Millett Family


january 2019
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Norma Millett (66 years), Merrill (65 years), Grant (42 years), Leah (40 years), Hadley (18 years), Julia (16 years), Simon (9 years), Nolan (6 months)

narrated by: Julia

Isaac went off to Eastborough in the fall, I was worried I’d see him around over Christmas break, but if he came back at all, he didn’t wander near our house. I haven’t heard from him since that summer night on my porch. I thought his Mom might poke around, curious to see if the baby looked like her son, maybe demand some grandparent’s rights, but it didn’t happen.

Nolan is more like the household baby then anyone in particulars, though he rooms with my parents, so I guess they do more of the late night changing. Grandpa is smitten with him, I don’t remember if he was this attentive to us when we were little, or Simon at least. It makes me glad that I didn’t give him up for adoption to the Siew family though.

I don’t particularly feel any maternal bond over Nolan though, so I’m glad that I didn’t decide to raise him myself. It’s almost like a switch went off, when I decided to have Mom and Dad raise him, that he became more of a brother to me, then a son. Mom’s been apprehensive that I might change my mind in a few years, and want to take him with me to college, but I’m not worried about that. Part of me doesn’t really want to go anymore, but I haven’t told that to anybody.

Hadley got her SAT score in the mail, and everyone was beyond proud. She scored a 45 which is higher then anyone thought she’d get, and she also got two scholarships. She’s well on her way to starting her long college career studying to be a doctor.

I’m happy for her, she gets escape from Grandma and Mom, who are back to being at ends with each other. They only had peace while I was pregnant, and now they are bickering about how to raise Nolan, and what to do with me. Mom can’t even make her own bed without Grandma getting upset about how she folds the top cover.

I prefer Grandpa over Grandma, I didn’t realize how patronizing Grandma has always been to Mom until I had Nolan. Now it seems like things I never noticed before are catching my attention. Grandpa doesn’t act that way though, he takes Simon outside and plays hard with him, when the rest of us are too intimidated by the cold.

He’s really taken Simon under his wing with the whole birth of Nolan, I don’t know how much the kid gets. Mom introduced him as his brother, and he only questioned it the one time. Still, I have to think he gets that it’s not really his brother, or maybe he just doesn’t care. Overall though, he was anxious to be around Nolan until Grandpa started playing with them together, now he’s not as stressed when Nolan cries or whimpers.

Grandpa ended up getting sick with pneumonia, we all knew he was sick, but didn’t think much of it. He was still pushing himself through it like he’s always done, it wasn’t until Grandma came home from groceries and found Nolan screaming and Grandpa sleeping on the couch, that she got concerned.

My Mom would have noticed much sooner if Dad was that sick, and had him at the doctors. As it was, he was in such bad shape, that he had to be admitted. Dad sort of lost it, having his own Dad in the hospital. Him and Grandma moved down there to stay on spare cots or sleep in the waiting room. Neither of them were allowed home since Nolan is too little to fight off something of that magnitude.

Mom would drive down and bring them comforts from home, and she even baked them some boxed brownies. They weren’t as good as Grandma’s but she made the effort which I thought was good of her.

She’d come home and tell us these hopeful stories, but when Simon wasn’t in the room, I could tell she was worried. After a week though, Grandpa started doing better, and they were sure he was on the mend.

While Dad and Grandpa were out of commission and stuck at the hospital, it left the running of Northern Moose to Mom. She’s never had to run it before, there’s always been one of the guys or at least Grandma there to help do it. She really sucks at it, and since Hadley scored so well on her SAT, she’s started volunteering at the hospital and couldn’t make the time to help.

When we were little, running the Northern Moose was her dream job, and now when the family needs her experience, she’s off at the hospital. She wants her application to shine when she applies for medical school in another four and a half years. She mostly just fills in at the gift shop, which she just blows off because it’s not what she’s going to study at college.

She did sneak up and visit with Grandpa, which made me jealous. She said he was doing much better, and was sitting up and talking. It’s still too dangerous to bring Nolan around the hospital though.

She really hates the head nurse, Caroline, and is constantly complaining about her management skills. She’s pretty much Hadley’s boss, which she thinks is ridiculous. She already has the ego of a brain surgeon, and she’s still a senior in high school. I can see why Caroline doesn’t like her much ether.

She did get reprimanded by Dr. Morgan Russo who is applying for Chief of Staff. I don’t know if this got through to her, but if it didn’t, she’s pretty much going to sabotage her own attempts at getting hired here in 8 years when she is ready to become a doctor.

Mom called Hadley’s boss herself, and said that she wouldn’t be coming in for the weekend, forcing Hadley to come work at Northern Moose. We needed the hands, because it’s busy after Christmas. People have giftcards to use up, and men are planning for their ice fishing and winter hunting trips. She was pissed the entire time, which made the atmosphere worse. Mom should have just let Hadley off the hook to begin with.

I heard her on the phone asking someone to come down to hang out, while she was forced to serve her family. Her attitude really irked me, mostly because neither me or Mom enjoy working at the Northern Moose, but obviously Grandpa and Dad need us to help out the family.

