giving love a bad name

november 2020
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Meg Schehl (21 years), Peter Schehl (21 years), Alice London (18 years), Lauren Schehl (18 years), Brooklyn Lange (18 years), Rosabella Steinman (18 years)

narrated by: Alice

I had been thrilled that Brooklyn would be at Linden Dormitory with me, unfortunately we were not assigned as dormmates, and instead I was stuck with Lauren. Even though Isaac broke up with her after he left for college, I can’t even begin to forgive her or feel sorry for her. She made Julia’s life miserable, saying that Nolan wasn’t Isaac’s baby, when it obviously is his kid.

She tried to just pretend none of it had happened at first, but I wouldn’t hear any of it. I don’t have a grudge against her older sister Meg though, who is also in this dorm, so it’s awkward when Meg comes to hang out in our room.

Meg has helped me with my indecision for my major. All my life I planned to do theater, and she’s into writing screen plays, that’s why she’s in college, so I thought she could lend me some expertise. My Dad wants me to be a lawyer and continue the family legacy, but I have zero interest in that. But it made me wonder if I was being frivolous with my free education, and shooting for the moon, when I should be picking something more serious and obtainable.

Meg listens to me, and offers what she can for advice. She’s shooting for the moon herself, so she can’t mentor me to not do that. I just can’t decide, and I never thought I’d be in this situation.

I’m the only one in my group of friends that doesn’t have a major decided on yet, which makes it worse. The only person I know that doesn’t have a major is Lauren, and I hate having anything in common with her. To take my mind off of it, we usually head to Metro to play pool and pass the time.

I’m not the best at that ether, and Brooklyn is generally my partner, and she lacks in skills as well. She doesn’t mind though, she doesn’t take the game seriously. Part of me wishes I could be like that, but my Dad did not raise me to not strive for the best, even in silly things like pool.

Almost every weekend night, and sometimes weekday nights, everyone goes down to Duffy’s to have a good time. It’s not really in my comfort zone though, but I force myself to go at least once a week with them. I usually end up sitting at the bar with Rosabella and Brooklyn.

Peter’s girlfriend, Elise comes down on Friday nights to spend the time with him. She graduated last spring, and they can’t wait until he graduates so they don’t have to commute to see one another. I figure if he can find love, being such a short guy, that I should be able to find some of my own, despite my height, but it hasn’t worked out that way yet.

Brooklyn tries to get me to loosen up and dance with her on the floor, but I can’t even make it through a whole song before I sit down. It just feels weird dancing with her, I think I’d need to be a lot more drunk to do that.

Lauren seems to be throwing herself at guys, and as much as I feel judgey towards her over it, I am also a bit envious that she can put herself out on the market that way.

She seems to strike out mostly though, which is why I have not signed up to her antics. I just need a nice, mellow guy to spend my time with, and I don’t think I’d find one like that at the bar, nor by flirting obnoxiously at him.

I’m sure Lauren misses having a boyfriend, can’t be easy with Isaac at campus with us, but luckily she didn’t get put in Miner Hall with him. Lucky for Isaac too I suppose, he only has to deal with one ex-girlfriend and the sister of the girl he knocked up, Hadley, I chuckle when I imagine him dealing with two exes.

For my general studies, I opted to take a painting class to see if it was my thing. I actually don’t do half bad at it, but could not imagine doing this as a job. It’s even more ridiculous of a notion than theater.

I actually got my photo taken with my art piece to hang in the halls for being such a great piece of artwork. That felt great, but it’s not exactly something you can brag about to the London family at Christmas.

After class one day, I happen to see Brooklyn talking with the guy from Duffy’s that rejected Lauren’s advances. Brooklyn gave me a wink as I passed by to get my coffee. I’m trying to be all cool with her ability to nab a boyfriend, but I’m really just hovering below the surface of extremely jealous. My parents didn’t allow me to date, and now that I can, I have no prospects.

Of course Brooklyn is adorable, a nice average height, and super funny, who wouldn’t want to date her.

