chrome summer

june 2020
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Tim Girmlsey (44 years), Willa (11 years), Bekah (43 years), Holden (6 years)
(Lainey Grimsley – 19 years)

narrated by: Tim

Bekah and myself never thought that Willa was the same person as Lainey, but it’s never been more apparent than now since Willa hit her pre-teen years. She’s always been a tough princess, so I don’t know why we were surprised with her keeping that personality.

Holden is a rough and tumble boy, and is constantly begging for someone to throw the football with him, and if I’m working, he puts all that whiny energy on Willa. Usually Bekah will just tell Willa to go play, just for the peace and quiet. It’s not the best way to handle the situation, but some days it just comes down to that.

Willa from grade school would have pouted, and stomped her feet, but she would have done it. Willa now doesn’t play so nice.

She takes turns between throwing it too hard at his chest, or over his head like they were playing monkey in the middle.

Holden doesn’t cry because he got hurt, he gets angry and fights back. It’s usually their shouting that gets Bekah outside to deal with them. Willa is the one that starts it in these instances, and when Bekah reprimands her, she cops an attitude.

Bekah doesn’t back down, she’s a high school teacher and can handle the teen behavior problems, but she doesn’t relish doing them in her own home.

Bekah has taken to a more relaxed parenting technique this summer though, and decided that she would just force Willa to hang out with her, a sort of teenage time out. Shes basks in the sunlight, while Willa scowls and huffs.

We were hurt when she stopped wanting to do everything with us, but now we are having some fun with it. We went to the pool as a family, and she was humiliated that her parents would wear swimsuits to the pool.

She’s more than a little infatuated with boys, something we never had to deal with when it came to Lainey. We figure we will lay down the law in that regard when the situation arises, so far most of the boys are not interested. We know our luck will change eventually, she’s a pretty girl, but for now her age is against her.

When Willa saw that her Mom planned to just sleep the entire time, as she is apt to do in the sunshine, she relaxed being embarrassed.

So I made a big deal about needing some energy so that I could do some diving like I did back in the good old days of high school.

She was chatting with others in the pool when I made my way to the board, so she missed it until the waves splashed over her. She was livid that I would embarrass her that way in public.

She was still angry when we got back home that day, and she took it out on Holden’s toy car garage.

Unfortunately we had to ground her, and our goals of a laid back summer of family fun were diminished. Bekah had me apologize for being obnoxious on the diving board, to hopefully clear the air, and give her a good example. Willa did not seem to be paying attention to any of those subtle hints.

We were invited out to dinner with the London’s, and that was when Willa decided to shape up. She heard that we were going to hire a babysitter to watch her and Holden and she suddenly found the motivation to behave. We woke up to finding her making eggs for the family.

She even got up and cleaned the kitchen without a word from us, which has never happened. This is the type of thoughtful, mature behavior that we were spoiled with when it came to Lainey. I don’t think that we appreciated Lainey’s behavior as much as we should have.

Possibly against our better judgement, we did entrust her to watch her brother that night. We were wary that they would fight the entire time, but were hopeful they would try to enjoy the night instead.

I’m just not sure how to parent Willa, she is rather tenacious, and obstinate, in many ways she’s like I was a teen. I have a new respect for my Mom and all that she did for me and my brother.

We did let them order pizza, which Willa was thrilled to call in like it was a novelty.

Bekah told me that she was super excited because she wanted the delivery person to be a teenage boy. I hadn’t thought of that, and was relieved when I found out later that much to Willa’s disappointment, it was a thirty year old woman.

According to Holden, Willa was frustratingly bossy while we were away, but they were all good rules so we weren’t upset. She had him in bed at the time that we said, and had him clean up his toys before bed too. He just did not appreciate hearing it from his sister.

Holden told us that she also spent a large portion of the night in the bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror. We fully believe this, it’s hard to get the girl away from the mirrors, constantly checking herself out, even in the windows of buildings and off the sides of cars. Somewhere in her childhood, I think we should have told her she wasn’t as cute as she thought she was, maybe that would have evened out her ego.

