winter birthdays 2020

december 2020

Eva and Gideon Prince’s daughter Dahlia turns one this season. She definitely resembles her Mom, and big sister Linnea, but has a healthy portion of her Dad in her too.

Quint and Rebecca Siew’s only son Wyatt is also celebrating his first birthday. He takes after his Father in many ways, getting his mouth and complexion from his Mother. The girls are enjoying themselves with a little brother to spoil and dote upon.

Nadia Browning’s son, Kai is celebrating his fourth birthday this winter, she is in denial that her little boy could be so big already. He takes after her mostly, which is fine by Nadia.

Matt and Jessica’s twin sons celebrate their eleventh birthdays, both are geared up for high school, and more freedom.

Flint surprised his Mom by being interested in girls almost immediately, and wanting to join the military. She’s apprehensive that he is growing up to take after his Dad.

Jett hasn’t decided that he wants to lock lips with any girl quite yet, but he does enjoy having his social circle. He’s also much more thoughtful towards his Mother, and helping her around their apartment since his folks divorced.

Notes: Flint immediately rolled the want to work in the military, I’ll nab him that job once he’s old enough to work. And he matched for romance aspiration, so I gave it to him. Jett is a popularity sim, he is maxed out on nice, while Flint has only one nice point.

I’m really happy with all the birthdays, I think that Wyatt and Dahlia both resemble both parents pretty equally. Kai totally takes after his Mom and the Picasso twins aren’t as horrible as I would have thought. They totally went against what I expected of their roles though, I didn’t really expect one to take after Matt in personality so much. Hope Flint behaves himself.

Thanks for reading!

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7 thoughts on “winter birthdays 2020”

  1. Oh my gosh, everyone is cute but Wyatt is so adorable! Kai is so unique looking as well – love him.

    Bit worried about Flint – let’s hope he treats women better than his father has in the past! Jett sounds like a sweetheart. It’s nice to learn more about the boys. I love how Jett’s hair has got darker as he got older too (and also Kai?)

    1. Wyatt did turn out adorable! And I hope he keeps that about him! Kai is unique too, very unique for my personal game as well.

      I’m disappointed with Flint honestly, I really liked him and now I’m afraid he’s going to break some of my girls’ hearts. I actually forgot that Jett had such light hair at one point, the lightest brown, cause they both are brunettes. I actually purged my old game of that color, so I would have deleted it without realizing he used it, and he’s been dark brown ever since –

      Kai’s hair should still be the same color, maybe a bit of a difference since the hairs aren’t the same creators. Toddler Kai –

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

    1. Kai is adorable for sure, I was really pleased with how everyone aged up, I expected Dahlia to have similar features to older sister Linnea, and she did. So she should look much better when she grows into them. Kai makes me want Luca and Nadia to have a baby!

      Thanks for commenting twofleur!

    1. I am really apprehensive on Flint, and him breaking some hearts, but at the same time am totally excited to see what they bring to the table. Their eyes look like they’ve been on drugs, which I’m glad that Ella didn’t get that, but I think that it might be from Jessica anyway.

      Thanks for commenting Starr!

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