summer birthdays 2019

june 2019

Rebecca Siew is relieved that she’s made it into her second trimester and the baby is doing great. Her and Quint are looking forward to meeting their third addition in December.

Eva Barthelet is only two months pregnant, but her body has begun to show already. Dr. Morgan says it’s common with subsequent pregnancies, but it doesn’t make Eva hate it any less. Gideon however is enamored with her new shape, and is anxious to meet his first born in January.

Caroline and Reed Welsh are expecting their third child come December, and Caroline doesn’t know why she agreed to have another one. She’s tired and achy all of the time, and works too many hours as a nurse as it is. Irregardless, the baby will be here in six more months.

Chaz Holmes has his fourth birthday, and his parents are celebrating for surviving the toddler years. Chaz has been mostly an easy going kid for the most part, and now they just need to toughen him up some. Chris is intending on finally purchasing that auto mechanic shop, and he figures if he can get Chaz in there enough, he’ll be a natural when he’s old enough to do the job legally.

Julia and Isaac’s son Nolan has his first birthday this summer as well.

Grant is absolutely smitten with the little tyke. He resembles Julia more then they had anticipated, but is much more playful then she ever was.

Hadley Millett was accepted into Eastborough with an SAT score of 45, and will begin her class in the Fall. She was eligible for the Scholar, Hogan, and Dannon Scholarships which has cut her cost of tuition down a significant amount. She will be studying to be a doctor.

Lainey Grimsley will also be attending Eastborough with an SAT score of 47. She received the Hogan, McCarthy, Bain, and Quigley scholarships, which were sorely needed with her parent’s service career incomes. She’s undecided for her career currently, but is considering some type of social work or psychology major.

Chad Sumner (pnpc) is also headed to Eastborough with a 47 SAT score, and like Lainey he is undecided on his career goal. His Father wants him to join the family business, and be a lawyer, but he isn’t certain that’s the career for him.

This past May, Oliver McCarthy graduated with a 2.8 GPA. He’d improved in the final year, that he was able to keep his job offer with South Port Grammar School. He begins teaching in the Fall, giving him the summer to get his new place in order with his buddy, Isaiah.

Isaiah Gavigan (pnpc) graduated with a 3.4, and is hoping to land a position in Natural Science career. He’s moved in with Oliver, and they are renting a two bedroom, factory converted apartment. He was lucky to find an opening for Algae Hunter in his chosen field of Natural Science. He was hoping to start at a higher level, but is hopeful that he’ll promote quickly.

Elise Landry (pnpc) graduated with a 3.9, the highest of her class, and has begun working as an Events Manager at a local Marketing Firm. She’s renting a tiny one bedroom apartment in the same building as Colin and Erin, and is still intending to see Peter while he finishes his last two year of school.

Isaac Gavigan (pnpc) also started college last year, and has just finished his freshmen year. He’s not made any decisions on what his major, and is doing general courses for the time being.

Notes: Oops, I had forgotten to actually set Isaac up for college, and share his picture. I don’t know what he’ll be studying, I haven’t given him any time other then to see if he rolled wants for Julia or Nolan, and he didn’t.

I got Oliver and Isaiah all set up in the Tea Factory Apartments, and Elise is in AV’s Button Co Apartments, which I love the unit that Erin and Colin are in, but Elise is in the tiny 1 bedroom, and it’s cramped!

As for birthdays, Chaz looks WAY more like his Dad then I thought originally, I actually think he’s an awesome mix of both Emma and Chris. Chaz’s hobby is tinkering, how perfect is that!? I forsee a little family auto mechanic biz in the future! And Nolan, oh man, he’s darling! Totally reminds me of chubby cheeked Julia when she was a youngster. I remember just being smitten with toddler Julia and Hadley.

I can’t decide on names for Rebecca or Eva, so I have no real care what they have. I think Quint would like a son, and I’m fine with that. But 3 girls is also fine with me. I’ve only had 3 daughters once with Eva and her sisters, and never had a family with 3 boys. I’d really like to have that sometime, and both Eva and Rebecca are set up to give me the 3 girls with this next baby (as is Grace when she gets pregnant again), so if one of them does I will be happy!

Thanks for reading!! I’ve waited AGES to have a birthday post this full!! Whew!

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8 thoughts on “summer birthdays 2019”

  1. Wow, I’m surprised that you used Button Co for Erin and Colin, I had to check the pictures again you made the interior so unique. Lol at how cramped the one bedroom is, I wanted something really inconvenient and cheap for renters :p can’t wait to see the new babies.

    Apple Valley

    1. I *love* the layout of Erin and Colin’s apartment, it’s one of my favorite apartments to play. I won’t actually be playing Elise in her tiny apartment, unless she dates a playable, so it’s the perfect place for her to hole up! Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. Big birthday posts are the best! You’ve got new sims in every age group but elder in this one!

