making nine

may 2019
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Oliver McCarthy (22 years), Meg Schehl (20 years), Peter Schehl (20 years)
(Isaiah Gavigan and Elise Landry 22 years)

narrated by: Meg

Paige graduated in the spring, and once again called it off with Peter. Now he’s dating my new roommate, Elise who is graduating at the end of this month, along with Oliver. Maybe they will both drop us like old hats when that time comes.

Elise is crazy emotional. She goes from laughing to freaking out in the turn of a sentence. Peter must like this sort of thing, because Paige was witchy too, worse then Elise. Sometimes I think we might even be friends one day, and we really hit it off.

That’s usually about the time that she turns on me though. Even still, she’s better then Paige, and if Peter one day marries her, I’ll always know he could have done worse.

Even though me and Oliver aren’t serious, Peter and Elise are, or at least are pretending to be, and he wanted to bring her home to meet Mom and Dad.

Dad was asking Oliver about where he was planning to live when he moves back in June, he hasn’t gotten anything squared away. But he’s leaning towards renting in South Port with Isaiah.

Oliver answered the questions honestly, and to the best of his ability. I think he’s the type of boy that Dad’s like, and it seemed my Dad would agree with that line of thinking. Elise however got really rude with Dad when he began prying about her plans after college. He wasn’t asking to make judgement, just small talk really.

Mom seemed to get a kick out of it, but I know she wouldn’t feel that way if she’d had Elise explode all over her. Peter spent the dinner trying to keep the conversation rolling so that no one would direct anything directly to his girlfriend. She did seem better once she got some food in her stomach, maybe she’s just like a man who gets cranky when hungry.

Poor Mom, she really seemed uncertain what was a safe topic, and just sort of sighed and nodded through the entire evening.

Back on campus, things started back in on the finals stress that seems to take over everyone, even those of us that are studious and don’t usually have to sweat this stuff. It’s been the rainiest spring, and has really added to the gloomy, doomy frame of mind.

I work part time at the coffee stand at the Student Union, just to keep some cash in my pocket since my actual education has been taken care of with scholarships and loans. Isaiah started coming by frequently, I figured it was on his way to a class, and didn’t think anything of it.

Then he started coming by my dorm room when ever Oliver was busy with classes or studying. I usually hole up in my room if Elise is gone, and dive head first into one of my new books.

I like this time, actually look forward to it during the week. So Isaiah coming by to chat was a nuisance.

I started to get the idea that he was trying to win me over, again. It’s not that I particularly hate Isaiah, it’s just that I’m seeing Oliver, and they’re friends. Plus they’re going to be roommates next month, and that would just be awkward if I wasn’t with Oliver anymore.

It already is, but only for me since I haven’t told Oliver. For all I know it’s just in my head. Or maybe Oliver even hinted that he wasn’t going to keep me around and is trying to pawn me off on Isaiah. I feel crazy when I start thinking about it though, so I just try and enjoy the moment.

We all go down to the campus pub, the boys mostly only talk about the places they’ve been checking out on the weekend, and the conversations are boring. I’m looking forward to Oliver having his own place that we can use as we please, but if we aren’t together then it doesn’t really matter to me.

He does ask my opinion about things though like what side of town or if I liked a particular place. That all has to be good signs.

Elise seems to be thinking long term with Peter, but he’s worried. I can’t say I blame him, he has been dumped twice by these older girls that are off to their next stage in life. But to the credit of girls everywhere, they were both the same person in Peter’s case. It doesn’t change the fact though that Elise is always talking about getting in better shape, and Peter is trying to do just that to keep her interested in him.

He doesn’t want her to know though, so he drags me along with him to the gym. I’m more inclined to sit in the commons and snack on the junk food then actually participate.

Peter gets really into it though, and I’ve noticed he’s toned his arms up.

I only bother going upstairs to actually do physical activity, if I know Oliver is on his way over. He likes to swing by after class to check out his “hot girlfriend,” he really gets a kick out of it, and I try to not disappoint.

He just eats it up, that it almost makes me want to do this full-time.

His graduation is just around the corner, and we don’t seem to be on the verge of breaking up, so I begin to find myself more excited about him having his own place. Especially since his roommate seems to pick the worse times to walk in.

In his own place, he can lock the bedroom door, that would be a nice luxury to have.

Notes: Elise, Oliver, and Isaiah graduated, I’ll put their information up on the birthday post. Isaiah tried making some moves on Meg, but like before, she rejected him. I mentioned before that Oliver needs to complete his biggest want (3 public woohoo), which is why he broke up with Paloma, Meg is #2. I don’t see him settling down until he’s gotten the #3 taken care of. But that doesn’t mean that he necessarily has to break it off with Meg ether. I’m not dooming them completely as a couple, will just wait and see what happens.

Meg – 3.6
Peter – 3.3
Oliver – 2.8 (he had a rough time after breaking up with Paloma that his grades slipped.)
Elise – 3.9
Isaiah – 3.4

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “making nine

  1. Elise! Way to impress your boyfriend’s parents. I love that Oliver went over so well with the Schehls though – he would, wouldn’t he? He comes off as so earnest and responsible.

    Oliver and Meg are cute together, so I’m glad she rejected Isaiah. Is there no low that guy won’t sink to? Getting it on with his ex’s sister, abandoning her when she gets pregnant and then hitting on his best friend’s girl? Ugh!

    But hmmm, Oliver’s not ready to settle down yet, huh? He doesn’t have secondary Romance, does he? To tell you the truth, I never bother trying to fulfill those multiple wants unless I’m prepared for them to pop up the ones that come after…5 sims, 10 sims, 20 sims, 30 sims. It never stops (well, actually, I think it does stop at 30, lol)! I’m very curious to see what happens between Oliver and Meg. She seems so smitten.

