led to chase

november 2018
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Erin Louie (25 years), Colin Traver (23 years), Logan (1 year)

narrated by: Erin

Working at Slayground Games has been a dream come true. Marshal is the best boss to have, and the fact that he’s dating my best friend, Lorelei has made it an even sweeter deal for me. Marshal doesn’t get bent out of shape if Logan gets sick and I need to go home early, or if I arrive a few minutes late.

The best part of my day though is when I get to come home to the little guy. He just turned one in September, and already he’s increased in his fun quality ten-fold.

I usually spend an hour playing with him on the ground, while Colin games with his Dad on the computer. He needs a break after spending the day with Logan, and that’s the opposite of what I want after I get home.

After Logan was born, I considered kicking Colin out of the apartment. The lease is in my name, as I am the primary breadwinner, and he was a horrible father back then. I’d held out though, mostly out of twisted hope. I see how Emma and Chris had made it work with raising Chaz, and I kept hoping that Chris’ parenting would wear off on Colin.

It was pretty much instantaneously after Logan turned one that Colin got on the fatherhood train. He didn’t balk, too much, when I’d ask him to bathe him. He still doesn’t do things like empty the toilet. He thinks a one year old is too little for that potty business, but I read a book on teaching babies how to use the toilet, and so far he’s peed before his bath almost every time.

We don’t get to see all our friends as much as we used to. I see Emma more frequently, and it’s mostly because I want Logan to have the chance to play on her apartment’s playground. I told her to keep her eye open for one of the units in her building. Our apartment doesn’t have a single patch of grass, let alone a playground. And Logan is just too active for this small space.

His toys have taken over the living room, and I know that by the time he’s ready for preschool, that we will need a bigger place and at least a park within walking distance.

Colin’s family always remarks that Logan looks just like me, and I can see the similarities, but he’s got his Dad’s temper. I hope that I can curb it before he grows up, it’s the worst trait about Colin, and I hate to see it in my son.

A few months ago I went to Zoe Gen’s to look at wedding dresses on whim. I’d been out on lunch and decided to stop in and just peek at the dresses. It was the most depressing thing I’ve ever done. There was a forty year old woman trying on bridal gowns with her grown daughter. It gave me visions of Logan being grown and helping Colin pick out a tux for our wedding.

Colin hasn’t asked me to marry him, and I haven’t really brought it up. He said one time a few years ago that he never intends to get married, and after his parent’s divorce two years ago, he’s just beyond snarky when commitment is mentioned, in any passing regard.

My problem is that I do want those things. I wouldn’t mind having a nice retro house in the Lincoln Park District, and a little sister for Logan. Even though he’s only one now, and I’d like to wait a few years, I just worry that even then, Colin wouldn’t be on board.

It’s on my mind constantly, and Lorelei suggested that I just ask Colin his vision, and explain mine. She’s in love with a pretty all-around great guy, so of course she thinks that’s the easiest way. I decide though to just push forward with her suggestion over dinner.

I didn’t even have the courage to ask what he wanted, just blurted out that I had looked at wedding dresses, and really wanted another baby in a few years.

He took it surprisingly well, all but the wedding dress part. He told me that he wasn’t interested in that, and didn’t see why we had to change things.

But he wasn’t opposed to a baby brother for Logan. He wants the boy to have a pal like he has in his twin brother, Luca. While I hope to have a daughter someday, I didn’t think it would matter to correct him, since we have no control over that part anyway.

I guess we came up with a compromise then, no wedding for the foreseeable future, or maybe ever, but he’d like to try for another when Logan is two or three.

I think I could live with that, at least for now.

We got his little sister Caitlyn to babysit, she’s only twelve, but quite the little sitter. Colin wanted to get out of the house for some carefree fun, and I didn’t object. We don’t get to see Luca or Lorelei as much as we used to before Logan.

Colin always asks Caitlyn, because he wants to show her that kids are sort of awful, and hopefully she’ll refrain from sex. He might be on something there, she’s too young to really say at this point though.

Luca called things off with Cassidy, they’d been seeing eachother casually for about a year. And now he’s seeing Nadia from Shortstack Pancake House. He’s been crushing on her for literally three years, and she recently accepted his invitation to go out.

Colin always thinks he needs to give some brotherly approval, since he’s the older twin, but Luca promptly ignores everything Colin says anyway. But Colin didn’t have anything negative to say about Nadia. They were pretty cute on the dance floor together.

It is hard for Colin to mention anything bad when he sees his brother happy. Neither of us want him to go back to his depressed state after breaking up with Meme.

The nice thing is that she has a three year old son, and I can always use more Mom friends. We hit it off enough that we exchanged numbers, and I realized that though me and Colin may never marry, Luca may one day marry Nadia. If that happened we’d sort of be like sister-in-laws, without the law part.

I’ve been apart of this family through my friendship with Lorelei since I was a freshman in college, and it bothers me in a way, that one day Nadia might have an actual stake to this family name over me, just a girlfriend.