I’ve noticed that she’s been talking late at night on the phone lately, but I hadn’t seen her hanging out with any particular boy at school lately, so I was surprised when Chad came waltzing up the steps, and she was outside to greet him.

They talked outside, and I seen him touch her hand, and then they came in and he pretended to shop. Mom was clueless as far as I could tell.

Every customer Mom tried to help ended up getting mad at her, and not just in a simple, “Leave me alone” sort of way, but in an aggressive, “I’m going to yell at you like a dog” way.

I had to leave the counter so I wouldn’t have to hear anymore of it, it was making me irate just listening to the customer. Mom wasn’t trying to be vague to be misleading, Mom didn’t know the answers. I stalked off and started restocking some items in the far corner.

It was there that this gorgeous guy asked me for some help. I don’t know much more then Mom on this stuff, I’ve only been legally allowed to work here for one year and I’ve been pregnant almost that entire time. For this guy though, I tried to answer his questions.

I’m pretty sure I answered wrongly though, in an obvious way, because he chuckled and gave me a smile that said as much. It also seemed like he thought I was pretty cute too though, and it made the day all the brighter.

That night, instead of getting ready for bed, Hadley stayed dressed and did her hair.

As soon as Mom went to bed with Nolan, Hadley was sneaking out the door and into Chad’s car. I was hurt that she didn’t bother to tell me she was dating someone. I don’t know if she thinks I’d be jealous or if she thought I’d sleep with him too, since I did date Isaac after her. Part of me thinks it’s the second, she’s spiteful like that when she wants to be.

It makes me mad that Hadley always gets her way, and good fortune. I know for a fact that my friend Alice was crushing on him, and that Lainey was too. I don’t see why Hadley should always get the boy, and the great SAT score. And everyone can see that Hadley has nothing in common with Chad, even I know that, and I barely know the boy.

To top it off, it’s Hadley sneaking out, but it’s me that gets carpooled to every destination, and back home again. It’s like Mom and Dad think I’m going to just jump into bed with anybody, and start sleeping around. They were the ones to drop me off at Mixed Tape, and then fifteen minutes early, they were back to get me, like I might have struck off to another location.

Hadley’s lucky that next fall she will be living on campus, and my bedroom is going to be entirely too empty without her in it, as much as I sometimes hate her.

Notes: Merrill rolled the pneumonia ROS, but he recovered just fine, so no worries. I’d have been upset if he’d died from it.

I expected a few things from Julia after having Nolan, and a few things that I thought could happen, but wasn’t concerned about happening, not with my good girl, Julia… well she has found herself quite smitten for Max (romance, bartender, slept with Annie, Lorelei, and Emma, and a whole slew of other women… Max.) She rolls plenty of talk to wants, and her “one” is now Max. Only fifteen, there was no way for her to act on this, but I’m wary of her emotional stability when she turns of the legal age to drive. She also lost the desire to go to college, so I see her losing her way, and if she’s gone a bit off the depend in their next update, at least you’ll know there were signs leading up to it. I really hope she snaps out of it though. And she has 0 wants or actions toward Nolan unless I direct her to him, so there is a definite disconnect. Kenzie was a great teen Mom to Zeke.

Using Carla’s Aptitude testing for college, with my own tweaks because my students aren’t as awesome as hers. Doing SAT as hers stands for Sullivan Aptitude Score, mine is just Student Aptitude Test.

Chad and Hadley hooked up on their own, wasn’t a plan of mine. I can see why the other girls would be sick of it though, there are only a couple of boys, and Hadley can have anyone she wants apparently. A funny sequence of pictures from their time at Mixed Tape.

Dancing nicely…. making all the teen girls jealous for the tall, handsome, smart Chad.

Then um… Hadley loses it? What the heck is this? she just busted out laughing…

Then as soon as Chad did that crazy face, she flipped out on him! He stalked off the dance floor and went to sit down. I don’t know what happened, I feel like there was sound effects but my bunny got lose and chewed a hole in my speaker wire! So I have 0 sound.

Chad should have known better then to laugh at Hadley though! She’s not the type of girl to take that behavior. It didn’t stop them from dating though, and I imagine Chad learned his lesson.

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “aftermath”

  1. I’m so glad Merrill turned out to be okay! My Sims have never had pneumonia but it seems like it’d be a worry with realistic sickness!

    I can’t remember but did you remove Julia as Nolan’s mother and put Grant and Leah as his parents instead? I’ve only had experience with that sort of thing once (when Wade acted as donor for Joanna and Rose) and it pretty much worked out the same way. He never rolled wants for either Will or Levi and vice versa. He did roll wants for his own kids, so I know it wasn’t that.

    It seems pretty realistic that Julia would have that disconnect with Nolan now though and I can see that that’s probably a relief for her, at least for now. I do hope she rolls a college want again though or at least comes up with a good plan for what she’s going to do instead. You’d better watch out for her with this Max guy too! He seems a bit suss.