Our night with the London’s went well, we toasted to our girls in college, with Alice joining Lainey in the fall. We were all impressed that Alice got a full-ride scholarship to attend.

Lucy wasn’t her chipper self, I could tell that something was bothering her most of the evening.

Bekah told me that she was having a hard time over Alice moving out at the end of summer. I know that Bekah had a hard time with the adjustment, and I won’t say that I haven’t missed her, but it just seems like the natural course for life, and I’m proud that she’s in college. She still comes to visit with us, and it won’t be long before she’s back in South Port.

Bekah isn’t phased by it anymore, she loves to talk about her daughter in college, and how well she is doing. She will make a very chatty grandma, I imagine she will stop everyone who will listen, and talk about how her grandbaby is the most special in the world.

Bekah does everything with gusto, including stealing my food. It’s one of the little things about her that I enjoy. I’m glad she is not uptight and tense like some of the women I come across.

This year we passed our twentieth wedding anniversary, and I marvel at where we have landed. Bekah had the desire to change the world, only adopt children, and recycle to the extreme. I’m glad that we’ve both mellowed out over the years.

Bekah wanted to know what I wanted for Father’s Day, and I had to be honest, that I wanted my brother and his family over for a barbeque. Bekah doesn’t mind Charlie these days, but she still hasn’t found a groove with his wife, Cara, so any family gathering comes with a fair amount of whimpering.

Next day at work I invited Charlie and his family over the next weekend to celebrate Father’s Day.

We don’t discuss our wives, but I believe it’s a common understanding that we both know our wives aren’t best friends. So while he seemed decently enthused over the invitation, there was a hesitation that I could only assume came from his wife’s response that was going to come when he got home that night.

I’m the one that recruited Charlie into the police force. If I hadn’t, I’d hardly see my brother, especially if our wives had anything to say about it. Even still, he can grate on my nerves. I imagine it’s how Willa feels when she’s forced to toss the football with Holden.

We have a lot of paperwork to get done, but he spends the morning drinking V8 juice, and rocking in his squeaky chair.

I try to wander around the station in the morning to finish up any other business, even if it’s not my duty, just to avoid that annoying squeaking and slurping. I usually check out those that were held over night, the usual suspects are those that got into booze fights from their nights out, or drunk driving.

I was surprised to see that Cara’s little brother Luca was on the list to be released. He’d been driving under the influence, and picked up on Saturday night.

He seemed regretful when I first entered the cell, but all of that quickly disappeared when he saw that it was me releasing him. He quickly found his feet and puffed his chest, trying to intimidate me, and telling me with a plea to his voice to not tell his sister Cara. That kind of behavior doesn’t work on me, if it did I wouldn’t have joined the police force, but I don’t go around talking about criminals ether.

I escorted him to the lobby, where his girlfriend Nadia was waiting, she had fronted his bail for him.

She did not seem impressed with him, and I couldn’t say I blamed her. I see all types of criminals, but drunk driving is a common one that cuts a nerve. Most of the stories involve innocents, like my college-aged daughter or a family on the road.

I was going to see if Charlie had seen who had been in jail over the weekend, but he was busy with a woman filing a complaint.

Saturday had rain in the forecast, so we bumped the Father’s Day BBQ from dinner to lunch time. Rachael and Willa immediately went off to a corner of the yard to hang out.

As much as Bekah dislikes being with Cara, Holden feels that way about Jake. Jake is only a year older than Holden, but man, he’s a baby. I know this to be true, just from Charlie’s complaints on the exact same thing. I usually remind him that he was just the same way when he was that age, and he turned out alright.

Jake is not interested in playing any type of tackle or hands on game, and he can’t just say no, he throws a fit over it. Holden doesn’t understand how a boy could be such a wuss, especially one that is older and taller than him.

