fall birthdays 2020

september 2020

Erin is seven months pregnant with baby number two due in early November. She’s trying to spend as much time with Logan as possible before the baby arrives. Logan just turned three this month, and Erin believes that he understands that he will be a big brother soon. She hopes he will be as excited about the new addition as he seems to be when they talk about it.

Quint and Rebecca’s adopted daughter Elodie turns four, and is excited to make friends in preschool.

Tyler and Kenzie’s youngest Dean joins the teenage ranks. Despite a bumpy start in life, he’s been raised in a loving family, and values family life highly.

Reed and Caroline Welsh’s daughter, Molly turns four as well. She’s less picky than her older brother Alex, and much less dainty, all in all much easier to handle for her parents.

Marcus and Miriam Dwyer’s twins are also turning four and will have their own Mom as their teacher this fall. They are both young enough that they are excited about this.

Shira Dwyer.

Asher Dwyer.

Mary and Nathan Gavigan’s youngest son, Ezra is also turning four. Mary’s reconciled with having only sons and no daughters, but it’s still hard on her when she sees all the young girls playing in the neighborhood. Ezra is her sweetest boy though which makes it all a little easier to handle.

Notes: So it seems that I forgot about Asher, Shira, and Ezra as they were to have their birthdays in the spring and summer posts. I forgot about them with all the new hood fixing, and haven’t played them at all.

Molly seems like a good mix between her parents, side view she totally has Caroline’s jaw/chin.

I was sad to age Elodie up to child, she will get a few months with Scarlett before she has her teenage birthday! I’m in disbelief over that! Sort of wish I’d had her adopted at a younger age than I did, but I rolled for it, and stuck with it.

Dean is a family sim, nothing else fit with him, he’s totally nice, neat, and playful (Capricorn). I’m excited that he’s a teen now so he can go back to being buddies with his half-brother/nephew Lewis again.

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “fall birthdays 2020

  1. Aw, Elodie is just adorable! The wide nose and freckles remind me a bit of my Susannah. πŸ™‚ Molly is unbelievably cute too. I spotted Caroline’s chin before you pointed it out – very distinctive!

    Oh my gosh, I keep scrolling down and seeing more cuteness. The Dwyer twins! This is going to be such a cute class at school this year. Ezra is a sweetheart too – I didn’t realise the Gavigans had another kid. πŸ™‚

  2. I didn’t even notice Elodie’s wide nose until you pointed it out, I’m just enamored with her eyes and cute little mouth (and freckly skin). ❀ Yes Caroline's chin is very distinctive, she actually was added to my game way back when, because I have a friend in real life with that type of chin, and I thought, I don't have a sim like that!

    Dwyer twins are way cuter than I thought they would be, I really was worried because their Dad has so much weird face manipulation on him, he was a downloaded sim. Ezra is adorable too, much cuter than Isaiah for sure. I allowed them to try one more time for a girl, but ended up with a third boy. I had fun giving him that hairdo, it seemed like something an older Mom would put on her youngest little man. (Much like my husband when he was a kid *snicker*)

    Thanks for commenting Carla!

    1. I can’t decide what I hope they have, part of me thinks two boys would be sweet for Logan, but then I think a girl would be great too. Looking forward to finding out!

      Thanks for commenting River!

    1. haha thanks! There is a lot of freckles in this group, all of them but Ezra are on their actual skintones. I heart Elodie and her freckly skintone. Thanks for commenting!

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