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trappings of love

february 2019
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Lorelei Goss (26 years), Luca Traver (24 years)

narrated by: Lorelei

My cousin Luca moved in with me when Colin moved out with Erin. He’s an easy guy to live with, especially now that his girlfriend hates my boyfriend. With that new development, he rarely ever sleeps in his own bed. I hate the drama, I can’t handle my best friend, Erin being friends with someone who hates me, and the fact that Luca is my cousin, just means that Nadia has to get a grip.

I had the brilliant idea to just force us all together and just push past it. Marshal wasn’t positive it would turn out well, but Luca agreed that it couldn’t hurt. With that mediocre reception, I set forth to throwing a dinner party for us. I forgot that Marshal can’t grill, so I had to do that for him. He was chagrined over his girlfriend cooking the meat, hopefully it inspires him to learn.

We were grilling out on the patio outside of my bedroom, and could see that Luca had arrived with Nadia and that she wasn’t moving toward the door. She’s refused to step foot in the apartment if Marshal was here, and I could just see her trying to sweet talk Luca into canceling the dinner plans.

She did come in, if she hadn’t I was inclined to throw chicken after her. But the dinner didn’t go well. She refused to talk to Marshal, and each time he tried to talk at all, she’d make faces at Luca.

Marshal stopped talking after the first few times, and then it was just me and Luca holding the conversation. I wish that Luca had known he was dating such a bitch, so I wouldn’t have wasted my time. Her behavior just made me irrationally angry, and it was fueled by Marshal’s rejected puppy face, as he got up to leave early.

After that, I didn’t try and make friends with Nadia. Marshal is insistent that in time it’ll work itself out, or Luca will just break up with her. I’m not certain he’s right, but I do enjoy having reign of my apartment to make out as I please.

I feel like all my friends have left me in the dust, with babies, and talks of marriage. Luca was my last pal that didn’t have a kid, but Nadia does, and now he just brags about Kai and all the cool things he does. He’s always laughing at this stories before he can even finish telling them, and I just feel out of the loop. Like why is it cute that he practically strangled the cat? I’m certain that the cat at least agrees with me. When I asked Marshal he just made a funny face at me.

If anyone were to be a great step dad though I’m sure it’d be Luca, and if Nadia wasn’t so rude, I think I’d actually like her. They make a cute little make-shift family.

Luca had asked her about moving in together though, and it didn’t get the highest reception. I’m learning that people with kids have a lot more to consider then someone like me. She worries that Kai will become heavily attached to Luca to have things break off, and then she’s concerned that the real Dad would throw a fit.

Luca is all calm about it, and taking his time, or so he says. But I’ve been dating Marshal a few years now and never considered living with him, and he’s barely been with Nadia. He’s a romantic fool, and if this goes poorly, I can only imagine the years it will take him to recover like with Meme.

Emma did manage to get the happy couple to join all of us for a game of bowling. It was Chris’ thirty-first birthday, and they had a sitter for Chaz. I’ve found that people with kids require a lot of celebration whenever they can grab hold of a babysitter.

Poor old man sucked at bowling. I have to think it was not his idea to do this activity.

Even though he face planted, he did end up with a strike, and I guess that makes up for the utter embarrassment of earlier.

I was, of course full of win, and beat out everybody by a landslide. My Mom and Dad took me bowling regularly when I was a kid, that I rock at it.

Marshal scolded me for not being subtle about it after we left, but I can’t help being me and celebrating my win, it was my best score yet!

No one else seemed to really mind though, they know I’m competitive and good at bowling. Well maybe Nadia hadn’t known, poor thing was really awful and quit mid-game, but she knows now.

Other than having at my boyfriend whenever we have the time, I’ve been in the talks with Eric about buying The Red Mill for a few years now, but it wasn’t until recently that it became a very serious conversation. In the end, I’ve saved up nearly enough for the down payment, and I fully intend to purchase it for myself by the end of this year.

I worked here in high school as a server, then I did my college education in business, and came back as an assistant manager. I can’t imagine working elsewhere or starting over with my own place, as I’ve put myself into a lot of this one. Eric is wanting to move onto some other ventures, so the timing is good for both of us.

I had to work Valentine’s Day. Outside of floral shops, fancy dining places are the hot commodity, so there is no way around it. Jessica had a hard time with working it though, I’ve been thinking I might fire her and see about hiring back Eva after I take over the ownership.

She’s always been incredibly rude to me, and a sort of pet of Eric’s. I think he felt bad about her marriage to Matt, but now they are divorced and Eric stepped back. Maybe she thought he had feelings for her. She’s only sort of gotten less revolting as she’s dating this guy named Warren. He came by to schmooze on her, even though we are incredibly busy on Valentine’s Day.

I couldn’t get too uptight over it though, because Marshal came in. I had told him to just celebrate the holiday the day after, but that was an appalling idea to him I guess. He wanted to order a drink and wait for my break, as if these are guaranteed scheduled bits of time in the restaurant business.

