pink castle

march 2019
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Quint Siew (29 years), Rebecca (29 years), Scarlett (9 years), Elodie (2 years)

narrated by: Rebecca

Elodie has been living with us for six months now, and it’s like she’s always been apart of our family. Scarlett has been waiting several years for a little sister, and it seems like all the waiting was for Elodie so she could be ours.

She’s the most cheerful little thing I’ve ever met, and Quint is just as smitten with her as the rest of us. Originally he wasn’t sure how adopting would feel, so far so good though.

His only regret is that he doesn’t have a son. I don’t think he wishes we’d been able to adopt Nolan instead of Elodie, but that he wants a son also. I should have known from his passive hints about it, that eventually he’d just come out and ask. I’d been hoping he might just forget about that urge for a son.

He didn’t though. He seemed to think my ignoring of his prompts meant that I wasn’t as closed off to the idea as I may have had him believe in the past.

He was certain that there was at least a little part of me that wanted to have one more baby, and maybe have a son. As much as I declined that notion, I couldn’t say that I was cold to the idea.

But I told him no, that I was done, because if I gave even an inch of wavering he’d been all over me to get started. I’d admit to anyone that had calm to them that I was a tiny bit struck by the baby bug after adopting Elodie, and remembering how sweet Scarlett had been at that age, and as a newborn. But admitting that to Quint was like signing a contract that I’d have another one, and immediately.

I was glad when Scarlett came in and required my help with some homework.

It fell out of my mind after that though, Cara from down the street had come by to pick up Lulu, and asked if I wouldn’t mind keeping her for a weekend. Charlie has to work long shifts at the police station, and she had military training, so she was dividing the kids up amongst their friends.

I didn’t really want to, the girls can be rather wild when paired together for long periods. But I thought it might give Quint an eye opener on what three kids might be like, and I knew that Scarlett would enjoy her best friend staying for an entire weekend. Those were the reasons I said yes, it wasn’t for Cara herself, as I find her to be abrasive and rude. When I talk about Elodie, she complains that she couldn’t imagine having little kids again, and she’s glad to be past it.

Lulu is a sweet girl though, and came home off the bus with Scarlett and I set them straight to school work. Her sister Rachael called to talk with her, and arrange to stop by for a short visit.

Rachael is a good girl, I wouldn’t mind if Scarlett grew up to be sweet like her. She didn’t have to come and see Lulu and play with her, but she missed her.

The next day, Quint took the girls out roller skating to give me and Elodie sometime to ourselves. I was grateful for the break, they giggle about anything and everything, and sometimes I just want a bit of quiet.

Afterwards I felt selfish though, seeing that Quint hasn’t skated in years, and apparently forgot how to keep his feet under him. He works long hours now as Sheet Metal Specialist, and he’s going to be sore a few days from his fall.

When Cara came to pick Lulu up on Sunday night, I was glad to be able to go back to my normal rhythm. But it was hard to admit that it wasn’t actually that hard to have three kids ether.

Scarlett is in swim lessons with my boss, Hazel’s kids, it’s really helped Scarlett get rid of her extra baby chub, and she’s super excited about this fact.

The kids love the lessons, and I enjoy the grown up time while Elodie plays in the upstairs nursery. One day I took a yoga class with Hazel, that will never happen again. My knees were sweating, I can’t handle that.

Now that Hazel is content to just sit and chat, that’s what we do. I decided to broach the subject of having three kids with her, seeing that she does and seems to manage them quite well. She asked what I wanted, and I couldn’t say one over the other. I think I’d be happy with just having two, and likely just as happy if I had three, healthy children. But it’s the uncertainty of health that has me concerned.

She suggested that if it was just the unknown that had me anxious, that we should just go for it. More than likely it’d be fine, and we’d be happy we’d taken the risk. She shared a few stories about Jude with the boys and I felt a pang for Quint with his desire for a son. If we’d had all boys, I imagine that I’d yearn for a daughter to share things with.

Her thoughts really struck a truth with me, and I couldn’t take it out of my mind, the image of a little boy. When Quint got home that night, I decided that we should just go for it, and see what happens. He was actually timid over it when it came down to business.

I thought we might both back out of trying for a third, but he pulled himself together, and so now we are officially trying.

A piece of me feels guilty to do this now that we have Elodie, if she thinks she wasn’t what we wanted, because that’s not it at all. But if we get pregnant, it’ll take nine months and she’ll be three years old at that point. It’s a good age distance for her to be buddies with the new baby as well as Scarlett.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself when she grins up at me so happily.

