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Mister and Mrs. (Goss – Krouse Wedding)

october 2020
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Marshal Krouse (31 years), Lorelei Goss (27 years)

Her wedding day. It had seemed ages away, and for the past few months her Mom had hounded her to finalize all the details, constantly grating on her nerves. But now, as she looks herself over one last time as Lorelei Goss, she’s thankful that her Mom had known what to do when it came to planning the wedding.

Lorelei hadn’t expected the caterer to announce they couldn’t make the shrimp scampi side dish, nor had she realized that her maid of honor, Erin would be nearly useless when her wedding day finally arrived. Her Mom wasn’t surprised by any of it, quickly substituting the shrimp, and taking over some of Erin’s obligations.

Lorelei wasn’t upset with Erin over the exhaustion, or forgetfulness. She might have been sore over it if her Mom hadn’t more than made up for it.

When she had graduated college, it had all seemed monumental, but it paled in comparison to this. Her Mom barely held the tears back as she looked her over one last time, marveling that her little girl was really grown now.

Her Dad went silent, as he did when emotions were strong. Lorelei had never seen him cry, but this was the closest she had come to seeing it. It all moved her, and she felt ashamed for her behavior over the wedding plans. A piece of her was melancholy at the severing of the ties from her parent’s home was almost fully made now.

Her nieces, Vivienne and Cicely were the flower girls. They had spent months practicing their part, and had perfected walking down the aisle.

As soon as she found herself in the hall, walking down the aisle towards Marshal, all her thoughts on her childhood vanished. She couldn’t wait for this future, with this man. She looked at her Dad for his approval, and found him fighting back his emotions.

All of her family and friends had made it, she noticed that extra chairs had been added to the back row. She felt obligated to be happy that they were here, but she barely saw any of them.

Marshal waited for her, a smile fixed on his lips. Her parents loved him, her Dad even, when Marshal asked permission to propose, Marshal had sealed himself in her Dad’s good favor.

They said their vows, and she meant them fully.

And just as quickly, they were pronounced married, and she had become Lorelei Krouse.

All of the family moved in for hugs and congratulations, and after Lorelei and Marshal had greeted them all, they led the way to the upstairs reception hall. The caterers had done amazingly, and Lorelei was pleased with her Mother’s substitution.

She felt like royalty, at the table in front of everyone, with her maid of honor and her older brother Zeke as Marshal’s best man.

The way all the little girls looked up to her, and Marshal watched her, she felt like the most beautiful woman in the world.

When she looked out into the crowd, everyone seemed to be enjoying the meal and their company. Her Mom had helped with the seating chart, wanting to get everyone mixed up outside of immediate households, and allow everyone to catch up.

Nadia seemed to feel out of place without her boyfriend Luca to sit with.

Her Mom volunteered to take the flower girls to her table, to give Morgan and Zeke a break from parenting for the evening.

As the sun lowered, they moved out onto the rooftop for dancing and refreshments. Her Uncle Ethan jumped right into the mix with outlandish dancing. He had signed up to bring a guest, his new girlfriend Cynthia, but at the last minute she was unable to attend.

Emma showed off her skills at the bar, and Lorelei was happy to have her there to share in this day. She had felt guilty for letting that friendship dwindle until it had all but disappeared. But Emma looked good, better than she had in years, and Lorelei was glad she had invited her.

All the little girls took front and center of the dance floor, showing off their silly moves and giggling all the while. Lorelei saw the way Marshal watched the kids, it wasn’t a secret that he wanted three, when she was barely settled to the idea of one. She just hoped that she could put it off long enough that they could have one, and her eggs would dry up before they could have a second. She loved being an aunt though, much more than the idea of parenthood.

Her cousins Meg and Lauren had changed so much since their last family Christmas, only Meg had been in college then, and much more reserved than she seemed tonight with Oliver as her companion.

They cut the cake later in the evening, but before the kids were overtired.

Marshal missed her mouth, and before tonight, she’d always hated when couples did that, but in the moment, she found it all in good fun.

Cicely was the first to get cake outside of the bride and groom. She had been begging for hours to have a slice.

Before leaving for the night, Cicely found Lorelei to share her enthusiasm in the night. She had found the cake, the dresses and the venue to all be magical, and in short she pleaded for Lorelei to throw another wedding the next week.

Lorelei let her down, but told her that with all the other unmarried couples in the family, perhaps she should suggest marriage to one of them.

After the guests had all left, they began their honeymoon. The hotel had thrown in a night for free in their honeymoon suite for hosting their wedding there, which was perfect for them, since they’d just bought their first home, and cash wasn’t as free flowing at the moment.

They didn’t mind staying in South Port, the location didn’t matter, it was all about the company.

