winter birthdays 2018

december 2018

Annie and Cesar’s twins are the only birthdays this winter.

Marisol is already showing that she is much more tenacious than Manuel. She seems to be a good mix between both parents with Annie’s coloring, eye shape, and possible cheeks, to Cesar’s eye color, and hair color, and I believe that is Grandma Maria’s nose she’s carrying.

Manuel is the opposite of Marisol, he’s much more cautious and uncertain of others and his surroundings. Though his personality is nearly an opposite of Marisol, they are nearly identical on their dna sheet.

Already two peas in a pod. A piece of me feels sad for Ella, because all her half-siblings have a full-blooded sibling, except for her.

Here’s the Gonzales family portrait to check out their features.

I think the twins are really adorable, and I think they’ll be a good blend of both parents as they age up. I would have liked them to have a darker skin tone for some variety, but now they’ll be cuties with dark hair and pale skin which is a striking combo too.

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4 thoughts on “winter birthdays 2018

  1. Aw, they’re both so sweet! Is Manuel’s skin a shade darker than Marisol’s? It looks like it might be in his first pic and then not so much in the pic with Marisol.

    The Gonzales family are a good looking bunch! Cesar looks just like his dad. I can’t remember how you made this family. Was Cesar a townie you gave a family or was he born in game to playable NPCs?

    1. Thanks Carla, their skin is the exact same, the picture threw me too so I looked at their DNA. The Gonzales family is a pnpc one that have been around south port since I started this blog back on my laptop days! I’ve been waiting forever for them and my Pacelli family to marry a sim of mine. Still waiting on the Pacelli’s, maybe one of my current teens will run into them and find a liking. Maria is thrilled though to finally have grand babies even if she hates the circumstance.

    1. I like his looks too! And I think he’s a bit of a romantic and wonder if Manuel will be when he grows up. I dont think little Manuel will enjoy selling cars though on his grandpas lot. He’s painfully shy and timid.

      Thanks for reading River!

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