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everything you want

july 2019
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Charlie Grimsley (34 years), Cara (29 years), Rachael Darling (13 years), Lulu (9 years), Jake (6 years)

narrated by: Rachael

I had big plans for this summer, and they did not include staying out in Millwood away from my friends. The problem is that Charlie is a rising star for the South Port Metro Police, and has had two promotions in the last two years, and is back to second shift. Mom isn’t happy about it, but it means that Charlie can drive me down to Caitlyn and Aidan’s apartment and drop me off.

Mom wouldn’t want to take me irregardless though, she avoids her ex-step-Dad, Ethan just as she avoids her own Mother. I think it would be weird if my Mom and Charlie got divorced too though, and maybe I wouldn’t want to come around anymore ether.

We kind of just bum around inside for a few hours, it’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but it beats being stuck at home all day.

Caitlyn can get anything she wants from her Dad, I remember when we’d go visit them at their townhouse when Lulu was just a toddler. It seems like a different life now when I come here to hang out.

I’ve lately started having butterflies when I think of my childhood friend, Lewis. He’s good buddies with Aidan, and comes by regularly once his step-Mom goes into the hospital. We’ve always had everything in common, with losing a parent, and having to deal with step parents, and half-siblings. I hated that we left the city to start over in Millwood, because I feel like we lost our friendship in some ways.

I’ve never even told Caitlyn about these new feelings, I’m not exactly comfortable about it myself to even think of broadcasting it. I am curious if he likes me though, and sometimes I wish that Caitlyn could just read my mind and ask him for me.

He doesn’t treat me any differently though. We usually come outside once the inside of the apartment has started sweltering, play some hacky sack to pass the time.

It’s always awkward when Ethan comes outside to check on us. I don’t know if I should call him Grandpa still, since he divorced my real Grandma, so I just don’t call him anything.

Lewis started dropping out of our games to chat with Caitlyn, but I would see him watch me sometimes from the corner of my eye. That made me nervous in a good way, and I was hoping though that they might be talking about me.

But I’m not so sure. I started getting suspicious when they talked about going down to the fast food joint after I left, and how they’d had fun a few nights ago doing that same thing.

They had all gone in to get a drink, and I realized that a drink sounded good, so I followed behind a few minutes after. I wasn’t trying to be sneaky or a spy about it, honest. So I was surprised when I saw them standing in the hallway outside her apartment door.

It was the worse thing I’ve ever felt. I couldn’t believe that she would kiss Lewis, the boy I’ve known since before I started school. We weren’t dating, but I still stupidly felt like he sort of belonged to me.

I ran out to the side of their building, and called Charlie to come and pick me up early. If they wanted to get fast food without me, I’d just remove myself. I wasn’t about to become some sort of pitiful third wheel.

Caitlyn found me out there fifteen minutes later. I couldn’t even look at her, I felt sick, angry, and on the verge of breaking down.

She guessed that I had feelings for Lewis, and said that she had no idea. Even though she had a point, it didn’t stop the hole in my chest from hurting.

She started whining this pleading apology, and I finally looked at her so she could properly apologize. It didn’t change anything though, not really. She might not have known, but she likes him, and he likes her. She offered to not date him, but that’d be even dumber. Lewis wouldn’t even like me as a friend if I made his first girlfriend break up with him.

I accepted her apology, but after that I stopped going into South Port. Now that their relationship was in the open, I knew they’d start holding hands, and being sickeningly sweet together, and I couldn’t handle watching that.

I started helping out more around the house, which made Charlie and Mom happy. Neither of them are home often, and the yard is always the last thing on the list to fix up. We made it a family event to get it knocked down. In South Port you could have a junky yard, no one would have cared, but here, you have Lewis’ step-grandparents, Regina and John Russo whom are evil, especially when yard care is brought into question.

I wanted to call Lewis and told him we got our yard cleaned up so the Russo’s could chill, but then I remembered he was probably with Caitlyn, and didn’t call.

There are a few teens out in Millwood, I haven’t really spent anytime getting to know them, so I was surprised when one of the McCarthy twins stopped to talk to me. I’ve seen them around at Mixed Tape, but we aren’t really friends. Elias is sorta sweet though. He gave me a few compliments in this clumsy, cute way.

I realized that Lewis might not be the only boy that could give my stomach flutters, because Elias was certainly successful at that.

He started coming by a few times a week, but only after Charlie had left for work, and my Mom was home. Mom wasn’t sure how Charlie would do with me liking a boy, so we kept it a secret. It only lasted a week though, because Charlie came back home to grab his cell phone and found Elias in the kitchen.