It’s spring, so I set out to plant a garden while the girls played outdoors. It’s nice having a backyard with grass, our old house only had grass for the front lawn, the rest was paved. We don’t have a very large yard still, but it’s better then before.

Quint was suspicious that we were pregnant before I was, he made a large breakfast before work and school for everyone, and I could barely keep my eyes open. He sent me off after I finished and did the cleaning up himself.

After work, he found me laid out on the sofa and napping in my hostess uniform. I think I was too tired to see the signs clearly. I was just glad that the girls behaved well and allowed me to rest.

I got it confirmed with an early test, and an online calculator told me to expect our baby in December. It was sort of whirlwind, I hadn’t expected to think a week on it, try a few times, and end up pregnant. Quint had arranged for his old college buddy, Reed to come hang out with his family, thinking that Elodie needed a playmate. I wasn’t up to entertaining at all, and really think that Elodie is well adjusted.

To cement that fact was that Molly refused to play with her, and made her cry.

Reed is immature, and made some comments about how it’s best that we didn’t adopt the Millett baby, and how his wife, Caroline who was there for the delivery, thinks its wrong to take babies from their mothers. Apparently they forgot that we adopted Elodie.

I think it was the compilation of everything from the news of expecting to Elodie crying over Molly, that Quint got really mad. I thought he might kick them out of the house over it, but he calmed down enough. Caroline tried backing out of her opinion, stating that she felt it was obviously for the best if the Mother could manage. Which I think we all would agree, but neither of us believed that she had originally meant that.

The kids were playing nice upstairs, and Caroline was thrilled, saying that the kids at school were mean to her son. Scarlett’s told me before that he’s a real brat on the playground, but I didn’t set her straight on the manner. Scarlett told me that he resembles the frog on her desk, and I told her that wasn’t a polite thing to say, but secretly I agree with her. They weren’t lucky to have such cute kids as me and Quint.

They were playing nice, and even the toddlers seemed to make friends fairly quickly. It might be nice to have a playmate for Elodie, if I can handle the parents, because she was really cute hugging Molly.

We were getting up to get drinks for the kids, when Caroline shared that they just found out they were expecting earlier this week. It was like she stole our thunder, and I had to tell her that we just found out earlier that we were too. We weren’t even going to tell people yet, but I couldn’t not say anything.

She couldn’t believe that we were both due around the same time. Of course she’d already had an ultrasound, being a nurse she can take advantage of the equipment. I was envious of that, because I’m finding myself anxious over a second miscarriage, and if I could just see a healthy heartbeat then I’d know it was okay.

Caroline thinks we are going to be best friends now that we are both due in December. She thinks we need to take a baby birthing class together, but that I would need a class more since I’ve only birthed Scarlett and that was nine years ago. She may have a point, but it gets on my nerve to admit that.

I was relieved when they went home, but I am going to be calling up my friend Grace and telling her to get a move on her third baby plans. I would really like to be pregnant the same time as a friend, a real one, not just some college buddy’s wife.

Notes: So they TFB and baby Siew is due December. They had the miscarriage nearly 5 years ago, and Rebecca promptly stopped TFB, she immediately rolled fears for having a baby, and she started having adoption bubbles a ton. That’s why they went on the path for adoption. So of course I finally get them a baby, and I really put a lot of effort and thought into this for them! She decides she wants another kid, and lo, they get pregnant. It did take a lot of effort on their part, but they were prepared to be bunnies to make it happen. They looked that anxious before TFB on their own, and I thought it was the perfect expressions for people that have had a miscarriage and were deciding to take that leap again.

Caroline TFB on their bed, they were in the middle of conversing on the sofa, and must have passed one of those knowing looks then slipped into the bedroom. I’d be washing those sheets! Terrible guests! And this third baby is IT for Reed and Caroline! And I am hopeful that Quint and Rebecca have a little boy! It’d be super sweet for Quint to have a son to play with.

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “pink castle

  1. LOL! OMG, I can’t believe Caroline and Reed used their bed! I have, unfortunately, also had this happen. Such rude guests, lol! This isn’t a college frat party for crying out loud!

    Awww, I’m kind of glad Quint gets the chance at a son. I hope it turns out to be a boy! And I definitely hope that Elodie can adjust okay. Rebecca’s worry about Elodie feeling like she wasn’t what they wanted could very well materialize, but I doubt it. She seems to be doing just fine and everyone is getting along.