Lauren stopped trying to talk with me, which made being in my dorm more enjoyable. I don’t know why she couldn’t have just behaved this way from the beginning. Next year I hope I can get a new dormmate, or I’m just asking Dad to rent me a house.

Brooklyn started hanging out with the guy more, and so I dragged Rosabella with me to the gym. There is no way I’m getting fat again, and I have an irrational fear of the ‘freshman fifteen’ that I can’t ignore. I like to lift weights to break up the monotony of cardio, but Rosabella is terrified to come in that section, so she just works on the exercise bikes.

I’m not concerned what guys think about a girl lifting weights. How else can I stay toned, and everyone knows that muscle burns fat, so this is how I allow myself to drink any beers at all at the bar.

The biggest blow was having lunch with Lainey at Metro one afternoon, she had arranged it, and seemed nervous over it. Which was odd, seeing we’ve been friends since we were toddlers, and could play patty-cake together.

Apparently she’s dating Isaac, I guess they started hanging out last year when she was a freshman, and now they are serious with each other. I knew that she wasn’t a fan of Julia, and I tried to push their friendship because Julia could use more support, but this is a slap in the face. To date the guy that abandoned Julia when she was pregnant, and then tell me about it like I would welcome this news with open arms.

Of course you can only expect from people what they have shown in the past, which in this case, is that Lainey can expect him to leave her if she ever found herself unexpectedly pregnant. I told her that, and she defended him that he had changed, that he even wants to have rights to Nolan once he graduates college. Of course he does, in a few more years, always a distant future for liars and schmoozers. I never expected Lainey to be so easily deceived.

She tried pointing her finger that it took two for that relationship, and I nearly imploded. I don’t need a lesson in sex education, I’m perfectly clear on how pregnancy works. The worst was when she just asked me to support her, the way I had Julia, and then sulked over it.

She is not the person I thought she was, and I couldn’t even stay to finish my lunch with her. I don’t want to call off a seventeen year friendship over a boy, but I don’t want to see her making out with Isaac ether, and so I just asked her to give me space. Hopefully they break up before Christmas, and I don’t ever have to come to grips with this abomination.

In the meantime, I just threw myself into my books. Brooklyn is set on getting on the Dean’s list too, so she would go to the library with me to write our term papers and do research.

I feel like college is easier for Brooklyn since she is going for a major that suits her strengths. She’s a whiz for numbers and is excelling with her Economics Major. Gen. Ed is giving me a headache.

All my late night studies left me sleeping at my desk, with huge kinks in my neck.

And eventually getting the flu, which put me out of commission for almost an entire week. I just could not shake it.

The only positive out of that was Lauren stayed scarce during my illness to not get my germs. It didn’t work ether, she got sick just the same, and got stuck hanging out on her bed, because I wasn’t quite over mine yet and she didn’t want to sit on the sofa next to me.

As long as she can give me space, I think we can survive this year as dormmates, and I hope that we don’t have to deal with each other too much next year.

Notes: First things, thanks to everyone who voted for the Mayor, the winner is Bekah Grimsley by ONE vote over Hazel, Finn only brought in five votes, and was a definite underdog! So I will start thinking and planning for the museum (art or aquarium), and see what I can accomplish! Thank you to everyone that voted, that was fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now for the college kids, I didn’t make Alice and Lauren hate each other when I redid my hood, but Lauren kept bragging to Alice, and their relationship tanked immediately. When Lauren would talk to Alice, she completely blew up at Lauren, and so I have decided that Alice has a bit of an unforgiving trait about her. Which makes it especially bad timing for Lainey to announce that she’s dating Isaac… Being good friends with Julia and Lainey really puts Alice in a tricky situation as well, and it’s probably not the wisest choice to date Isaac, who has really made his rounds with these girls. He’s Alice’s first kiss too! But that was way before Julia. I like to think that Alice ignores that about her past, because she’s mortified over it.