    Geez, seems like everyone’s having a baby boom lately! Can’t wait to see what all these families have. 🙂 I feel like Rebecca is going to have a boy. I have no feeling on Eva or Caroline but it would be awesome if Eva had another girl.

    I can’t believe Chaz is 4 already! To me, he looks so much more like Emma now than he did as a tiny one. And my God, Nolan is just so adorable!

    New college kids! That’s always fun. Have we seen Chad before? I don’t remember. Looking forward to seeing what they all get up to.

    1. I know! No elders, but oh well! These are the best ages imo anyway. Though I am excited for Ethan and Meredith to turn elder, but in a mean, twisted sort of way.

      Three babies isn’t so much a boom for me, and compared to Tanja, even my biggest boom of 7 babies is nothing! I want Eva to have a girl, I think my daughter decided that Caroline had to have a girl, because she couldn’t find a boys name that I didn’t hate, nor sort of like. I pretty much require that they have the most basic, traditional (4-5 letter names) known, I just feel they’d be beige in the naming of their kids.

      I always thought Chaz looked like Emma, and now I actually see some Chris in him, so we are opposites. He’s sort of a dorky, skinny, long-necked looking kid, which humors me. And I absolutely love Nolan! I have no clue where he got those lips though, must be Isaac’s parent’s cause other than Merrill they are a small lipped family, and Nolan’s lips don’t match Merrill’s at all.

      I made Chad for… Dani I think, when she made a request for a family ages ago. I never deleted them, and he had some chemistry with some of my girls, and I had 0 upperclassmen so I allowed him to attend. You’ve seen him before he’s dating Hadley and before that Lainey was hoping to date him.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. I love birthydaypost, especially when they are large like this one 🙂

    So, 3 babies to look forward to! I can send you some boyvides, if you’d like, but knowing me and simsgames it will only give you girls 🙂

    Nolan is adorable! He’s one of the cutest toddlers I’ve ever seen! I’m sure he’ll be a little haertbreaker when he grows up!

    Chaz is a cutie as well, and it’s so nice that he has tinkering as his hobby, I do hope to see a familybusiness here! Do you roll for your sims’ one true hobby or do you go with what the game gives you? My sims always seem to get sport as their hobby and I really don’t like that!

    I’m looking forward to seeing Chad, Hadley and Lainey at college. They both are stunning girls!
    I hate to admit it but I do like Isaac as a young adult as well, he’s a really handsome guy, too bad his character isn’t like that. It sad that he doesn’t roll any wants for his son, but my Niels is just the same, he hasn’t thought about Zoey since she was concived!

    Congratulations to the 3 who got graduated! It’s going to be nice to see Oliver and Isaiah live together. I like roommateshousehold, they are so much fun, as I’m finding out only now myself!
    I really like Elise, she’s a gorgeous girl!

    1. Thanks Tanja! I agree that Nolan is SUPER adorable!! I just love him to pieces!! I’m so happy that I got him in the game!!

      Thanks for the boy/girl vibes! lol!! I’d definitely like one to have all girls, and it’d be easier if Eva did because I have girl name already, but with any of these, Siew/Barthelet/Andersen if they only have girls, their last name will be lost too, which bites. But I’m not saying one couldn’t keep their maiden name, and make townie-no-name take theirs, like I had Gideon do.

      I do not roll for their hobby, I leave it 99% of the time. I find that certain families give me more of a certain hobby then others, but I think that’s sort of fitting, and then I’m pretty excited when someone gets something else. McCarthy’s are mostly all Fitness, but Bea & Roman are nature, and Monroe is Music (like his Dad), this really excited me, and then Chaz got Tinkering (like his Dad) and I was like Squee!! So I mostly leave it.

      I’m really excited about this roommate household, I had one with Luca and Colin and Lorelei and Erin, but those have all separated or mostly, now it’s Lorelei and Luca and that’s not the same! Elise is really pretty, she tried kissing Oliver at Isaiah’s house when they were teens, and I just knew I had to bring her to college with them. She was ballsy!

      Isaac turned out cuter then I thought he would too! Which is good, since Nolan shares his genes. He might turn more mature now that he’s in college. Sometimes people are real off in high school, and then grow up. Hopefully he does. It’d be interesting if he or his brother married one of my sims. I’m hoping he’ll roll some wants for Nolan, though Grant and Leah are hoping he doesn’t. We will see what happens down the road with this, I don’t think it’s all settled as much as the Milletts hope it is.

      Thanks for commenting!!

    1. Thanks Priscila, I agree that Julia is really beautiful, and her little boy is just as adorable as her! I can’t wait for the new babies ether.

      Thanks for commenting!

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