Lainey came back for the day, and that is where Lulu and Jake wanted to spend their time. Apparently Lainey is now a celebrity, because she is in college. Lulu did try hanging out with Willa and Rachael, but Willa wouldn’t have any of it. I heard her say that Lulu could hang out with them when she turned eleven, which will be next summer.

Charlie burned the chicken, he likes to pretend that he’s a great griller, far superior than me, and so this brought great pleasure. I may not be the griller in my family, but Bekah never burns the chicken.

I noticed that Bekah was trying to be pleasant toward Cara, but she wasn’t bearing the burden well. Cara had a few beers though, and was in a very relaxed manner, even uncharacteristically chatty.

I’ve never had an issue with her, but then again, she’s never asked me to babysit all her kids at last minute notice. She seems to make my brother happy, and that’s all I really care about.

I thought Bekah was going to fall over dead when she saw Cara come up and grab Charlie’s bottom aggressively. She started coughing, and spazzing out. I think that it fueled Cara even more.

All in all, it was a good Father’s Day, and Bekah lucked out that the rain came in early, so they had to leave sooner. Jake was crying that he was tired, so we thanked the rain!

Willa even sat next to me the following morning before I headed to work, I was surprised by the gesture that I didn’t hark on her for eating potato chips for breakfast. I figured that her Mom wouldn’t mind handling that issue for me, I’ve found that these quiet moments are few and far between these days.

I’m hoping that the entry into teenage years doesn’t get much bumpier, and that we can find our natural groove with parenting a daughter like Willa. They say teenage boys are easier, and I am banking on that!

Notes: Willa is my first primary romance playable, and she was cracking me up. She’s constantly checking herself out, she reminds me of my TS3 sim that gets a moodlet for checking himself out in the mirror, Willa would love that! She’s outgoing, and doesn’t hesitate to hit on a boy, but none were interested in her, yet. She smashed Holden’s toy on her own, she was in a foul mood most of the play session.

I had forgotten that Luca had the drunk driving ROS, I was happy I remembered for this update. He has no license for one year, and has to pay a $2000 fine, which he’s a poor bloke, so that is going to hurt him.

I also did the Grimsley family portrait, this was an easy one to accomplish. I hope to get back into doing this, seeing I have only done the McCarthy’s and now this, there isn’t much to get ‘back’ into. But with my old computer crashing I was afraid to even start the “Traver” family which is huge, set them all up, and have it crash.

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “chrome summer

  1. Loved the uodate and Willia is quite a handful isn’t she? I feel for her parents, but it’s usually a crazy younger child that makes parents appreciate a calm older one…usually too late though. Lol

    1. So true on the too late portion! That is actually really true with my family, I’m the oldest and my parents had no clue what was waiting for them with my younger sister! Willa is a bit of a handful, but I think she’ll turn out alright, at least I hope. She is my first primary romance playable…. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. There is nothing more entertaining than a wild rough and rumble little boy trying to entice a quiet kid to play. Little Holden needs a puppy.
    That Willa is going to be something else. I guess the glimmer of light is that she is capable of doing the right thing…just her way and when she feels like it.

    Great update!

    1. A puppy is a seriously brilliant idea! They actually had a dalmation, but it got lost a long time ago in the game. This family glitched out, and was stuck on vacation, but not on vacation. I ended up losing the dog somewhere when restoring them, and forgot about the poor guy. I love the idea of Holden having a dog, I think it’d be great for his energy, I hope I remember when I play them next time!

      I think Willa is a good girl somewhere in there, just a little crazy and emotional, and lacking control. I am hoping that she doesn’t become a crazed romance sim that sleeps with everyone! *crossing fingers* I don’t think Tim could take that!

      Thanks for commenting fleur!

  3. I like Willa, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of her! She’s great, even thouhg I never liked playing romance sims myself ๐Ÿ™‚

    So Luca got that ROS, he’s not the one who I would have though to drive drunk. Nadia really doesn’t seem to impressed with him, does she?