Alice’s old LTW was Show Business, I’m not necessarily setting it back to that. She qualifies for 9 jobs, and one is Show Business oddly enough. I see her more of a theater actress, like Broadway, and not the big screen. I’m actually hoping she will roll a want for her own major, and then narrow her career choices down from that. So far no dice.

Peter: 3.7
Meg: 3.9
Alice: 4.0
Lauren: 2.0
Brooklyn: 4.0
Rosabella: 4.0

Lauren barely skated into college, she actually didn’t qualify, but I allowed her because her grades reset in new hood. And she rolled zero academic wants… she happened to go to class and her final, and so she passed, barely. I really thought she would go on academic probation, will be curious what happens next time with her.

Thanks for reading!
Meg and Peter’s previous update/Peter’s next update / Meg’s next update // Alice’s previous update/next update // Lauren’s previous update/next update

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8 thoughts on “giving love a bad name

  1. I love seeing Alice as so unforgiving, it makes perfect sense. Hark! Those seahorse pillows! My…game…must…have! Snregneknfijghcghnejdkd! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Unforgiving is going to be a really interesting trait for Alice…and Isaac is the perfect person for her to focus all of her unforgiving energy on! I’m kind of with Alice on him, I have to say. I’m willing to give him another shot, if he really has changed…but as time goes on, I’m more and more dubious that he has. I hope Lainey doesn’t get hurt by him…and if she does, I hope Alice will be a bit more supportive of her in the break-up than she is at the moment.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what Alice decides to do with her life. I’m taking a similar tactic with my younger sims. I’m planning on rerolling them back to their old LTWs but I’m giving myself the option of letting them go with a new one too. Not many people still want to do the same thing as an adult that they wanted to do at 12, so it seems realistic to me.

    1. I am with you on Isaac! I would have thought that Lainey had better judgement then get involved with him, it’s almost like her distaste for teen pregnancy and hurt over her own Mom putting her up for adoption, has made her jump towards supporting Isaac, just to not support Julia. Alice does have a level head, so if Lainey got hurt, I don’t think she’d snub her, but I can’t say she wouldn’t say, ‘I told you so.’

      True that most people don’t stick with their 12 year old career ideals. In fact most settle for something far less spectacular. I haven’t even put in that hack that allows them to have diverse LTW’s despite aspiration, so I have literally done nothing with LTW’s yet.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. It’s going to be interesting to see the unforgiving trait on Alice! And it was really bad timing from Lainey to announce her new boyfriend!
    Isaac may not be the wisest choice though. But you see it a lot, that people always want to believe that some one has changed, and maybe, who knows, Isaac did change.
    I’m with Alice on the whole Isaac-thing though, and I really fear that Lainey will get hurt in the long run.

    1. It wad bad timing for Lainey to announce her boyfriend, but they share campus, and Lainey and Isaac do quite a bit of kissing around the town, so she really couldn’t have put it off much longer. You are right on people thinking someone has changed, but hasn’t really. We will see what happens with these two. I just really want Lainey to be smart, and don’t think that this is a smart choice. I think she knows it too, because she hasn’t told her parents, and her Mom will definitely not approve. She was Isaac’s teacher, and had to teach him, but she didn’t like him!

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  4. I really hope this isn’t the end of their friendship, but I can also kind of understand if it might be. Isaac is a bit of a creep and it’s REALLY hard to see someone like that changing for the better. Sure, it happens, but it’s hard to see that when they’ve left such a wake of horribleness behind them. Actions have very far-reaching consequences!

    Hopefully Alice can settle down on a major soon. It’s horrible not knowing where you’re going! I still suffer from that issue. I’m beginning to think I just can’t be pinned down by one thing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I hope that it isn’t the end of their friendship too, I also hope that if Isaac hasn’t changed, that Lainey doesn’t get hurt by him in a similar situation as Julia. I get so concerned when they go running off to the hot tub… as smart as Lainey appears to be, she’s not actually allowed birth control.

      I hope that Alice rolls a major want too, it sucks not knowing! For real people, I don’t think there ever is just one thing that is the perfect path, perfect job, or perfect anything for that matter. Good luck with your own journey!

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

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