Notes: Ethan’s girlfriend would have come, but I’m not sure how to buy formal clothes for a townie? And her formal outfit was very scant.

I’m so happy they are married finally! I built the hotel for the wedding, and will post a tour of it shortly. I was rather pleased with how it all came together.

Posed wedding photos, warning I went picture crazy.

Wedding party:

The ladies:

Lorelei with her parents, Kenzie and Tyler.

The men:

Maid of Honor Erin and Lorelei:

The cute couple:

Thanks for reading!!

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10 thoughts on “Mister and Mrs. (Goss – Krouse Wedding)”

  1. Such a cute wedding, I was surprised at the short dress and wasn’t sure if you did that on purpose in the first few photos hiding the bottom half of her body. I was expecting a big poofy princess ball gown based on the top, but the dress really fit her 🙂

    1. No I didn’t even think of hiding that it was a short dress, just took photos, and put them up. I took almost 100 photos, and had a lot of cutting to do! I just had so much fun with it. Short dresses are what she’s always wearing, and I couldn’t imagine her in a full length gown, so I was really pleased when I happened to find this dress.

      Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. Maisie, you’ll need this: http://www.modthesims.info/d/284411

    It’s a clothing rack that also has the functions of a regular wardrobe. It costs nothing in buy mode, but it does cost money when buying clothing. Whether you buy a new outfit or use an outfit already in the wardrobe, when you plan the outfit for the visitor, they will teleport in (if not already there) for the planning and teleport away after their outfit has been changed.

    This is one of my must-haves, because its useful to update the clothing of townies.

    1. I have that, so I need to look at getting it updated, I guess I didn’t? I got mine from another site, so it must be old, because mine doesn’t allow the option for formal. Thank you for letting me know! That will be great to have!! So many times I need people to not look ridiculous in the background, and i just end up deleting them because they are in soccer uniform or a stupid ballet outfit when running.

      Thank you LC!

  3. I agree with LC about the clothing rack – it’s the only thing I’ve found that works reliably! With the latest version, I think there’s a free clothing option too.

    Such a gorgeous wedding! Like Starr, I was expecting a long princess dress from the picture you posted at N99 a while back, so I was surprised to see Lorelei’s legs on display! She made a gorgeous bride though and Marshall was a very handsome groom.

    I don’t know what this venue was that you used here but it is utterly amazing! I’m guessing you did a few of your own recolours here, like the chairs and the flowers and Kenzie’s dress (I downloaded that one a long time ago, but it was purple). That yellow is my favourite colour and I love it with the navy blue.

    LOL at Lorelei hoping her eggs dry up before she has a second kid! Maybe Marshall will be able to talk her into a second once they have a first. She might feel differently then. Then again, she may be surer than ever!

    1. Thanks Carla, I made the hotel, and absolutely love how it all came together. I wanted to use ATS’ hotel dining room set since she released it, but never got around to making it, and I’m glad because in my old game I would have used monster amounts of CC, but this one isn’t terribly bad really.

      Navy and that golden mustard type yellow I absolutely love paired together, and had to use it. I did recolor some dresses, the bridesmaids and Kenzie’s, and recolored the men’s suits to be a lighter gray with the yellow. The chairs I did too, but the flowers were done by… name blank, but she does all those MM outfits, and has a lot of cakes too.

      If she makes a beautiful baby, then I will not care about her IFS of one, and give them a second! I have no control! Violet-Adele has an IFS of 1, and she is the only one that I have every intention of allowing that to happen for… because at this point I don’t know if she will have any.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  4. Such a beautiful wedding! I was surprised to see the short skirt on the dress, but I think it really suits her and looks great! Everything looks so perfect and Lorelei and Marshal look so happy together!

    1. Thanks Shana, I thought the short dress fit her style and sort of spunky attitude. They do make a sweet couple, and Marshal is a good fit for her. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Oooh, what a spectacular wedding! I really liked her dress, too. It really seemed to suit her sort of style more than a traditional gown.

    Poor Erin. Being a Maid of Honor is bad enough, but a VERY pregnant one is even worse. I’m surprised she could even wear the heels!

    Looking at these pictures, I just keep remembering how much I LOVED that overlay that made floors shiny/reflective. Seriously. I was obsessed with it. To me, it was one of the greatest pieces of CC ever made. Man, I miss that!

    1. I absolutely LOVE the reflective floors too, I haven’t had in my game forever, because my old PC just trucked along, and I didn’t want to make it harder on it. But had to add them in for this hotel, and my new (now bjorked) pc could handle it. It just adds such a great touch and appeal to the look to have that reflective floor, pure genius by the creator!

      Erin was definitely in bad shape! I had to keep using cheats to make it not fall asleep or cling to her stomach in starvation. She would have happily left the wedding right after the ceremony and gone straight to bed for the night.

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

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