showering the bride

july 2020
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Kenzie Goss (57 years), Tyler (55 years), Dean (10 years)

narrated by: Kenzie

Tyler is working on another book, and so has chained himself to his computer. It’s always tense the last month before publication, with deadlines, and last minute tweaks. He is becoming a household name in the world of non-fiction parenting books, with his specialty on the role of step parents.

Me and Dean find ways to entertain ourselves, we know that once it’s all done that he will have a large royalty check that will make it all worth it. It’s even more important now with Lorelei’s wedding fast approaching this October, we are paying for the wedding. It’s something that Tyler really wanted to do for his only daughter.

So we leave him to work, and usually rent a movie to watch. Dean turns eleven this September, and so we are getting past all the cartoons. I’m not really sad over this, I’ve raised all of my kids so far apart, that they were mostly raised as only children, which means that I’ve been watching cartoons for nearly 4 decades, and I’m over it.

He usually falls asleep on the sofa next to me, and he looks so sweet sleeping, that I may miss this part.

In the past, it’s been hard to get care for Dean during the summer months, but now he can fend for himself well enough that he can stay home with Tyler. He usually has his best friend Milo come over to play to keep him entertained.

Work has been keeping me busy, I am still at the office for paperwork and appointments, but have been taking on more field duties. Ella Carver was never a part of the system, it wasn’t until her Mom, Annie got aid to purchase a house that I was assigned. It’s my hardest case, I’m constantly torn over what is in the best interest of the children.

In the past year, Ella’s estranged father, Matt decided to apply for shared custody of Ella. Lawyer fees were racked up, but in the end it all came down to my report that the Judge requested. He wanted to know what I felt was in the best interest of Ella, and after it was all said and done, I suggested that she have visitation with her Dad and get to know him.

So now I am not only assigned to Annie Carver, but Ella specifically. I do check ins with her while she is with her Mom, but also with Matt. We’ve grown close over the years together, and I hope that I am influencing her life for the better.

My visits are always spontaneous, and Matt rushes to make the bed, and pick up some trash. It’s no worse than Annie’s house has been in the past, she’s almost lost her kids due to the health conditions of the home. An unmade bed isn’t going to call for drastic measures. Aside, Ella seems to be doing well, even cheerful, which is a first.

It’s a small studio apartment, and so he doesn’t have any overnight rights for Ella or his twin sons, Flint and Jett from his previous marriage. It makes my check-ins easier. He’s preparing dinner for Ella while I visit, and she assures me that he feeds her when she is there. Ella knows all the questions I’m going to ask, it’s all old hat to her.

After my visit, I encourage him to buy some toys, and help make the place seem more welcoming to the children. I also urge him to get a larger place, so that he can have his kids stay over for a night, or even a weekend. I’m really hoping that Matt can step in to be a good father for Ella, that she won’t grow up to have issues from him missing the first part of her life.

Matt lives across the hall from my older brother, Ethan so I try and stop in there to catch up. I got to meet his new girlfriend, Cynthia, and she seems nice. This is the first time he’s dated since Meredith divorced him, that I sort of thought he wouldn’t ever date again.

Caitlyn doesn’t seem to like Cynthia anymore these days than when she first met her in February. It reminds me of when I started dating Tyler, and Zeke hated me over it, along with Tyler. It was all of our issues with Zeke that pushed Tyler to start writing parenting books to begin with, so we really ought to thank him for being such a bullheaded brat, because it’s earned us a good living.

We do try to get together with the grandkids, usually a park, because our house isn’t really large enough to house everyone comfortably. They are at such a fun age, Cicely and Vivienne are such goofballs, that you can’t help but have a good time with them.

Cicely is a bit more rowdy, taking on Milo on the monkey bars, who is four years older than her. She did eventually drop down, but she said it was from boredom of waiting, and not intimidation, which I tend to believe.

Vivienne can be more mouthy with her parents, and obstinate in that way, but she is pure sweetness with me.

It’s always special when we can Tyler out of the house, and interacting with us. Dean is especially thankful for these fun weekends.

Other than work, and taking care of Dean, the largest time sucker for me right now is Lorelei with her approaching wedding. I want to be involved in the process, not only because we are paying for it, but because she is my only daughter. We drive all around South Port and Millwood looking for the perfect venue, and she is not impressed with anything.

Dean is stuck attending these trips, and is getting annoyed with Lorelei as much as I am.

Her and Marshal bought their first house, but she isn’t moving in until after the wedding. With her buying The Red Mill, they are short on cash, so their first house is in need of repairs, and is not in the best neighborhood. Ironically enough, she is moving next door to Annie Carver. Annie’s boyfriend, Cesar came over to introduce himself the first day they started moving stuff over.

I’m looking forward to Marshal joining the family, he’s no where as picky as Lorelei. He would be much easier to plan the wedding with, he likes many of my ideas, and even when he doesn’t, he has a clear idea of what he wants.