Elias was trying to be smooth, when he does that it makes me think of his twin, Julius who is always trying to impress the ladies. Julius does it better.

He started getting really nervous, and laughing in this weird high pitched voice. I’m not sure what Charlie thought of him, but I was partially amused that my step-Dad could make someone sweat that badly. Just because he has a gun on his belt, doesn’t mean he shoots down thirteen year old boys.

The next morning, Charlie had to have a talk with me about boys. It was awkward. Both him and Mom talked and said that I am too young to have a boyfriend, but I can have a friend that is a boy.

They both think that I am too young for dates, and we all agree that my schedule is too full for anything extra. It really is. In the school year, I skate on the rink daily, and now in the summer I work on ballet to keep myself in shape, and get my poses right for the ice.

This college girl, Holly is my ballet instructor, and I am better then her. She’s also too tall for this occupation, which she knows. She isn’t in college to be a prima ballerina, but she does it on the side for fun.

Holly insists that I am majorly talented, and that if ice skating falls through that I could be a ballerina without a doubt. Part of me wonders what it would be like to try and be a prima ballerina, and if I really am talented enough to pull that off. I sort of love both, and have been told by every teacher, that I am very talented. I just wonder, if I’m majorly talented for Boone county, or if like world wide talent.

I wanted to bring it up to my Mom that night, after Charlie got home from work, and he could handle the younger kids. She was distracted though, and just said that to her untrained eye that I was amazing, and if my teachers thought so then it must be true.

It all got cut short though, because there was a raucous in the other room. Without even getting up from the dining room, I knew what had happened. It’s always the same thing. Lulu and Jake play this stupid punching game, and Lulu punches too hard.

And Jake flips a lid over it. When he was a baby, he cried all the time, constantly. I thought that Charlie might leave us, because it was really bad. Then it calmed down a little, and it seemed he was a better toddler. But now, he’s even worse then newborn Jake was. He has the worst temper, and is a giant cry baby.

Charlie can’t handle hearing his screech, so he usually just reprimands Lulu, while Jake snivels. I wish he’d just spank Jake or something to teach him to stop freaking out.

He sent them up to bed, like he does every night. Mom doesn’t put us to bed in a timely manner, especially in the summertime. I bet Charlie would appreciate all of us in bed when he came home, instead of having to handle the overtired little kids.

On their way up the stairs, I saw Lulu menacingly threaten Jake. She usually tells him she hates him, and he’s the worst brother in the world.

Poor Jake though. He is sensitive, and he tends to walk up the stairs crying softly.

They are always fine the next day though, and ready to repeat it all. Maybe Jake likes it, just like Lulu likes making him cry. I’m not really sure what is going on with them, they are the weirdest kids.

Over the weekend, it worked out that Charlie and Uncle Tim had the day off from the station, and they took all of us kids to the pool. It’s literally across the street from the house, we just walk over. It’s a big deal to the little kids, but I get to come over whenever I have the free time.

Charlie and Tim only talk about the station, and mocking people they had to deal with. Usually old ladies that report people for unkept lawns. They act like they don’t get it when girls gossip and giggle, but I see the same behavior in them.

Lulu is a tough girl though, she flew down the slide and had the worst belly flop. I saw her clutching her stomach under the water, but when she came to the surface there were no tears. She didn’t cry or whine, or whimper.

But Jake takes his turn, and ends up hitting his head on the back of the slide. I grimace, preparing myself for the screech that is about to bust all our ear drums.

But Charlie is on it, he starts cheering loudly for Jake, and wooting, and when Jake swims to the side of the pool he’s got a grin on his face instead. He’s proud of himself for hitting his head on the slide, that is what male cheering can do to you as a kid.

I can’t believe that Lainey starts college next month. I remember when I was four, and drinking cocoa at her old house before her house burned down. It had been a snow day, and Mom couldn’t take it off, and me and Lainey were not friends yet. She had told me that maybe one day I could be one of her best friends, and now we weren’t like me and Caitlyn, but we were close.

We talked about old times, and how neither of us could believe she was starting at Eastborough. A few of her friends though ended up coming by, and she parted ways to catch up with them.

I didn’t have anyone else to hang out with, so I went for a dive. I’d been wanting to practice diving, I have this theory that I can do anything dexterous now that I’ve been doing it all my life. So I went for it.

When I came up, Julius was cheering me on, saying how “wicked awesome” that was, and he didn’t know I was such a “bad-butt.” It was pretty great. Elias was calling me out to the front of the building, he couldn’t believe that I could dive like that. I was pretty impressed in myself with it too.

I was nervous when we got to the front, and he grabbed one of my hands. He started stuttering nervously, and finally spilled that he wanted to go steady with me.