    I cracked up at Hadley in the hospital with Caroline and then Morgan. It kind of reminded me of my Josie when she was still a med student. She had such problems with Cara and David had to reprimand her, lol! Hopefully Hadley has learnt her lesson before starting med school. It’ll save her some heartache down the line.

    Glad the SAS seems to be working out for you!

    1. I was concerned about Merrill too, and diligent that he got better. I’ve only had a few sims get pneumonia on their own without ROS and it takes forever to cure.

      As for Julia, she is still Nolan’s mother. I wanted to see the dynamics of this as a real life situation. I don’t know if I will ever change the family relations. In adoptions I always have before but this situation is more complex and I don’t think Julia would ever forget he’s her kid like changing the family relations would do. So considering she’s still his mom, she rolled nothing for him and I’m confident it was the right choice at the time.

      And max is bad news. But he’s super cute. I’d really like him to settle down someday. Not with Julia though at least not for a few more years, he’s around Emma’s age, so he’s way too old for Julia.

      I love your SAS system! Makes me really geeked to figure it out for everyone and be all scholastic bookkeeper. πŸ˜‰

      I forgot about Josie but now that you say it they have similar personalities. Hadley has a very hard time getting along with others. Her and Caroline went negative just talking and Hadley was so sassy! Caroline is pure nice, poor thing to have Hadley above her someday! But when I set Hadley up in college for the birthday post, she immediately rolled the want to be Caroline’s friend and Morgan’s. I think she’s working at relations for her future career. Realistically though I won’t let her befriend them now though cause they wouldn’t hang out with her, they’re busy, professionals and mothers. She’ll have to wait until she’s at least in med school.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. I really love Hadley and Julia’s relationship, it’s quite realistic. Hadley reminds me of this friend I had in high school, all the guys LOVED her and as a result all the girls hated her lol. I had a bit of envy myself given that I was a super nerd in high school lol. I can actually see Julia disconnecting herself from Nolan, it’ll be easier to do that right away than to get attached and break her parents’ hearts when she tries to take him with her. I hope she gets back on track for going to uni, I think she’s just trying to adjust to all these new changes and that this mood of hers will pass……hopefully. And I hope she stays away from Max too! Glad that Merrill is okay, I was scared there for a minute!

    1. Thanks Jen, I hope you are right and her studious motivation returns and she doesn’t go chasing after Max. She can’t be a top journalist if she doesn’t go to college. She could enroll as an adult later on though if she changed her mind. But I really want to get her in there right away. Last I checked she didn’t score high enough on Carla’s SAS to get in. Might be different with her new badge though.

      And Julia and Hadley have a great sister relationship, I’m glad you like it. I really love writing about these girls together. And yes, we had girls that always got the guys and made others extremely jealous. I think Hadley’s personality makes it even easier for jealous girls to hate her.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Hooray! I come back from vacation and there are two updates waiting to be read–excited!

    I’m so glad it’s time for Julia’s family again! I was really curious as to how everyone was adjusting to the whole ‘Nolan situation’. I’m glad that Julia isn’t feeling any pull or sadness over letting her parents take the baby VS adoption. Now if granny would just let them do it… πŸ˜‰

    I think the ‘tension’ between Julia and Hadley felt very real. Being pregnant and then forced to walk around on a leash while your ‘better’ sister runs off with boys late into the night would definitely stoke some ire! I hope Hadley’s attitude gets better, though. I’d hate to see her turn into ‘one of THOSE people’. I also hope their relationship gets better, since Hadley was a help to Julia during her pregnancy…

    I’m so glad Merrill is okay! I don’t think the family could take losing him right now…

    1. Haha thanks Mao! i love playing Julia’s family too, and am always excited to play it, especially now that Nolan is here. I was glad too that Julia seemed happy with her decision, she really wasn’t ready to be a Mom. As for Norma, she’s not the friendliest, so I’m not sure she’s about to change that now in her elder days.

      Thanks on Julia and Hadley’s relationship, they are pretty close, but they aren’t always at the same time. Hadley has always gotten away with more, for pity sake she sleeps with boys and no accidental pregnancy, and Julia does ONE time, and lo, there’s Nolan. Just not fair, especially when Julia has put so much effort into schooling, and being good. And Hadley’s never really tried to even pretend any of those things. I hope that they can remain close/get closer now that they aren’t sharing a bedroom once Hadley leaves for college.

      And yes! Merrill could not die!! There were many reasons on why he couldn’t, so I’m glad that he didn’t!

      Thanks for reading!!

  4. I love Hadley, she’s such a teenager. πŸ™‚

    Like the others have said, it was great to see this family again and see how they’ve adjusted to everything. I hope Julia makes some decisions about her future because at the moment she seems to just go with the flow and that might not be the best thing.

    1. I agree about Hadley, looking forward to playing her in college. I’m hoping that Julia gets on track again, she was always an A+ sort of student, and seemed very goal-oriented, and now she’s interested in grown bartenders! I’m hoping that the next time I come around, she’s more interested in working towards her future.

      Thanks for reading River!

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