My Aunt Delaney and Uncle Jared came in for dinner too, and I had to ignore Marshal for a bit to tend to them and see how my cousins are. Lizzie starts school in the fall, and Delaney is already feeling upset about that, and Lauren is a junior this year.

I told Jessica that she had better deliver stellar service to them, and she had an attitude about it towards me but seemed fine when she got to their table.

Everyone seemed to feel obligated to go and talk with Marshal and keep him company, everybody but me. At least Jessica’s boyfriend left after a perfunctory kiss, and some flowers. Marshal was camping for the night and taking up space at the bar, which granted, is not busy on a night like this, but still.

His patient face drove me insane, that when there was a slight lull, when the current crowd was moving out and the latest movie hadn’t released yet, I told Eric I was taking fifteen. I practically dragged Marshal outside, with him chuckling the whole time. Once we got outside, I realized it’d started snowing again, and that it was too cold to be out without my coat.

I would never make it to the kitchen and back outside though without someone needing me, so I sat down and told him he had five minutes. He pulled me close to him to keep my arms warm which helped a little.

He started off with light questions about my day and what I had for breakfast, with the latter making me roll my eyes. But then he asked if I was happy with him, and if he didn’t look that seriously, then I might have replied with a sarcastic no, but he was laying the love eyes on heavy, and I answered that I honestly was. He seemed relieved, probably from all the drama with Nadia, and my shortness this particular night with him.

I got up to go back inside, my fingers freezing, especially with the winds coming in from the harbor, when he got down on one knee, and I knew exactly what this night had been about.

I said yes without a second thought, as I’d already spent a fair share of time thinking about this next step with him. It’s hard to not think about your own marriage and baby plans when every one around me is dropping like flies to that grown up lifestyle. I did think of Luca though, and how he’d have to find his own place yet again.

With the happy news, I had to share it. My Mom was thrilled, and apparently he’d asked for permission from my Dad in May. Mom insisted on throwing a small party to celebrate, and I couldn’t say no to a family gathering. I see everyone so little these days.

Mom was even happier then I could have ever imagined. She really approves of Marshal, and him asking Dad for permission was like over-top awesome in their eyes.

Even my big brother, Zeke was really friendly over it, and friendly is a word that can rarely ever be used for him. He was sharing some proud parenting moments to Marshal, about when Vivienne and Cicely learned to walk, and how wonderful that will be for us. I think he got confused on what the actual news of the party was that we were celebrating.

Then Dad joined in on the baby talk, and he was the last person on earth that I’d expect that question from. Aren’t Dad’s supposed to be weirded out about their daughters being old enough for relations? He wanted to know how soon we were thinking of starting a family, and how many we might be considering. He even reminded us that sometimes babies come at surprising times.

I told him that we were waiting until we were officially married for starters, and then not until I owned The Red Mill, was making a good profit, and had my business in order would I consider it. And then at that point, I was only interested in one, while I know that Marshal wants three. I’ve already discussed the option for possibly going for a compromise with two but no promises until I’ve at least done this gig. And goodness help us if we have twins! Not to mention after his little “surprise” comment, I’ll be sure to double up on my birth control for the next few weeks.

My twin nieces are adorable though, and part of me thinks that maybe if I’m thirty-five and have no kids, that twins might be the way to go. But I’d never admit that, because it’d feel like I was cursing myself, and one really seems plenty.

The girls are always getting into mischief, and telling jokes about Morgan’s bad cooking. I’m not sure I’m ready to be ridiculed by a child.

I’m not going to stress about any of that for the time being, and just worry about purchasing The Red Mill, while Marshal saves for the wedding. Luca will need to worry about finding a place to live though, because we won’t be able to afford a different lease with these two big purchases coming up, so I’m keeping my apartment for the time being.

Notes: I’m super excited for the engagement, they both rolled the want recently, so I had Marshal start taking the steps in that direction. He’s a traditional, geeky kind of guy, while Lorelei is a sporty, no ruffles kind of girl so she isn’t fussed over missing Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend, but he’d find it incredibly romantic to propose on that special day. I’m looking at Fall 2020 for their wedding, so just under 2 years, because she won’t be ready to be married this fall. I know that the first photo was a spoiler, I had forgotten to take their household photo before the engagement.

Zeke kept talking to Marshal about babies and learning to walk and talk, it was like he thought he was at a baby shower. It’s not like the girls have just learned any of those things, they’re five years old for pity sake. And Lorelei kept making faces, like she knew what he was really insinuating.

Nadia was incredibly awful during the dinner. I was hoping something neutral like that could get her to warm up a little, but she’s hateful to Marshal and Lorelei, and she’s not fuming angry at them, just heavily dislikes them both. He would be a really sweet step-dad though.

