Jefferson High School Renovations *lot tour*

Back in 2010, I was really impressed with my ability to build a high school, but it wasn’t long afterward that I started to really dislike it. Suddenly I found myself going from 5 students to 15, and the rooms were too small, and it was blatantly obvious that South Port/Millwood had outgrown their brand new high school. But I was discouraged at the thought to start over, and even more uninspired to renovate, until now that is.

I did not want to start over, but have been inspired by many of the high schools I’ve seen by Carla, and other simmers in passing, and more that I can’t recall who, so I doubled the size of my old high school lot and went to town.

Before (wow this was like ten terrains ago!)

And now: (I left the right side as it was)

Back of the school, now with a parking lot, and the soccer field doesn’t look so open and naked.

When you first come in, now instead of lockers, there is an office, inspired by Carla. I found this object by chance, and had to use it.

Looking toward the gym from the front door, stairs to the next floor are on the right.

The hallway to the left leads to the offices, both administrative and principal.

Waiting area for students or parents wanting to speak with the principal.

Office work area.

Principal’s office.

Inspired by Sari to use the dressers for filing cabinets. I had real ones in the game at one point, and after searching for them, realized they were gone. Tried out Sari’s handy trick, and was able to avoid downloading more stuff.

Off the hall from the office is another hall that leads to the teacher’s lounge, the art room, and the Language Arts classroom.

The Teacher’s lounge, after seeing Carla’s teachers having a room, I just had to have one for mine. I really want one for my grade school kids, seeing that as of right now there is only one teacher for my high school. I didn’t bring over the pnpc’s that were teaching previously.

Next is the art classroom, which my grade school kids had, but my high school kids didn’t, that never seemed right.

Inspiration wall.

More table top easels.

Supply wall and cabinets.

Bekah Grimsley’s Language Arts/History classroom.

This angle reminded me of speech class. *gulp*

The gym, made more awesome by Pru who did some recolors for my Spartans, and even added a scoreboard sign!

And now with better bleachers, and walls, because it was really lacking. I had to make the entire gym much larger. Also added an area to do some boxing.

The cafeteria hasn’t really changed, just added a door at the back.

And my favorite class in middle school, home economics! Or something like Consumer Science now? Something of that nature. I loved learning to bake in the 6th grade, and now my sims can burn up the school too.

There are 3 kitchens for students to form groups, and cook in.

And ATS’s amazing fabric so students can learn how to sew.

I also added in an orchestra, seeing that Lewis plays violin now and again. Didn’t make sense to play in grade school, then suddenly have no option to continue.

The library is almost the same except bigger now, since I got rid of the old principal office (that i never decorated except for throwing down a desk.)

More study tables now.

And the books without any recolors.

And then the science classroom, it was extremely small in the past, so it’s been changed up to also fit more students.

Threw in a TV, we always watched ahem, Channel One in science class, back when it was Lisa Ling. Ah the memories! It was there that I found out that Kurt Cobain had died, and sat there in utter shock and disbelief.

And continuing on, the lab area for the students, now it’s two long rows seating 10 I believe.

I did not change the shop class, I was not inspired to even touch it, so it remains the way it was previously. It’s way too small, but I’m too lazy to care.

And that’s it! Jefferson High’s new renovations, sorely needed. I’m playing them next, and it was Pru that really fueled me to get these changes going! I did her teen athletic outfits, and she did some recolors for my Spartans, and there was no way I couldn’t make teen outfits for my kids after I made hers. Looking forward to actually playing the high school.

Thanks to all those that have shared their school pictures that inspired me, and to Pru for her amazing recolors. And thanks for looking!

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23 thoughts on “Jefferson High School Renovations *lot tour*

  1. Love it, love it, love it! Looking at your classrooms I realize that my redux of my high school did not include finishing the decorations of the classrooms or the principal’s office. I really gotta get on that! I’m also trying to remember what the high school mascot was; it may have been the spartans too. I know the elementary school is the pirates. I should go and do some school spirit poster too. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Happy to inspire! Hope you post a tour of yours too! I never had decorated the principal office until now, I was never inspired to even touch it. Didn’t help that I don’t technically have a principal ether. The Spartans were our rivals when I was in high school, but I’m a big fan of the Greeks history, so I let it pass for my sim teens.

  2. My goodness that’s awesome! Makes me wanna do more to my schools……I won’t of course, but it does inspire me lol. Your attention to detail is really amazing 🙂

  3. I’m so in awe of this! I have to ask, when you have chairs on the diagonal like you have in the principal’s office, will sims still talk together while sitting on them? I know they will with armchairs but I am hoping it’s the same with desk/dining chairs around a desk!

