London Family

silver coin

may 2020
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Cole London (57 years), Lucy (55 years), Alice (18 years), Itzel (11 years), Milo (10 years)

narrated by: Alice

I got my acceptance letter from Eastborough University, and it came with the surprising news that I was eligible for a full ride scholarship. I scored a 60 on my SAT, and I am the first student to qualify for this, not even Lainey scored as high as I did.

When my Dad came home, I told him that I didn’t qualify, just to tease him a bit. He isn’t known for his humor, which makes it all the more fun for me to give him a hard time.

When I told him about the full ride though, he forgot to be upset about my little prank.

He was practically floating at dinner that night, and started getting on Milo that he has a lot to live up to when he starts high school in a few years.

Mom took care of laying down the high expectations onto Itzel on her end of the table. I tried to lighten the mood, I am the first one to qualify, so technically it’s not that probable, but Dad went into the statistics that they had a better chance than anyone seeing I had been the one that succeeded.

Itzel is just starting high school, and I hope they don’t put too much pressure on her, we talked about it before bed that night, and she didn’t seem upset over it. She’s more unhappy that I graduate at the end of the month. We will still have the summer to hang out, but we both know it will go fast. I hate that we finally have more in common, and I am on my way out the door to college.

Mom has been bugging Dad about setting a date for my graduation party. He’s pretty occupied with his law office, and being the Mayor. His term is nearly up, and he is not eligible to run a third time. I know Mom is looking forward to having his attention more. She can stand at the end of his desk waiting fifteen minutes before he looks up to see what she’s there for.

He’s being kind of a pain to her about the party. I know he’s proud of my accomplishment, but he’s a busy man, and hard to peg down for events. I hope that he takes more time at home for them all after his term is up, I do wish it had been up while I still lived at home.

Once Mom set the party date, I wanted to get to work on a tan. I’m ghostly pale, and tend to burn, so I started with short increments. Itzel with her golden Hispanic complexion doesn’t tend to have a burning problem, she looks gorgeous year round.

Milo had Jett Picasso over, and they were playing as close to the water as Mom would allow them without adult supervision, and we both dozed off. It’s amazing how lulling the waves can be, the birds, and kids laughing, to put me right to sleep with the warm sun.

Shockingly, and thank goodness, I did not get a burn. It would have been horrifying to be bright red for my high school graduation, but Itzel did not fare as well, just as surprisingly. I felt horrible telling her that she was severely burnt, and red as a hot tamale.

I brought her with me to visit with Lainey, she agreed to show me the campus and the cool places to hang out. I couldn’t get into the bar yet without a college ID, so we went to this restaurant that was also a hang out with billiards in a spot. Actually saw Hadley and saw that she was still dating Chad, much to the disappointment of Lainey, I’m sure. She hasn’t talked about her crush on Chad though in a few months.

As much as I like having Itzel tag along, she dominated all the conversations, which she rarely does. She’s usually too shy to ever talk, but Lainey is like family so she isn’t as inhibited around her. I sort of wished that she’d eat more and talk less, it was hard to say anything to my friend that I had wanted to fill her in on.

Lainey took us to the quad, which was emptier than usual with finals being done for most of the student population, but there were still a few out performing. We ended up stopped in front of this guy who was trying some stand up comedy; he was horrible which made it all the more fun. We heckled him, and I was the loudest in our group.

I tried seeing if Lainey had any idea if anyone was leaving her dorm, and if there was room for me. I put it on my residence form, that I preferred Miner Hall, but Lainey had no clue on any vacancies. Sometimes it seems that she doesn’t want me in the same dorm unit as her, but I try to ignore that. I remember when I was still in fifth grade, that we had a bit of a falling out but it was better once I joined her at the high school.

I’m hoping that she sees me as her equal again once I come here anyway, cause it seems like she thinks I’m just a kid, and don’t understand anything about the real world.

We had my graduation party over Memorial Day weekend, and the weather was perfect with bright skies, and a warm breeze. Grandma was super proud of my accomplishment, and gifted me with $5,000 for some extra spending money while I’m away at college.

She spoils me rotten, and I can’t wait to use the money to furnish my dorm room with all sorts of wild decor. My Mom has always been in charge of the decorating of mine and Itzel’s shared bedroom, and I am quite excited to finally have my own space.

Mom was busy talking with Bekah the entire time, mostly about students, and what kids were graduating the fifth grade and headed to Bekah’s school. They rarely talk about anything but the students, and their own kids. Dad found out about the amount of money that Grandma gave me, and scolded her, saying that I wouldn’t know how to use that money wisely.

We get along with the Grimsley kids pretty well, me and Lainey have been best friends since toddlerhood when we were neighbors in the townhouse. Itzel and Willa aren’t super close, but Milo and Holden are good buds. Willa is sort of a handful, she likes to have everything her way, and throws tantrums when someone disagrees with her.

The party went well, we had pizza and cupcakes delivered, so there wasn’t a lot of things for Mom to fuss over, and Dad even was home for the entire event.

Brooklyn told me to check the mail, and that she had gotten her dorm assignment to Linden Dorms, and so I ran out to check mine. We were both in Linden. It wasn’t Miner like Lainey was in, but at least I knew that me and Brooklyn would be in the same dormitory. Miner has no dormmates, but Linden does, so we hope that we have been paired together, we find that out very soon.

Neither of us can wait to move out and start college in the fall, we’ve made plans to try and have as many classes together as possible with our very differing majors. She hasn’t decided yet, but believes law or intelligence, and I am certain that I want to be an actress, much to my Dad’s disapproval.

