wheels on the bus

october 2018
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Principal: Lucy London, Lower-Level Teacher: Miriam Dennis, Student Teacher: Oliver McCarthy
Student Enrollment List

narrated by: Lucy

For years the Grammar School has been at capacity, with trying to find a place for that last student, and this year has been more of the same. Being married to the Mayor, people think I have more control over this issue, but it’s just not in the budget to build an entirely new school. Cole is convening with the council to purchase some of the property behind the school so a wing could be added to house another classroom, and a larger cafeteria.

Thankfully this year I got Oliver as my student teacher, and while I don’t have a third classroom, which is entirely necessary, I am still trying to woo him to join my team. In September he seemed adamant to apply to Jefferson High School, but the kids seem to be warming him up to the idea of coming back after he graduates in the spring.

I think he’s a natural with the younger kids, and they really took a liking to him almost immediately.

He needs to work on explaining things at a younger level though, I found that the students would all be confused when new material was introduced. If it’s only one student then I think the issue lands on them, but when it’s the majority, it shows me that the material wasn’t presented in an understandable way.

It’s not common for Lulu nor Dean to have academic problems.

I find that I have to stop observing, and step in to help the students. It’s something I will have to turn into Oliver’s professor, hopefully it will help refine Oliver’s teaching method.

When a student gets the material though, I can tell that it really brightens Oliver’s spirits. I think that he might enjoy teaching the Grammar aged students more if he gives it a chance.

Some of the students have really changed over the summer with fourth grade, Dean being one of them, he’s suddenly turned into this little Casanova. He’s been trying to make an impression on Itzel and Riley, so far the girls aren’t interested.

It just worries me though for next year when Itzel won’t be in my class anymore, and will likely be much more interested in the boys. Alice has been a dream of a teenage daughter, I’m not certain me and Cole can luck out with a second one.

Even Linny who mostly avoids adults, is competing for Oliver’s attention. Her Mom is getting married in the spring, and it’s about all she can talk about, and when she gets to stay with her sister Paloma in the city. She’s the only student in the upper classes with a “biological” adult sibling, so she brags about it constantly.

The lunchroom continues to be an issue for space. I’m hoping that if the lot behind cannot be purchased, that at least we can add onto this room. I don’t want to switch to shift lunches, because there would still be too many students for one teacher to control. We tried it for a short while, and it only seemed to cause issues.

We still make the youngest students sit at their own table though, which makes it easier for kids like Holden who get easily overwhelmed in this chaotic setting.

Just because there are three of us there though, watching all of them doesn’t guarantee a smooth hour.

Ever since Flint’s parents got divorced, he’s really started acting out.

This afternoon it was Dean that fell victim to his jokes, but it’s nothing personal against the boy. When he spent some of the summer at my house, I noticed that he’s a natural jokester. Now he’s taking it too far, and I feel sympathetic for the boy with all that he is going through.

But all the sympathy in the world isn’t stopping him from acting out for attention. His Mother is doing her best for what I can tell, and I just hope that she is able to help him deal with the divorce before he starts junior high in two years. Everything gets more complicated in the teen years.

The younger primary students are all very well-behaved this year. Cicely might tell some jokes, but she isn’t mean or even obnoxious about it. Holden and Monroe just eat it up. Watching the littlest kids interact is one of the cutest things about Grammar School. Sometimes I wish I could teach the preschool/kindergarten students.

Recess has gotten out of hand, Alex Welsh has always been a handful. Monroe didn’t know that Alex doesn’t play well with others, and tried to engage him in a friendly game of cops and robbers, and found himself being yelled at by Alex. We’ve tried talking with his parents Caroline and Reed, but it really just seems to be a part of Alex’s personality.

Emory and Ella used to be friendly towards each other, but sometime in the past month, they’ve really flipped on their feelings towards one another.

I see Emory antagonize and tease Ella, but she never listens to my advice to come and get a teacher, and not retaliate. She always fights him back, which results in detention for both of them. I hate to discipline Ella after all the visits from Kenzie from the Social Services office. Kenzie has come down a few times to check on Ella’s grades and behavior, and I dread telling her about her recent fights when she comes again in a few months.

Again, the littlest kids play the nicest outside. They are just happy for some fresh air, and the freedom to run around a playground.

Miriam does well with the smallest students though, and cheering for them when they need it. The big kids need attention to keep them out of trouble, and little kids just like to be praised for the most part.

Oliver had the genius idea to do organized recess a few days a week. He felt that the older students were just bored with their time outdoors, and needed someone to direct their focus to an outdoor activity. And so he started small groups for those that were interested, which turned out to be the entire school.

Students can sign up to do jump roping competitions, and see who can last the longest before falling over exhausted or tripping on the rope.

And Simon‘s favorite, bug hunting. I liked how Oliver spent time drawing Simon out of his shell, he spends most of his time day dreaming and doodling bugs on his papers. The bug hunting committee was just the thing to get him excited outside of the classroom.

