let your heart be light

december 2019
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Hazel Woodfolk (37 years), Jude (36 years), Bea (8 years), Monroe (6 years), Roman (4 years)

narrated by: Jude

Just over a year and a half ago, I was dropped by my recording studio. I worked at Hazel’s diner for a short stint until I began to grate her nerves, and then it was clown business, where I dressed the part of a clown and entertained children. I didn’t fully mind the break, and I felt confident that it would work all work out, and likely for the better. Hazel wasn’t always as optimistic, though she tried to hide it from me.

Thankfully, it’s turned around for my career, and I’ve been picked up by a new recording studio. Just as mine does a flip towards the good and steady again, Hazel’s diner has taken a hit. Rebecca is on maternity leave from having Wyatt, and her old crew has all quit or been fired.

She feels confident that her new staff will be able to learn the ropes and be a strong team, but patrons aren’t as forgiving. With constant complaints from the food not tasting the same, from the new chef with considerably less experience, to a server that spilled their plate on their laps. She’s constantly putting out fires, and handing out discounts that her actual profit has taken a large hit, and the holiday season is usually largely profitable.

She does like her new hires, which helps to pass the time. She has concerns that Rebecca is not returning from maternity leave, so she took extra care in the interview process.

I knew she needed a break, so I arranged for her parents, George and Mandy to take the kids overnight. They love having the kids over, that all we have to do is ask and they say yes.

George has a gaming system, and even plays with them now and then. He played more when it was just Bea that played. Now they set the stove timer so they each get equal turns.

Roman is only four though, and his interest in the game doesn’t last long. He usually climbs onto the sofa next to Mandy for some quality time. She would love for us to have another one, she’s more upset about Roman being in preschool then ether of us. She would have better luck to ask Finn then us though, we are both content with three.

She understands that we are done having them though once it gets to bedtime. As much as they adore their grandparents, they hate bedtime even more, Roman especially.

We would like to say that Bea is better about it, but she’s just as likely to cause a commotion as her brothers. At least George is good-natured about it all. None of our kids could be described with words like calm or serious, they are constantly involved with mischief and shenanigans.

Hazel appreciated the date night, we just hit a coffee shop in Eastborough. I’m going to play some local concerts down on the campus this spring, and wanted to get familiar with the layout. It’s been a long time since ether of us were able to fit in with the college crowd.

We are hosting Christmas this year, so we discussed on who we wanted to invite. She’s never been especially close with her brother Finn, and add that they have seven kids, and three grandkids, and it’s just too many people for our home.

I told Hazel she could blame me if she wanted, and just tell Finn that I told her to not invite him. We decided to keep it more intimate with her parents and sister, Violet-Adele, the better half of the family in my opinion. Everyone’s tried over the years to bring Finn into the fold, but he’s always resisted, carrying a chip on his shoulder to his parents and how they raised him.

I’m glad Hazel isn’t like that, and I hope that none of our kids are ether when they grow up. As Finn should know, parents do the best they can, and no one is perfect.

It had been a dry December without snow much to the disappointment of the kids, but on Christmas morning they awoke to flurries. They were thrilled.

While the ladies made dinner, the kids ran out in the backyard to play in the snow. Hazel was occupied otherwise she would have made them put on their coats. It felt warm out though to the kids, no wind with the privacy fence, and barely cold enough to make snowflakes.

When Hazel called them back in, I’m sure she regretted it just a smidge. Bea and Roman were finishing a very loud game of cops and robbers, that involved much protesting from Roman. George didn’t mind the commotion though.

Everyone is hoping that Violet-Adele finds someone to settle down with, including Bea. She joins the long line of people asking Violet-Adele about when she will be getting married. Bea is coming at in from a different view point though, she desperately wants to be her flower girl, before she’s too old to be one. She also wouldn’t mind a girl cousin to play with at family events. She does get along well enough with Finn’s daughter Lily-Mae but they only see each other on the school playground.

Hazel even puts me up to ask her about her private life. Mostly she just wants me to pry and see if she’s back with Reed. Hazel doesn’t judge much, but she really doesn’t want her sister involved in an affair again. I don’t blame her, but I feel uncomfortable asking these types of questions.

George and Mandy have been talking more about selling their house, and brought it up during dinner. Hazel knows full well they aren’t intending to do that until they are unable to care for themselves or one of them passes. She thinks they do it as ploy to get Violet-Adele to see that they are aging, and she should get into a serious relationship.

If she’s aware of their plan, or if it even effects her, she doesn’t show it. She just strikes up a conversation with someone else or stares at her plate.

I’m not sure what it is about the McCarthy girls, but Hazel wasn’t impressed with marriage and commitment ether. Just worked in my favor that she’d gotten unexpectedly pregnant with Bea and decided to accept my proposal. I don’t think that same scenario would have the same ending though with Violet-Adele.

