november birthdays 2020

november 2020

Erin’s water broke just after midnight, when they arrived at the hospital, the waiting room was surprisingly empty. Nurse Caroline got them all checked in, Erin had filled out all her paperwork months ago, and everything was all set.

Colin hadn’t been thrilled with the news of a second baby, they were going to need to move, and of course Erin wanted to buy a house. He wasn’t interested in having a house to repair, and fix, that’s what landlords were for.

No matter his thoughts on it though, they were here, and the new baby was coming. He just hoped above all things that it was another son. He wanted Logan to have a brother, but also, he just didn’t really want to have a girl to listen to prattle on about everything. Boys were tough, and he could relate to them.

Erin talked with Dr. Morgan Russo-Traver over the delivery and her requests, and Colin wished the event was over, just so he could have peace of mind that he had made another son.

Erin’s labor progressed quickly though, and he didn’t have long to wait. Her labor seemed rougher than Colin recalled, and he felt traumatized by her excessive screams and grunting.

When the doctor announced that the baby was crowning, he could only feel relief that it was nearly over.

To his dismay though, it was not a healthy baby boy, but a dainty little girl. Erin was thrilled, she had said all along that she didn’t care what they had, but he was positive that she really wanted a daughter. The only bright side was that they would not have to do this ever again, Erin could have one of each, and play happily ever after in her role as a Mom.

Colin didn’t have any girl name suggestions, and told Erin to use whatever name she pleased. And so she named her Mallory, since it meant beautiful. She pointed out to Colin that she had his brown eyes, but it didn’t do much to soften his feelings towards having a daughter.

Notes: Why did I say that Colin wanted a boy? Because of his reaction to her birth!

What the heck Colin?! I can see him being the type of guy who would want only sons, (though he didn’t want any kids to begin with, now he has several.) So him throwing that little fit there totally sealed it for me, that he’s not only unhappy with a second child, but displeased that it’s a daughter. I’m pretty certain she will take after him too, just going off of eye color, Logan has his Mom’s eyes, and takes after her the most.

Can’t wait to play this family again, and see how they adjust!

I also recently opened a tumblr account, posting some things I do here, some lot photos, and outtakes. If you have an account, I’d love to follow you! Millwood Outtakes

Thanks for reading!

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7 thoughts on “november birthdays 2020

  1. Oh Colin…we all know its only a matter of time before he falls in love with that darling baby. She’ll have that man wrapped around her finger before long.

    Your hospital has always inspired me, the interior and the way you do the labor and all that. I love it!

    1. I do hope that he adores her too! He’s a tough guy to love, and not the easiest on giving love ether.

      Thanks for the compliments, ❤ the labor unit is based on where I had my own babies, so I always love visiting it myself.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I don’t know why, but I really was expecthing them to have another boy!

    I can really see Collin not being too happy about having a daughter, but I’m sure she will win over his heart soon enough, like daughters always seem to do with their dads!
    And maybe he’s right about having another child, maybe Erin wouldn’t want another now that she has one of each… and who knows, maybe he’ll want one in the future, lol!

    1. I was too!!! I had a boy name all set too! The girl name was sort of last minute, I had a name but changed my mind. Erin’s IFS is 5 or 6, so I don’t think she will be quite satisfied, his is 1, so he’s more than plenty fulfilled! He rolls a lot of baby fears too, so it’s not like he was really sold on even one, at this age anyway.

      I didn’t think he’d be keen on a girl, but his reaction! I have never noticed that before, I’ve had aspiration failure, but it wasn’t that.

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  3. I was expecting a boy too! I’m actually glad it’s a girl though. Who knows? Mallory might be just the trick to soften Colin’s heart a little bit. 😉 Being hung up on the gender of your child can be a bit futile anyway. Mallory might end up being really tough and more like Colin than even Logan is. If she was a boy, she might have been the kind of boy who is unusually sweet and sensitive. You just never know!

    1. Isn’t that funny how we were all expecting a boy? I really thought Logan would have a brother also. So true on gender hang ups being futile, it really doesn’t guarantee anything, Norma Millett wanting a grandson to run the Northern Moose, they get rough and tough Hadley, and sweet bookworm, Simon. Logan is pretty rough though, looks like Erin, seems to behave like Colin, but we will see, he’s still pretty young. And Mallory can be just as rough, I do think she will take after Colin in appearance, and she might in personality too.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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