I’m a little disappointed that their house only has one bedroom, I’m not crazy about having insane amounts of grandchildren. I would have been happy to only have Zeke for a child, but Tyler deserved a child of his own, and Dean deserved a family, and I could give that part of me to them. But I’m not one to have baby-fever. I’m more concerned that they will have a surprise baby, and no place to house it. Lorelei has assured me that won’t happen, they are very diligent with their birth control. I am a social worker, I see people who use birth control, and don’t, as such I really wish they had a second bedroom.

She told me if all else fails, they can put the baby in the basement, and I plan to remind her of that one day, when she does have a baby. There is just no way she would put a new baby in the basement, once she is finally a mother.

At the end of the month, my twin sister, Delaney offered to throw Lorelei a bridal shower, she rented a room at the church in Millwood. It was one place we hadn’t bothered to check, Lorelei insistent that she wanted no part of a church wedding, but I dragged her over before the shower started.

Naturally, Lorelei hated it.

I really want her to get this planning going, she hasn’t gotten a venue, nor her bridesmaid dresses, and with Erin expecting, she really ought to get that started. I try and plea this to her, but she never seems to grasp that she is running out of time.

She just insists that she will know what she wants when she sees it, and that it will all come together perfectly once that happens. And in the meantime, she hates everything, and picks it all apart.

The Bridal Shower went well though, Erin is the maid of honor, and brought Caitlyn with her. I’m glad that the two are super close together, Erin has always been a good girl, and I like that type of role model for Caitlyn.

We are all concerned how Erin will hold up at the wedding, she will be eight months pregnant when it arrives, and are hoping that she doesn’t go into labor early, and that she can stay on her feet long enough to get through the event.

I don’t get to visit with my sister much outside of holidays, and the occasional lunch or phone call. She seems to be doing well, I still can’t believe that she went and had another baby this late in life.

Lizzie is just a year younger than Cicely and Vivienne.

They will only have Lizzie at home now, with Lauren starting college in September. I hope that Lauren matures once she gets there, she was being rude to Delaney during the shower.

And was boasting loudly to Lorelei and anyone else that would listen about herself. She ether has copious amounts of self-esteem, or she is lacking in it, and tries to cover it. I’ve never been close with Delaney’s kids, they have all grated on my nerves. And though I have three kids, I never had that many living at home at one time.

Meg seems to be doing well now though, she starts her senior year in the fall, and I am a little shocked that she has grown up so quickly. I expect teenagers to be able to hold conversations with adults, and not have it just revolve around their own lives and school. Lauren fails this at eighteen, and Meg used to as well, but now she can hold a conversation with Morgan, and of all the people to talk with, Morgan is the most difficult in our family.

Morgan is very serious, and is often distracted mentally with her work, and currently with trying to become the Chief of Staff at Mercy Hospital. But Meg, the creative girl who wants to be a screenwriter, was able to have a lengthy conversation with Morgan, and it made me proud to see her grow up so well.

I always sort of thought that my sister wasn’t a very capable Mom, and that perhaps she shouldn’t have had so many children that close together. But I may just have to eat those words, and I hope that I do.

By the end of the event, Lorelei had come up to apologize about her behavior. She has become a bit of a bridezilla, and she felt sorry over it.

I just really hope that this means we can start to make some concrete plans now. November will be here quickly, and neither of us have a backyard that would make a beautiful wedding backdrop. And the a beautiful backdrop is all that Lorelei is looking for at the moment.

Notes: I really wanted to do some fun stuff for Lorelei, being Kenzie and Tyler’s only daughter, I felt that she would be a bit spoiled. They will cover all the wedding costs, and it worked out that Lorelei and Marshal (mostly Marshal) could afford to buy a house. Originally I was going to allow them to stay in her adorable apartment, but with the new hood, I lost all of the decor of it, and have zero interest in refurnishing it.

Dean turns to a teen in September! Dean was the first boy born onto my blog, Linnea was the first girl. Slowly that generation will make it to adulthood!

I have vague ideas of what I want for Lorelei’s wedding, as I am missing the majority of my community lots, I am limited. I think I’m going to build something for it, but I don’t quite have the visual nailed down yet, so Lorelei has nothing planned.

Matt has been doing a surprisingly good job at parenting Ella, so I am thinking of getting him a larger apartment/house so she can have sleepovers there.

Thanks for reading! (Only two more households for this round!)

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10 thoughts on “showering the bride

    1. Thanks Starr, the bridal shower was fun to do, the women in this family are all pretty similar in ego and strong opinions, so they are fun to get together.

      Thank you for the offer with the wedding building, I got it started and have been a recoloring fool the past 24 hours, but I will keep your offer in mind.

      Thanks for commenting Starr!

