january birthdays 2020

january 2020

Eva was working downtown at the baby boutique, the Mini-Sprout when her water broke, her boss gave her a ride to the hospital while Eva called Gideon. He was working at the science facility in Eastborough, and was thirty minutes out.

Eva wasn’t overly concerned about his delay, Paloma and Linnea weren’t terribly fast deliveries.

Gideon had been panicked the entire drive in, but was happy to find his new wife to still be very much pregnant when he got to her room. He felt conflicted between the excitement over the new baby and Eva’s evident pain. He sort of wished he could have walked in right at the end of it all, his nerves felt spent.

Once Gideon arrived the delivery went quickly, and Dr. Morgan announced they had a beautiful little girl, Dahlia Prince.

Eva couldn’t have been happier, the thought of a boy terrified her from all the unknowns, and they had never been able to decide on a boy name.

Gideon couldn’t believe that he held his own daughter in his arms, as devoted as he was to being a great step dad to Eva’s daughters, this moment was amazing in all new levels. He didn’t expect to experience this when he married her, knowing their chances to conceive were small.

It seemed to him that everything was really falling into place, and that maybe all of Eva’s bad luck in the past was over, because there had been nothing but good things since they united.

Notes: I am really happy with baby Dahlia (dah-lee-a). Besides having no boy names, I’m excited that the baby has Eva’s complexion, which she got from her own Dad, and then brown hair. All of her girls are very diverse which I love. I’m excited to see these two and how they handle a new baby together and a new teen in the house. And I do hope that it’s nothing but good luck for these guys from here on out, almost seems like Abby was the bad luck… after her death, there’s been great things.

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “january birthdays 2020

    1. I had never heard the name Aleigha before, but just did the other day on a baby, it made me think of you and your granddaughter. Thanks for commenting Nita!

  1. Aw, I’m so glad Eva and Gideon had a girl! She just doesn’t strike me as the mother of a son! And I’m happy that this happened for them at all too. As they would well know, their chances weren’t great.

    1. She didn’t strike me as a Mom to a boy ether!! So I’m super happy with another daughter. I really thought that Gideon was signing up to never have a baby, so I’m really happy with how this has all turned out for them, and happy to have his genetics continue on. Thanks for commenting Carla!

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