home for christmas

december 2018
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Finn McCarthy (45 years), Nicole (45 years), Julius (12 years), Elias (12 years), Zilla (12 years), Lily-Mae (6 years)

narrated by: Nicole

We were lucky that Oliver decided to spend all of winter break with us this year. He hasn’t always come home for the holidays, and after his split with Paloma, me and Finn weren’t feeling confident that we’d see him.

It feels good to have him home with us, neither of us think he will move back home after he graduates in the spring, so we are enjoying him while we have him. I remember feeling impatient for the day my kids grew up, but now that Oliver is about to break out onto his own, it feels like it went by too fast.

He’s been sort of seeing a girl named Meg, but he insists they aren’t serious. I’m relieved to hear that, I don’t want him rushing into another relationship so soon after Paloma. That was such a long-committed affair, that I think he needs to be free for a few years, and enjoy his independence.

Finn doesn’t believe him though, thinks that Oliver is just saying that because it’s what we want to hear. I refuse to think that though, otherwise if Meg was such an important person to him, he would have brought her home for the holidays, or even called and talked with her. He hasn’t called anyone, or done anything, but hang out at home.

When I volunteered to make Eva’s wedding dress after her Mom died, I didn’t except Oliver to dump Paloma shortly after. It’s made the arrangement sort of awkward for all parties, but especially our children. I had honestly expected to be making a gown for Paloma in a few more years, so it hadn’t seemed bold to make this gesture towards Eva.

I had to break the news to Oliver that Eva would be coming by right before Christmas to discuss her decisions for the bridal party dresses and that Paloma would be coming with so I could get her dress measurements. When I had arranged the appointment a month ago, I hadn’t known that Oliver was coming to stay.

He wasn’t happy about it. I didn’t blame him. Honestly, me and Finn are relishing the day that Eva’s gown is done, and we can just be people that live in the same town again. I know Paloma feels the same way, I can see it all over her face each time I see her.

Finn got Oliver to calm down enough to see that I wasn’t trying to play matchmaker, and that I was just trying my best to make an awful situation a little less horrible.

Eva had decided what colors and dresses she wanted Paloma and Linny to wear.

Her wedding is coming together nicely, and she has the venue narrowed down to two places. I pressed that she should hurry up and get that tacked down, because April will be here before she knows it.

They just bought a new house in Millwood and the closing of that, and selling of her house has been occupying her mind.

I saw Oliver ask Paloma outside to talk with her, I was hopeful that it was going well. I know that he misses having her as a friend, and I can only imagine she feels the same way. I understand though, why she is unhappy when she is around him now. They were friends since grade school though, so I hope that in time, they can rebuild that friendship.

Once I had the final decisions from Eva, I set to work in the evenings to making some progress on finishing them. Eva’s dress is nearing completion already, I just have Paloma and Linny’s dress to complete.

Julius and Elias were thrilled to have Oliver back home too. The nights were filled with them pranking each other, and goofing off.

Julius is my rowdiest child, he’s always getting into mischief, and goofing off. Oliver and Julius have clashing personalities, and I could tell that they were wearing on each other within the first few days of Oliver’s return home.

Julius doesn’t have a girlfriend yet, he has his eye on Lainey, and she is definitely not interested in a twelve year old. I’m afraid he will have more success in upcoming years with the girls that are a few years younger then him. He is a pranking charmer, and some girls like that type of boy.

Worrying about a boy with girls is not normal for me. I never really worried about Oliver with Paloma, they used protection, and he always treated her well. I’m not sure I can put that type of trust into Julius.

He’s real sweet with Lily though, she doesn’t get any of his practical jokes thrown her way, and he does whatever she asks. She’s definitely on her way to being the spoiled youngest.

She reminds me of Grace though, not just in looks, but her more calm personality. Though she could throw tantrums when someone does say no, she just accepts it. She also occupies herself just fine, and works on her classwork without any prodding from me. That’s like a miracle right there. I still have to get on Julius and Zilla over their homework.

When Christmas finally came around, the whole family came out. I decided I only wanted to celebrate with my children and grandkids, and so we didn’t invite any of Finn’s family. We’ve never gotten along really well in the past, and I didn’t want to bother trying this year. I just wanted to enjoy the fact that my Emma was on speaking terms with me again, and having my own family back under one roof for the holiday.

The girls kept me company in the kitchen, though I was the only one cooking. Zilla couldn’t be bothered, and Emma doesn’t think to offer to help in these instances. Grace would have, but Ainsley was fussy and in need of attention.

