or Millwood? It seems like it would fit in well in urban and surburban environments.

    1. Thanks Carla, I really like Myra’s little lot too, it was very affordable to boot. I’m so geeked that you placed the lot in Exeter! I do hope someone can live there! I have it in South Port, but no one to live in it at the moment, could be a very long time before anyone could live there.

      As for Flintlock, I have that also placed in South Port, it’s way too downtrodden to fit the criteria of Millwood (though I do agree it would fit a suburban vibe just fine, just not Millwood’s quaint vibe), the citizens would have beautified it a long time ago if it were there. Though I do think with that the back balcony area could become a really pretty lot with flowers, shrubs, and some ivy.

      Thanks again Carla!

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