I somehow glitched The Red Mill, once I fix it, then Lorelei will own it. I would like Lorelei to open a Sports Pub but I have no inclination to build one, so that is going to wait until I’m bitten by the building bug.

Daughter’s sim, Henry Popper lives in the same apartment as Jessica Picasso lives in, and she told me that Jessica and Warren kept making out, which made me laugh. They have a whole apartment they could make out in! Warren is Miriam’s (grammar school teacher) older brother. I intend for them to get married at some point, they both have the want, and no one else wants them. Warren is a forty-one year old bachelor for pity sake! Poor Matt… not!

Thanks for reading!

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7 thoughts on “trappings of love”

  1. You know, Vivienne is really adorable but I just adore Cicely’s face. She looks like a real little girl – I love that chubbiness she has around her face.

    Anyway, I saw the engagement ring in the preview picture and got very excited! Then I couldn’t remember if I’d missed something in the last update and went back and skimmed it. Then I came back here to get excited all over again, lol! Lorelei and Marshal have a great proposal story to tell – on a break from work on Valentine’s Day, in the snow with no coat! I love it! I cannot wait to see their wedding. I’m curious what kind of wedding a no-frills girl like Lorelei would go for.

    It’s a shame Nadia still seems to have it out for Marshal, and Lorelei by extension. They’re going to be spending plenty of time together, assuming Nadia and Colin stay together.

    Shallow side note but Luca looks very handsome in that preview picture!

    1. I agree Carla, Cicely has a really chubby, realistic face, and I like her much better in her new hair. The other one was not flattering on her.

      LOL on the engagement ring! Ah, I shoulda known you’d notice that! Sorry to make you chase through posts! I’m glad you liked the proposal. I’m super geeked to have another wedding to do! I’ve only gotten to do a small handful. I’m not certain on what her wedding will be yet ether, or where. I have a bit of time though.

      I really hope that I can get Nadia to at least be chill with Marshal! I’m assuming at this point that Nadia and Luca are staying together, unless she does something to change it, Luca is pretty smitten and is already friends with Kai. Which is more then I can say for some other step parents. Even Gideon wasn’t as much a rockstar in that department.

      Aww I bet Luca would love to think someone finds him attractive. He’s always been better looking then Colin, imo, but not what I’d peg as handsome, but I do like his picture with Lorelei too.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. Awww, I’m so glad Lorelei and Marshall are engaged! Her personality cracks me up. I do enjoy reading from her POV. The comments about the dinner were so funny. Nadia really is holding this grudge tightly. I guess she might feel that it’s not Lorelei’s place to try and “fix things”, too… but Lorelei’s POV and comments were great!

    The bowling, too. Of course she would be celebrating her “awesomeness”… too funny. Poor Chris. Not only is she calling him OLD, but she’s picking on his lack of bowling skills. Haha!

    I’m glad Luca and Nadia are working out into a nice couple and that he’s patient. It’s definitely true that those with children have a lot more on the line!

    Jessica and the comments made about her made me laugh! It’s always fun to see your ‘side characters’ pop up in updates.

    1. Thanks Mao! I have a few low nice point sims, and they are probably one of my favorites to play, because they are just sorta sassy, but all in different ways. Lorelei isn’t mean as much as impatient, and blunt. She loves family, and friendships, so it’s a big deal for her to have Nadia behave so rudely, especially on Lorelei’s territory.

      She brags about herself more then my other sims too, and she really schooled the others in bowling, I guess all the times her parents took her really paid off.

      Nadia found a great patient, family guy in Luca. I hope it works out for them in the long run, because he’s really sweet to both of them, and I think it’d be fun/interesting to play.

      Glad you enjoyed seeing Jessica!

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

  3. Oh god I love reading about Lorelei. “I can’t help being me”. 🙂 She’s right, though. Like you, I love playing low nice point sims because they’re often very funny – you can just tell from their expressions and interactions that they simply do not understand why everyone and everything has to be so *annoying*. “What? Why do you walk away with that frown when I was just bragging about my fantastic life? Come on!”

    I’m happy for her and look forward to the wedding!

    It’s also nice to see Luca with his girlfriend, I hope things work out for them.

    1. Thanks River! HAHA yes! You are right, the low nice sims do look confused that everyone doesn’t want to hear their bragging. I hope things work out for Luca too, he’s liked Nadia for a LONG time, maybe just after breaking up with Meme that he met her, I’d have to look up past updates to see. But when she first served them at Shortstack, he started rolling wants for her, and didn’t really ever stop. But she would always reject his advances and so I let it go. I’m glad they figured it out on their own though!

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Muito linda essa história, amei esse Site! ee ai quando a Lorelei vaai ter uum Bebê? Vai ser muito legal ela ter um filho, do jeito que ela é toda carinhosa, vai ser uma alegria só para todos, eu mesma estou louquinha para ela dar a novidade que esta gravida! Vai ser bom de mais ♥ Beijos, parabens!

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