fall birthdays 2019

september 2019

Rebecca Siew is now six months pregnant, and in the final trimester of this pregnancy. Big sister Scarlett can’t believe there is going to be another baby in the house. Baby Siew will arrive in December.

Caroline and Reed Welsh are also six months pregnant and expecting their third. Caroline can’t remember why she thought this was a good idea, working long shifts at Metro Hospital, and taking care of Molly and Alex is enough for work already. Baby Welsh is due in December.

Eva and Gideon Barthelet are five months pregnant with their first baby together. Eva is still a little shell-shocked that she’s starting all over with diapers when Paloma is an adult, and Linnea is just shy of being a teenager. Gideon however has none of these apprehensions and can’t wait for baby Barthelet to arrive in January.

Joining the pregnancy ranks is Grace and Benjamin, they just found out they are pregnant. Benjamin is glad that he convinced Grace into trying one more time, and baby Andersen is due to arrive in May.

Lizzie Schehl celebrates her fourth birthday, she was a surprise for her middle-aged parents Delaney and Jared and for the most part, feels like an only child with most of her siblings in college, and Lauren being a senior in high school.

Roman Woodfolk also celebrates his fourth birthday, and is happy to contribute to the rowdiness of the household much more fully now.

PNPC Gemma Pacelli is also turning four this fall, she’s an only child of Ginger (Newson) and Enzo, and is perfectly happy being an only child, wholly doted on by her family and grandparents.

Notes: I am super excited for Grace’s baby, because my daughter helped me come up with some perfect names, and May is going to take forever to get to, with the real life holidays and nano coming up. In the mean time I’ll at least have all these other babies to deliver. All these Mom’s are having their third kid, and all of them have all girls already except Caroline who has Alex. I’m hoping that at least one can get me a family of three girls, and I really hope it’s Grace because I heart her girls name for her.

As for birthdays, Lizzie looks like her siblings, all those Schehl girls have that same pretty look. Her personality seems more akin to Meg then wild-outta-control Lauren. Her parents will be pleased if this turns out to be true. And Roman looks a load like his Dad and sister Bea, but with his Mom’s hair color. They have a fun household, all of them are extremely playful. And Gemma, she looks a bit like Ginger Newson, but also her Dad. I’ve been wanting someone to marry into my Pacelli family, but it hasn’t happened yet, just Ginger got the honor, still one brother left though.

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8 thoughts on “fall birthdays 2019

  1. Total baby boom in Millwood! I’m especially happy to see Grace and Benjamin expecting another, knowing how long they tried.

    The four-year-olds are all so cute. Roman is going to be such a heartbreaker when he gets older and Gemma just looks like an adorable little cheeky thing! I was going to see Lizzie looks a lot like her big sister but I went to compare Lauren as a child to Lizzie and I don’t know that that’s true! Different noses, but there might be something else too.

    Hey, maybe Roman will grow up to marry Gemma and get some more of those Pacelli genes running through the hood. 😀

    1. I was SO glad when they got pregnant right there at the end of their play session! This new baby will be born one month before Ainsley turns 4, so they won’t really have to deal with 3 little tiny ones, which I think will help them keep their sanity.

      Gemma is totally cheeky, in the sense that she has these adorable cheeks! And Roman is adorable, he really is a good mix of both parents with the Woodfolk/McCarthy mix, because I had him next to Roman and they really look like brothers. I think Lizzie looks more like her sister Meg then Lauren, Lauren is sort of the odd girl out in appearance with that family, takes more after her Mom’s side of the family, where Meg and Lizzie resemble Jared more. He makes a cute girl. 😉

      Someone has to marry a Pacelli, if it’s Roman in 20 years, or an adult that marries the other brother now, I don’t care! 🙂

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. I’m excited about all these babies and I’m glad Grace and Benjamin are expecting another!
    I hope you get that 3-girl family with one of these families – I have all boy-families with more than 2 boys, but I don’t think I have all girl-families with more than 2 girls!

    Lizzie, Roman and Gemma are really cute!
    I do hope Gemma gets to marrie a playable!

    1. I hope Gemma marries a playable too, I don’t know if it’d be difficult to pull off, she’s pretty adorable. 😉 And I too, am very happy that Grace got pregnant, and am really hoping they are my three girl family, though that means I likely lose the last name Andersen, but then I don’t know if I’m super attached to that, you know? Whenever I get two of the same sex, the third one is always the opposite, I have time and time again! Whereas I know you got yourself lots of boys!

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

    1. Thanks Starr! I am guessing that Eva, Rebecca, or Grace will have a girl, it wouldn’t be my game if they all had boys, so here’s hoping it happens!

    1. Thanks River! I get excited about lots of pregnancies too, I don’t want *too* many mind you, and I would have preferred the ones due in Dec/Jan to be spread out a bit more, but this works too! It was odd for a bit there I had no newborns in the game, and no one pregnant, that always seems odd. It’s usually when my game shifts to the next generation of parents, but that hasn’t happened quite yet ether. I was happy for Grace too! Now I hope she’s done though, because there house can’t handle more than 3 kids.

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