  1. Awesome update, but really, should I even supply the obvious?

    Anyway, I love what you’re doing, the dynamics between Sims. I must brush through the character directory once again to see who is actually who and whom is connected to whom.

    I realize this is the first Saturday updates in a while. I’ve checked, rechecked and checked again for updates every Saturday like how a stalker stalk facebook pages (umm, whatever you’re thinking, a little less creepy than that! Jeez!) Any-who thanks for updating.

    And sorry for not writing more often in the comments section, just hovering uselessly over the blog, but whenever I read your blog, it gives me the sudden itch to brave the loading screen and play my game.

    Your friendly stalker (is that an oxymoron?),

    1. Thanks Wyatt! There is a lot of sims that are connected, and I’m not sure that I have everything all clearly written, so if you have any specific questions or find anything that could be written/added more clearly, please let me know! I do try to put relationship dynamics into the updates, so I’m happy that they are noticeable! I try to do it without getting *too* lengthy of posts!

      Sorry for the delay in Saturday updates! End of the school year really came down fast, I just sort of suck at playing and getting updates done lately. LOL on reference facebook stalking!

      I’m glad I can inspire you to play your game! I go through phases where I don’t have any inclination to play, and then I read a blog or see a picture, and suddenly my inspiration is back. So I am happy that I can put that energy back into the sims community!

      Thanks for the comments Wyatt!! šŸ™‚

  2. I’m glad both that Ella is getting some time with her dad and that she has a positive influence like Kenzie in her life. I’m still hopeful that Annie will get her crap together so that she can be a good influence herself, but I guess we’ll see about that.

    LOL at Lorelai being such a picky bride! It figures that Marshall is so easy-going about the whole thing. Guys tend to be that way in general but Marshall has always seemed more laid back than Lorelai as well. I’m glad Lorelai realised she was being a bit of a pain in the end. Hopefully they’ll have a much smoother wedding planning experience now.

    Erin makes such a cute pregnant sim. Like Kenzie, I hope she does okay at the wedding!

    1. I’m really happy that Matt is doing well by Ella, I don’t think he’d be a great full-time Dad, as he still likes to make his rounds, but part-time Dad, he’s not bad. I think it’s good for Ella too. I’m really curious how Annie is going to do and how her relationship with Ella will be when she turns to a teenager. Ella and Kenzie are friends though, they were in the old hood, and I had them earn that relationship back.

      Marshal is super laid back, I figure that he fits so well with Lorelei because she’s super opinionated. They sort of remind me of one of my sisters and her fiance, sometimes it just seems that he’s just along for the ride, and my sister has the wheel. I heart Marshal though, he’s super sweet and geeky, and great with Kenzie and Tyler.

      Erin does make a cute pregnant sim, and I’m kind of excited about her being pregnant at the wedding, and that she will be in her third trimester, because that stupid third trimester bump is annoying when a sim is only in their second trimester. If Erin had her way, she’d be pregnant again, her IFS is 5 (Colin’s is 2), but even if Colin wanted more, I don’t see her moving forward with that in their current arrangement.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. I’m glad Ella is doing better, even with two pretty lousy parents. I had forgotten Ella’s dad has even more kids as well… great life choices there.

    Ah, Lorelai makes me smile, I like her personality and it makes sense that she would pick someone more easy-going. šŸ™‚

    1. lol River, well Matt did have the twin boys, Jett and Flint with his wife, so those weren’t really a bad choice. Ella and his affair with Annie though were definitely not wise choices! I actually love that he has those twin boys though, I think it gives more dynamics to Ella with all of these half-siblings, which ironically are both sets of twins.. I seriously never realized that until just now. So she has zero full-siblings, and all half siblings are connected as twins, in my mind that puts her feeling a bit at ends in the family and where she fits in.

      Lorelei is a lot of fun to play, she’s always been very strong in her own opinions, and herself, and Marshal, the sweet guy, that spoils her, and thinks of her first, is exactly the type of guy she’d settle down with.

      Thanks for commenting River!

  4. I’m so glad that Ella has Kenzie to be an added positive influence in her life. I’m sure that will help a lot and all the kind things Kenzie is doing, too. I doubt Ella would have ever gotten to know her father were it not for Kenzie’s interference on the matter!

    Oh boy, I’m interested to see what Lorelei’s wedding is going to be like! She is definitely getting spoiled by her parents. šŸ˜‰

    1. Lorelei has always been spoiled, being Tyler’s only biological child, and then only daughter in the family, there was just no way around it.

      I agree that Kenzie is a great influence for Ella, she’s really taken her well-being to heart, and invested herself into Ella. I’m glad that Ella is getting to know her Dad, even if he’s not the most stellar, it’s still good to know I think. Plus she gets two half-brothers in the ordeal with Flint and Jett, and what girl doesn’t dream of an older brother to watch your back. šŸ˜‰

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

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