I had to tell him no. Not only had Mom and Charlie said no, but my schedule didn’t really leave room. Plus, how would we even date? We didn’t have vehicles, and our curfews were extreme, like nine o’clock.

I felt bad, he seemed really put out. I started feeling sick that I just lost a new friend, and I’d spend all school year with no one to sit with at lunch. I tried saving it, by saying maybe in a year I can ask my parents again. He seemed to take better to that, and we went back to goofing off with each other.

I’m relieved I was able to save that from becoming a disaster. I’m not looking forward to school starting in the fall, I’d like to just stay here in Millwood, far away from Caitlyn and her new boyfriend. It’s all complicated, and makes me feel icky inside, I miss the old days when we were all just friends.

Notes: Some budding romances here! Super fun! I never saw Caitlyn and Lewis dating, but Caitlyn made her move. Rachael is shy, and super friendly, she needs to get some more courage if she wants to go up against Caitlyn. Elias did walk by though, and they started this little flirty, friendship. Rachael even has the want to go steady, but she rejected Elias! I did not expect that!

None of my sims dive like Rachael does. She’s a rockstar, and genetically she will be short, and I’m super geeked about this short little ice skating/ballerina. The ballet and ice skating have all been from her own wants too, so it feels like she picked this for herself.

Charlie got promoted again now to Detective, and he works first shift again. He’s actually higher rank then his brother Tim now, and Tim is the one who recruited Charlie!

Caitlyn and Aidan are Rachael’s Aunt/Uncle. When Cara got pregnant (just after Meredith got pregnant with the twins), Cara got kicked out of their house into her step-grandma Milla’s house to raise Rachael. I love that the girls are BFFs now, and how messed up all the families have gotten! With Ethan and Meredith’s divorce, they used to live above their means, and now he’s in a crappy apartment, and no one sees Meredith. Then you have Cara who had the rough start with Rachael and is doing pretty good in life now, I’d say!

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “everything you want”

  1. I love all the family details and dynamics in the plate especially the differences in Charlie with the kids. I do feel a little for Lulu, it seems like things might become strained between her and Jake and Charlie.

    1. Thanks for your comment Starr!

      I do like the dynamics of this family, I think Lulu will be fine, she seems to enjoy picking on her little brother, and I think it’s just a part of their family. As they get older I see it stopping more. Lulu only has 2 more years as a kid before she turns (pre)teen, then it’ll be noogies. πŸ˜‰ Charlie parents different then Cara, as much as Cara hates her own mother, she is similar (better though) to her own Mom.

  2. I always forget about the weird family links between Caitlyn and Aidan and Rachael! It wasn’t until Rachael started talking about Ethan being her ex-step-grandpa that I remembered!

    Aw, for a little shy thing, Rachael sure has the boys watching after her! I like this thing she’s got going with Elias (maybe she’s just not ready for a serious relationship yet, much to her mum and Charlie’s relief?) but I wonder if Julius might have his eye on her too. Could be tension!

    Lewis and Caitlyn seem like they might be a lot of fun to follow. Sometimes the couples that develop on their own end up being the most well-suited, so I’ll be curious to see how they go.

    And ah, of course a skater/ballerina would be short, wouldn’t they? That might cause some problems for my Charlotte, as she’s going to be very tall. I might have to consider that somewhere in the story. πŸ˜‰

    1. Rachael does have some good chemistry with a few guys, that’s for sure. I was surprised that Elias landed a girl. Julius hasn’t quite yet but it’s because he thought he might be able to win over Lainey! She was a senior at the time, and totally not interested at all. And I will say that Julius isn’t interested in Rachael, she’s to goody for him, and they don’t have good chemistry at all. Whew! Happy to avoid that drama!

      I get to play Lewis’ household next, and see how him and Caitlyn work out. I was surprised and really excited that they started their own romance!

      Maybe Charlotte will just have to be a ballerina that no one picks up over their head? I am sure there are tall ones out there! It’s not like she wants to be a horse jockey. πŸ™‚

      I can see forgetting the family dynamics with this one, that’s why I did the blurb at the end for a little reminder.

      Thanks for reading Carla!

  3. I can relate to Rachael lol. I was that shy girl in high school who never made any moves on anyone ever! But she is fairing much better than I did lol. Ballet is the career I have slated for Ricki Knowles so I’m interested in following Rachael’s road to get there. Ricki is only about 8 or 9 so she has a few years yet to go :). I would pull my hair out if I had to deal with Lulu and Jake! That whole “I’m not touching you” “Get your finger out of my face” nonsense would irritate the heck out of me lol. And I think their messed up family tree is actually pretty true to life πŸ™‚

    1. You know, OT but I bought something on etsy the other day and the person’s last name was Knowles, and she lives in Iowa (where I lived a bit), and I was like… do I know this person, Knowles sounds familiar… and then I read your comment and was like YES! It’s Jen’s Knowles family I’m thinking of!