    Sims are so ungrateful, though! Of course they’d run off and TFB after you went through all the hassle of getting an adoption set up. ๐Ÿ˜‰ That’s what sims do, sigh.

    1. Thanks Mao! I hope it’s a boy for them too! I’d like him to have that chance, but three girls might be nice to have as well. So I don’t really mind ether way what they have. Elodie has really fit right in, she has an agreeable personality, which has made it easier. She’s friends with her whole family which doesn’t even happen with some natural kids for a bit.

      And yeah, I figured Rebecca would do something like TFB or get pregnant after she had a kid, which is one of the reasons why I did a toddler. That and I didn’t want such a large gap for Scarlett.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. “Scarlett told me that he resembles the frog on her desk, and I told her that wasnโ€™t a polite thing to say, but secretly I agree with her. ”

    LOL! Oh, poor boy, but it is kind of true. He’s got his mama’s chin/jaw and his dad’s everything else, I think.

    But aww, I’m so happy to see Elodie fitting into the family so well. Rebecca and Quint have such sweet daughters. Scarlett and Lulu together look like a ton of fun, though I can understand why Rebecca might have mixed feelings about having them together for a long time! Even the nicest kids can get a little too excited when they’re with their friends.

    Yeesh, that was a bit of an awkward visit with Caroline and Reed! Reed isn’t too up on social mores, is he? Keep your wife’s snide comments to yourself, dude! Although having sex in the bed of your hosts is arguably way, way worse than that!

    I’m really glad Rebecca and Quint are having another (and am keeping my fingers crossed for a boy this time). I think they’d be more likely to regret not having another than having one, so it seems like a safer bet to try. Especially seeing Quint is so keen for a boy. I can see Rebecca being swayed by Hazel’s stories of Jude and his boys – they’re gorgeous together!

    1. Alex is SO not cute! LOL And he’s such a disagreeable kid, that I don’t mind stating that! He’s always interesting to see on lots interacting though. Scarlett and Lulu are adorable little pals, they’ve been since the beginning when they lived across the street from each other. Now they live just a few houses away though since the Siews moved too.

      Caroline and Reed were really making Quint grumpy. They couldn’t say anything without him getting mad, and Rebecca is a negative relationship with Caroline too, all from chatting. And the TFB of Caroline and Reed was not acceptable, they were supposed to be d-o-n-e! I tell ya! PNPC’s aren’t allowed 3 kids!

      Jude is such a sweet dad with his kiddos, and they handle their playful brood well, that they’d be more likely to persuade Rebecca than someone else like Nicole McCarthy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Quint’s IFS is something like 5 or 6, so he’s very keen to have a third. I don’t want them having more than that though, so hopefully that works out to be true.

      Thanks for reading Carla!

  3. Haha, I’m so amused by the mere idea of having sex in someone else’s bed during a party. It feels very much like something a teenager would do, not quite as common among adults. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m glad they are trying for a third kid, too, hopefully Quint have a son this time but I’m pretty sure he’d have to accept a different outcome as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. The act of actually trying for a baby is what made me surprised. Like “Maisie doesn’t play us enough, this is OUR chance, GO!” and it’d be true. I haven’t loaded their house up since Reed ended his affair with Violet-Adele, and Molly was still an infant then.

      Here’s hoping Quint gets his son so he can stop at 3! Thanks for reading River!

  4. I think you’re the first blogger I actually read all of the life stories. Can’t wait till you update!

    On another note, the picture when Rebecca and Hazel are talking, behind them there’s this tinted glass thing, where’d you get it from?

  5. I’m so happy that Quint and Rebecca are having another! I remember she was heart broken after the miscarriage. And Scarlett is already a great big sister. I actually do hope the impending babies bring Rebecca and Caroline together. She needs more friends.

    1. Thanks Fini! I’m over the initial dissatisfaction of them TFBing, and am now excited to see what they have. I do wish they could have a red haired child… maybe their grandbabies will be! Seems a long time to wait though. Scarlett is a great big sister, she’s all about Elodie. Caroline does need more friends; Rebecca has quite a few, but she’s always so busy that we barely get to see them when it’s her update. Caroline just has work friends, and they aren’t all banging on her door to go out, and Reed is rarely home, so she could use some friendship. Here’s hoping it works out like you hope!

      Thanks for commenting!

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