progress update

I have gotten all of my sims and lots saved from my corrupted neighborhood, and am working on cleaning them right now in the throw away hood. I ended up removing relations and memories in my corrupted hood, which made it possible to save sims in their houses, otherwise it kept crashing. The only thing I’m finding to clean up in the throw away hood is all their family ties, which I had not thought to remove.

I would say that I’ve hit the half way mark on this process, and I am hopeful that this next part will go quicker. I have to say though that unchecking family ties in clean installer is the most tedious thing I’ve ever done, as well as picking through custom content. If my problem in all of this is the downloads, and not the sims then I may have to remove downloads and start back over, but at least I will have clean copies of my sims, so it wouldn’t take as much time… but I would be devastated.

I am considering switching my schedule around, setting up Millwood, and starting there again. That way I can start playing and be back to blogging quicker. And after a month of bronchitis, I actually feel up to actually playing, so I’m going to try and make this process go quickly. I just hate that I wasted the 3 week Christmas break being sick, disappointing.

Here’s to the next post being a sim one!


6 thoughts on “progress update

  1. So glad you’re feeling better and that you’ve got your issue with the hood worked out! As excited as I am for updates, take the time you need. Crap like that is daunting as all get out. I really don’t know how you ladies do it! Hoods crashing/etc is no small feat to overcome. 😉

    1. I really wish I could go faster through it, or actually hire someone to do it for me. I miss playing, and really want to see what Rebecca has, and eventually Grace. Just so much got left hanging, it’s going to be hard for me to remember all story lines. I’m afraid I’ll be like the writers of Heroes, and come back after that writer strike, and drop major story lines in the process. I hope not, but man, it feels sort of inevitable.

  2. I really hope it’s not the downloads for you, after you’ve gone to all this effort! Fingers crossed that it all keeps going smoothly for you too. It is a very tedious, not-fun process!

    I’m so sorry you were sick all over Christmas – hate that! I’m glad you’re feeling more up to playing now and hopefully it won’t be long until you can.

    1. Ahh I hope it’s not the downloads too! Because part of me thinks there was an issue with downloads. For instance, I know that ALL of the Fresh Prince cars would crash my game, I don’t know why cause they never did before. So I will add those in later, and after everything is working. If it is the downloads, I will cry. I am rather attached to my homes/buildings/city. If I removed some downloads, it wouldn’t crash, but then the next time it did, even with those removed… so it never really made any sense to begin with.

      But I will be able to still take my saved packages of clean sims, and just pop them in to another new hood, without any CC. So it’d only be the hood rebuilding I’d have to do over, and I hope/feel that any issues would pop up quickly. *crossing fingers* I didn’t crash in Millwood ether… so I partially think that I guess/ ?? it could have been how large South Port was/is… but I never had this issue on the old PC, so my brain can’t understand that logic ether. I just am going on a wing and a prayer here.

  3. I hope you are doing well with solving your issues. It seems that there have been a lot of us who’ve had issues with our games. I never did find what was causing mine and I got tired of not being able to play so now I play with a very small objects folder.

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