George and Mandy got the kids lots of toys for Christmas, not that they needed more toys to clutter their bedrooms up with, and the backyard when it’s warmer.

Violet-Adele had gotten Monroe a joy buzzer, and he used it immediately on Mandy. She seemed to have been genuinely shocked or she’s a good actress. Mandy does alright with the hijinks, but George is the better one to play the jokes on, she doesn’t appreciate the humor as fully as him.

It turned into a really great holiday, without any family drama or disagreements. As impossible as it is for Violet-Adele to stay in a relationship, she’s not immature when it comes to helping with meals and clean up, which is not something that can be said for other adults.

To finish the kids’ Christmas break, we went to Lincoln Park to play in the snow, bringing Jedi along to sniff around. As tomboyish as Bea can be, she’s not a fan of getting hit in the face with an icy cold snowball, so her and Hazel built a snowman.

While the girls did that, me and the boys went off to have a snowball fight, even including in some other kids that were at the park.

A day in the snow, was just what the kids needed to expel all that pent up energy. A few hours out there, and they sleep great at night without a protest, well not as much anyway.

I’m hoping that the new year will bring my music career back to it’s prior rankings, and that Hazel’s diner’s profit will perk back up. I know she’s hoping those things for our careers as well.

Notes: Hazel’s diner really took a hit with the new hood/move. She lost all her previous workers, and Rebecca on maternity leave, left her with a completely inexperienced crew. Without loyal customers, she had nothing but complaints, and to get them to even sit, she had to lower the price of her food even more. Hard times for Hazel.

These two should be done with kids, they haven’t TFB since Roman, and they woohoo an awful lot, so I feel safe to say that they are done. I was pleasantly surprised that they seemed to keep to that thought in the new hood too. Mandy and George both want more grandbabies, but honestly they have enough, ten grand kids, and three great grandkids. They should be content with that!

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8 thoughts on “let your heart be light

  1. I was wondering if Jude would be able to do his music again! I’m glad he can now. It would be a shame to throw it all away after a setback. Not so good about poor Hazel and her diner though!

    Man, those kids must keep their parents (and grandparents!) on their toes! I don’t think I’d want this family to have more than three anyway, you know? They just seem perfect the way they are and I’m glad they seem to feel the same way.

    LOL, Violet-Adele better get on that marriage train, or else Bea will be too old to be a flowergirl by the time it rolls around! She’ll have to be a junior bridesmaid instead. 🙂

    Loved seeing this family celebrate such a lovely Christmas but I can’t believe how big the kids are getting!

    1. I made Jude find the music career in the paper, I was glad that he actually found it, I had been checking for him each time he showed up on lots, and it was never there.

      I don’t think this family could handle anymore than three ether. They are always bouncing off the walls. I think they are perfect with three too!

      I think that Bea should get used to the idea of a juniors bridesmaid for sure, I do not see Violet-Adele marrying anytime soon! Plus Violet is only 30, so it’s not like she’s an old hen or anything! I have a very hard time ever seeing her married though, but I would like her too!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. Poor Hazel! Dealing with all of that fuss is a real pain. Hopefully the new crew will adapt quickly.

    Oh my goodness! They don’t need more than three if that’s bedtime. I feel so bad for them, lol. Rope those kids to the bed. 😉

    I loved the comment about McCarthy women not being too keen on marriage. It’s so true. I wonder if Violet-Adele will ever get married. She’s really into her career.

    Yay! A drama-free Christmas and such a cute one, too. I’m glad you got your game back and working again. Again, I am super-amazed at you and Carla. So much patience!

    1. It was a pain running the diner for the first time in ages, one headache after another. I hope she can regain her reputation quickly, and that the crew learns well.

      lol on roping the kids to the bed. I don’t know if I would volunteer to keep them over if I was their grandparents. They are rowdy.

      I wonder about Violet-Adele getting married too, I’d like her too. I just don’t see her falling head over heels for a guy though, if it happens, I think it will be like a business relationship, doing their own thing sort of thing. I’d like her to have a kid one day though, her IFS is 1 and I think that would fit her perfectly.

      Thanks for commenting Mao! I’m glad I got my game back too!

  3. I still can barely believe that Hazel and Jude have three! They seem to have the patience of saints to put up with all three of those kids. I’m sure Hazel’s profits will pick back up. It’s nice to see all of them together, but they all need to get off Violet-Adele’s back. Just be happy she’s not with Reed again, and leave her be. And Beatrice should know, being a junior bridesmaid is better than a flower girl. 🙂

    1. Most of them do not know about her being Reed’s mistress. Violet-Adele keeps her personal life very personal. George and Mandy just want more grandkids, and no one else is having any, so it leaves Violet-Adele to receive all the pressure. And so true, junior bridesmaid would be more fun for Bea! And much more likely to happen at this rate!

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

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