    1. Oops, you got confused with Isaac. He’s Isaiah’s little brother and knocked up Julia. Isaiah is way more harmless, and I actually sorta like him. Not for Meg persay, but he’s higher on my list then little bro Isaac.

      Oliver had the ROS to fulfill his highest want, which was the 3 public woohoos. He broke up with Paloma cause he’s not the cheating type. He’s knowledge/Family and the want was the first and only of that nature. It came up after Abbys death, I think that shook him some.

      Elise isn’t a mean girl but she’s very picky on conversations. She seems a little Jekyll/Hyde. She wants to marry Peter, but she also wanted to marry Isaiah and then cheated on him. So who knows! But the Schehls weren’t too impressed, she left them all with negative relationship scores.

      Thanks for commenting!

      1. Oh, okay! I can forgive him for hitting on Meg then, as long as he doesn’t seem to be a jerk in general like his little brother! I should have known…while I was reading, I was thinking “how can the father of Julia’s baby be 22 already?!” LOL.

        Sounds like Oliver wants to sow his wild oats…but just a little. πŸ˜‰ I guess he and Meg could always have a break and if they’re meant to be together again, then they will be.

        1. Exactly on Oliver and Meg, if it’s meant to be, it will. I wouldn’t doom them, but I’m honestly not the most hopeful for them ether. Just gonna have to see where it goes.

          Isaiah isn’t a jerk (that I’ve seen) like his little brother, but he’s not super nice.. he can be juvenile. He really seems smitten with Meg, even after he almost hated her for rejecting him so much, he’s back to liking her again. He’s determined.

          Thanks Carla!

  2. Elise really didn’t do much of a good job impressing her boyfriend’s parents now did she? I guess that’s just her character.
    Oliver really seems like the kindof guy who is liked by any father, he’s good, and honest, and really seems perfect. That public woohho-want might change that a little bit when he cheats on Meg.
    I’m so happy that these 2 make it work so well, and I do hope that if Oliver goes for that 3rd public woohoo, he and Meg can still make it work.
    I love the look of the Campus pub!

    1. Elise did not impress them, she’s just this opinionated, college grad who thinks she knows it all. Oliver though does seem like the type to win over father’s, and he hasn’t had any girlfriends parents/Mom like him, he’s pretty likable. I’m not sure if he’d end up cheating on Meg, or breaking up with her like he did with Paloma for that public woohoo.

      I had to redo my pub, using old photos to guide me, because I had deleted it on accident and placed down the undecorated lot. I’m liking it much better this time around with ATS furnishings.

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  3. Oooh, I am really curious as to how things are going to work out between Oliver and Meg once he’s out and about. Especially with Isaiah coming around her. I think that would be the safer option for her, but in reality, it would be SUPER awkward. I thought there was some kind of “bro code” about not going after another man’s girl, anyway? πŸ˜‰

    I love how Oliver got stuck with the 3 public woohoos due to ROS! That’s really shaken things up. I mean, the whole Paloma thing came of that and we can see how well she’s coping!

    Elise is like my mum, only my mum is actually bi-polar, so that’s why she is that way (when not medicated.) My mum could be all smiles and sunshine one minute, but if you flip a trigger switch, she’s a hellcat and a half the next. Maybe Elise should look into some therapy. πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Mao! I’m super curious what’s going to happen with Oliver and Meg, and Meg and Isaiah, if anything or if nothing. It’s always so hard to know what they’ll do! I do think there should be some sort of code, but then again, there are only so many eligible people to choose from… maybe in time Oliver would be fine with it. I think he’d be more upset about someone dating Paloma, then Meg, if that’s not a little insight into his psyche. πŸ˜‰

      YES! The ros has really shaken things up! I totally expected him to be engaged to Paloma already, and sharing this apartment with her, planning a wedding! I expected them to start a family within 1-2 years of marriage too, because Oliver has his career started, and all Paloma wants is to be a wife/mother so no big career goals. (Well to own a restaurant, but it’s sort of an unattainable dream in her opinion atm.)

      Elise makes me think of bipolar people too, easier to deal with a sim variant of that though then, a real life one. Therapy would be great, especially if Lainey Grimsley does that after college. First patient. πŸ˜‰

  4. So they’re official. Funny that I was more intrigued in the pre-hookup phase. Why are all Peter’s girlfriends psycho? It’s hilarious, buthe sure can pick them.
    I’m still on the fence about Isaiah. Not sure if I like him or not. Though hitting on Meg is not helping.

    1. Thanks for commenting Fini! Funny on the interest in the pre-hookup phase. They aren’t my favorite couple in the world personally, I liked Paloma and Oliver better together, but it’s just not meant to be I guess. And I have no clue on Peter, he must like that personality, cause he has high chemistry with them both, and maybe a low ego with his short height, and his overweight teen years. As for Isaiah, I like him as a roommate to Oliver now that I’ve moved them all in, he has some maturing to do, but I’m hopeful in time he will do that.

  5. Elise is a riot. Good thing Peter’s parents are pretty good natured or that could have been a disaster.

    It’s sad to see Meg so insecure about her relationship with Oliver but I guess it’s expected for the point they both are in life. Isaiah is barking up the wrong tree though. Why do guys never think about the mess they’re about to cause?

    1. That is true that Peter’s parents are pretty easy going, I think Elise needs to marry into a family like that!

      It’s such an unknown point for them both, they went kind of lukewarm on each other, and then back to hot again. And you just don’t know what will happen when one moves away or starts a new phase in life. She still has 2 years of schooling left. A lot can happen then! Isaiah is definitely not thinking logically!

      Thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚

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