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everything under the sun

march 2020
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Student Enrollment List
Senior Class: Alice London, Lauren Schehl, Brooklyn Lange, and Rosabella Steinman

narrated by: Bekah Grimsley

We were fortunate to receive budgeting to expand the high school, now we are better able to equip the teenagers of the county for the real world. Unfortunately we are very short staffed, so the teachers we do have, are doubling up on duties for the time being.

It’s meant that there are times that the hallways are unsupervised, and it’s led to a rift between the upperclass students and the middle school ones. Jill has been picking on Caitlyn, and has shown that she’s not as friendly as her older brother Henry was.

And the “Art Teacher” is more of a Physical Education teacher, and so he’s running from PE class to the art room, and tends to get into class a few minutes late. It’s resulted in unsatisfactory behavior. Zilla has rough edges, and seems to have picked Linnea to pick on. It’s not exactly been a warm welcome for Linnea’s high school years.

We can count on some of the students to do well, and not cause trouble. Rachael and Caitlyn seem to be two peas in a pod, and both good girls. Caitlyn has proven to try and sneak kisses in the hallways, but she’s not terrorizing anyone, which makes it more forgivable.

I’m still teaching all the language classes from history to geography and language arts. This is the class I became a high school teacher for, and I still thoroughly enjoy it after all these years.

I enjoy some students more than others though. Brooklyn is not as bright as her older sister Paige, and she makes the rest of the class go at a slower pace.

Lauren is a senior this year, and seems to have picked up on some slacker habits. She had a falling out with the other girls over a past student, Isaac Gavigan, and she’s checked out of the high school experience since then.

I’ve been teaching in the new consumer science class, and am about as lost as the students when it comes to sewing. I have the handbook, and it’s just pot holders, so as long as no one sews their fingers together I think we will make it alright. I definitely hope to hire a teacher for this class during the summer to save myself the headache next fall.

Luckily some of the girls have a little experience from their mothers and grandmothers.

We have had to split our middle school students up, because of the sheer abundance of them. The sixth graders are alone, and next year we get four new students to replace the four that are graduating.

The younger students are always fun to watch, they still have grade school ways of flirting. Itzel booed at Caleb Gray, which led me to think she might have a crush on him.

Riley Gray and Linnea both seem to have a crush on the new student Rafael. They both go about it differently, with Riley showing him up on the court, with Linnea cheering for him.

Lunch hour tends to be the hormonal hour. It’s been pretty obvious that Rachael has feelings for Lewis, he seems oblivious to her doe-eyed looks.

Earlier in the year Elias had asked Rachael to go steady and she had rejected him. She seemed to have changed her mind, perhaps to block Lewis out of her mind, but Elias seemed to change his mind.

I think Rafael’s sister, Perla has something to do with it. She doesn’t seem to have any interest in Elias, but it hasn’t stopped him from giving her attention anyway.

It’s put Rachael in lower spirits, and I notice her watching Lewis and Caitlyn more than she was previously.

When I see Rachael’s plight, I don’t miss these high school days at all. I move around the cafeteria, sitting with other students on different days, and mostly sit with Caitlyn and Lewis to keep the PDA to a minimum. Part of me thinks that Rachael enjoys me sitting there.

Elias might come back around to Rachael though, when he realizes that Perla is not interested in him, and can be rather crazy in her own right. She can scowl better than any previous student I’ve taught, I just don’t know her well nor can I ask my friend Lucy what she was like in grade school, since they are new to South Port. I’m just not certain that Rachael will take kindly to be second choice.

I wish that all high school issues were as simple as crushing over a boy that was dating your best friend. No amount of counseling and guidance has been able to repair the damage to Julia and Lauren’s friendship. Even though Isaac called it off with Lauren back when he started college, she still won’t relent and repair the damage with Julia.

Alice and Julia were not exactly forgiving when Lauren had started dating Isaac, and both groups have hard feelings over it. I am constantly bringing the girls into the office to try and defuse the situation.

They aren’t very productive. Julia remains composed, and Lauren tends to lose it, and feel like we are ganging up on her.

Lauren is heading off to college, and I am relieved to have it be easier for Julia and myself even. Most of the underclass students don’t know all what had happened with Julia, and it’s more of a mystery and rumors right now. Once Lauren is gone, I hope that Julia’s senior year will go by without such a commotion.

After Julia graduates, I hope that it’s a long time before any more teen pregnancies creep into these halls. It’s been an emotional roller coaster for all of us involved, and has made high school much more mature than it really ought to be.