We arranged to go to meet up at the park later in the week. She actually owns a house though, so she doesn’t need the parks like I do. It sounds like if things keep continuing well that she might be asking Luca to move in with her. Everyone knows that Marshal is going to propose to Lorelei soon, and then Luca will once again be homeless. It’s such a big commitment that I worry a little about Luca.

The evening was going well, with Colin catching up with Chris and Luca, and still taking time to give me a few dances. This alone time was sorely needed after the last year of hell.

It seemed the evening couldn’t go flawlessly though, at least not for the group. Marshal and Lorelei arrived a bit later, and I don’t know how they managed to avoid this with living together. But Nadia had never met Lorelei’s Marshal, and I guess it’s the same Marshal that Nadia used to see years ago.

She confronted him on some phone calls he never made, and how he led her on. She was even nasty with Lorelei saying that she wished her good luck with that one.

It was horribly awkward. Chris tried calming Nadia down, we can’t have this strife in our group. Lorelei is Luca’s cousin, and she’s my best friend, so she’s sort of a part of the package, and I hope that she can get over her past anger over being stood up.

Me and Luca tried getting Lorelei to try to clear the air, but she wasn’t interested in playing that game. She thought that Nadia owed her and Marshal an apology, clearly they both had moved on past that short relationship.

We were able to get one big dance in with everyone before we had to call it a night.

I told Nadia that I’d still meet her at the park, I can’t ignore my possible future sister-in-law, and maybe I could do some good to heal that rift.

When we got home Logan was awake in his crib just calling out for me. He doesn’t cry like he used to, thank goodness. He does climb out of his crib an awful lot though, which could be worse, since he doesn’t always wake us up.

It felt good to climb into bed that night with Colin, we were both in giddy moods from the liquor and the night out, he even joked about trying for that second baby a little sooner. I wasn’t that lost in my senses though. We would have no place for a second baby in this apartment.

When I met up with Nadia, she wasn’t really interested in talking about Marshal or Lorelei, so I didn’t make any headway there in smoothing out those ruffles.

But I do really like her, we both have boys, and she knows of some houses in her neck of the woods that might work for us. It’s not Lincoln Park, but who am I kidding, thinking I could afford one of those anyway. And she did mention they were two bedroom vintage houses for sale on Division Street. Two bedrooms would only work if they were good sized though, and if Logan had a baby brother.

She was just super easy to speak with, that I ended up telling her about my relationship with Colin, and how crazy he makes me. First, being awful about the news of Logan, and then being a terrible father for a year, to suddenly wanting a second kid.

She wasn’t judgmental ether, I think that her and Lorelei would get along if they got to know one another.

Logan really looked up to Kai too, and even though they are two years apart, Kai wasn’t impatient with Logan. We all had a good time, and now I just hope that in time, Nadia can move past her grudge against Marshal, and we can all be a big happy group.

We don’t have that close bond with Colin’s parents, so I truly hope we don’t lose that family bond we have with Lorelei. Until the other night, I thought that I had the best luck, falling in love with my best friend’s cousin. Now it feels complicated, and I hope it doesn’t stay that way.

Notes: Erin’s IFS is 5, she wants a baby, a wedding, a big old wedding bash, and a nice engagement, and then random interactions with Colin and Logan. She’s all about that commitment right now, and Colin is the complete opposite. But Colin’s IFS is 2, and I can see him wanting to have another kid just to get the baby year over with, and for Logan to have a pal. They did TFB after their date out, but were not successful, which was surprising seeing they are 23 and 25 years old.

Erin would want to wait though to officially start that business until she had a bigger place. I’m going to check out those two bedroom houses I shared before, and see if she can make one of those work, she can afford them with a small loan. But there might not be enough space for a family of four.

As for Marshal and Nadia, color me surprised when he was ACR flirting with Lorelei, and suddenly it was that big blam-o sound, and all sorts of havoc broke out! I looked back at their history, and there it was an auto acr make out session in the far past. I hope it will just blow over though, because Erin really likes Nadia, and Luca does too, so I’d like no more family drama for this family!

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “led to chase

    1. I’d like him to roll the marriage want too, sometimes I just go ahead with a wedding if one of them wants it, and the other isn’t afraid. But I have a few commitment phobes, and for those I do require a want. Colin is one, Annie is another, as was Emma. She did roll the want though in the end, so Colin may change his mind in time. He’s only 23 years old, so he’s got plenty of time. I take him TFB to mean that he wants Logan to have a pal like he has in Luca, not necessarily that he wants to get hitched to Erin.

      Thanks for reading!

  1. I love how you wrote in that ACR weirdness! Marshal might not be so perfect after all, lol! But I hope Nadia can move past all that – she’s with Luca now, so it shouldn’t really matter to her.

