2020 elections for mayor

Finally, after years of waiting, I feel prepared to open up some polls and hold an election for the next Mayor of South Port and Millwood. Drawn heavily in inspiration from Carla, let the campaigning commence!

The first candidate is Finn McCarthy. He is married to Nicole and together they have seven children, and four grandchildren. Previously he worked as a Botanist at Eastborough University, but is currently providing childcare for his three granddaughters.

Long time resident of Millwood, he would like to:

  • build a neighborhood pub in Millwood for locals to kick back and relax locally without needing to drive to South Port

Second candidate is Bekah Grimsley. Married to local police officer Tim, they have a daughter in college, and two children still living at home. Bekah is the High School English Teacher, and temporary Home Economics teacher.

Valuing education past childhood years, she intends to:

  • build a museum (Art or Aquarium) that families and singles alike can enjoy.

Third candidate is Hazel Woodfolk. She is married to Jude, and together are raising three kids. She is a local entrepreneur, owner of Hazel’s Diner, and active historical society activist.

Finding a value in connecting with nature, Hazel intends to:

  • renovate Lincoln Park to include more variety of plant life, and offer a wider variety of nature activities for locals.
  • rebuild the community garden to offer more space for citizens to plant and enjoy the outdoors, possibly hosting a festival event.

Notes: The lists aren’t too large for these, as I’m still rebuilding and adding to the hood. I do have plans to make the pub in Millwood, the signage has already been created for me, this just means it gets done faster.

An Art Museum is the most likely, because it doesn’t require much CC to get it done, but I do really want an aquarium… so I’m leaving that up in the air on Bekah’s campaign, one or the other.

Hazel’s campaign is outdoorsy, because she and her family are very into nature. I did not bring my community garden over to the new hood, I want it to be larger and have a courtyard for a festival (inspired by Apple Valley, and I’ve been meaning to makeover my Lincoln Park lot for a long while now.

Voting is live now, (upper right hand corner or below), and will be up for seven days! Thanks for reading and voting!

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6 thoughts on “2020 elections for mayor

  1. Us, guys got to stick together right Finn? Right? Besides, Finn’s family is doing great and what better reflection for a Mayor than a good family behind him?

    1. Thanks for commenting and voting Wyatt, Finn does have a good family, a bit of drama, but no real scandal. Emma is their wild card, but she’s married now and so she’s more settled.

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