perfect persuasion

september 2020
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Luca Traver (25 years), Nadia Browning (24 years), Kai Browning (3 years)

narrated by: Luca

When my brother Colin decided to play house with Erin, it only made sense to move in with my cousin Lorelei, she couldn’t afford her place alone, and since her apartment was better than mine, I moved in there. But now she’s getting married in October, and I found myself on my own again.

Instead of finding a roommate and keeping Lorelei’s place, or finding a crappier, more affordable place of my own, I decided to ask Nadia about living together. She has a nice little house for her and Kai, and I promised that I don’t take up much space, outside of needing an area for my painting.

I was nervous over it, she’s been pissed since I got the DUI this past summer. I didn’t have the money to even pay my own bail and fines, and had to borrow from her. I did pay her back, but she went cold on me for a bit of time. She claimed that I might not be mature enough for her to invest her time on me.

It hurt, but I got it too with Kai to take care of, she doesn’t need me dragging her to the jail with her boy because I can’t call a taxi after a few beers. I think I’ve been proving to her that I am serious about her, and being a better man. But thinking I’ve been doing better, didn’t make it any easier to ask her about moving in. I felt sick, and panicked.

At first she looked surprised, and not in a good way. I started sweating, and talking quickly, blurting out things like pancakes for breakfast, and helping with Kai’s baths.

She gave me some grief over that not being a reality, and that I should know better than to mention pancakes. She serves them at Shortstack Pancake House, she doesn’t ever crave them to eat.

She did eventually agree to me moving in, but I can tell that she’s anxious over it. I don’t have kids, but I don’t take moving in lightly ether, I don’t want to disrupt her life and Kai’s childhood ether, nor do I intend to leave at the first sign of trouble. She forgets that I’ve been enamored with her since 2015 when I first laid eyes on her, and she rejected me.

I’m excited to be living with Nadia and Kai now, and was beyond relieved that she said yes. I worked myself up into such a panic, that I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to ask her to marry me one day. It’s not something we are even discussing, we haven’t been together all that long really to make such a big commitment, especially not Nadia who shies away from that sort of thing. But I like to think that one day we would walk down the aisle together, and I just hope when that time comes she gives me lots of signals that she’ll say yes before I work up the nerve to ask.

I’ve always liked kids, so when Nadia has to work, and I’m free from my work commitments, I love to take care of the little tyke. I don’t mind doing the chore parts ether, with baths and feeding Kai lunch.

He really gets a kick out of playing with the leaves, we usually spend the afternoon out back while we wait for Nadia to finish her shift at the restaurant.

Kai likes me alright, but he absolutely loves Nadia, as soon as he hears her car pull into the drive, he’s off to see her.

Much to Nadia’s chagrin I am painting her, it’s not to sell but for my own personal enjoyment. She pretty much hates that she ever agreed to this form of torture, and has been urging me on to just get the whole ordeal over with.

After that, we get Kai to bed, he’s so hard to put to sleep because he’s always cheerful even when tired. You nearly feel guilty leaving him in the bed, sitting up right and smiling away.

Then we try to find time together, I didn’t start with parenting with a pregnancy or a baby to work up to it, just jumped in here with Nadia holding all the experience, and a toddler to care for. I don’t know things like parents need to take the evening to spend together after the children are in bed, but Nadia knows all about it, even though she’s only ever been a single Mom.

She tries to make us a nice dinner if there is time, she’s not an accomplished cook, and when I give her grief over it, she likes to remind me that she’s a server not a chef at the restaurant.

Colin likes to give me grief for being wrapped around Nadia’s finger, begging forgiveness for the DUI, and just investing all my time with her and Kai. So? That’s all I can think of to say, who better to spend my time with then the people I care for with my heart.

We barely see Colin or Erin these days, they do come over now and then when we both have the day off. Erin and Nadia have really budded up, I think it was because they both had young boys that sort of gave them a camaraderie that she didn’t have with Lorelei, plus it didn’t help that Nadia used to date Marshal.

Nadia and Erin both want a ton of kids, in an ideal world they always say. I understand that statement with Erin, I like my brother well enough, but Erin could do better. I don’t blame her for not wanting to have five kids with him.

Turns out that Erin confessed to trying to get pregnant this time around, without Colin’s knowledge. She didn’t think that Colin would ever agree to a second baby, he didn’t agree to the first, and she felt desperately sad over the idea that Logan might not ever have a brother or sister to play with.