      As for Rachael, she’ll ether do ice skating or ballet, I haven’t decided on it, and will probably just follow her wants. She doesn’t have a career LTW so she has a lot of freedom. The whole Lulu and Jake thing is annoying in real life. My eldest daughter had her fingers in my sons face while we got groceries. She said, “They aren’t touching you, they’re dancing fingers..” what the… I was like no dancing fingers! Kids!

      I agree that the family tree is realistic. My own uncle is just 2 years older than me, and younger than my husband by a few months. You get a divorce/remarriage, and suddenly everything is off the axis, it just keeps going that way too. Caitlyn and Rachael will have kids, and I imagine Rachael’s kids will be playing with her own cousins one day! I actually really like when these things happen in the sims, because it is super realistic.

      Thanks for your comment Jen! I hope you are doing well, think of you often.

  4. Finally! I was stalking your page for so long hoping you would update and finally you did. Anyway, in my highschool, there was this good-looking chap known to be the shyest kid in the year grade. He turned out to be a closeted Casanova, dating a few girls in our class at one time. Even he could give Don Lothario a run for his money. So…

    1. Aww thanks Wyatt! πŸ™‚ I try to update every Saturday (I have a calendar on the top right side that shows scheduled updates),, and when there’s nothing new on there, it just means that I’m overbooked irl. I try though for one a week!

      That’s funny that your school had a closet Casanova, that’s unexpected! I’m not sure if Lewis would turn out to be that way, I don’t think he would with Rachael, they are close friends. But Julius might be keen to flirt with several ladies at once!

      Thanks for reading Wyatt!

  5. Oh, Rachael is just the sweetest thing. Funny how she’d never start a relationship, but she’s got someone chasing her anyway. I don’t know about the Lewis thing. At first I was all on board, but now that Elias is in the picture, I’m throwing my support on that (in a few years, of course). Divorce, widowhood, all those things mess up a family’s relationship. I have a 17-year-old cousin who is only a year older than his niece. And the niece’s mom (the cousin’s oldest sister) is pregnant again, after 16 years!
    Don’t remind me of the “I’m not touching you” game. My sister used to do it to me all the time, lol.

    1. Thanks Fini! Rachael is adorable, I don’t think boys will mind that she’s a little shy when it comes to sparking romance. “I’m not touching you..” game, my kids do that now, and my sisters used to do it all the time to each other. Most annoying game ever!! And you are right about divorce/widow making family relations odd, my uncle is 2 years older than me, and my youngest sister is 6 months older than my oldest daughter.

      I do like Elias, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Rachael and him date a bit when she’s more ready for a relationship. She’s still young, that I’m happy she’s not rushing into things. But with that go steady want, she must only have eyes for Lewis.

      Thanks for commenting!

  6. I just have to say this, because it amuses me… but everytime you mention “Boone County”, I giggle. Here in WV, that’s a county where all the… well, I can’t think of a politically correct way to say it. Let’s just say, that’s where those people from the ‘Wild, Wonderful Whites’ come from. So, hearing it referenced with ballerinas gives me giggles. πŸ˜‰

    Rachel is just too sweet. I love that she’s extremely talented, but it doesn’t really go to her head. She makes an awesome skater and ballerina. It’s a shame it takes up so much of her schedule! The poor girl needs some friends.

    I was kind of shocked that she turned down Elias, but I can kind of see her as the type to listen to what her parents say. Besides, she seems the type where her dreams come first. I don’t remember her mentioning that she dreams of getting married. πŸ˜‰

    I LOVED Elias being afraid of the step-dad who is a cop. How true. My husband’s coworker had a detective for a dad and she never had a boyfriend–they were all too terrified of her towering, Italian father with a license to carry a gun. She always has hilarious stories about that.

    1. That’s funny about Boone County. I used Boone for two reasons, one it’s the county my alma mater is in, and two, I hearted Boone on Lost. ❀

      Rachael will likely have some marriage dreams when she's older, I'm sure of that. I was surprised she rejected Elias, I was all, alright this can be fun… then blam, rejection. Maybe she will warm up as she gets older, she is still pretty young.

      I would be intimidated by a police officer too if I were a boy, wanting to date a girl. I don't love the Twilight movies, but I do love the Dad, and when he loads his gun at the table before meeting Edward. I always thought that was hilarious.

      Thanks Mao!

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