summer birthdays 2020

june 2020

Erin is currently four months along, her and Colin are expecting their second baby in November.

Grace and Benjamin’s oldest daughter Ainsley turned four years old.

Tim and Bekah’s daughter, Willa turned eleven. Much to her parents concern, she’s gone a bit boy crazy, and is hoping that high school will offer her the opportunity to land her first boyfriend.

Alice London is off to Eastborough University in the fall. She scored a 60 on her SAT and is eligible for a full-ride scholarship. Alice is going to major in Drama in hopes of a future career in show business, and was assigned to Linden Hall Dormitory.

Lauren Schehl just squeaked into Eastborough with a SAT score of 30. She hasn’t decided on a major nor a career at this point, and has been assigned as Alice’s dorm-mate.

PNPC Brooklyn Lange scored a 43 on her SAT, and is Meg’s dorm-mate at Linden Hall. She is torn between a career in Law or Intelligence, and is going for an Economics Major.

PNPC Rosabella Steinman is also attending Eastborough with a SAT score of 43.

Notes: It’s crazy to me to see Alice and Lauren as young adults! I had to put the new freshmens in Linden Hall with Meg and Peter as Miner Hall only has 4 dorm rooms. I didn’t really want Meg and her sister Lauren in the same dorm, but it had to be, and so she is rooming with Alice.

Alice turned out really pretty in my opinion, and I wasn’t really sure how she’d age up. And Willa is darling, she’s always been my favorite sim, her and her brother, Holden I think are just adorable.

Willa was eligible for romance or pleasure for her aspiration, and so for the first time, I have a primary romance sim. Her poor parents, I can just imagine that Bekah will be thinking of Julia’s pregnancy, and Tim will be thinking, ‘not my daughter, I am a cop, and can carry this gun!’ 😉 Should be fun, I’m looking forward to playing their household next.

Lauren barely skated in, I actually bumped her up to a 30 (she scored 29) but everyone lost all their grades, and so I do believe that in my old hood she would have qualified. Seeing that Meg and Peter are both in college, and doing well, I figured admissions would also give her the benefit of the doubt.

Ainsley looks so much like Grace I think, I think the McCarthy’s have strong genes, the only one that seems to have much influence on looks is Jude with Bea and Roman. Of course Ainsley’s complexion is closer to her Dad’s but she has her Great Grandpa George’s eye color. All three of the Andersen girls have different skin tones, all in-between ones.

I’m hoping that Brooklyn will hit it off with one of my boys, I’d love to add her to my playables.

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “summer birthdays 2020

  1. Ainsley and Willa are both so pretty! Ainsley definitely looks like Grace.

    Yeah, new college students! That’s going to be fun! I’m so taken aback seeing Alice without her pigtails but I really like her new look. Lauren looks gorgeous too. You’re going to have such a great time with your uni gang this round. 😀

    1. Alice without the pigtails is hard for me too! I kept thinking, who is that? When I was setting them up in their dorms. It’s going to take some getting used to for me as well. And man, I think Willa is totally pretty, and Ainsley is such a Grace look-alike! The only one to penetrate those McCarthy genes is truly Jude, with two kids taking after him. I have a difficult time finding hair for Grace and Emma, and found that Ainsley is just the same. They have these funny, small heads, that are I don’t know.. rectangle? Most hairs look wrong and phoney on them. I hope that Isla and Tillie aren’t hard to find hair for too.

      I’m super excited for the new college kids! I’ve been waiting since Lorelei was in college for this group to come!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. Looking forward to that new baby, as always 🙂

    Such pretty sims you have! I love your new college-bunch! Alice looks so different without her pigtails, but she looks amazing! As do all the others, and I can’t wait to see them in college 🙂

    1. Thanks Tanja for commenting! I’m excited about the new baby too, I keep flip-flopping on what I want them to have. I agree that Alice does look different, I had a hard time recognizing her after her makeover. But I couldn’t keep her in pigtails forever.

    1. haha thanks twofleur, I do like how the pnpcs turned out too. Brooklyn has always been a favorite of mine, Rosabella is actually my daughter’s sim, but I play with her most these days, so I included her here.

      For a guy who didn’t really want kids, is afraid of kids, and marriage (which he still hasn’t done), he’s making himself quite a family. I think he’s a better Dad than his his Dad Ethan was when they were growing up, but man, he’s still not stellar.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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