I’m not telling Colin this information, and I hope that Nadia wouldn’t ever try to pull something like that on me. I don’t see her doing that though, and I think Colin created most of his problems by his terrible attitude. I hope they do well enough in life though, it’d suck if there was a split since our whole group of friends are so tight knit.

Even the kids are buddies now, so it would effect all of us if they were to split.

Chris and Colin came by one night to discuss me joining their business venture. Chris has been talking about buying his own auto-body shop for as long as I’ve known him, but apparently now he’s really going forward. Colin has clung to Chris’ skirt-tails all this time, and is talking about investing into the business, and getting a piece of that pie. He got the idea from Emma and Grace, with their $30,000 grant, Emma came home with half of that. Now Colin wants a piece of that pie, and they are trying to get me to invest in the garage as a business partner too.

I talked it over with Nadia that night, and she wasn’t interested in that idea in the least. Colin had said that Nadia wouldn’t be, and that I shouldn’t even discuss it with her. He seems to like Nadia, but have an animosity over my relationship or how I’m “wrapped around her finger” bit that he says too often.

Nadia didn’t find the notion disagreeable just because she’s cruel. Instead she asked what my dream was, which is my art without question, and she asked how investing in an auto-body shop fit in with that dream. It was an obvious answer, it just doesn’t.

All my life I let my brother boss over me, but with Nadia, it’s like she’s a lampost to guide me. She’s not intimidated by Colin or his antics, and I’ve grown up with him overpowering me in personality and opinion, that I’ve let him walk all over me.

Meredith called the next day, and I thought it might be over the business, and that Colin had harassed her. It wasn’t. She wanted me to come over for dinner and to bring Nadia and Kai along. I got anxious that she thought I was proposing to Nadia, and had some weird whim to be a Mom and meet her.

I should have known better though, she wanted me to come over to discuss Caitlyn and her meltdown last winter. She pleaded her case that she’s been busy, and working a lot of hours.

It was ridiculous to even listen to, she works at the library part-time, she has always been a gold digger without aspiration to work hard for anything. I’m positive she divorced Dad to find someone that made more money, being unhappy with her marriage to someone that was just like her.

Before I could respond in any fashion, Nadia chimed in that she knew how hard it was to juggle responsibilities and a strenuous work schedule.

Mom was completely unaware of Nadia’s subtle sarcasm, and she’s unfamiliar with Nadia’s years as a single Mom, an unbelievably devoted Mom despite working hard. I was grateful she spoke up, I may be telling my brother no more often, but it seems wrong and disrespectful to say it to my own Mother, no matter how absent she has been the past five years.

Her live-in boyfriend Vince was there, he said nothing but shoved burgers into his mouth. Mom had suggested that it was Vince who wanted to make amends with Caitlyn.

I wish that she would have stayed missing, and not try to impress her boyfriend with this new fake effort of reconciling. She might have kept the townhouse, but I think Dad is better off without her. I also think that if Caitlyn can just let Meredith be, that she will be better off in the long haul without Meredith’s mind games and manipulation.

That night we got home, and I felt happy with my current place in life. I’m still struggling in the art world, but I have Nadia who believes in me, and when Kai woke up with nightmares, instead of crying out for Nadia, he actually called out to me.

I hope I can do these two right, and be as good for them as they have been for me.

Notes: Luca is a giant sweetheart, the kind that buys flowers just because, would watch romance movies on his own, without demanding the word ‘comedy’ included in the flick. He falls hard for his ladies, loving Meme for years after they broke up, for loving Nadia way before she even liked him. So he’s very committed to Nadia, and Kai.

He’s also maxed out on nice, and so even when he disagrees with what Meredith and Colin say, he still responds with a smile on his face. So I think he gets walked over on especially by his family that have a few with a leech quality to them. But Nadia is much more ballsy and not interested in that business, so I feel she gives Luca some spine too. All in all, I think they make a great couple.

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10 thoughts on “perfect persuasion

    1. I hope they last too Starr, I always thought Luca would end up with someone else, but I’m totally head over heels for him with Nadia now. Thanks for commenting!

  1. You know when simmers complain about their internet? I never get it. Now I do. By God I feel like chocking that damn modem. Who thought the forest would ever be a good place to move to? Me. Such a dumb-dumb.

