Paloma’s new apartment

Note: Just know that when I am missing, I wish I weren’t. And when I have time, I will do my best to catch up, and see what everyone is up to, but for many, I will be reading past posts, but only commenting on the newer ones. It’s just the way things are for the time being.

Onto pic spam!

Paloma moved into a converted apartment in the Lincoln Park division of South Port. (Her update is forthcoming!) I thought to pass some time that I could show photos of her first apartment. Her neighbor to the right is Hazel, as of now, this is the only converted apartment complex in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

There are 3 one bedroom units.

This neighborhood is a work in progress, and you can see the unfinished’ness of it in this photo, but this is the back of the building.

Paloma is on the second story, and this is the hallway of her apartment, with her economy sized bathroom at back of the hall.

Paloma’s bedroom is on the right.

Hallway into the living area, I’d like Paloma to put some family pictures on this wall, but her family isn’t really the photographic type, so it might take some time to build it up. I never imagined that Eva or Abby had the time or money to invest in photos.

The living area, which Paloma has made rather cozy.

And another angle, with Lincoln Park in the background, she’s right across the street from it. (I want to redo my entire terrain at some point, and have this area be the focal point.)

Eating area / make-shift office space.

And the rest of the kitchen. For those that don’t recall, Paloma wants to open her own bakery someday, so she’s a little chef, and while this kitchen doesn’t have quite as much space as she’d like, it does have more than most of the other apartments she looked at.

And that sums up Paloma’s apartment, not a whole lot of square footage at play here.

Notes: If I can manage to write a few updates this week, then I will get them scheduled weekly. I haven’t loaded my game in about a month, but have already played through 4 play sessions, and 2 birthday updates, so if I can get the time to at least write them, I’m golden for 6 weeks. Which is a big chunk of summer! Siblings-in-law are invading on Saturday for 8 days, so I know next week I will be swamped or sitting bored on my sofa making idle chatter. Still up in the air how that will go. I am not going to really be *here* yet, but I’d like to at least be here more than never.

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “Paloma’s new apartment

  1. Lovely! The colors in her kitchen are incredible! What a cute little house! Lucky girl! 🙂

    Also, man, this makes me want to play my Sims SO bad! lol!

    1. Thanks Laura! I love the kitchen area too, when I did the entire apartment building, I wanted there to be bold colors in it, as I thought the owners (hehe) would want their apartments in this prestigious neighborhood to make a statement. I couldn’t wait to move Paloma in! And it makes me want to play the sims too, hopefully you’ll be able to do just that shortly!

  2. What an adorable apartment! It makes me want to overhaul some of my sims’ living spaces :). I think we can all understand life cutting in on simming time, hope the invasion isn’t too bad for ya!

    1. Thanks Jen! I hope the week goes well, it all begins tomorrow, and today is when I break my knees mopping the tile floors, been putting it off. Happy to inspire you to decorate!

  3. I love the apartment! It’s gorgeous. I wish mine looked like that, ha!

    Ugh, I’m sorry you don’t have the time to play! I’ll be excited for updates, but RL and it’s unfortunate visitors come first. 🙂

    1. haha thanks Mao! I would love to live in her apartment too, but wouldn’t work at all for me, so I’d take Hazel’s house next door. I wish RL decorating was as easy, plopping items down, and deleting if not a good fit.

  4. I love your decorating so much – you always make me feel like doing some more of my own! Paloma is so lucky to have such a cute apartment. It’s so eclectic and fun, which is perfect for a girl Paloma’s age! I’m such a sucker for exposed brick too.

    To look at that building, I would never have guessed you would be able to fit three apartments in it, even very small ones. Really great lot!

    1. Thanks Carla!! I’m happy to inspire you, as you are always inspiring me! I thought that this apartment came together perfectly for Paloma, and I do not wish her to get married or have an unexpected pregnancy at all! Ah, exposed brick is my favorite too, I’ve wanted it to my entire life. The building is 3 stories, and each apartment fills a whole floor, the main floor is the cheapest and the bathroom is basically a closet. That was the hardest floor because I needed front and back doors, but it still works, I had a friend who had her bathroom sink on the outside of the bathroom, lol.

  5. I know this is an older post, but I have to ask. Are the cars decorative or can they be driven? I had read someone said in apartment lots you could just add the driveway extension and the sims could still drive the cars, do you do that or no? Thanks!! Also, lovely apartment, I love the smaller, cozy kitchen and such cute decorating..

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Alexy! The cars are real, I place them ahead of time before I move people in, and then you can use them, and even “own” them so they take them to work. I don’t use deco cars except for the school bus and ambulance, the rest are always real. I love the small cozy kitchen too!

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