After the party I found Dad cleaning up a few of the dishes, he mentioned that the house won’t quite be the same without me around, and he’ll miss me. He’s not the most affectionate guy, so it really meant something to hear that.

I’m sure that I will miss my parents, and I know I’ll miss Itzel, but I am hyped up over college, with my free ride, and $5,000 cash from Grandma. It seemed like this day would never arrive, and in a few short months I’ll be an adult, taking the steps to being an actress, finally.

Notes: Alice worked hard, and has a full ride. Her family and Grandma are very loaded, so they didn’t need the help at all, but it’s still awesome. I have always felt that Alice’s parents were strict, with Cole being a Mayor, he has an appearance to keep up, and he’s a workaholic, and Lucy is a bit of a control freak, helicopter parent. So Alice is thrilled to decorate her own dorm room, and I went wild with it. I’ve always pegged her as loving the neon colors, which are not sophisticated colors in Lucy’s mind.

There is no room for Alice at Miner Hall with Lainey, all new incoming freshman are going to be in Linden with Meg and Peter. I’m a little over that dorm, but wasn’t interested in having three households for college, when two is plenty for the few students I have.

A little reminder that Itzel was adopted, her parents Hector and Luz Cruz both died when she was a toddler, and I imagined that they were from Spain. They really did ruin my plans when they died unexpectedly, for one Itzel was supposed to have a sibling.

And wow, the burnt upper lip and splotchy shoulder look uber painful. I’ve never paid that much attention to the sunburn.

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “silver coin”

  1. Ouch! That looks like me last summer when we went to the beach for a day in Key West and didn’t have an umbrella. Even liberally applied sunblock does nothing when ghost white skin meets the hot, hot sun, lol! It was VERY painful.

    Alice set wild and loose in college. I’ll be very interested to see what she gets up to. I’m hoping she doesn’t fly too wild and free without her parents hovering over her. Strictly controlled kids tends to go bananas the second they get freedom. She’s got a good head on her shoulders, though, so hopefully she won’t go too crazy. 😉

    1. Oh man Mao, I hear ya on the Florida sun, my husband goes yearly for work, and this was the first year he wasn’t lobster red, he wore SPF 50, applied liberally every hour, and wore a shirt the entire time. He has the worst farmers tan, and was only there for 3 days, but no burn, so whew.

      I don’t know how wild Alice will go, she could totally shock me like Oliver wanting to have multiple partners (and thus breaking up with Paloma), so she may go wild. But generally she seems pretty centered and logical. I am excited to see how the girls do though, especially Lauren, who tends to be more wild.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I’m so excited about Alice going to college. I loved seeing some behind the scenes info with your dorm assignments. I only have one dorm, but I think I might build another one. I would love to have two and have students move between dorms maybe…not too sure. 🙂

    1. Starr, one thing that I have been SUPER excited about was using more than one dorm. I don’t know why it excited me so much, but I really wanted to have dorm assignments, and then see what happened from the placements. So I totally believe that you should add a second one.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Wow, I feel like Alice’s teen years went by in a blur. I’m sure she’ll be fine at college; she’s very mature for her age. I don’t see her as an actress myself, but sims are always surprising. I’m glad that the drama with Julia at high school is just about over now too.

    1. Fini, I totally felt that her teen years went by fast too. She never got to even date, not that there were options! But when she wanted to she was still quite a young teen, and then she just didn’t have any interest/prospects. I have a hard time with the actress too, it just happened to be what she rolled for LTW, I didn’t decide it, and so I’ve just gone with it. I may do career assessment for her when I play her household next time, to see what she gets. Part of me thinks of her acting dream to be sort of a whimsical dream, than what her end goal will be… we will see!

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Awesome work, Alice! Full ride! I love how she teases her dad the way she does. He’ll probably miss that when she goes off to college!

    I hope Itzel and Alice can become close again as adults. I’ve liked watching their relationship develop. You can tell there’s a lot of love there but there’s definitely still the annoying little sister vibe as well, like during the visit with Lainey.

    I cannot WAIT to see what Alice does with that $5000! Man, thanks Grandma, lol!

    Good move on sticking to two college households! I drew up my play schedule for Round 35 (eek!) the other day and I’ll have only two households again then. It really is a lot more manageable.

    And wow, I don’t think I’d noticed that sunburn before either. Upper lip sunburn sounds (and looks) exceedingly painful!

    1. I was really excited about Alice getting a full ride, I used your standards for the full ride, and was quite frankly, pretty sure none of my sims would ever achieve that. But I left it, because I knew if one did, that it would be totally awesome. And then Alice did it, which this is only my second time using your method. I don’t think it will be common though, her and Lainey were more exceptional in the academic regard, but Lainey never worked so she was disadvantaged.

      I hope that Alice and Itzel stay close, they are closer than Paloma and Linnea were, so I am hopeful.

      Crazy on 35 rounds! I am just putzing along over here! Only two households for college, that just seems wrong for Sullivan! I’m looking forward to catching up!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  5. I love these girls in your hood and I’m excited about seeing Alice in college now. I’m sure she’ll provide us with interesting drama. 🙂 I,too, love the interaction with her dag – he reminds me a little of Karl Krois in my hood who’s probably going to harbour the same gruff love for his own children. 🙂

    1. Ooh I adore Karl in your hood, I’d say that Karl is *way* cooler than Cole, but you may be right with that gruff love. Cole is mostly a workaholic, lawyer, mayor, with not enough hours in the day, so definitely not as awesome as Karl.

      I’m super excited for Alice in college, I can’t wait to see what happens!

      Thanks for commenting River!

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