    I think my modem and a few of the Traver family shares same traits. They leech all the goodness in people.

    I’ve read lots and lots of sims stories and blogs, but I have to say, this is by far my favorite couple.
    Ballsy, sassy Nadia has my love the moment she doesn’t take anybody’s crap. You’d think her less than amicable status as single mother might make her bend to other’s wills to get good graces, but no. She looks like the steely type though. Lol. But you have to love her with the softer, gentler Luca. Dynamic couple with a sweet kid. Kai is lucky to have the best of both personality worlds as role models. That photo with him in his cot makes me want to pinch his pixel cheeks.

    Love it man…er…woman! Love the pictures. Love the personality, relationship dynamics. Love the story. Love the writer. šŸ˜›

    Thanks for updating so regularly. I’ll brave the thirty minute loading time for your blog anytime!


    1. Ahh bad internet sucks, I’ve been living in cities, and been suffering from bad internet for years now. Until this new computer, I had to force my old one to be a wireless desktop, and it hated every second of it. This one has wireless built into it, but my house has too many walls/appliances between it and the modem so I still have issues. Happy that you still read though despite the load time! ā¤ lol on your modem and the Traver's, spotty internet does leech goodness!

      Aww glad that Nadia and Luca get high ranks as one of your favorite couples! They have fast become one of mine, I'm not inclined to have soft spots for the Traver brood, but Luca is a sweetie. I always figure that Nadia got more ballsy having to raise Kai alone, plus she's a waitress, and the best way to make money as a waitress is to have some brass to ya. Kai has his birthday this winter, and I can't wait to see how his personality will be with these two raising him.

      Thanks for commenting Wyatt! šŸ™‚

  2. I forgot about Luca’s DUI! Hopefully, he’s learnt a lesson from that, because that’s not the sort of influence Kai needs around him as he gets older. I forgot all about Luca and Nadia’s first meeting as well – I love that!

    I’m glad their living arrangements seem to be working out so well for them. They really are a good couple. Nadia is so good for Luca and it’s awesome that she was able to make him see following his own dream is better than helping out with someone else’s. And yay for Nadia standing up to Meredith, albeit in a rather subtle fashion!

    Yeesh, what a revelation from Erin! I cannot imagine Colin taking that well, so hopefully, he never finds out! I still worry about Colin sometimes.

    Oh gosh, Kai in his crib! Is there anything cuter?

    1. Okay with Erin, she’s actually been inspired by my neighbor. She was preparing to file for divorce, but wanted her son to have a real, full-blooded brother, and so she got pregnant, then divorced. It was eye opening to me… And I felt that Erin, desperate for five kids, would want Logan to have a sibling, not because she’s prepping to leave Colin necessarily, but because she definitely wants Logan to have a sibling, and Colin isn’t signing up for that.

      Kai is an adorable toddler, I totally heart him, and can’t wait until he’s a child this winter (though I will utterly miss his cute toddlerness).

      Luca’s DUI, man I had to think if Nadia would forgive that transgression, I think she’s a bit warn down with men, and promises… but Luca is worth it, so I hope they make it! With Nadia waitressing, I think she can handle getting her say in, but doing it in a nice enough tone that the person doesn’t outright know that she’s just been put in her place, and then thinks… hmmm.. did she mean it *that* way? afterwards.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. Luca is such a sweetheart! I hope Nadia realizes what a devoted guy he is. He has messed up, but hopefully he’s learned from it and is growing up. I think he needs Nadia in his life to help him get out from under Colin and stop letting other people walk all over him.

    1. I hope that Nadia realizes too, because he is super sweet, and he would be devastated if she broke his heart. I agree that he needs Nadia to give him a back bone, and not let Colin and his Mom walk on him.

      Thanks for commenting Shana!

  4. Luca really is just a big sweetie! I hope he can even it out eventually, or at the very least, that Nadia is a positive integer and not just steamrolling over him. So far, she seems to be a good guide, making him question his impulsive niceness and instead focus on the important things like what he wants and etc.

    They make a good couple. I hope things work out for them!

    1. Luca is so sweet, that in real life he would drive me crazy, but him and Nadia are a good balance. I’m glad that he fell for her, and she finally gave him a chance. I would have been sad to see him end up with someone like his Mom who takes advantage of his gentile nature. I hope that things really work out for them too, would love to see them have babies.

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

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