The guys were deeply involved in a game of football, and supporting opposing teams so each time there was a “Whoop!” there was also a grumble. Finn and Chris liked the same team, and I knew that Finn would find that a bonding experience. He’s not had any issues becoming friends with Paloma or Benjamin, just Chris.

Benjamin is such a good Daddy to the girls. Grace told me they were planning to try for another one in another year or two. She wanted to give her body time to heal from the miscarriage, and the girls’ back to back pregnancies, and to just enjoy them. I think that’s a smart choice, but I’m already anxious for the next baby. I’m hoping that Emma and Chris have another one too, even though she says no more.

Julius snuck away with Ainsley after a bit, and went into Lily’s room to dance around. He’s a sweet kid, like my Oliver always was, and butts head with Julius frequently. They shared a womb, but are total opposites of one another, sometimes I can’t even remember they are twins.

I just hope that all the kids find a good match as Grace and Emma have done. I wouldn’t have said that Chris was a good one a few years ago, but now I can see that he’s the perfect match for her. While I want Oliver to take his time, he’s only twenty-one, I do worry sometimes that he won’t find a good girl for him. I don’t want him getting divorced down the line, and one bad spouse can ruin the holidays just like that.

The grandkids all ate their dinner really well, and I can’t believe that in August, Chaz will be four years old. He gets to start school in the fall, and Emma says she can’t wait for him to be less dependent on her. I think she might find herself missing the toddler years, I know that I do now that they are past.

Julius was saying such shocking things that Benjamin practically choked on his dinner.

Which Chris and Emma thoroughly enjoyed. I can see Julius really hanging out and spending time with Chris and Emma when he’s able to drive.

Emma even helped clean up after dinner without any prodding by me.

Then it was present time. We weren’t able to buy too many gifts for all the kids, our budget is a little tight since Finn is still babysitting Ainsley and Isla, but the kids didn’t seem to mind in the least.

Emma did pitch a fit about the teddy bear that I made for Chaz, she thought for certain that I’d given him Ainsley’s present on accident. It looks like the teddy bear will be staying at my house for Chaz to enjoy when he visits.

It was the first Christmas in years that I had everyone home, and it went better then I had ever dreamed.

Notes: For the first time since Emma was just a 12 year old herself, this family is actually pretty happy. It was nice throwing a holiday party, and having the kids and spouses actually arrive. I left it up to them to actually attend, and then I teleported the kids in. I absolutely love Chaz, Ainsley, and Isla playing, and am looking forward to when they are all kids and can play together even more. One thing is for certain, this house is not big enough for holidays. I don’t know what I will do about it, but I know that Nicole would not want to have her house too small for gatherings. I think we will do some additions, if the house cooperates.

As for Eva, she will be moving into this house that Carla decorated for them. I just placed it in Millwood, along with Pru’s awesome house, just the other day. And intend to use both houses at some point in time.

As for Oliver, he is not seeing anyone currently, he has kissed Meg, but they aren’t serious. His wants are not saying that he wants to change that. He’s actually feeling rather frisky (which is uncharacteristic of him! He is not a romance sim!). So Nicole is right to believe what Oliver says on the subject of Meg.

Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “home for christmas

  1. Oooh, I wonder what Oliver was saying to Paloma. It’s hard to “work things out” after a break-up like that. It’s worse when you were actually friends for such a long time. I hope they can figure something out, though. It’s no good trying to avoid one another when you live in the same town!

    I love holiday updates! They make me pine for the days I could teleport sims in and have decent parties (that usually devolved into drama, but still.) The house may have been too small to play the party, but the cozy feeling reminded me of cramped holidays at my grandparents house!

    Chris and Emma laughing at Julius’ uncouth jokes doesn’t shock me at all! I just hope he isn’t as reckless as Nicole thinks he’s going to be. That could be a mess…

    1. Thanks Mao, it is pointless for Paloma to try and avoid Oliver, and they don’t technically live in the same town at the moment. He’s still in college, and is living on campus over there. And then she lives in South Port, which I am thinking Oliver will be moving to in the spring once he graduates, so they will be even more on top of eachother. But it’s better then them both in Millwood, which is only a couple of streets.

      Yes, I agree there was a cozy feel to it, and that’s how many of our holidays were when I was a youngster. I think I’ll add a few square feet out on the sides though just so they aren’t arm waving, it’s annoying to me. lol.

