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obsolete relations

november 2020
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Isaac Gavigan (20 years), Hadley Millett (19 years), Lainey Grimsley (19 years), Chad Sumner (19 years)

narrated by: Hadley

It’s my sophomore year, and applying for medical school is still a ways down the road, but I’m focused on getting as a 4.0 for my Biology Degree. Most of the work here is textbook work, there is no patients or working at the hospital, so it should be cake when compared to what comes next. Unfortunately, the speaker for this year is Dr. Morgan Russo-Traver, and she pretty much hates me.

I tried introducing myself to her, hoping she didn’t remember me.

Of course she did, I can’t believe that she could hold a grudge towards me. So I didn’t like the head nurse Caroline, and I didn’t want her bossing me around, I was a senior in high school. Sometimes teenagers have crappy attitudes, you can’t judge a person for life based on that one time experience.

That’s what I told myself, apparently Morgan can. She told me she has her eye on me, and I’ll have to work extra hard if I want to get a passing grade in her course.

I pay attention during her lectures, I hope that she will hire me to work at her hospital in seven years, and I need to make a better impression. As for the issue concerning Caroline, I won’t be taking orders from a nurse when I’m a full-fledged doctor, so that won’t be an issue anymore at that point.

Chad is all about academics, so he gets that I’m diving into studying. He still hasn’t decided on a major, so he’s flying through Gen. Ed. I go out to the Tower to study, and he usually brings Isaac along to throw the football. I hate that he has become friendly with Isaac, but he knows better than to come near my vicinity so I can pretend like it’s not happening.

It was during one of these events, that two things occurred. First was that a good looking guy passed by me, and I checked him out. In doing so, I realized that I’ve never dated someone new, I just stuck with Chad who I was dating in high school. I was suddenly one of those girls, that clung to home, and never embraced college fully.

And to seal the deal, I happened to look toward Chad, and saw him cowering like a baby.

My family owns the Northern Moose, the biggest supplier of outdoor gear in the county, they love sports, hunting, and the outdoors. There is no way I can bring a coward home for Christmas this year. I couldn’t just jump to a decision to dump him though, we are both in Miner Hall, and that could make things awkward. I just started pulling back from his advances as I tried to make up my mind on the best way to handle the situation.

He’s sensitive, like a whimpering baby, and got all huffy over it. He kept asking what was going on, and I had to just tell him I was stressed out from womanly things. I hate to use that as an excuse, but it’s the only safe topic he’s likely to accept and avoid pushing.

It worked for the most part, and then I ran into the cute guy from the tower. He sat next to me, and we just started talking. It was pretty harmless, except he did ask if I had a boyfriend, which shows some intent on his part. I didn’t know how to really answer that question.

It started raining on us, and we ended up running into Metro together. It wasn’t planned, or a date, so it’s not technically cheating.

It’s just nice to talk to a guy that doesn’t know me from high school, that hasn’t met my parents, and doesn’t know that my little sister got pregnant at fifteen.

Afterwards he gave me his number, and told me to call him if I find myself unattached in the near future. I don’t know that I would pursue a relationship with him, but a date might be nice.

Chad asked me to Duffy’s, and I just couldn’t put it off any longer. It’s not that I feel all sorts of guilty, cause I don’t feel anything of that nature. I just don’t want to play nice any more with him. When I saw him shriek about a football coming towards him, I just knew that he was not the man for me.

I told him that realistically we weren’t going to work and get married anyway, we are young, and I have a lot of schooling and residency ahead of me. I don’t really have time for this kind of distraction. I thought that was better than putting down his manhood, which I fully question.

It took a few minutes before it started sinking in, and then once I confirmed that I was indeed breaking up with him, he started to wallow. I learned that you have to actually say the words to a patient for them to understand their prognosis, or that someone had died. It seemed like Chad needed that extra push towards realization.

I just don’t know what I ever saw in him. Nearly breaking down at Duffy’s because I broke up with him, which he should have seen coming. It’s not like we had made vows to one another.

After a few beers, I saw him hitting on Meg, and she was having none of that nonsense.

And another day, I saw him flirting with one of those cheerleaders that parade around campus like they are actually something important.

After that, I didn’t feel like calling the cute boy from the Tower, I barely felt like going to my classes. I’m not even sad about breaking up with Chad, Lainey always wanted to date him, she could have him now. I just don’t want to see him flirting his way around campus.

Everything was extra annoying, Lainey and Isaac making out in the study room in the dorm. PDA is not acceptable in most places, and especially not in a computer lab. They literally have two bedrooms to choose from upstairs, go there, and save the rest of us from viewing that sickness.

When she’s not making out with him, she’s whining about Alice not returning her phone calls. I can’t stand my sister’s friends, but I fully support Alice in her decision. She actually has gained some points from me, and I might talk to her next time I am in the same room with her.

My sister Julia came to spend a weekend with me, she’s dying with my parents constant lock and key mentality. She wants me to help get her out of this predicament, but she really got herself in this hot mess to begin with.