I took Oliver’s lead and opened up music lessons again for those that were keen on the idea. I haven’t had a student to teach since Lewis attended here. I only had two that were interested and it was Ella and Monroe.

I knew what to expect with Monroe, I’ve spoke with his parents about his music abilities at conferences in the past. With his father being Jude and a musician, I’d be surprised if he wasn’t musically talented. He did not disappoint, I honestly think that I am not capable of teaching him with my meager skills in the music department.

Ella on the other hand surprised me by really belting it out on the microphone, she’s not always shy, but she’s rarely ever loud. She was really into the show tune song, complete with hand gestures.

She was adorable, and I know that a parent would be tickled to see their daughter sing with such enthusiasm.

But she really didn’t have any special talent. She sang alright, and maybe if I didn’t have a prodigy like Monroe in my music lessons, I’d be thrilled with Ella’s voice, but next to Monroe, she’s just a kid who doesn’t sing terribly off-key.

I won’t stop her from practicing, because it might be a nice hobby for her, but I definitely don’t see a music scholarship in her future.

Notes: This school is too small for all these students, and could really use a third classroom, and a larger library, and definitely a bigger lunch room. It’s been overcrowded for several school years now, and it needs to be addressed. The problem is that I don’t want to build a new school, I like that this is a historical, old brick building. It’s inspired by my own childhood school, which for the record was recently bulldozed! How sad! So I may just make it a larger lot, and add onto it, because my old high school added on twice in the last decade, and that’s gotta be more in the budget then rebuilding.

I believe that Oliver will be teaching at the Grammar School; he really hit it off with the little kids. He’s always been great with his sister Lily, and nieces Ainsley and Isla.

I want to touch base on Ella too. When she lived in the duplex, her only toy (until Cesar got her the jogging suit bear), was dancing to the radio.

Aww, cute, little hopeful Ella. Her and Monroe had interest in singing/instruments, so I am having Lucy teach them. It’s unfortunate luck that even with all her creativity (and it’s not low by any means), she still doesn’t compare to Monroe. She’s got no luck, and I imagine she’ll drop the singing at some point, because Lucy won’t intend to, but will still show that she favors Monroe. He’s like a freaking prodigy, it’s hard to not be impressed by a kindergartener that can play well. Everyone was wandering into the small music room to clap and listen to him, and everyone did “meh” shrugs at Ella. That definitely hurts.

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “wheels on the bus

  1. I think Oliver is going to be such a great addition to the grammar school! You’re more in need of teachers here, aren’t you? It does seem like Oliver has some really innovative ideas for the younger students, so I can see why everyone is so keen for him to jump aboard. The organised recess activities were so great and it must really cut down on the discipline problems for the kids involved! If they’re all engaged in something, it keeps them out of strife!

    Dean is going to be a classic when he’s a teen! I can’t wait to see if his attempts to charm the girls continue when he goes to high school.

    Poor Ella. Maybe she could improve with some more lessons? It would be really fantastic if she could have an activity like music that she was really passionate about and good at, especially with her troubles at home. It would be sad if she lost that hopefulness, though I guess it may be inevitable. :\

    How are you going to make the school a larger lot? Lot Adjuster? Can it even do that? I’ve still never used that program!

    1. Yes you can make lots bigger or smaller with lot adjuster and bigger is way easier! Still be sure to go onto the lot to make a build change and save before you try moving it in hood view.

      I have room for Oliver at ether school, I only have Bekah as a playable in the high school with my daughters sim Tam Up as the science teacher. He works just fine though, lol and I thought Oliver did better relating to the kids then teens.

      I’m super excited about Dean, and the girls aging up in another 1-2 years. As for the playground, some of them are just grumps! And with the new college admission, kids need hobby points too. Oliver sort of took shy, sweet Simon under his wing and I gave him the credit for the idea. It was their mutual bug hunt roll at school and the SAS that had it get implemented.

  2. OMG, I do not know how you guys handle this many kids on just one lot. Now that it’s overcrowded? That just adds to the chaos! I’m glad you can manage it, though, because I love reading about it and I really, really like the look of this school. πŸ˜‰

    Poor Ella, getting pushed aside for the prodigy. It’s not going to be something she’ll take well, given the hand that life continually deals her. Poor girl. I wish she had something she could cling to, some talent or release that was hers.

    Oliver at the grammar school! I’m glad he gets along with the little kids. Linny telling him about staying at Paloma’s had me giggling. Of course a little kid doesn’t know about adult relationships and how Paloma probably doesn’t want her mentioning anything about her to him! πŸ˜‰

    1. Haha yes! Paloma would not be impressed with Linny spilling information! But Linny likes Oliver and now hes her student teacher, she can’t even try to control her excitement.

      I felt so bad for Ella too and I just knew with Ella’s personality and character trait, that she would eventually quit. She would need to feel in the limelight to continuously put herself out there.

      I love the school too! That’s why I can’t rebuild it, but I can’t fit everyone at lunch ether. Thanks for commenting!

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