      I am really curious how Julius will turn out, he’s matured faster then Elias, and I love that they are super opposite of one another. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Oh, I can’t wait to see Eva and Gideon in the house I decorated! I hadn’t realised you’d chosen yet. 🙂

    Anyway, how nice is it to see this family getting along, with no drama! Well…I guess the Oliver and Paloma thing is still causing a teensy bit of drama. I hope those two can at least be friends again one day. They were good together while they lasted.

    This was just about the most perfect Christmas ever! I love their sweet, traditional looking house with all the gorgeous decorations – it really set off the holiday atmosphere nicely. I don’t blame Nicole for not wanting to disrupt anything by inviting Finn’s family. Things have always been rocky between them. I love Nicole as a grandma though – you can tell how much she relishes that role!

    Does Oliver have a secondary aspiration? If it’s Family, it might explain the friskiness! My Family Sims are on my par with my Romance Sims in that capacity, honestly. The only difference is that they always want it with the same person, if they’re in a relationship.

    BTW, is that Elias dancing with Lily and Ainsley, not Julius?

    1. Thanks Carla! If anyone of my sims can pull of traditional Christmas, it’s Nicole. That girl is country decorator to the core, she’ll be great as an elder with her quilts, sewing, and blue on white deco style. She totally is an awesome Grandma. Her and Finn both just adores those grandkids, they roll constant wants for them, which is just like George and Mandy, so I think they are on the course to being great in this role. Though BOTH Finn and Nicole rolled the want for a baby! I’m like no! Grace wants another one shortly, and you are d-o-n-e. She could of course have a surprise, but I might be inclined to just ignore it… 7 kids is enough for one family tyvm!

      I do believe that Oliver is Family secondary actually, that’s interesting that yours are on par with the romance, I find mine are generally do or die with one sim for the most part. I was really shocked when his highest want was to woohoo with 3 different sims… I was like um.. you are with Paloma. Which with family sims it usually means “marriage and babies asap!” I like it though, that they broke up, just because now I don’t know where things are headed and it’s exciting!

      And haha yes! You are right! I got the twin names wrong. Those twins, still throw me sometimes, and they don’t even look that much alike anymore. When they were toddlers, I had to always dress Julius in orange so I could remember which was which.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Finally caught up!!

    This was such a nice get together! And it’s so nice that Emma and her mother are on speakingterms again! I guess they will never be best friends, but this is so nice!
    I loved their house and all the decoration, it really set the Christmas-feel of the update! And that picture of the 3 toddlers unwrapping their gifts is great!

    I’m wondering what Paloma and Oliver were talking about. I so hope they can at least become friends again!

    1. Thanks Tanja, it was fun to do a nice traditional Christmas, especially with all these grandbabies now. I am so glad that emma is no longer fuming at her Mom, it’s made this family much less hateful. They aren’t “friends” but Emma is barely friends with anybody, she’s not the easiest to get a long with, but I’d say she is loyal once you get to that BFF status.

  4. I loved this get together, such a fun family to read about as well. I keep hoping Oliver and Paloma will work things out, even if they’ll end up as “just friends”.

    1. Thanks River! I am hoping for them to be friends, I have no clue from Oliver that he’d ever want to be more than that. I think he has a lot of guilt over hurting Paloma, but I don’t see him returning any of the infatuations she has for him still. He only ever rolls an odd “talk to Paloma” want, while she is constantly filled with wants for him, and most of his are of a much more casual fling nature with others.

    1. I teleport them in with a teleporter. And if they are of the same household I am playing, I use restore family -> then select the baby/toddler from the list. As for the cars, they are placed in the carseat by a sim, and then I move the carseat into the car. If the car moves, the baby stays where you placed it. It’s not “technically” in the car, if you follow. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Is it mean to say that Finn and Nicole rub me the wrong way? They just do. That being said, I’m glad everyone had a nice Christmas. Elias looks like he’s going to be a sweet kid. And I hope one day that Oliver and Paloma can mend fences. It’s sad when relationships, but it’s even sadder when long-term friendships end.

    1. I can see why Nicole and Finn could rub you the wrong way, they aren’t always my favorite ether. I think they are growing on me more in their grandparents role, and do that better then the parenting role. I hope too that Oliver and Paloma renew their friendships, probably when they’ve both found someone new and are happy with how the turn of events played out. Until then I’m not sure Paloma would be able. Elias reminds me of Oliver quite a bit, and Julius reminds me of Emma.

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

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