Notes: I really need new teachers, I left the previous ones in the old hood, and just pulled in two to help out. My daughter and I made a new family, the Martinez family, they have two teens Perla and Rafael. Elias instantly fell hard for Perla, and she rejected him flat. That caused a negative, and he’s now rejecting Rachael, who seemed to have changed her mind on his earlier proposal of going steady.

There was a lot of flirting this time around, and all were rejected! I was really excited for some first kisses action, and instead I had Perla and Elias become enemies, and Rachael sulking over Lewis, Linnea rejected by Caleb and Rafael. It is rough to be a teen right now!

I can’t believe that Lauren and Alice are graduating! I feel like their teen years flew by. Brooklyn works with Alice at Myra’s Farmer Market, and is Paige‘s little sister. Paige dated Peter, dumped him, dated him again, and dumped him again.

I was tickled that Lauren started fighting with Julia in front of the “how to stop a bully” sign. Doesn’t seem to be working. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading!

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11 thoughts on “everything under the sun”

    1. I wonder how she will feel when she runs into Isaac on campus, and sees him possibly, be dating Lainey. I would like her to at least not be so grumpy towards Julia, they both are just being stubborn, and have been hurt by the other. They need to just let it go, hopefully with college comes maturity, plus a year break before Julia joins her, so time to cool off?

      Thanks for commenting Starr!

  1. Oh, it will be so much fun to see these kids in university. Your school updates are one of those things that really inspire me to get my own school updates going, in the near future. I love the interior shots and that photo of Julia and Lauren by the anti-bullying poster. Such a perfect snapshot of what school is like. πŸ™‚

    1. Aww really? That’s super cool, I read other peoples updates with their schools and they inspire me! Your hood inspires me on so many levels that it’s a big compliment that mine can do that to you. πŸ™‚ I am looking forward to this group in college! It’s been coming a long time, in real life, and it’s nearly here! I am curious how it will go with Isaac secretly sort-of-seeing Lainey, and with Lauren and Alice on campus… it could be a lot of fun, aka drama.

      Thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚

    1. Ah I do hope that the college ones are interesting, I’ve been waiting so long for there to be several students in college! I’m excited to see them all on their own, and how they do without parentals!

      Thanks for commenting Monqiue!

  2. Heh, Bekah could have it worse; I once had to substitute for the Mandarin teacher! She didn’t expect me to teach Mandarin, obviously but it was still a bit of a shock to get a phone call beginning with “hello, this is Rebecca, the Mandarin teacher at X Public School!” LOL

    Poor Rachael! I wonder if there might be another boy around to catch her eye. Pining away after Lewis isn’t doing her any good. But then, kids that age are fickle, so who knows what might happen with Lewis and Caitlyn?

    I can’t believe Alice is graduating but for some reason, I don’t have that issue with Lauren! Maybe it’s the pigtails making me always think of Alice as younger than she is. But anyway, I can’t wait to see those two at college. If Alice decides to keep up her loyalty to Julia, sparks might fly. It’ll be nice for Julia to get a break from all that for a year or so.

    1. Oh my goodness! I imagine that would be a shock to be asked to sub for a Mandarin teacher! We had a few french subs, but they always spoke French.

      I was super bummed that Elias seemed to be over Rachael, because she was warming up to him and the idea of dating, and I thought they could be cute for some first kisses, and awkward flirting! He really ruined my visions, and she has zero interest in Julius, and he has eyes on Jill (Henry Popper’s little sister, the little blond bully).

      I can see that the pigtails would make her seem younger, I considered changing them at one point, but she’s always seemed very good, smart but naive, and rather innocent. And I thought she’d think pigtails were cute, and keep them on. I am looking forward to giving her a makeover though! And I really wonder what is going to go down if Lainey and Isaac keep seeing each other, and how Alice handles that. And it will be nice for Julia to be out of that loop for a bit, Lauren is a lot of drama, she’s always been a bit of a rambunctious girl, act first, think later.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. High schoolers are so fickle lol. In love one day and out the next! Maybe things will settle down once Lauren graduates. And poor Rachael, teenage boys don’t make much sense (grown men don’t either sometimes lol). I’m sure someone else will catch her eye πŸ™‚

    1. That is super true Jen, they are fickle, and true about grown men too. I feel bad for Rachael as well, pining for Lewis, and being the third wheel so to speak with her two best friends dating each other, doesn’t really leave her anyone to confide in.

      Thanks for commenting Jen!

  4. Oh my goodness! Just reading this made me feel a little exhausted. Poor teachers. They really need to get some help. Running all of those classes can’t be good, lol.

    I love seeing teens in action like this. It’s so funny how someone can go from best friend to enemies and love to hatred so quickly. Hormones are definitely raging at this school!

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