    The father’s day bbq seemed like a lot of fun, even though Bekah and Cara don’t get along, it’s nice that Tim got to see his brother outside of work.
    I hate to say it, but Jake doesn’t seem like a pleasant kid, I hope it’s just a phase and that he grows out of it!

    1. I’ve never played them as a primary playable since forever, because I don’t like to play them. I decided that I was (hopefully) too harsh with my judgement of romance sims though, after reading some posts at N99. So when Willa came up for romance or another aspiration, I decided to just go for it. She was a ton of fun, but she is still young, and I wouldn’t say is an active romance sim.

      I wouldn’t have pegged Luca to drive drunk ether, I would think more of Colin, but ROS disagreed. And yeah Nadia is kind of uptight, she’s got her rules that she keeps for herself and her son, and Luca brings chaos and mess to her life.

      Glad you liked the BBQ, Cara and Bekah weren’t friends in old hood, and this one they are a few points negative, and Jake is super whiny. He was a whiny toddler too, I remember him crying all the time, and the house was in the pits, and Charlie was cradling his own head in frustration.

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  4. Ha, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sim throw the ball over the other sim’s head! Willa, you big meanie, lol! She’s like the big sister from hell! Tim and Bekah have their hands full with her, for sure.

    It’s nice to see your older couples socialising together. I’m planning on doing that with Kirstin and David (who are up next for me) but it’s something I need to do more often. It was fun to see more of Tim and Charlie’s relationshop too.

    That’s an awesome picture of Nadia and Luca there! Perfect expression. I don’t blame her for being upset, doing something as irresponsible as drink driving and then forcing her to go bail him out and bring their son to the police station. :\

    1. Well the ball throwing is because I had to move Holden up, he was standing in a ton of plants, that apparently you can walk all over. So I moved him, and it made the ball go over his head, and I thought that was something that Willa would do. She kept throwing the ball really hard at his chest, and they were only playing because Holden had the want.

      Nadia would definitely not want to pick up her boyfriend from the slammer, with her son. Luca is on the crap list with her at the moment, she’s uptight, and kind of got some walls around her, with her son, and being responsible, and Luca had to do a lot to just win her over to begin with. I can’t help but think she’s wondering if she made the right choice, he might need to make up for it with a lot of sucking up!

      I don’t get my older sims out socializing as much as I’d like. I do it the most with Tim and Cole, because they have been such good friends their entire adult lives. Nicole McCarthy and Finn don’t really have many friends these days, oops. (especially now after re-doing the hood).

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  5. Love the portrait! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Willa is primary Romance? Oh wow. My Romance sims were pretty wild! They definitely kept things interesting. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hopefully Willa doesn’t drive her parents too crazy!

    The whole swimming pool embarrassment was killing me! I didn’t have embarrassing parents, they were a LOT younger than most and “hip”… but I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing that to my kids someday. Who can resist? ๐Ÿ˜›

    Loved the BBQ… and I forgot how much I missed the toys you could make with the bench!

    1. Your feelings on romance have always been mine… I am scared for the kind of trouble she will get into with a primary romance. They do tend to be wild, at least for a bit of time. I need to check to see if she is allowed birth control, I don’t bother checking into that until they are in relationships, but I am curious for the sake of her parent’s sanity.

      The toys are really cute, I have mine as all buyable, because I don’t bother to take sims to Reed’s Toy Shoppe to buy some. I only do when I’m in the mood! Poor Reed.

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

  6. Love Willa, she’s got such a teenager attitude and I really remember those years when I was embarrassed about everything my own parents did. Joking, talking too much/too little/too loudly, breathing… ๐Ÿ™‚

    And ugh, about the drunk driving. I’m a pretty tolerant person but that is definitely one thing that would give a person about a billion “oh hell no” grades in my book.

    1. Too funny on your embarrassment on your parents, breathing haha. I can imagine Willa having those same sentiments on breathing, and everything else under the sun. She’s very different than Lainey and is a blast to play. I’m looking forward to her teen years with one hand over my eyes in the possible trouble she might get into.

      Thanks for commenting River!

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