    You have the same philosophy that I do about marriage wants, so I can see what you’re doing here with Colin. With his family background, you can hardly blame him for not having much faith in the institution of marriage! I hope he comes around but if he doesn’t, it’s still a good thing that he’s obviously seeing Erin and Logan as a permanent part of his future. He wouldn’t be thinking about another kid if he didn’t.

    Logan and Kai are just adorable together! Who’s Kai’s dad? Is he in the picture at all?

    1. HAHA Yes, I guess Marshal has some real baggage! I am hoping that Nadia will let it go, I removed her anger, but she’s still uber negative with Marshal. She’s not a mean sim, so I don’t see her slapping him, and chasing him around for years! And she is pretty happy with Luca. Kai’s Dad is Cas from the UNI expansion pack. He’s not, not in the picture. He’s friends with Kai, and Nadia, but I don’t plan to play him ever, he may have a cameo now and again.

      Yes, I don’t see why Colin would even be game to jump into marriage! Erin is more than willing, and Colin is holding firm against that business! He does like Erin and doesn’t hate Logan, so it’s all good. I don’t know if he will parent a newborn well, or if he’ll be the same way, but I know now that he can at least handle toddlers. He has no baby wants, he just TFB so I take it he wants one just from that action. His wants are still primarily selfish, but I could see him selfishly want Logan to have a brother like he did, if that makes sense. Even if Colin and Erin don’t work out, I’m not booting Erin, I really like her.

      Thanks Carla!

  2. Well, what do you know, Colin actually came around. I’m proud of the guy. Honestly, I would think Erin would know that Colin is not even really ready for fatherhood, let alone marriage. I think I like this Nadia too, she seems cool and a good addition to this band. I was missing Luca, so I’m glad to see him and that he’s doing well with Nadia.

    1. Thanks Fini! I was proud of Colin to for stepping up, and yes Erin should know that Colin isn’t ready for all of this, and just be happy that he’s not leaving Logan in a dirty diaper all day! I do like Nadia, so I’m glad that you think you do too, she would be a good addition to this group. I love this group, because they are all good friends/relatives partially, and they have lots of history. I’m really glad that Luca is with someone, he was hung up on Meme for way too long, he was a sad guy to play with!

  3. I’m glad Colin stepped up on the dad end of things, but I don’t know about a happily ever after with these two with such differing views of marriage. I don’t know, Erin seems like someone who would try to accept that he doesn’t want to get married, and try to understand that it is his family who has him feeling this way and not her. But in the end, I don’t know how happy she’ll be with that. Every time someone in their circle ties the knot, it’ll be a slap in the face to her. I hope that they are able to work it out though, I am rooting for them despite my pessimistic comment lol.

    1. Oh Jen I totally agree!! I’m sure when Lorelei and Luca eventually get married, it’s going to really hurt. It’d be one thing if she felt like marriage didn’t matter, but she really, really wants it. And for Lucas eventual wife to have a real stake to the family, I think that would hurt too. I don’t know what will happen in time. I’m curious to see how these two do. She’s always had it bad for Colin since she came back during university with Lorelei, so maybe that’s enough to just have him and Logan. Thanks for commenting!

  4. I think these two have an interestering relationship – not one I’d like to be in, but it’s fun to watch. 🙂 I can’t help but feel that she deserves a tiny bit better, though. Heh.

    1. Thanks River! I feel like Erin could do a bit better myself. But agree its an interesting combo. I’ve always felt Erin loved him more, but we will see if it’s enough to keep them going. Colin is lazy, I don’t see him wanting to cheat or do anything of that scandalous nature. So it’s really gonna be up to her. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Oh wow! It’s so funny that you just wanted everyone to hang out and romantic history (ACR is evil) decided to step in and make it even more interesting. I really hope they can all smooth it out, though. Erin and Nadia get along well and I think Lorelai would, too… if everyone could just get past what happened. That’s easier said than done, though!

    That said, I’m glad Erin found someone to talk to. I am also glad she’d getting along with Colin now and that he’s actually trying to be a dad. I just hope it sticks. I wish they were more ‘connected’ when it came to their hopes and dreams, though. It’s hard to be with someone long term if you don’t share the same future ambitions…

    Caitlyn’s face in that one shot killed me! That’s the perfect birth control–babysitting–hahaha!

    1. Yes! ACR totally hiccuped my plans! But I do like it for that surprise factor, adds some spice to it. I do hope that Nadia can get over it though, they are both with people, and are both happier (?) with their new mates. I hope anyway! Because Lorelei and Luca are both pretty attached to their mates, and as cousins, they do have family gatherings that Nadia will need to pull it together for.

      I’m glad for Erin too, and proud of Colin. But you are right about their lack of connection, and differences in dreams/goals. I don’t know how this will work out, and which one will change, and if it will be a good chance they are happy with, or one they will resent.

      I laughed at Caitlyn’s face too, she makes the funniest expressions when she babysits, which is rather often. She watches for Chaz for Emma too since they all live in the same downtrodden part of South Port, and Emma/Erin are friends to pass on the reference.

      Thanks for commenting!

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