fall birthdays 2018

september 2018

Colin and Erin’s son, Logan celebrates his first birthday. Colin can’t believe how long it took for a year to pass, but is hopeful that the older Logan gets, the easier he’ll be to parent.

Everyone says he looks just like his Mom, except for his mouth, and Colin would agree.

Rebecca and Quint had been devastated when Julia had not chosen them to adopt her son, Nolan. They were considering pulling their name from the adoption process, when Kenzie called with the news that there was a two year old old girl that was in need of a home.

The little girl had been in foster care for a few months, and was now available for permanent placement. Quint and Rebecca didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Kenzie brought little Elodie over first thing the next day.

Scarlett hated not getting a baby brother, but thinks that Elodie is even better, already they will be able to play together.

Elodie is pretty excited to have a family of her own as well.

This fall, Henry Popper and Catherine Baker were married at Benton Park. They both met while working together in the Natural Scientist field, identifying soil and working to solve problems with erosion. Sharing their passion for science, they both found love, and are currently residing at Flintlock Place. They hope to buy a house out in Millwood as soon as they can get their finances in order, as they found themselves expecting their first baby due in June.

Notes: Logan looks a load like Erin! Which I’m glad about, because Colin isn’t the most handsome guy on the block. And Elodie is adorable! I had my Pacelli foster her, and they taught her how to walk and talk, so she came with realistic 2 year old skills. Immediately Scarlett’s want panel filled with wants for Elodie, I’m super excited to play their household.

Henry Popper is my daughter’s sim, he graduated college this past May, and landed a good career immediately. Catherine came home with him from work, and soon there were hearts flying, and proposals happening. It was all very whirlwind. My daughter tends to play that way, but she is making them wait until June for their baby to be born, so it’s constantly, “What should I name their baby if it’s a boy… I only like girl names.” I am sure it will be a literary inspired one, afterall Henry is from Henry Huggins, and Popper is from Popper’s Penguins. I imagine she might land on Howie from Ramona books, as it’s come up a few times.

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4 thoughts on “fall birthdays 2018

  1. Logan is so, so cute! I think he’s the perfect balance between Erin and Colin.

    I’m so thrilled to see Rebecca and Quint so happy with Elodie. What a gorgeous little thing she is! Good to see Scarlett wasn’t too disappointed at getting a sister instead of a brother.

    And aw, Henry and Catherine look like they had a beautiful wedding. And a baby is on the way! I’m living vicariously through all of you guys at the moment, because my Sims aren’t getting themselves knocked up lately! Seriously, I have no pregnant Sims and exactly one baby in the hood!

    1. Thanks Carla, yes Logan is super cute, I totally agree, and I was concerned with how he would turn out. He is a good balance, with lots of good parts coming from Erin like eye shape, and nose.

      I can’t wait to play with Scarlett and Elodie, I was glad when I rolled for her to be 2, so that she won’t be little for too long ether. Scarlett is getting up there in her childhood years, and I’d like her to enjoy a sibling before she’s ready for boyfriends and dating.

      Henry and Catherine did have a nice wedding, your Benton Park is great! She had a blast playing it. And she’s the only sim in my game that is expecting, none of mine are and it’s weird! Even weirder or you to not have someone expecting!

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