    The art room is so cool. Cabinets! That’s what I was always missing in mine! Love the paper towel too – a very nice (and useful!) touch.

    I may have some WCIFs for you when I do my own schools! You’ve found some amazing content and you’ve used it so perfectly.

    1. They do still talk with each other when the chairs are diagonal, I double checked because I wasn’t certain if I had put a hack in before that allowed it.

      If you have any wcif’s I’d be happy to try and help out! I pinned a few things the other day while they were fresh in mind. Somehow I actually emptied my lot, so I have to redecorate the whole darn thing again, I’m beyond relieved I took so many photos so I can recreate it, but my eyes are killing looking at the tiny pictures in the catalog. So far I’ve re-done 4 rooms… oi.

      Thanks Carla!

  4. This is the best, most realistic high school I have ever seen for TS2. *drool* Great, great work! I wouldn’t mind attending school there and I’m past high school age haha. For whatever reason, I enjoy building high schools in Sims 2 but mine never turn out this nicely.

  5. I forgot to ask, where did you get the office front (wall divider?) in the 6th picture? It’s ok if you can’t remember. I’ve been trying to make similar main offices in the high schools I build and would love to find that object too.

    1. Thank you for your comments Fenderchick, sorry that this sat in my pending folder for so long, and thank you for the compliments. I am quite happy with how it turned out, and I hope that I stay that way! It’s a lot of work rebuilding. I used my own high school as inspiration in the beginning, and I think it helped it to keep realistic qualities, and then extras like the lounge room came from Carla with them in her school. Of course my high school had them, but I never went in them, so they never crossed my mind in the original build.

      The wall is from this site -> It’s a decoration piece, so technically sims can walk through it, I just put stuff up to block it so they can’t.

      Thanks for commenting!

  6. Maisie I love it. I am looking for the chalkboard, pull down map, blue lockers, cabinet on wheels, cafeteria chairs, lunch menu, scoreboard, water fountain, and the white table in the art room. Whew!! Thanks.

    1. Hey Nita,
      chalkboard – says it’s by ‘Cat’ that’s all I know about that. I do believe it’s from MTS though.
      Cabinet on wheels – Vroom! dresser that is red and yellow, came with an expansion pack.
      Cafeteria Chairs – Nuclear Dining Chairs (also came with an expansion pack, they cost $450 a piece if that helps).
      Lunch Menu – it’s a recolor of a game painting, and came from MTS I do believe.
      Lockers – Living Dead Girl at TSR (she has a whole school set that rocks with clocks, fire alarms, and posters.)
      Drinking Fountain – MTS Rebecah, she has a couple –
      Map and Art Table are from ATS, Altea dining set.
      Scoreboard – I’m not sure, it’s a recolor of an H&M poster. Pru might know where the original recolor is from.

      I hope this helps!! Thanks for commenting Nita!

  7. This is just amazing!! You guys make me want to redo my school and I just did it! I really like the new look of it and the soccer field out back looks great. I should probably expand my lot and put a little more effort into my soccer field, too LOL. I really love that front office and the waiting area to get to the principal’s office. And seeing yours and Carla’s teachers’ lounge makes me wish I would have saved space for one. I really love the art classroom and the gym is awesome! Pru did a great job on the scoreboard and I may ask her to whip one up for me too. And the school spirit signs are a perfect touch. I need to go back and do some of my own now. And I might just have to build a third floor on my school because I just love your “consumer science” aka home ec classroom! Thanks for the tour! So many ideas are flowing!

    1. Thanks Dani, don’t worry about your school! It works great, you need to play, play, play! And then expand the lot later if you wish. 🙂 Carla’s teacher lounge is what really sealed my eventual redo of the lot, because I really wanted to see my teachers in action/relaxing/interacting with one another too. I wholly agree that Pru did a fabulous job on the scoreboard, it completes the gym. Thanks for the compliments Dani! 🙂

  8. It’s me again haha. In the gymnasium picture with the Home of the Spartans sign, I was wondering if you know where the original banner mesh is from. I’m itching to make my own recolors of it.

    1. I don’t know off the top of my head but will look in game for you! Booting up to play Lorelei’s wedding today so I know I’ll be in the game.

  9. Seriously Maisie, I was enjoying your tour until you mention Kurt. OMG! I was in 9th grade when he died. I actually stayed home for three days I was so sad, and I cried, and cried, and cried. So sad, such a sad ending for him. But on the bright side, I LOVE your remodel. Could you come to my hood and redo my high school and elementary! LOL Where did you get those cute mini easels from? Do they function like normal ones? I have never seen those before.

  10. Is there anyway I could download this somewhere for my series!? I would give you credit! I mean this is truly the best high school I’ve ever seen! Series, all the detail you put into it! It makes me realize how bad I am at building XD

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