For some reason she thinks I have some pull with our parents that I could just tell them to lay up on her, and they would. She’s a senior this year, as long as she does right in school, she can have all her freedom next year.

I like seeing her though, I’ve forgiven her for getting knocked up by my ex-boyfriend. I hadn’t really done that, still being angry towards her even after Nolan was born, but he’s here now, and adorable as only a Millett can be. Besides all that, I got homesick for her, and our friendship we always had.

I’m sad when she leaves, but Christmas break is just around the corner, and I’m going home for the entire stay. I aim to get my fill of my family, that I can’t wait to come back to campus, call that Tower guy, and act like Chad doesn’t exist.

Julia can’t wait til I’m back ether, she wants me to get her out of the house, and out doing something fun like old times.

Notes: Real life news, we are relocating to Colorado in mid-August. Flying out to lock down a house beginning of August, and packing up this giant 2400 sq. foot house that I am in love with. (sobs) I have a few updates scheduled, but I will most definitely run out, and be missing from the community a bit. I am hoping to be back to playing sims before Labor Day weekend. *crossing fingers* Can I whinge that summer is officially over for me now? No more reading, lazy days, and poking around with sims and writing. (sigh)

As for the update! Hadley stopped rolling wants for Chad, and it sort of fell into this comfortable relationship, but I don’t see Hadley clinging to comforts. Then when I saw him cower from the football… Hadley would not be with a weak guy who is afraid of a ball. So that relationship is over, and I loved her expressions over it, she looks so irritated by his overreaction.

Two more shots:

She’s floating away in glee, and he’s falling apart.

She is one tough girl! I do not have any clue who she would marry! I’m guessing a townie, because I don’t think I have any men that can take her on!

Unlike the last group, this one apparently all want to succeed, they rolled constant wants for homework, attending class, and writing term papers, and their GPA’s show it.
Lainey 4.0
Isaac 4.0
Chad 4.0
Hadley 4.0

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “obsolete relations”

    1. She matches for the career and had it as her ltw previously. I think she would be better as a surgeon though, she has the ego for it. She wouldn’t be in family practice that’s for sure!

      Thanks for commenting Starr.

  1. Aw, I’m sorry you have to leave Kentucky! I know how much you like it there. Hopefully you will find things to love about Colorado as well.

    But anyway, Hadley’s break up with Chad made a lot of sense. Once she laid it all out, they really didn’t seem like a good match. Wonder if he’s trying to make her jealous with all that flirting he’s doing!

    Hadley and Chad’s break-up reminded me of my Josie and that guy she dated back in college. She and Hadley have some things in common, I think – medicine, a disgust for weakness and big mouths! I wonder if they’d get along or just clash!

    1. I do really love it here, I could stay here forever and be totally happy with it. But I am looking forward to Colorado… childhood me would be squeeing. We went skiing there every other Thanksgiving growing up (Dad still does), and I vowed to live there… funny how that works. Not ready for snow again… and they all have tiny yards, and I have a beautiful yard now that’s giant and forest-like. Thanks for the well wishes! I’m looking forwarded to being settled in, packing and goodbyes are the worst part.

      They really didn’t make sense as a couple, there weren’t options in high school and so they settled down together but that is not the case in college. He really went crazy with that flirting! I feel like he wanted to show her what she was missing out on, but he’s really lonely too, so maybe hoping to get lucky and find a new girlfriend. He’s rather serious, not a fool around type of guy.

      Oh I totally forgot about Josie dating anyone else! They do have a lot in common, and hey that makes me think that Hadley will do alright with medicine, because Josie does just fine. I don’t know that they’d be BFF, but I think they could appreciate that finer quality of telling it like it is.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. I love it. I had a feeling that Hadley and Chad wouldn’t last, but I do feel slightly sorry for him. I can’t wait to see Hadley and Morgan working together. They’re both abrasive and when Morgan doesn’t like someone, they will definitely know.

    1. Yeah I didn’t see Hadley and Chad getting married, and their reactions to it were so funny to me! Maybe Chad was extra sad because Hadley was his ticket to playable status, instead of just a background character. 😉 Hadley and Morgan are both rather tough and abrasive, very true! I wonder how they will work out once Hadley gets into Mercy for her residency! Maybe by then they will have a mutual respect for one another.

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

  3. Oh man! Hadley is such a hard ass. I can say that, though, because I am also one. 😉 I really want to know who she’s going to end up with, because like you said, I’m not sure any of the playables can her on, haha!

    Good luck with your move! I am so excited for you!

    1. She really is a hard ass! I’m glad that she’s forgiven Julia, and they are back to being friends again, Julia definitely needs friendship, but I always loved their strong sister-ties. It’s been a couple years of drama for them both in that regard, glad it’s behind them.

      I don’t think any of my playables can take her on, she would eat them alive! If she was with someone like Luca, she’d leave him a shell of a man, whimpering on the floor.

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

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